World’s Greatest Science Fraud: Darwin and Wallace newly proven to have plagiarised theory of natural slection

The book that dropped the bombshell on the history of discovery

The book that dropped the bombshell on the history of discovery


By Mike Sutton.


Just as new DNA analysis is changing traditional forensic science I recently pioneered the use of newly available “big data” analysis of the literature to expose the world’s greatest science fraud.

The great science myth, started by Darwin and Wallace, that they each ‘independently discovered the theory of natural selection with no prior knowledge of Patrick Matthew’s earlier publication of the entire detailed theory was completely disproved by big data analysis in 2014.

Darwin and Wallace claimed that they failed to hear of Matthew’s book because no naturalist known to them had read it. They lied! But for 154 years the scientific community, simply took their word for it in contravention of the most famous ancient Latin tenet of the Royal Society ‘Nullius in Verba‘ (on the word alone of no one) .

Contrary to current Darwinian “knowledge” that no one read Matthew’s book, pioneering big data analysis of 30 million+ publications reveals that before Darwin penned the ‘Origin of Species’ at least 52 people read Matthew’s (1831) book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’, 25 actually cited it in the published literature! Moreover, 19 of those who read it were in Darwin’s inner social circle! Of the seven naturalists now newly known to have cited Matthew’s book in print, three played pivotal roles at the epicentre of Darwin’s and Wallace’s published and unpublished work on natural selection before the ‘Origin of Species’ was first published in 1859.

Knowledge contamination from Matthew to Darwin and Wallace is thus uniquely proven in ‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret’ – the ground-breaking book, which 100 per cent proves that Matthew influenced both Darwin and Wallace through three major naturalist who cited his 1831 book: John Loudon, Prideaux John Selby and Robert Chambers.

Fully 27 years before Darwin’s Origin of Specis was first published, Loudon reviewed Matthew’s book in 1832,   writing precisely that it had something original to say on “the origin of species” no less! Loudon then went on to edit and publish Blyth’s highly influential papers of 1835 and 1837!  Chambers cited Matthew’s book in 1832 before penning the famous ‘Vestiges of Creation’ in 1844. And both Darwin and Wallace admitted the huge influence of Robert Chambers’s ‘Vestiges of Creation’ on their own work in the field of natural selection. Selby, who cited Matthew’s book many times in 1842 went on to edit  and publish Wallace’s famous Sarawak paper of 1855!

‘Nullius’  further proves that Darwin told six deliberate lies in order to achieve primacy over Matthew and reveals for the first time his desperate attempt to have the codified rules of scientific priority changed so that better known scientists such as he would be awarded priority over lesser known first discoverers such as Matthew. Moreover, all eight of Darwin’s excuses for why he supposedly had no prior-knowledge of Matthew’s prior-published discovery are all proven to be completely fallacious.

Having destroyed the myth of Darwin the honest gentleman of science, ‘Nullius’ examines further new bombshell discoveries in light of earlier discoveries of Darwin’s dishonesty in stealing the ideas, given in confidence, of his Edinburgh tutor, Grant,  and his notorious editing of the second edition of the ‘Voyages of the Beagle’, which fuelled the myth that he discovered natural selection on the Galapagos Islands rather than a year or two later where he really found it – inside books between 1837 and 1838.

If you think Galapagos finch beaks had anything at all to do with the discovery of natural selection then you, like millions of others, have been hoodwinked by Darwin’s great science fraud.

‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret’ is published by Thinker Media Inc. USA.

Mike Sutton


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