Italian Political Diplomatic Strategy In Romania At New Level Of Trans-economic European Cooperation

By Sebastian Sarbu.


Ambassador of the Intergovernmental Organisations Dr Andrea Tasciotti, accompanied by his deputy for international affairs, writer, journalist Col. Sebastian Sarbu, met with the Vice President of the Romanian National Liberal Party, Adrian Iurascu, to discuss strategic alliances, diplomatic policies, in supporting future elections in Romania. Among the topics discussed are the promotion of the banking innovative project “Bank of Tourism and Trade”, the “Port of Zeus” in Italy, and the European Capitals of Culture in Romania for 2021, in conjunction with those from Greece, and building of an international political axis that promote growth of the social ground, through the newly formed organization World Bilateral Agency . The meeting served to outline the agenda for the 2017 presidential candidate of the Dominican Republic Hipolito Polanco.

The International Activities carried Honorary Ambassador Dr Andrea Tasciotti, to “promote the socio-cultural exchange initiatives be put in place between the institutions, laying the foundation for a series of institutional twinning with different Italian cities and to liaise institutional with National and International Organizations European Union and Latin America, promoting the introduction of a citizenship of the Near protection of rights and Services Citizens of third countries, give way to mutual exchange of cultural activities, initiatives health relevance and encourage the International Cooperation Actions with the Americas, Asia and Eastern Europe, including riots Activities Humanitarian Aid who “are pleased to welcome you”.

At the end of a concrete representation of the needs widespread social, cultural, entrepreneurial intended to be created with the Natural and Legal Persons which is intended to be part of the development of Diplomatic Intergovernmental Platform for institutional cooperation, cultural and commercial center of the newly formed organization W.B.A. – World Bilateral Agency.

World Bilateral Agency is the first transnational, interinstitutional cooperation organization.
International Activities conducted by Ambassador Dr. Andrea Tasciotti, are designed to promote the socio-cultural interchange initiatives to be implemented between the institutions, sets the stage for a series of institutional twinning with other cities of Italy and to establish relationships with the Institutional National and International Organizations with the European Union and Latin America; also to promote the implementation of a Citizenship Proximity in Protection of Rights and Services Citizens of third countries, giving the course to mutual exchange of economic, cultural, initiatives of a health and encourage Shares of International Cooperation with the Americas, Asia and Eastern Europe, including Activities for Humanitarian Aid.

The diplomatic activities of Ambassador Dr. Andrea Tasciotti are very positive.He decided to permit by the fiduciary for international relations – promoting cooperation and social, business and cultural international Organizations and Companies abroad for the creation of the Intergovernamental Comitee for Diplomatic relations and Global Growth – WBA World Bilateral Agency – Program EXPO EXPERIENCES– ASTANA 2017 – DUBAI 2020.

The Organizations, Companies and Organizations Institutions can involvedin : investment program for constitution of WBA, promoting cooperation and social, business and cultural International Organizations and Companies for the creation of the Intergovernamental Comitee for diplomatic relations and Global Growth in every Country – WBA World Bilateral Agency – Program EXPO EXPERIECES MILAN 2015 – ASTANA 2017 – DUBAI 2020.

Currently this services are so listed:


– Advertising and Communication Events
– Shooting WBE TV Channel USA 72 Countries Platform.


– Development Scouting Tenders European and International;
– Commercial Projects penetration in European and non European markets;
– Development projects Creative financing;
– Development projects for international cooperation;
– Development projects for the exchange of “best practices”


– Search Partner’s Commercial Customers Italian and foreign;
– Meeting to Be Well Fiera Milano;
– Opening of Incoming agencies in Italy and abroad;


– Legalization Enterprises Italian abroad and foreign companies in Italy;
– Legal and Consular Practices for Italian and foreign partners;


– Shuttle Airport Fair;


– Accreditation portal E-Platform.
– Credit to the Portal Fashion TV

For this investment program for constitution of WBA is needed to an network of contacts, for participation in international affairs, where the embassies and foreign delegations asked to organize exhibitions in their country of residence.

World Bilateral Agency also preparing a number of initiatives for the Jubilee 2016 incoming tourism that will be divided among other fair exposition of the best local produce from June to September 2016, in which has a stretch of the Tiber to the event which already reopening the accessions to book exhibition stands.

