Two Signs You’re Spending Too Much on Your Cell Phone

Nowadays, a phone is a necessity, but is it necessary to pay an arm and a leg for your cell service? Try here

There’s no doubt the smartphone in your back pocket costs a lot of money. According to a J.D. Power study, the average monthly bill rings up to $157. At that price, your phone may be one of your more costly utilities.

Now that landlines are a thing of the past, your cell phone may be the only way you can stay connected, so it’s not something you can get rid of easily. But can you afford to keep it the way it is now? Here are signs you’re paying too much for your cell phone. 

You’re Always Short

When you’re overspending on a regular utility like your cell phone bill, you have less money to put towards other expenses and savings. This habit may leave you unprepared should an emergency come your way; you may not have the cash at hand you need to cover an auto bill or household repair. 

Without savings, there are other options, but be careful. If you need money before payday, take the time to read up on payday loans and how they differ from installment loans. While they both work as a safety net in unexpected emergencies, installment loans may offer more manageable terms than a payday loan. 

You’re Constantly Upgrading

Every year, Apple, Samsung, and Google come out with a new flagship phone. These handsets promise faster processing times and improved camera capabilities, not to mention the bragging rights of having the latest mobile status symbol. 

Unfortunately, making the upgrade comes at a cost. The latest handsets can cost more than $1,000 outright, or they add a huge chunk of change to your monthly bill if you finance them. 

If you’re struggling to budget, there’s no need to upgrade your phone at every opportunity. Wait until your current model breaks down before you make a switch.

How to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

You can’t afford to spend lavishly on utilities in times like these, but then again, you can’t go without a telephone. Is there a middle ground when it comes to this bill? Yes! Here are some ways you can shave down your costs without hanging up your phone for good.

  • Switch to a pre-paid account. You could cut your bill in half by switching to a pre-paid cell phone carrier.
  • Reduce your data plan. Stop paying for unlimited data and learn how to use Wi-Fi to your advantage. Pre-download videos, music, and podcasts for your commute, and to be safe, limit the background data usage of all your apps.
  • Don’t pay for insurance. Its monthly fee may not seem like much, but it adds up over the year. Plus, the typical insurance plan doesn’t cover common damages. 
  • Negotiate. If you’ve been with your carrier for a long time, talk to them about getting a deal. You may be able to leverage your loyalty to unlock better prices. 

When you’re constantly using your phone, it may not seem like there’s any wiggle room in your bill. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as you’re willing to make some changes to the way you use your phone, you can save money on this expensive bill.

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