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Faiz Sobhan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a Research Director at the Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI), a leading think tank in Bangladesh.

He has a MA degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental

and African Studies (SOAS), University of London,

and a BA degree in International Studies from George Mason University in Virginia, USA.

His research and writings include issues of national, regional and international security,

focusing on terrorism and violent extremism, in Bangladesh,

the South Asian region and other terrorism-prone regions globally.

His publications have appeared in academic journals, the Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune and Dhaka Courier.

He has traveled extensively across the Middle East, Africa, South and South-East Asia,

North America, the Caribbean and Europe and has resided in Beijing, London, Paris, Belgrade, Moscow,

Kuala Lumpur, New York, Virginia, Dhaka and Tamil Nadu.



Gwendolyn Lindsay-Jackson.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a Pan Africanist and freelance international television legal analyst

who has appeared on major television news networks

in the United States, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

She came to the networks with an extensive legal background in Criminal,

Civil and Military Law as a private practicing attorney and a former US Army National Guard, USAR JAG,

and per diem Bergen County Municipal Appeals and Bergen County Legal Services attorney.

Through these experiences she has worked on homicide, sexual assault, drug related offenses,

military operational law, wills trusts and estates, divorce, child custody,

child support, real estate and personal injury.

She began my career as an attorney in the early 1990’s

and began appearing on major television news programs as a legal analyst since 2005.

Since that time, she covered many high profile legal proceedings and inquiries,

including the Ana Nicole Smith Death Inquest,

and the Duke Rape Trial, the Seaton Hall University Fire Sentencing,

the Corruption Indictment of the former Newark New Jersey Mayor Sharpe James,

the Roger Clemens Human Growth Hormone Inquiry

and the death of U. S. Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach.

Lindsay-Jackson has also appeared as a legal and military analyst on a variety

of high profile major national network news programs, including Alhurra Television Network,

CNN, True TV, Fox News Channel, MSNBC , News 12 New Jersey, MY9 and Fox5.

Lindsay-Jackson is the CEO of TV Legal News, LLC.



Yana Korobko.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Vice-President of the Observatory of the Black, Gulf and Mediterranean Seas (OBGMS) in Paris

and a Vice-President of the International Advisory Council of the Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD).

also a PhD candidate in International Relations at the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

consultative center (CEDS), and holds a Master’s in International Relations,

Public International Law and Diplomacy from the University Sorbonne Paris-IV

and the University Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi (PSUAD).

Korobko has vast experience in the domains of geopolitics, conflict resolution and crisis prevention,

and risk-reduction, as well as political psychology,

gained through her studies and work in France and the Middle East.

She is often invited to contribute analysis on the foreign affairs for international media,

including France 24, Voice of America, Al-Jazeera, The National and others.

Korobko has acted as an international mediator for various foreign companies and organizations,

helping to find diplomatic solutions to international disputes.

She is regularly invited for consultancy by the United Nations agencies.

She speaks fluent Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.



Tsvi Bisk.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Between 1971-1991 I was a senior researcher at the Beit Berl Institute – the Research, Education

and Study Center of the Israel Labor Party. I wrote background papers outlining future policy options.

In 1991 I established the independent Strategic Educational Planning Institute

to help adults get accredited academic credentials.

In 2000 this became the Center for Strategic-Futurist Thinking.

I published over 100 articles in popular and professional publications

(including two in Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of the Future).

I published two books – Futurizing the Jews & The Optimistic Jew.

I am Contributing Editor for Strategic Thinking to The Futurist magazine.

preoccupied with what he calls Realistic Futurism – how can we formulate future visions that are achievable.

I have become impatient with disembodied visions of the future and have coined the term Volitional Futurism.

This has led me to a preoccupation with strategic thinking – or how can we get from here to there.

What will be/can be our Grand Strategy.

If we cannot formulate a grand strategic plan (a business plan for futurists as it were)

then we have a disembodied vision.

I believe that technology has been the greatest driver for social

and cultural change since the Industrial Revolution.

I am increasingly disgusted by the shallowness of discourse of both the Left and the Right –

the tolerance of imprecision in order to score political points; the self-righteous self-assuredness of both camps

I am a pre-postmodernist or a post-postmodernist (according to your taste).

