Finance Executive, Kevin Arnone, Involved in NCPD Pickering Criminal Investigation


By TeriBuhl.

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A wall st. buddy of New Canaan police officer Fred Pickering tried to intimidate a young black man after he vocalized his ill feelings for the veteran officer at a local bar. Kevin M. Arnone, age 51, who lives in a $3 million house in the Silvermine area of New Canaan called Joel Anderson a ‘Nigger’ according to two people on the scene at Tequila Mockingbird. Pickering made headlinesearlier in the month when the NCPD admitted they had to put him on leave after another compliant came in about him that involved racial issues.

When I reached Arnone’s wife, Lisa, at their home on 429 Carter Rd in New Canaan and asked about the racial statements her husband allegedly made this afternoon she said I’d have to talk to Kevin about that. Kevin did not return an email request for comment. Mr. Arnone owned a seat on the AMEX exchange and was a principle at Iron Horse Capital LLC. He also owns some real estate holding companies.

To get some insight into who Picerking’s friend Kevin Arnone is, a look at his about section on his facebook page says a lot: “I love myself and don’t care who dislikes me. I love money more than friends..greed is good.”

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UPDATE: 3-28-13: The New Canaan Police have responded to my FOI request. In an email last night, Chief Nadriczny said Officer Fred Pickering was put on paid leave February 26th and he is still on paid leave. That means the police responded to Joel Anderson’s complaint three days after it was made but waited to tell the press and the town for another 10 days. It’s still unclear why they waited so long to announce the Pickering investigation. The NC Advertiser has also now written on Pickering’s past interactions with Joel Anderson and his internal affairs investigation from 2011.

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