Labor Unions in Lubeck, Germany

Lübeck-Blankensee Airport

Virginia is formally the ‘Old Dominion’. It is the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many people in the area arrived from Prussia in the early nineteenth century. Prussia is in Germany’s eastern provinces and Poland. Berlin is the seat of Prussia.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Warsaw is inland. Gdansk, Poland and Lubeck, Germany are ports on the Baltic. Sea. It’s possible that Lubeck serves as a regional hub for German naval vessels. In the 1930’s the Germans tested tanks near the Gulf of Danzig. The Blockade of Leningrad resulted from tanks that went north from the Gulf of Danzig. Leningrad is today Saint Petersburg. The city is also a port on the Baltic Sea.

It might be that the Virginians are ethnically Prussian. The laws in Virginia are friendly to labor unions. Last summer there were labor strikes in Germany. There might be labor strikes in Virginia that go unreported. The defense budget is vulnerable to labor unions and labor strikes. The Pentagon is located in Arlington, Virginia. It’s controversial generally about labor leaders working at the Pentagon.

In East Berlin there were accounts about a large communications relay. In Poland there are large airbases. It’s famous in modern history about the trade between Warsaw and Dublin, Ireland. Belfast, Dublin, and Galway are Irish ports. The radio towers in Warsaw might manage this trade with Irish ports. Additionally, there might be labor leaders who manage trade between Lubeck, Warsaw, and Dublin.

In terms of history, there are routes to Virginia from Ireland. Labor unions in Ireland might network with the Virginians about labor issues. It used to be that labor in Ireland was organized around child labor. The first labor unions registered in Canada were French-speaking Catholic labor unions in Montreal. In Ireland they were created to manage age and wages.

The Teamsters Union is an ethnically German labor union. A Teamster is a ‘car man’ or a ‘cart man’. The Virginians seem to lobby to import German-made radios. In terms of defense spending, there are complaints about the detainee program and the targeted killing program. In Virginia there are sometimes efforts to upgrade the prisons with defense spending. Last year there was a drone strike in Iraq that was aimed at a two-car convoy. It’s controversial generally about drone strikes that are aimed at cars.

The United States Department of Defense is led by the Secretary of Defense. A few weeks ago, there were accounts that Joe Biden’s staff members were having trouble accessing certain areas of the Pentagon. The reports said there were ‘roadblocks’ at the Pentagon. It’s not well understood about German-made hardware used by the Defense Department. Also, if there were labor strikes in Germany last summer there might have been labor strikes in Virginia.

Between Lubeck, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, and Virginia there are historic routes traveled by labor leaders. Workers move between these areas. Radio signals are sent between Brandenburg and Virginia. Finally, it seems like police radios are sent from Brandenburg to Virginia by way of Ireland.  

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