I  believe there is a thing as ‘objective’ truth and that it is the job of thinking citizens to try to find that out.

Not everything is a ‘narrative’ (a story); some things really happened.

Calling history ‘narratives’ trivializes the struggles, achievements and sufferings  of our fellow human beings.

My writing in recent years has been an attempt to filter out the crap

and find that ‘objective’ truth; without regard to Left or Right.



Michael Hughes.

Contributor of The Daily Journalist

​He is a Washington D.C.-based journalist and foreign policy analyst

whose work can be found in several major media outlets around the globe

including The Huffington Post, CNN, Examiner.com, Asia Times Online and Afghan Online Press.


 rsz_img_0577_-_version_2 (1)

Michael Callaghan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I have been in the security industry for 30 years, from security guard to door supervisor,

Key-holding Alarm activations and store security, security adviser, Close Protection,

army and police background, Security Adviser to Celeb Agents.

I have worked with  “Celebs and  A Grade clients” I have also had to protect reporters when reporting in G8

as well as with abused partners in hiding, company directors, and children,

and from time to time  witness protection should you need to go to court and

I am a member of the SIA i have a currant licence  and  a full security background,

and I am focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

I and any one who works for me or with me in the UK

are also members of the SIA and licensed and in the  USA i use EP’s and PPO’s that have permits.

I work alone most of the time and can fly anywhere in the world within 24 hours of a call.

As I take on Principals from all kinds of backgrounds from abused partners

and children to high Risk grade principals, such as, VP, CEO’S or famous public figures.

But should I need more manpower, I am able to use the resources of the few Companies

I work along side when they need me  I also use them. And others That I would work with Like GDB

as they have the manpower in the USA and are able to do so around the world

and with others that I can trust with great staff and fully trained CPO’s

British Army, 1980 to 83, Door security in nightclubs 1983-86

Key holding security alarm activations 1986-89, Security guard and patrol supervisor. 1990-91

Door supervisor Ritzy London 1990-91, Bodyguard Course  Excel security 1991

Security Adviser LA USA 1992-93, Privet Principals with a few celebs 1993-1997

Security Manager golf course  1997-2002, Security DC Leisure   2002-2005

Met Police Officer UK  2006-2008, Close protection 2007-2013



Fadi F. Elhusseini

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Fadi F. Elhusseini is a Political and Media Counselor in Turkey

and served as a Diplomat at the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He is an Associate Research Fellow (ESRC) at the Institute for Middle East Studies- Canada.

He was the Executive Director of the Palestinian Council on Foreign Relations

and worked as a lecturer at Al- Azhar University in Gaza.

He was the office manager of a USAID funded project and ran his own company in Whitby-Ontario/ Canada.

He ran a number of TV shows at Palestine Broadcasting Channel

and worked as news writer for a London based news agency.

Elhusseini is a contributing writer for a number of newspapers, magazines and journals,

focusing primarily on politics in the Middle East, international relations and the Palestinian cause.

His articles and papers have appeared in scores of newspapers, magazines and websites including Turkish Weekly,

Uluslararası Politika Akademisi, Akademik Perspektif Enstitüsü (APE),

Today’s Zaman and Bianet in Turkey; the Oslo Times in Norway, Contreligne and JOL press in France,

Foreign Policy blogs and Palestine Chronicle in the US; Middle East Monitor in the UK; Pakistan Tribune;

Jakarta Post; News 24 in South Africa; the European progressive political foundation (FEPS),

Al-Ahram Weekly in Egypt, Jordan Times in Jordan, Middle East online; Alwasat, Alquds Alarabi

and Alquds daily and others in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Canada, Belgium, Russia and Iran.

His contributions are published in English and Arabic, and many articles

and papers are available in French and Turkish.

He finished a number of specialized training courses in negotiations, diplomacy, international relations,

media, arbitration, strategic planning and he speaks a number of languages.

He volunteered in parliamentary campaigns in Canada and Palestine,

and lectured about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in Italy, the US and Canada.

Elhusseini is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom.

He received his Master’s degree in International Commercial Laws

and Policies from Italy and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Egypt.



Miha Hribernik.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is Research Coordinator at the European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels and an analyst at Wikistrat.

He also writes for the International Security Observer and blogs at the Japan Foreign Policy Observatory.

All views expressed are his own.



