Why Is the Video Game Industry Growing So Quickly? 

The case of video games is certainly an interesting one. Beginning as a simple, two-dimensional tennis game on a computer, due to rapidly developing technology, they have now evolved into complex mechanical systems that can tell powerful narratives. Similarly, the origin of video games is surrounded by controversy, but they are now widely embraced in most parts of the world. Video games have become a massive part of the entertainment sector most likely due to the ease of access and interactivity the form offers, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. 

It was reported that during the pandemic, the revenue of the video game industry grew at such a fast rate that it exceeded sports and film combined. The reason for this is most likely the fact that sources of entertainment people typically used were not able to be accessed. This of course meant that alternative leisure activities were necessary. As many people already had a video game console at home, gaming fit the bill perfectly. Playing video games allowed millions to escape from the harshness of a world in crisis and allowed them to connect with friends and family. Given this, it is clear why the industry grew so much during the pandemic. For the video game industry, Covid was the perfect storm.

Advancements in technology may be the most significant reason why the video game industry has grown so quickly. For example, the process of acquiring a game is easier than it has ever been. Time was, gamers who were interested in the latest release had to go to a brick-and-mortar store to buy it, but the online marketplace has filled that gap. Intuitive interfaces allow gamers to easily select what game they want and download it straight to their console. Gone are the days of amassing a collection of game discs, everything can now be done virtually. However, this is not just limited to the gaming world. Developing technology affects many industries such as gambling. Online casinos, you can find some here, have led to a decline in physical casinos, much like how it is becoming increasingly harder to find game stores.

There are also innovative ways to attract more players to video games. In recent years, the ‘free to play’ model has become popular with most developers as they understand the inherent benefits the format offers. For many, especially those who do not have an income like teenagers, the price of video games can be a barrier to entry. Free to play games do away with this barrier, and in doing so, attract a much wider audience. A massive player base means more opportunities to sell things like cosmetics, so it is easy to see why this format may be popular with studios across the world. The active player base of some of these games is staggering and is a clear reason why the industry has grown in recent years.

There is a multitude of reasons why the video game industry has seen exponential growth in recent years. On its current projection, eventually, it will overtake other entertainment industries and become the leading sector in entertainment in the world. 

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