What to Look for in a Car Hauler


Finding a good new car was the hard part, but there’s still one more hurdle to pass. That’s choosing a reliable car hauler. What do you need to look for in a good car hauler, however, for when it comes time to get the car to your home or elsewhere? 


Delivery speed

If you need to have your items shipped quickly, check out each local company to see if they provide expedited delivery and what exactly does that involve. Look for a company with a large fleet of trucks that does business all over the country.


Why? Then they have no problem organizing the shipping of your car, no matter where you’re bringing it in from.  If you can wait for a few days, opt for regular car haul and you won’t have to pay anything extra.


Open or closed carrier

There are companies that have moved to mostly closed car haulers, but most of them still use open platforms, which leaves the vehicle exposed to the elements. This does not mean your car will be overly dirty when it arrives, though. Simply hosing it down will probably get rid of any light dust. 


However, if it’s a fancy or collector vehicle then you’re better off with a closed carrier. See if the company can provide such a service if desired. 


Door-to-door service

You might be interested in a company that can pick up the car from your driveway or can bring it to your home. This type of service is more expensive than having the car delivered to the company’s terminal. 


Look up which is the nearest terminal in your area. Then see if paying for door-to-door service is worth it for you. 


How good is a good deal?

When selecting a car hauler, you need to shop around and get quotes from several companies. If one company offers incredibly good rates, well below their competitors, that raises a red flag. Don’t press the order button yet. Make sure you read everything carefully and even phone the company to make sure you know what you get with them. 


Check the reliability of the car hauler too. Look up customer reviews of car haul services to see if they deliver on their promises. Also, assess thoroughly how they respond to your questions when you call or email them to ask for more info about services. If the company is dismissive or rude, they might have something to hide.


Read the fine print

Yes, it’s boring and nobody wants to read legalese, but you must do so if you care about your car and want to protect your investment. A reliable car shipping company uses a comprehensive insurance policy, but you need to read what the policy contract means and whether you’re protected against any sort of damage to your new car.  


If there’s something you have doubts about, talk to a representative from that company. Ask them to clarify the issue for you. 


Finding the right car hauler

By now, you can hardly wait to take a ride in your new car! But before you do that, take the steps to make sure it arrives safely.

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