Jeong Lee.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a freelance international security blogger living in Pusan,

South Korea and is also a Contributing Analyst for Wikistrat’s Asia-Pacific Desk.

In addition to his regular contribution for GJIA Online,

Lee’s writings have appeared in American LivewireEast Asia Forum, and the World Outline.



Federico Schiavio.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I have an IT background as a Software Engineer,

moved into IT management as CIO for a Vegas casino.

Afterwards established an online poker site called, World’s Standard of Online Poker.

Went on to explore business opportunities in Ethiopia while simultaneously performing volunteer work in Philly,

bringing computer skills to inner city residents.

Currently contributing current events analyses to theintelligencecommunity.com



Hossein Amiri.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I was born in Iran in 29 Jan 1979.

I graduated from Azad university political sciences.

I used to work For Tehran based Mehr News Agency from 15 july 2004 to 18 March 2013,

But now I am working for young journalist club (YJC).

I started my current job from 4 Feb February 2013.

I also have some artickes on Middle east, US, And Russian Foreign policy.



Barry Shaw.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist.

I am the Special Consultant on Delegitimization and Anti-Semitism Issues

to the Stategic Dialogue Center at Netanya Academic College, Israel.

I was also the founder of the Netanya Terror Victims Organization

following a spate of deadly Palestinian terror attacks in my hometown of Netanya.



Chris Zambelis.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a Senior Analyst specializing in Middle East affairs with Helios Global, Inc.,

a risk management group based in the Washington, D.C., area.

His primary research interests include geopolitics, domestic politics, security,

economics and energy issues relevant to the broader Middle East, including Middle East-Asia relations.

His work supports a wide range of clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Mr. Zambelis is also a regular contributor to numerous publications.

He holds a B.A. degree in Politics and History from New York University

and an M.S. in Foreign Service degree from Georgetown University.



Rachel Marsden.

Footnote commentator for The Daily Journalist

is a Canadian-born Paris-based international political and media strategist,

geopolitical analyst, syndicated columnist, and journalist.

Formerly a New York based FOX News Channel co-host and contributor,

she has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Al Jazeera, Russia’s RT Television

, Global Television (Canada), LCP France, iTele France, Paris Premiere, France24 and others.

Her weekly political analysis is syndicated and distributed internationally

and within America by the (Chicago) Tribune Media Syndicate.

She’s a regular contributor to publications such as the Wall Street Journal,

Spectator Magazine, and Human Events Magazine.

Formerly Director of Washington think-tank in the run-up to the Iraq War,

Marsden now serves as a strategy and communications advisor to top-level public

and private sector clients worldwide in her capacity as Principal and Chief Analyst at Rachel Marsden Associates.

She teaches in the Masters Program at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po),

and can be reached through her website at www.rachelmarsden.com.


Dr. Helmi HAMDI.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

has a Ph.D. and Master’s degree in Applied Financial Economics from Paul Cezanne University,

Aix-Marseille III France. He is currently a Senior Economist at the Central Bank of Bahrain.

He also has academic experience and has delivered various courses in France.

He has been an Assistant-Professor for Applied Economics (Paul Cezanne University Aix-Marseille III)

Senior Researcher at the CERGAM Aix-Marseille University.

He is aResearch Fellow of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN)

and an expert at Euromoney Country Risk (ECR).

He is the author of one book (On the Bank-Enterprise Relationships,

Lap-Lambert Academic Publishing 2011) and more than 80 academic papers,

most of them have been published in International well-known academic Journals  such as,

Economics Bulletin, Journal of Applied Business Research,

Middle Eastern Finance and Economics, international Journal of Business and Finance Research, etc.).



Jowan Mahmod.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Received her Ph.D. in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths University of London in the UK,

and her BA and MA at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Previously within PR and Consultancy, Editor-in-chief, and Assistant Professor.

Specialises in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory – Social Media and Online Communications,

Middle East, European Affairs, and International Relations.

Twitter: @Jowanm



Raymond Stock.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

a Shillman-Ginsburg Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum,

is a former Visiting Assistant Professor of Arabic and Middle East Studies at Drew University

and Guggenheim Fellow, with a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

from the University of Pennsylvania (Arabic/Islamic Studies and Egyptology).

