Romania, Represented in Trump’s Organization. ROMEXIT, a Recent Solution

By Sebastian Sarbu.

American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations is a long-standing UN organization, established in 1950 following an official cooperation agreement concerning the medical field between the USA and Israel. It is the only UN organization that is recognized by the American government (the White House) and accredited by the US State Department. It comprises several public and private institutions, including elite ones which involve American and Israeli military leaders, alongside with universities, academies, embassies, or NGOs, such as: the United States Military Academy (West Point), NATOWatch (NATO’s military press), the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Homeland Security Israel, Homeland Security US, Transparency International, the Mossad, Federal Express, the Association of the United States Army, the Justice Department, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Mossad leader Yassni Cohen and Henry Kissinger are ADMIR members.
All American Secretaries of State are honorary ADMIR members, and their CVs are displayed on this institution’s website.
Recently, ADMIR has become an intergovernmental institution.
Romania’s representatives in the fields of intelligence and military and diplomacy research are Silviu Craescu, Ph.D. in international diplomacy, former contractor for the Department of State between 2006 and 2010, former presidential candidate in Romania, currently working in the global information community and as a Special Advisor for the Helsinki Think Tank, and Sebastian Sarbu, intelligence expert for the managing team of the International Criminal Intelligence Center in Florida, USA.
Donald Trump has the support of the UN-affiliated American elite as an ADMIR member; he was actively supported by this organization in his race for the White House. It happened more than once that Donald Trump thanked publicly the American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations for their support. This support was granted to him via the traditional cooperation between ADMIR and the National Republican Senatorial Committee as well as Israel. It is obvious that this support was granted by the hardline American elite, the American radical right wing that is opposed to Soros’ organization, which supports the conservative line of the European Union’s catholic interests. But Brexit, as well as naming Aviodor Lieberman, an ADMIR member and representative of the Israeli right wing, for defense minister, prove that the old elite and the old world order of oligarchic globalism is being outcompeted by the elite that planned the strategic changes needed for Trump’s rise to power. It was all decided at the Zion movement’s Congress in Basel, Switzerland, in 1987. One document released by this Congress shows clearly that attacking Iran would be the USA’s intelligent solution to end the EU. The alternative would be much worse, namely the dictatorial leadership assumed by some states in order to favor Germany.
It is known that Trump issued statements of support to Israel, as well as guaranteeing this country’s security via a military intervention in Iran, if necessary. Turkey will become the USA’s new strategic ally alongside Jordan.
As such, ADMIR not only assembles elements of the American administration, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and NATO, but it also promotes the strategic bilateral interests of Israel and the United States.
Donald Trump’s astounding success is due in part to this elite, which played a subtle, but important role in Romania.
To what extend the US under Donald Trump will grant Romania support and recognition of its positive role in assimilating the American society’s values after 1989, that is to be analyzed from the perspective of the new strategy in Washington, starting with naming a new American ambassador.
First of all, president Trump wants to withdraw all commitments, as he already promised to the American people. But this does not mean that Romania will be left with no security guarantees. On the one hand, Trump will try to negotiate a new commitment with NATO, by forcing all member states to contribute proportionally to the collective European defense network, an objective that has been voiced already in Bucharest by NATO member states’ ministers of foreign affairs. On the other hand, he will try to discuss with the Russian Federation the matter of lifting of sanctions.
It is clear that we are preparing for a decline of the European Union, and Romania, which was not given the chance of benefiting from its relation with the EU despite its sacrifices and contributions to globalization, will be given the opportunity of an economic partnership with the United States, if its political leaders will have the wisdom to accept this privilege.
Romania can prosper economically by developing cleverly a new partnership with the USA and thus providing its resources for defense. We can clearly cooperate with the US elite, especially in the fields of science, business, culture, and independent qualified expertise.
Romania can become a mediator between Asia, Europe, and America in the Trump Era. Human resources will matter more than ever, particularly in administration.
It is clear than America maintains its strategic defense policy by having military interventions only when American interests are directly concerned. The Obama Administration surpassed this line.
The strategic partnership with the USA must be re-examined on the initiative of Romania. Otherwise we cannot become a point of strategic interest. ROMEXIT is the solution which could definitely mark Romanian-US relations. ROMEXIT is possible at any point in the future.
Washington will not make compromises with Moscow that would affect US security and US foreign policy objectives. It is possible that NATO is restructured in 2 years from now.
The USA will invest in the development of its armed forces by creating an alternative to NATO: an army of 3-5 million people forming the Superpentagon.
It is clear that in the Trump Era everything will be reformed, starting with the press and going all the way to reforming the secret services, while transnational corporations will obviously suffer, the only exception being those wanting to invest in the USA.

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