Kabbalah and the power of some secret societies

 By Sebastian Sarbu.



Between 4 and 5 of October, 1994, on a “black moon” night (Moon eclipse), a huge fire focused the public attention on two real estate properties located somewhere up in highlands, nearby Geneve, belonging to STO.

From under the smoldering Cheiry Farm ruins, the Swiss  authorities would afterwards retrieve 23 bodies all wrapped in long knight mantles, while in the basement of the Salvan compound other 25 charred corpses were found. This toll would be later supplemented with other 5 dead bodies found in a house in Morin Heights, Canada, belonging to the same faction (among these latter even a newborn just a few months old). 23+25+5 equals 53.

It should have been 54 actually (a symbolic number). Due to mere exhaustion and the excitement of the great executioners, some confusion must have occurred on the premises. Some foreboding urged the last person – not in the least willing to die  yet lured to Salvan place under some pretense –  to flee. We are talking about a high rank member who ran in a hurry to exhibit in print his personal emotions in a book entitled The 54th. The author highlighted some very probable copycats of these collective departures, so called, in the STO occult idiom “transitions” –  bound to Sirius, a double planet onto the cosmic sphere and known by the astrologists of Ancient times.

The Solar Templar Order is a branch of the Templars Sovereign Military Order founded in 1314, like the Black Order as well. David Livingstone has published a book on the Black Terror, the White Soldiers and the New Age in which he unveiled the connection between the Illuminati and the Templars, between Islam and Fascism. Basically the aim is antichristian and actually represents the occult stream and the siege mounted by the Gnosis against religion and tradition. Initially they were granted the Pope Honorius the IInd blessing and then of the Pope Innocent the IInd as well, so putting together  the Benedictine branch thereof. These are based on Kabbalah, the Kathars’ mostly, the old ones basing themselves on geometry, hermetic , solar mathematics and were using the megalictic yard as measuring unit of land and other objects of interest. The megalictic yard is an instrument cut  to measure precisely 82,66956 cm.

In 1314 Jaccques  de Molay dies. At that point Johannes Larmenius is taking over the Templars’ Order and issues the Cartha Transmisionista Larmenius by which relays further on the Molay heritage. He rules as leader until 1324 when Jean Francois Thibault takes over the Order under his leadership  until  1340.  In 1349  an interesting figure becomes the chief supreme of the Order, namely Jean de Clermont, the first crusade being the Council of Clermont, which actually is bearing his own name. We further discover that even the dictator Salazar himself, and president of Portugal was a descendent off  the Templars lineage from  a certain Galeas de Salazar who led the Order between 1497-1516,  a period of time when the Order was sworn to secrecy or acted under anonymity.

According to some historical – biblical anticipations with a quite solid hermeneutic basis, after   an elapse of 1260  prophetic days, that is chronologic years, occurs the downfall of a mighty power in fight with another,  one of them being described as a beast in between sea and land. The Kingdom of Jerusalem was destroyed in 1260  as a consequence of lack of capability from the part of Templar crusaders and the Mongols to co-ordinate their movements which led eventually to the Mamelucs’ victory (that is the Beast) in the battle at Ain Jalut in 1260. The anti crusade,  anti Israeli and basically anti Christians assault on the Middle East lands relays to yet another beast whose deadly wound healed (as set out in the decoded Biblical text) namely the ISIS supported by Russia which rises up after 1260 years from the foundation of  Rome,  a Kabbalistic    meaning because now the pagan Rome was in cross-hairs represented not by the popes theocracy but by the Templars synarchy which kept involving the popeship more and more in the political mush and especially so along the United States of America line. As a matter of fact, two events occurred after 1260 years from the Rome’s foundation. The coming up of a new Pope (2013-2014) and the  birth of  ISIS. The link between the Islamic Order of the Ishmaelites or the Order of Assassins which ruled the Arab world, the Asia and a portion of Europe and the Templars Order was proved by historians, its decay consisting in the creation of the Black Order of Nazi type, re-baptized today as the Circle of Poles. Also the economic sanctions against Russia enforced by the Occident seem like some deadly wounds which keep coming, all bespeaking of decay of  Rome, that is the exact opposite of the 753 moment of its foundation, a perfect match as projection with the Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Rampant Islam and an Imperial Russia with its airs of being the Fourth Rome. Jean de Clermont is murdered in 1356 as an outcome of failure to make peace between France and England during the One Hundred Years War times. Jean Arnold Clermont representative of Templars and Reform Church in the Saint Egidio community held on September 8,  2015 at the Orthodox cathedral in Tirana during an ecumenic meeting a speech on peace recalling the existing conflicts. This happening on the very eve of  Pope Francisc’s  visit to the USA in the same year. Interesting enough the restoration of the Templar Order in 1960 is taking place after 700 years since the Christ’s death plus the Kabbalistic number 666, a symbol of the turned upside down Christianity of  Baphomet, an outstanding and main figure with the Templar Order. Baphomet is deemed as being the true Christ in the aftermath of developing materialism at the same time with the occultism in France in the neo modernist age in the XVIIIth century,  being assigned to him the digits carrying biblical esoteric meaning payloads.