Are expected to participate 33 million tourists”

Since 2000, arrivals in the capital exceeding 77%.

For the Romans are “a godsend” .

Boom of tourists for the Jubilee of Mercy. He waited more than 33 million people. The total expenditure is expected to be 8 billion Euros, of which 70% of visitors from abroad. And ‘This is one of the findings from the 5th issue of the journal’ Rome towards the Jubilee ‘prepared by Censis and presented today.

According to the analysis institute Rome in recent years, from 2000 to 2014, he has had tourist flows in excess of 77%. If in fact the appearances were in 2000 amounted to 7.5 million arrivals, in 2014 the figure has almost doubled to 13.4 million, an increase of 77.5%.

For the Censis last year “are almost 8 million foreigners arrived in Rome and accounted for 63% of tourists in the capital.” Among foreign citizens lovers of the Capital in the first place rank Americans (1.6 million tourists arrived in 2014), followed by the British (643,000) and Germans (634,000). Under the podium Spaniards (494,000), the French (485,000) and Japan (477,000). Also according to the research institute there is instead a record growth of arrivals in the last six years by Argentine (+ 181.7%), China (+ 117.8%), Turkey (+ 109.5%), Russian (+ 91.5%) and Poland (+ 83.7%).

The analysis points out that the “flows” are “increasingly differentiated” and as to the capital there is “an allure not only religious.” For the Censis therefore “the attraction of Rome is constantly growing. If everyone will do their part by operating accordingly, (Roma ed) can find a new push in the Jubilee proclaimed by Pope Francis, largely due to flows that will be activated from abroad. ”

Even the Romans have the same opinion. The 89.3% of Roman citizens it judges the tourists an opportunity: 61.7% because they generate employment and 27.6% and also because they allow the city to open up to the world. ”

The Diplomatic Network International and consists of those international organizations accredited to the Transparency Register European Union and the UN – NGO BRANCH and the Department for Economic and Social Affairs.


Develop know-how and expertise of public administrations on enhancing organizational effectiveness through assisting of the decision making and accountability processes.
Improving the qualitative and efficiency results (from the democratic, governance, economic and human recourses point of view) in delivering public services in 5 counties/municipalities/communes within the project implementation period.


The expected results consist in :

Improvement of good governance and democratic decision making; strengthening the political, financial, and accountability framework; improvement of the organizational effectiveness.
Main activities : selection of 5 different pilot counties/municipalities/communes based on recommendation and invitation; implementation of an intensive training programme on PMI; implementation of PMI in 5 selected pilot counties/municipalities /communes; training program to follow-up PMI in public administrations (PMI training beneficiaries to identify further project ideas);drafting of self study materials on PMI; closing and conference including: workshop on project-ideas identified by the training participants for their respective municipalities/communes; feedback from the pilot municipalities; presentation of the value of good governance and the contribution of PMI.

The world of Labour, through EXPO EXPERIENCE Platform 2015 – 2020, would to create the base, through services and information, for the opening to international experiences inbound and outbound, inorder to create career paths and retraining of excellence in lack of real opportunities in the current jobmarket already saturated or deficiency of actual job opportunities after graduation or job reinstatement or re-employment situations.This makes define a possible future, more equitable and respectful of the common interests of the membership and the business community being guarantee of the established requirements of the welfare systems.

World Bilateral Agency want to give the humanitarian organizations and social interest, because the system can afford to close the gap between social policies inefficient and the correct allocation of services, through a representative acting as Organizations of interest and social pressure in the Institutions European, through experiences of Democracy Cooperative Organizations for global growth and development of the entire system. So, is needed of :

– Implementation of an International Agency for accredited work and through online training courses in the country of residence, and proposals for work in the country of arrival, lets you adjust the inflows of citizens of third countries;

– Participatory projects of creation of social tourism structures embedded in social canteens, with reflection to gender disability;

– Projects that promote Corporate Social Responsibility, through the establishment of solidary ventures including with the ausillio and financial support of Foreign Foundations, already active.
To answer this social mission they are being activated through the diplomatic representation abroad channels in various countries of Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Spain and South America: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Dominican Republic and Asia: India and Qatar.

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