What Are The Top 5 Types Of Addictions People Are Going Through In 2020

Many people make the mistake of thinking that addiction is a simple problem. However, researchers and health experts have warned that addiction is a complex disease, which needs to be treated with the highest levels of care, concern, and expertise. The Hader Clinic helps individuals obtain better treatment.

Human lives, lifestyles, and behaviors are changing at an accelerated pace. Personal relationships, professional struggles, and various other distractions are some common reasons for people to fall into addiction.

The good news is that scientists, doctors, and psychologists have a ton of research and literature to treat different kinds of addiction.

In this article, we look at the five different kinds of addiction affecting people in 2020. We round up the article by talking about the benefits of timely intervention and the rehabilitation process.

List of 5 Different Kinds of Addiction Affecting People in 2020

1. Substance Abuse

According to scientists, substance abuse falls under the larger category of chemical-based addictions. It involves heightened dependence on alcohol, drugs, and other psychotropic substances. People start feeling empty without their ‘substances’ and experience sharp mood swings if they do not get access to their fix at the right time.

2. Social Media

Addiction to social media is a scientifically proven issue and affects millions of people all over the world. The FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) culture is a well-established part of the millennial generation. Individuals cannot stand not checking up on their cell phones and social media profiles every few minutes. This leads to serious addiction issues and other behavioral changes.

3. E-commerce

While Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank, numerous people are suffering from a complex new form of addition- E-commerce shopping! Individuals are fixated on discounts, buying things, adding them to the cart, or even exchanging items bought from E-commerce platforms. This is becoming a serious problem in teenagers the world over.

4. Binge Eating

The fast-food culture is not only promoting obesity but also an addiction (mental impact) to unhealthy foods from large corporations. With streaming platforms giving people access to watch numerous episodes at one go, people have found binge eating a suitable complement to binge-watching. Binge eating is a serious addiction, especially in developed countries.

5. Sex Addiction

Addiction to sex is one of the most common forms of addiction according to medical experts. However, the taboo around the same is much more than it is around social media, ecommerce shopping on binge eating. Sex addicts try to explore opportunities to have sex, including being dependent on porn or even paid sex to fulfill their cravings.

Can Timely Rehabilitation help in Overcoming Addiction Problems?

In the past few years, science and medical research have made great strides to help people overcome all the addictions mentioned in the article. There are several credible and proven rehab centers, which have opened up that are providing excellent solutions.

Whether you are looking for a discreet rehab on the beach or a quaint wellness rehab in the mountains, individuals are spoilt for choice. The location of where the rehab center is located matters a lot. Some people do not want others to know that they have a problem and prefer outside locations as a part of their recovery process.

Others do not want to experience a break from their normal life patterns. They prefer programs, which are not residential in nature and allow them to keep meeting their family and friends.

Doctors agree that the sooner the problem is located, the better will be the recovery. If the addiction goes too deep, then the individual is likely to suffer from a lot of pain as part of the recovery process.

The Final Word

One thing is certain- if you or someone you know is an addict, you should always take professional help at a rehab center. Many people think that self-control and regulations can help them. However, that is just one more lie you are telling yourself. Seeking timely professional help can go a long way in helping someone overcome an addiction problem.

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