As a matter of fact, in 2015 occurs the  666 years jubilee from the priorate of Jean de Clermont in 1349, deemed as the counterpart or the symbolic equivalent of  Pope  Francisc, after the re-foundation of the Order back in 1960. One should say, however, that according to the Templars’ tradition of the Order, 54 is the number of the first hoard of Templars  (among others, STO boasts the self assigned title of Neo Templar) –  which after the dissolution of their Order, as they refused to repent and disclose its  secrets, were burnt on pyre on May 10, 1310. But the actual toll of knights – hermits put to death into the flames by Handsome Phillip seems to go as high as 138 (a surprisingly small figure if we take into account the ripples stirred worldwide by this wholesale execution). While another important number  for a couple of esoterists   is 144, as a result of a deeply murky speculation. In both cases, one may sum up the deduction  that some “voyagers to the other world” – either willingly or not – were missing at the head count. Whoever  they  might have been, they have been known as expected on the premises.

On the other hand, and quite strange both for initiated ones and for the profane, those deceased in October 1993 had not been neither hippies, nor junkies, they were not coming from some easily manipulated social milieu, neither from the lower end society and poorly educated, on the contrary most of them studied in universities, as  artists, high ranking state officials (and their families too), among the bodies from Salvan were even found two of the three Superiors from the so called Temple’s Synarchy. We are talking about  Jo Di Mambro, STO’s founder and Imperator  and also his Great Master, the homeopathic doctor Luc Jouret.  Accused in the beginning by prosecutors and press for  venal behavior and fraud, subsequently it was proved – beside some justified felonies  – that they did not flee the ordeal, but quite the contrary, they had assumed the risk of practical experimentation of the magical techniques preached by themselves, and making no attempt to physically skip the “transition” process. In spite of all these warnings both implicit and explicit and albeit strikingly obvious that – just to observe a numerological feature of symbolism – not all departures bound to Sirius had taken place without violence, some of them being “helped” (eight rounds in the head or plastic bags)  the respective local police officials in charge made efforts to mishmash the case , exposing it just under its penal aspect only. Insufficiently  prepared, the  prosecutors of the first “transition” were shy to engage in a research with esoteric  flavor. They totally disregarded the  documents left “pending into the breeze”  within the two subterranean temples miraculously left untouched by blazes. The press released absolutely nothing until today about   the five  – sometimes six – texts known under the generic title The Testament which Jo Di Mambro and Luc Jouret had care to share postmortem, by way of an “affiliate”, in more than one thousand copies.

In fact, the scheme ran as follows : A Templar by a Pope after the Restoration of the Order (1960) So in the times of Pope John the XXIIIth the Templars Order was restored, symbolically represented by Jacques  de Molay in the Templars’ camp, followed by  the Pope Paul the VIth represented by Jean Larmenius. The Pope John Paul the IInd came as representative of Jean Francois Thibault of Alexandria.  The calculus of those belonging to the Solar Temple Order a bit too mathematically accurate actually,  and lacking a Kabbalistic relevance appropriately applied with respect to the esoteric traditions has led to a computation on the death of Pope John Paul the IInd in 1994 by enclosing also the equivalent period of time when the order was ruled by Jean Francois Thibaud (1324-1340), that is 16 years. Their recklessness consisted basically in making of a sacrificial rite in which they subjected themselves to the ordeal on purpose for further salvation of its sanctity.

Their karmic concepts consisted in compromising the acts of the Traditional Templar Order, turning them into fanatics or fundamentalists.

The number 53 accurate, as a matter of fact referred to  53 years elapsed since  the reinstatement of the Order in 1960 which is significantly relayed to the Pope Benedict the XVIth resignation and the decay of Christian Rome as we proved. Then, a second shocking event occurred: On  December 21, 1995,  in a glade located this time in the French mountain Vercors, exactly in a point called The Devil’s Hole (Le Trou du Diable), not far from the Eagle’s Rock  (Le Rocher de l’Aigle), have been found, set in the shape of a star and all wrapped in white ceremonial cloaks called in STO lingo “talars”, other 16 charred bodies (more accurately 15+1) of some affiliates, set out bound to a journey to catch up with the pilgrims of the first “transition”. Discovered at the winter solstice, however these had set out for journey six days before: December 15. In a night when the Moon’s aspects seemed more appropriate for a  “transfer”.

A third transition had taken place in Canada at the time of the spring equinox. Why in March?  Because this month represents in many ancient religions the cyclic reborn of the nature and the beginning of the year. Also, because on March 14, 1244 200  the  Perfect ones, the kathars very elite, besieged by an obtuse society, better preferred to set themselves afire! And, because, in the same month the Great Master Templar Jacques de Molay was burnt on pyre.

In these days as well, the affiliates were celebrating the birth date of Emanuelle Di Mambro, Jo’s daughter, declared by him a “cosmic child”, that is born in absence of the sexual act, by sheer  “theogamy”.

Direct consequence: the suicide of those 5 occurred between March 21 and 22, 1997 –  an absolutely extraordinary night since the solstice was coincident with a Moon eclipse and the passage of Hale-Bopp comet, visible on the terrestrial firmament just once after the elapse of  25 centuries.

For the time being the number of trials would have reached 74, or so they say. For now… The aforementioned events  do not have the purpose to decipher in minute the encoded messages and the symbolic payload thereof, obviously,  championing life as raw energy and transcendental trek: based on these “extremists of the occult” many books could be written thereof.

“The playing with demons”, the amalgam, the reckless manipulation of the Ceremonial Magic, represent a huge danger. Because, it is obvious, the final target of the STO members was not and is not – as  widely acclaimed–  neither money nor snatching the power, at least not in the worldly meaning of the term anyway. They were not loyal to any faith or confession whatsoever  as defined by some of the currently existing Church.

The very aim of the classical Templar Order was and will ever be re-building the Temple of Solomon.




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