Say enough! History has to challenge evolution


By Jaime Ortega.

Wizard left depicting Evolution. Right, knight representing archaeologist 

For half a decade, historians have amended and bowed to the magnificence of the scientific community when reporting archaeological discoveries to academic journals. Historians have started to question, the motives behind the scientific community that seems to have hidden relevant data from the public.

History needs to be rewritten, retouched and changed once and for all. And my advice to scientist, is to stop using evolutionary logic to every discrepancy they find, that suggest otherwise.

Why is science not compatible with history?

1- Carbon 14 does not date the actual carving, painting, sculpture of any ancient culture. It just, gives an estimation how old the rock is, including metal and minerals.

2- When scientist carbon date the radioactive decay of any molten fresh volcanic rock, the results give close to 1.000,000 years in age, even though the solidification just happen within minutes.

3- Electromagnetic fields within the Earths centrifugal nickel core interact with the plasma of most elements changing the radioactive value to different estimates. This also happens with solar winds, as solar radiation enters the hole through the ozone layer and changes the radioactive properties of rocks. Scientist cannot measure the rate of the change, because different elements get different radioactive measurements when these are exposed to other magnetic reactions.

4 – Remember, that no one can scientifically prove that Genghis Khan, Julius Cesar and Hannibal existed. Genetically no scientist can determine their existence. We know, they existed because our ingenuity to decipher documents, decode ancient scripts, interpret carved sculptures and paintings. But most importantly because of human logic, we understand that these ancient legends of the past existed. Science only allows us to estimate the age of history, but that in itself causes problems because we don’t have the experience to confirm its complete accuracy. Experience is observation, and we unfortunately cannot travel back to the past to observe if our measurements are correct.

– Carbon dating is not the only way to estimate the past.  Ocean salinity is another process to estimate the age of the Earth. Tree rings also show the Earths age and the atmospheric changes that happen within time. There are many other systems of measurement, but we choose Carbon dating because it fits the evolutionary model. Carbon dating is only technique that allows for elements to range from millions to billions of years.  Evolution is a theory, It’s not history.

– Strata does not layer for millions of years, that is unaccredited bologna and a scientific fantasy. Mega Tsunamis have shown that layers of rock and dust can be extrapolated within minutes.  Other natural forces can also make strata build up within days. Take for example a “dust storm” in the Saudi Arabian peninsula. It can literally bury a cargo truck within minutes. Nature builds the forces that layer strata, time itself is not relevant without the elements pushing the stratification to level up one at a time. Time is just an explanation to measure decomposition of matter within the void of space that continuously keeps getting pushed by different natural forces.

– Strata itself shows huge deposits of calcium and salinity almost all over the world. Layers show this phenomena. Something must have interacted with dry land for it to be covered by salt and calcium, which is mostly found in the ocean.

– Rule number one. Fossils do not prove evolution. Fossils only happen within quick natural catastrophes, as significant pressure has to cover an organic mass within seconds to solidify and stay steady for years.  A flood would do a great job. In fact salinity and calcium layers create fossils with high pressure!  That’s why its rare to find fossils on land, because its not a common process that happens everywhere. Petroleum is also organic matter that never fossilized because it wasn’t layered correctly. but it is proven, that it took also a flood to trap organic matter into deposits beneath underground layers to create oil rich substances with gaseous properties.

5- History does not need Darwinian explanations to subsist as an independent field of study. Darwinian evolution has hijacked history to fit its porpoise. Darwinian evolution has also hijacked other fields like astrophysics, biology, genetics, claiming its the base of ‘science’ and an important field of study. Darwinian evolution is just a theory, not a field of study, and a much lesser theory than gravity which can at least be mathematically proven. Numbers don’t qualify evolution. Evolution is neither a causation or a correlation of nature. Its just an idea.

6- Darwinian evolution does not serve any applied porpoise, it doesn’t build I-pads, it doesn’t build empires, it doesn’t explain biological complexities. It’s just theoretical ingenuity which is not supported mathematically. All Darwinian evolution does is explain origins, and that is even debatable a  new discoveries suggest the opposite!

7- The denial of a massive world flood close to 12,000 BCE, which is reported by over 200 different cultures is the biggest historical bias ever shown by the scientific establishment. It’s not only recorded in writings but also on ancient tablets, and confirmed by the vast amount of underwater cities found the past  2 decades.

