Advanced Technology of Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations discovered in the past century, have shown advancements in technology thought to be impossible to construct at the time and blotted by a bias orthodox mainstream view of History . Baalbek, Stone Hedge, Giza Pyramids, Puma Punku and other submerged lost cities constructed with large stone blocks that weight close to 200-300 tons; show that “hammers and copper chisels” could had not been the cause that carved such uniform rectangular shapes.  If anything, it is impossible for hammers and copper chisels to cut granite so precisely. The stone cuts and  the precision of such carvings, shows a much more developed ancient past as previously thought to exist. History looks like it will have to be reshaped, because its contradicting orthodox mainstream knowledge. The video shows such problems.




Randy Koppang writer and historian interview. 

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