Follow the Data: Wikipedia is being run by a weird cult called “Wikipedia Editors”




– By Mike Sutton –

Readers of my research might know I have a rather long-term issue with the fact that a number of Wikipedia editors are actively and “tautologically” engaged in their own pseudo-scholarly personal agenda bias-driven campaigns to delete significant facts that do not fit those personal fact-deleting agendas. (e.g here and :here and here). And, best of the lot:Here.

A video caught in video

This video shows us one of these petty martinet-types being consensually caught in a video net of his own making. An aggrieved maker of his own YouTube video, which captures this Wikipedia editor’s video that depicts the “editor’s” apparently weirdly self-satisfied celebration of his undereducated, proudly inexpert, arrogant and illogical ne’erdowell self, is rightfully aggrieved in my opinion. The Wikipedia editor also reveals in his video that Wikipedia is effectively a weird cult with a labyrinthine set of unintuitive rules, which include – apparently – denying Americans their constitutional rights to assert their rights to seek redress when those rights are being denied.

Stick with the whole thing. You might need a stiff drink to endure it to the bitter end, but I think it is well worth watching and thinking about – for the next time you wonder why someone weirdly deleted your own significant and evidence-based veracious entry on a Wikipedia page.

WARNING: In my opinion, this video of a Wikipedia, daft as a brush, woolly-headed, crack-pot who can’t think straight, editor, is toe-curlingly excruciating. Click to view it Here   

The same aggrieved YouTube video maker “Gary” has more fact-based evidence ofWikipediapropaganda for us. WARNING: Gary asserts his constitutional right to use the obscene four letter female genitalia “C” word in his video. My link to it does not represent approval of such language to abuse others. In fact, my opinion is that I greatly disapprove of such language being used in such a way. But, just like Gary, I hate brute censorship based on mere opinions. So here it is. Right: Here   

If you wish to see Gary’s website that Wikipedia editors deleted the Wikipedia link to. It is here   .

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