‘Tweet-Thee and Tweet-Dumb’

By Allen Schmertzler.


Well, how is “Make America Great Again” working for you? Six long and nauseating months into Trump’s presidential circus act and all we have to show for it is insane garbled comments each more contradictory than the previous one and a sickening display of “tweet-thee tweet-dumb” vicious unprecedented executive cyber-statements of verbal attacks against journalists and “enemies of his estate.” In a sick sort of way, these six months Trump has made history and surpassed  expectations of how attention-getting and entertaining his little twitter finger fits might be. Each day I know I wake up wondering “what did he flick now?”
But, we are still here, despite plenty of harm to our country’s soul and sense of community delightful wonderment. Summer can provide an adequate distraction from our collective angst and for those of us more unsettled, hitting the pharmacy for low doses of opioids to numb the pain can keep us going a bit longer. In Oregon, we can hit the weed stores. They are everywhere and offer fascinating varietals, some even weaponized to counter the worst Trump-tweet-dumb.
However, mostly Trumpism has been contained, thanks to the career government workers able to hold on to their job, or to those who set off lightening bolts of alert as they were thrown under the D.C. Metro line or professionally drowned in the Potomac wearing “Your Fired” paper weights.
But, stuff just got dire and real time serious. Trump is now on the international stage, again, his second trip abroad. This time he has to deal with the spymaster KGB Godfather, “Darth-Vladimir Putin” one-on-one. Putin is armed with knowledge and the best intelligence. Trump only has his “tweet-thee tweet-dumb” weaponized 140 characters, a short-handed State Department staff and a religious disbelief of intelligence. The crowd he has to wrestle with is not entertainment photoshopped images of a CNN guy that he viciously smacks down, but players who have real nuclear bombs to wrestle with.
Some on the world stage happen to be very bad actors. Our worst nightmare has arrived. Trump as Commander-In-ChiefW is now unleashed from our borders and containment protocols, and is responsible to navigate the security and future of America in a nuclear power grabbing global political environment. We can only hope that Trump knows the difference between a tweet-dumb to “Psycho Morning Joe with Crazy-Face-lift Bleeding Mika” and Putin, Kim, and the G-20 gang.

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