Pakistan’s Backstabbing Friendship

Pakistan over and over again, has been blamed for supporting Afghan Taliban fighters. The Central Intelligence Agency, is also pointed that the Haqqani Network, the Taliban’s most extreme terrorist wing, is made central Pakistan a safe haven for newer recruits. The Pakistani Government has roundly denied such accusations. But concerns emerged with irrefutable evidence , after the U.S. Defense Department claimed to conduct a raid, by the name Operation Geronimo which successfully killed Osama Bin Laden last year. As discomfort grew among Pakistan’s allies, in how could Bin Laden (the worlds most famous terrorist) could had possibly lived under the nose of the Pakistani government without surveillance,  is questioned.

Pakistan’s role in protecting terrorist organizations, is growing in dispute among United Nation members, as the Pakistani, Intra-Services Intelligence might be training Al-Qaeda fighters and  Afghan Taliban’s  to defeat coalition forces in Northern Afghanistan. One of the hidden causes I.S.I. might work alongside the Taliban, is too protect their national interest from western affiliations and to keep India, their arch-rival in check.  Another reasons the U.S. and NATO have thus far avoided direct retaliation with Pakistan, is because its one of the fastest developers of nuclear weapons, in the world. The questions continues….


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