Why do wrongful death accidents occur? The most common scenarios revealed


The death of a loved one is a truly devastating event. Having someone taken away from your family so suddenly and unexpectedly, all because of someone else’s negligible actions is incredibly difficult to accept. Sadly, for thousands of families, this nightmare is their reality. It’s often at this stage family members reach out to personal injury lawyers like these Atlanta PI lawyers

Wrongful death cases look at recovering monetary reimbursements for any loss of earnings and future earnings, loss of companionship, pain and suffering that the loved one experienced before their death and any other expense that directly impacts those left behind. 

So, why do wrongful death accidents occur? Here we’ll take a look at the most common scenarios. 

Car accidents

The idea of a loved one being killed in a car accident is a sobering thought. Sadly, thousands of accidents occur on our roads every year and not everyone gets to walk away. Driving accidents are often caused by driver errors such as distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, risk-takers and other negligent behaviors. 

These kinds of behaviors usually cause head-on collisions which are often fatal at high speeds and in accidents that involve trucks and larger vehicles. 

Workplace accidents

No one should have to take their life in their hands every time they head to work. Sadly, workplace accidents do occur and in many extreme cases, they can prove fatal. Even though all work environments will have stringent health and safety rules and procedures, safety equipment and training in place to keep employees safe, if something has gone wrong and an element of safety is neglected, then a wrongful death can occur.

Medical malpractice 

If your loved one had health issues that weren’t taken seriously or were misdiagnosed, a catastrophic error was made in surgery or they were killed due to another form of medical negligence, like in childbirth, then your family could potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Defective products 

When we purchase something that doesn’t work as it should, most people simply return the item, get their money back or get a replacement. Sadly, in some cases these defective products create more than just an inconvenience, they put lives at risk. 

The most common defective products that often lead to a wrongful death lawsuit, are vehicles…

  • Vehicles with defective safety equipment that cause the driver to lose control or dangerous components that could start fires and combustion are common in cases like these. 
  • Tainted food products that create life-threatening allergen issues or poisoning are also common. 
  • Damaged medicines and medical products can also cause wrongful death. 
  • And children’s toys are also worryingly common. Choking, asphyxiation and drowning are some examples of injuries that cause death in wrongful death cases. 

Final thoughts…

If you believe that your loved one was killed in an accident that could have been avoided, speak with a personal injury lawyer today. 

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