– Example:  Many western scientist deny the underwater complex of “Yonaguni”, as a human civilization and historical site that shows complex geometry.  Japanese scientists,  however have affirmed and reaffirmed  those are the remains of an “unknown civilization” that roamed the earth around 9,000 BCE. Who is bias? In my opinion and without doubt, the western scientific establishment, because they cannot approve that a city could be buried under the Japanese coastline 50 meters below sea level.   History again, hijacked by scientist with an agenda.

8- These questions were given to over 30 different, skeptics. It’s about historical skepticism. You can understand why they didn’t respond due to the difficulty of the questions.

– I want to also critique ‘Michael Shermer’ for his response “I don’t have the time” and give an applause to ‘Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulou’ who was a big critic on her BBC documentaries about the city of David, till it was discovered recently this year. Haven’t heard anything from her since the discovery was made.  She never answered the questions we sent her. Sometimes skeptics are not skeptical about their own logic.

We’re still waiting for an answer, a year later. Maybe one millions monkeys will type the entire book of hamlet, given enough time before these so called skeptics respond!

9 – At one point in the earth, all civilizations must have being interconnected, which explains why many civilizations like Caral (Peru) had over 200 pyramids, which is more than Egypt’s.  The ancients constructed with similar astronomical calculations, used hieroglyphics and had similar references to gods in America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

– Scientist never speak how other ancient cultures shared similar Pyramidal styles of construction to one another. Probably because they discredit the possibility of mass ancient communication.  That is not a huge headache for any historian to understand considering ancient maps and only makes sense for scientist to not publish it in academic books because to them,  man should had being as dumb as the fossils they kneel too. It’s clear skyscrapers are found in all cultures now,  so why wouldn’t cultures in the past not be interconnected when they had similar pyramidal styles. Willy Fog, went around the world in 80 days! But evolution took a million years.

10- That means, that the history of the American continent either predates or borders the same age of the Pyramids in Giza. Xaviant Haze in Caral, Tiwanaku, Puma Punku and Sacsayhuaman share closer similitude’s  to Stone Hedge (England), Avebury (England) and Carnac (France) Five Points dome (New York)  than anything found in later civilizations like Ur, Mycenaean, Indus Valley civilization and many others.  Large flat rocks used for Astronomical calculations used to worship gods describes a unique period of time on the history of the earth. Mathematics was a way of living to ancients. They were not beating each other with tree trunks and hunter gathering could had happened at the same time farming and agriculture were thriving with productivity.

– The hunter gatherers theory easily breaks down when you apply logic. In Sub-Saharan Africa, many nomadic tribes still hunter gather and live on small villages around the peripheries of larger cultural cities. Human evolution proposes hunter gathering came first and then agriculture and farming. But the problem is that just alike ants, and termites, the human race tends to pursue unity to strengthen in numbers to secure its more basic necessities. Whether they unify in rituals, or because of productivity that depends on the culture, but that’s why they unify and protect their interest against foreign invaders. Its actually a human natural property that makes us stand safe. So civilization can live in harmony with hunter gatherers who prefer not to live in the city because they might differ with the cultural laws of the zone once these are established. Evolution is not bright enough to understand social interaction.

11- The Kennewick man found in the Columbia river, Washington (10,000 BCE) and Luzia found Brazil (11,500 BCE) both of Caucasian origins, predate any known native American inhabitant ever to roam the American continent. Both Caucasians found in opposites sides of the same continent should halt some lights.  Science is stone shut about the paradigm the discovery reveals,  and shows that the Siberian native American migration to North America passing through the Alaskan ice sheets must of had happen much earlier than expected.  With lower ice depressions, giving rise to the theory that the flood must of erased all the Caucasians that roamed the America’s way before Asian migration raids emerged in the second phase of the continents ongoing history.

– The Incas said that Sacsayhuaman and Puma Punku civilizations were abandoned before they arrived. That gives the sense that they constructed next to the left over’s of civilizations that disappeared close to the Andean peaks located at 3000 ft above sea level. Which again gives rise to the flood theory as a likely explanation why pre-Inca civilizations suddenly stop constructing and became extinct. They found sea horses on lake Titicaca located 2.800 ft above sea level in the Andean peninsula, and the lake covers 8 Square miles miles of water. How it all got there, is a mystery only explained by a flood.

– Baalbek in Lebanon which is called the city of Enoch. The actual dating of Baalbek and the style of construction surpasses any known civilization in the Middle East. The Roman Empire used Baalbek’s base to reinforce their temples around 900 BCE. But the massive carved rocks belong to the era of Stone Hedge, again dating around the era of the Kennewick Man.

