Why You Should Use an Online Collaboration Platform

With more teams either choosing to work remotely or do so out of necessity, they have a common place to meet, share ideas, and discuss ongoing work projects. Using tools such as Teams or Webex might have been good for short meetings, but when you want to get a new project in place, or you want to provide a place for your team to go when they are working on new ideas, then an online collaboration platform is what you need.

These platforms allow you to make use of virtual meetings as well as benefit from instant messaging. They offer a good all-around base from which you can build and maintain your business. Platforms are easy to use and get to grips with, so you won’t need to invest lots of money to implement this tool into your business. Another positive is that within platforms, you can also create and set up new channels to give your team the space they require to work on new projects.

How to Choose an Online Platform

When it comes to sourcing a platform to use within your business, you need to consider a few things. As well as Webex, Teams and Slack, there is also a best Slack alternative. All platforms offer you different focus areas, so you must decide early on what you want to get from the platform.

Writing down a list of must-haves and essential features will ensure you don’t end up signing up or subscribing to a platform which does not fulfil your business needs. Doing this might also help you to consider your teams’ roles, and whether they can be altered.

Things to Consider

When searching for an online platform here are some questions you might want to ask. Getting the answers to these questions will help you choose the best platform for building your business.

What is their privacy policy? Can they guarantee that their platform is safe and secure and that any information that is shared via the platform is also secure and safe?

How much does the plan cost either on a monthly or yearly basis, and what do you get included in that plan. Do you have a limited number of users you can add, or is there a limit on the number of messages sent and stored every month?

What is the reputation like? If they have good customer feedback and reviews and are known for good customer service, you will choose the right provider.

How easy and quick is it to share documents via the platform, and how are these stored for future use?

If used correctly, an online platform can effectively bring your team together. It can allow you to push forward and keep your team as connected as possible – even if they are located all over the world! A good collaboration tool will help you make the most of your team by increasing productivity, so it is important to choose the best platform you can.


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