Risk of War in Asia

By Sebastian Sarbu.

Washington is analyzing the military option in the case of North Korea’s nuclear program. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis declared that North Korea represents a more serious threat to the United States and the international community than Iran. Mattis suggested that the top priority for US national security is the North Korean nuclear threat. He explained that North Korea had directly threatened the United States by recently launching ballistic missiles, an action than Iran did not undertake.
Moreover, president Donald Trump has declared recently, in the context of the upcoming visit of the Chinese president to Washington, that he is to propose China to increase pressures on North Korea on the topic of its nuclear program, otherwise the United States would have to undertake unilateral military intervention.
This statement was confirmed during the meeting with NATO’s general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg.
The USA have obtained China’s neutrality.
Belligerent acts in Asia, involving the USA, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea, can be expected.
It has to be mentioned that Japan has recently modified its constitution with respect to its right to defense, so that, for the first time since 1945, Japan can undertake military operations, including external, unilateral operations.
Intelligence sources monitoring commercial pictures of North Korean territory taken with help from military satellites predict that North Korea is to undertake a new underground nuclear test soon.
It is considered that North Korea finances Iran’s nuclear program.
It is clear that the strategists of the world have decided the confrontation, anticipated by geopoliticians, between the Euro-American space and the Eurasian space, the latter being represented this time by Russia and North Korea. The element of novelty is that the BRICS group (which includes China) is not working anymore.
Trump wants to be remembered in history as the man who reunited the two Koreas while bypassing Kim Jong-un.
In case of US unilateral intervention against North Korea, Russia is the factor that could determine the unpredictability of the war.

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