Does The Chinese Military Parade Challenge The US Military?


The Chinese military parade is the largest military force in the world. But just because their military is the biggest, it does not necessarily translate as being the strongest. The People’s Republic of China party dreams of having the strongest military force ever seen in human history, but dreams only translate into illusions when they’re not real.

When the viewers look at the soundtrack of the video they will soon realize it sounds like an American soundtrack. The Chinese uniforms look like U.S. uniforms and so the equipment. China wants to be like the U.S., but does not hold the technological advancements to take it to the next level of military warfare.

China’s industrial production has grown very rapidly, but they’re behind in technology and sophistication. It will take years for their scientists to reproduce some of the weapons the U.S. possesses in secret compounds hidden somewhere in states like Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico or Arizona.

So it’s nice to watch this parade, and remind ourselves that China won’t challenge the U.S. for at least 20 more years. Let’s just hope the U.S. economy does not collapse.

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