Where Can You Find the Most Qualitative Tobacco?


Premium tobacco comes in a variety of combinations of shapes, sizes, flavors, and origins. Whether you’re considering being an occasional cigar smoker or just had your first at a party and want to try more of this satisfying and stress relieving habit of smoking then you need to make sure you’re smoking the good stuff.

Don’t take this the wrong way though, there’s no such thing as healthy smoking but by good we mean the purest, least harmful, best flavor and most satisfying tobacco whether in form of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe.

The best part about smoking quality tobacco is making sure that it’s natural and containing fewer toxins and chemicals than normal cigarettes do. Even though pipes and cigars and hand-rolled cigarettes sometimes contain as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes, you will not be able to smoke and inhale as much of it as the thin modern, filtered cigarette.

Different countries produce different qualities of tobacco, so here’s a guide to where you can find the best tobacco.


Believe it or not, cigarettes, pipe, and cigar tobacco taste different everywhere in the world. Think of it as a marketing strategy for tobacco just like McDonald’s every country gets its own specifications according to the preferences of its audience in this specific country.

Even if you find and buy the same brand you buy from your hometown abroad, you can still find a noticeable difference in intensity, flavor, and shape, or size. When traveling to foreign countries, try not to buy enough tobacco for the whole trip, but rather give yourself a chance to explore and discover new flavors. You might just find the perfect cigarette according to your taste somewhere in Africa, who knows?

Tobacco Shops

You will be surprised that you will be able to find a few in your country or city no matter how against cigarettes the society around you is. You can also find big tobacco corners in supermarkets and malls in some countries.

The best way to buy tobacco is in person, you will find plenty of retailer stores that have different types of pipes, cigarettes and cigars as well as the accessories that help give you a more convenient and luxurious experience while smoking them. You will also find good tobacco in your typical duty-free shop.



You can find some of the best cigars online. Since those who sell tobacco products have so many obligations, many companies find it better to make it possible for you to purchase fine tobacco through their websites. The variety found at gothamcigars.com allows you to understand that you can find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s pure American tobacco, imported from the Dominican republic or some of the finest Cuban cigars you can get it from the comfort of your own couch.

Did you have the best cigar or pipe in your life in Europe? That’s possible because they get some of the finest produced tobacco in the world. However, the Cuban cigars are still considered as high-quality cigars that offer a variety of options for you to get satisfied the most and not spend a fortune.

Why You Need to Find High-quality Tobacco

Quality tobacco depends on how natural and intense it is but again it isn’t healthier by any means. If you decide to smoke cigars because it’s more natural but end up smoking more than a couple a day and inhaling all the smoke you can then you’re putting your body at higher risks than smoking a couple of packs of cigarettes every day. At least you will not finish them in a couple of hours like pipes.

Therefore, make sure you find tobacco that you like and find very satisfactory so you don’t end up consuming a lot of it every day. Also, remember to pick high-quality brands to minimize your risks. If you’re going to be wasting your money any way you better waste it on some good tobacco.

Natural tobacco offers a softer and more complex feeling of smoke that you will absolutely enjoy, it has a better scent and releases a nice aroma which will make people around you complain less. If you’re not an expert yet, don’t worry, you will be very quickly after your first high-quality tobacco experience.

You just have to find the right place that offers the tobacco you have always dreamed of smoking. Also, keep in mind that the more expensive the tobacco you choose is, the better so you can make sure you’re not going to consume large amounts of it. Save it for a special occasion, fantastic company, or the right environment and circumstances.

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