12- Giants are not a fluke and thanks to ancient manuscripts we understand how they lived better than ever before. They existed at one point and many discoveries have been made. All cultures speak of giants and have documentation, but since it doesn’t fit Darwin’s model, we have to assume everyone else who is not Darwinian was lying. Scientist are delusional and as you will see bellow, have covered up controversial stories.

Bruce Fenton an author and historian made in October the discovery of the City of Giants in Ecuador. As he says bellow:

“Amongst these tools are some that would be extremely difficult for a normal size human being to use in any practical fashion, this has led to a strong suspicion that this is one of the legendary lost cities of the giants, well known in local Ecuadorian legends about the Amazonian area, such places generate great fear among the members of today’s jungle tribes as they are believed to be protected either by spirit guardians or by beings not of this world.”


Great analysis by Jim Vieira about Giants in the Americas by TED.

Another new great documentary of  History Channel about Minnesota giants by Scott Wolter:

Another great documentary about the cover up of these bones in Sardinia, Italy.

Another great Giant report about suppression in history.

-I also want to give a big “shut out” to the cover up of Lovelock cave in Nevada, for not displaying the 70 bodies found by gold miners back in 1890’s.  Giant red haired Indians who died from the fire the Paiute tribe set inside the cave, because the giants were considered dangerous cannibals . They do not display the skulls in the museum , the state of Nevada does not allow them to be displayed. I tried to call them, once again without a response.  I am personally disgusted by this.  It’s clearly a cover up.

-Some scientist mention Giants as part of human imagination. Just alike UFO’s and ghost. The only problem they have when comparing fable to legend, is that Giants are documented to have existed in many different historical accounts, whereas ghost and aliens have not.

13- As a student when I attended university, I was taught that ancient massive carvings and massive stone geometric objects were shaped by utilizing chisels and pickets with the help of thousands of workers. But that is impossible with pink granite, which seems to have been the preference of choice for many ancient civilizations to build massive structures besides other hard rocks. Science itself shows that Iron, or copper tools would break under granite. Also the wrist of those who tried such unintelligent method would have broken, due to the rebound of the impact forcing the hand to numb.

– It would make more sense that giants had a responsibility on helping develop rocks that size, that weigh over 100-500 tons. No rope could had ever pulled such stones without breaking the tree trunks which these monoliths supposedly were transported with. Never mind the lifting process, as no rope could possibly be capable of moving such weight, and it’s not historically proven to ever have happened.

– Another huge problem is how did they cut the stones? After doing research it appears that either they used a dissolving acidic process, diamond machines or lasers. Because the cuts are so well done, and so smooth within the surfaces, that you cannot fit a razor blade in between the stacked stone cubes. They cut large stones better than we do now.

14 – The legend of dragons is not alike other fantastic fable of the past and neither is the “flying serpents”. The word Dragon, was changed into the name Dinosaur by Sir. Richard Owen, in 1840.  The historian Herodotus (460 BCE) confirmed Flying snakes existed and validated Egyptian reports.

Herodotus, “These winged drakontes were said to live under frankincense (Boswellia) trees in the Arabian Desert. To gather the incense, the Arabians burned styrax (resin of the Liquidambar tree) because the smoke drove the winged snakes away.

Herodotus  described the flying reptiles as small with variegated markings, shaped like a water snake but with wing like membranes, like bat wings.”

Josephus also confirmed the existence of “winged serpents” when he adventured himself to the Negev desert, and confirmed the story of Herodotus.

For more on this story:

There many other points I would like to explain, but have too many for it not to be a book. I want to conclude with Gobleki Tepe, 10,000 (BCE). Which was found 350 miles from Mount Ararat in Turkey. That is where history is reborn and ancient history, rewritten. But most civilizations I have described probably predate Gobleki Tepe.

I tend not to believe 90% of conspiracy theories, but studying ancient history and thanks to new discoveries, I have to logically conclude that Ancient History Pre-Sumeria, is intentionally not taught correctly and put aside under scientific scrutiny because it doesn’t fit the current scientific model.

News sites should stop mixing science with history, when reporting their bias reports to satisfy the scientific community.  They want financial endowments and incentives for their services, but the viewers pays the price. News sites are supposed to inform, not sponsor biased research. You cannot prove Julius Caesar existed scientifically without DNA, we only know that though historical documentation. Yet scientist believe in Julius Caesar! Well, why discredit the rest of historical reports to fit your evolutionary agenda? Hypocrites! But clever hypocrites.

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