Truck Accident: What You Need To Know If You Witness One


Accidents can happen to anyone, and while it’s a breath of relief when you know that you’re not the one involved, there might be a time when you do experience an accident through witnessing it. This can cause panic, as sometimes you don’t know how to react if you see an accident happen. However, it’s important to at least know what to do should you be a part of one, even as a witness. For instance, being in a truck accident and what you need to know if you witness one are two different things, and this article will explore what to do with the latter.

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Understanding what to do if you witness a truck accident can perhaps be best complemented with knowledge you can get on specific traffic regulations in your area when you consult a legal professional. Their training on the matter, coupled with your inquiries, can prepare you for such an eventuality.

As per Findlaw, witnessing a truck accident doesn’t necessarily come with a single rule of engagement when it comes to having a course of action. It depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident, and perhaps the most important part is to make sure you’re not in danger should you witness the accident. If you find yourself close to a scene of an accident, do consider the following things:

Assess the Situation, Get Your Danger Sense On

Vehicle accidents, especially a serious one, don’t always stop with just having a scratch somewhere. The worst ones involve cars being tossed in the air, or in this case, a truck hitting something extremely hard. Don’t get anywhere close to the scene if you see combustibles, fire, or flames. Only approach the incident if you feel the scene is safe.


  • It’s recommended you keep yourself at a safe distance at least until the authorities come to the scene, especially if you have your own doubts if the place itself is in any danger due to the accident. If you’re in a vehicle, it’s advised you don’t exit or leave it somewhere that could likely cause another accident.
  • Safety comes first, so if for instance you think any of the drivers involved are drunk, do avoid the scene as you might be in danger. You can consult a DUI or DWI accident attorney, such as the ones here, if you’re wondering as to the right kind of move in this situation.


Assess the Damages, Injuries, And Call Help

If you think there’s anyone that could be injured in the car or truck, don’t hesitate to call the authorities. Try to call your attorney or your legal counsel to ask if it’s safe to approach a car in these situations to at least try to make any injured victims comfortable while waiting for the authorities.

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  • However, don’t try to move any of the injured victims as their injuries may become worse. This may implicate you somehow, or may be the cause of their deaths, the latter of which could bring a whole host of issues that may come to you.
  • If you’re a qualified first aid provider, or if you have some medical training, you may want to ask your lawyer for the possible path to take should you encounter injured people during an accident. While the instinct is to normally help, especially if you have the means to do so, there are legal aspects that should be remembered.
  • When the authorities do finally arrive at the scene, establish communication and give your name and contact details to the responding officers. It’s not a bad idea to take notes about what you’ve actually seen in the incident, as you may be called upon to contribute to the police report as a witness.
  • In the case of an interview for a report, it’s essential you be honest as much as possible, since you will be under oath when you are asked to testify or to submit to what is called a deposition. In any case, being a witness and relaying your version of the story won’t take too much time, and could potentially help a lot of people.
  • If you’re a witness to a hit and run, don’t ever try to confront the driver as you can be in danger if the latter ends up angry. Simply write the number of the license plate and call your emergency services hotline immediately. It may help to approach the victim after the accident to provide details you saw of the driver, should you deem it safe.


Remember, when it comes to truck accidents and witnessing one, it’s still important to consult a lawyer about what to do in the incident. This is especially so if there are odds for you to be implicated when you’re not sure of what to say or do.


A truck accident is potentially deadlier than a vehicular accident because trucks are by nature larger and heavier than most vehicles. There are also other variables involved when trucks enter the mix of vehicular accidents, as there are handlers and companies that can be involved as well. This makes being involved in a truck accident a bit discouraging, but what you need to know if you witness one are relevant facts to come across should you become mixed up with such an occurrence.


Disclaimer: Please remember that the article below shouldn’t be treated as any form of legal advice. It’s advised you speak with a lawyer or a legal counsel in order to learn more about witnessing a truck accident and how it can involve you legally.

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