Deported from Egypt after twenty years of residence by the Mubarak regime in 2010 for an article

he published in Foreign Policy Magazine, he is writing a biography of Egyptian Nobel laureate

in literature Naguib Mahfouz, seven of whose books he has translated, for Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

His articles and translations from Arabic have appeared in The Financial Times,

Foreign Policy Research Institute E-Notes, The Gatestone Institute, Harper’s Magazine,

The International Herald Tribune, London Magazine and PJ Media, among many other venues.

His translation of Mahfouz’s novel, Before the Throne, appeared through Anchor Books (Random House) in July 2012.



Augusto Venegas.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Augusto graduated in 1976 with a BS Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology

and obtained a Masters in Engineering Management from the University of Central Florida in 1995.

He had a long 32 and 1/2 year career with NASA as a designer and project manager of aerospace systems

. His book “Memories from the Land of the Intolerant Tyrant” was released in November 2010

shortly after his retirement from NASA. “Memories from the Land of the Intolerant Tyrant”

is a story about the Cuban Revolution and life in Cuba under Fidel’s Castro’s totalitarian dictatorship.

The author describes life under the increasing political, economic and cultural oppression in Cuba

until leaving Cuba in 1966. Background information is provided about the Castro family members

before the Moncada Attack in 1953 and Cuba before the 1959 Revolution.

A narration is provided of how Fidel Castro secured power during the early days of the Revolution,

until he cancelled elections and a free press by mid-1960.



Dwight Haskins.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

23 years with FDIC until 2013 forced to leave FDIC for blowing the whistle on “abuse of power,”

“gross negligence of senior agency officials,” and “material waste of funds.

”Haskins headed up the FDIC’s large bank oversight program for nearly a decade

leading up to the banking crisis in 2007 when his principal duties

were removed in response to his whistleblowing disclosures.

Haskins has a pending complaint with the Office of Special Counsel for whistleblower reprisal

although the Merit System Protection Board surprisingly did not find grant

Haskins a hearing and opined that he was not a whistleblower.

 The following summary of Haskins’ whistleblowing account

was used by the Government Accountability Project, in part, to get Congress to pass the WPEA:

“Collusion with bailout recipients for bad loans: Whistleblowers who were ignored or silenced can confirm

that the government was a partner in enabling patterns of defective loans which sparked the recession.

To illustrate, a senior financial analyst was responsible for FDIC’s oversight

of Large Insured Depository Institutions until stripped of all relevant duties

without explanation after warning repeatedly that a “crisis of our own design”

would lead to the bank failures that subsequently occurred. 

For example, he blew the whistle on a secrecy loophole that created a knowledge gap for risks

by non-bank affiliates of consolidated bank holding companies — the only FDIC oversight of overall risks

at institutions like Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia and Washington Mutual.

He also protested consequences that resulted — not sharing oversight data

with other financial regulatory institutions; routinely looking the other way when insured institutions

did not meet GAAP professional accounting standards such as failing to disclose

an “economic or business purpose” for large transactions; and not requiring reserves

to be adjusted for business cycles. He predicted that “benign neglect” of asset quality could lead to disaster.”



John Stanton.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Located in Washington, DC Metro

MA from the University of Detroit Mercy

Commentary on 911 carried by CBS Evening News, CNN, ABC

Specializes in national security and political commentary.

Designed and teaches and advanced high school course titled National Security

in the 21st Century Coaches offensive and defensive line

Further information at academia.edu



Elliot Rose.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He is an expert in communications, marketing, public relations, social media and fund raising.

He started his career as a director, producer and writer of videos and film,

a longtime and forceful supporter of Zionism and a believer in the democratic

and humanitarian values Israel stands for.

He lived in Los Angeles working with Universal Studios, h

e then moved to NY with his own Production Company.

He made Aliya and moved to Israel where he produced and directed

over 500 episodes of Sesame Street (Rehov Sum Sum) and also worked for Israel TV

and Israel Educational TV as a director and a consultant.

Elliot filmed and witnessed the returning of the Entebbe rescue, Operation Exodus,

Operation Solomon and the Gulf War. He has also made several movies for the Israeli Defense Forces.

A dynamic, passionate, Inspirational speaker and a dual citizen,

Mr. Rose often speaks on the miracles of Israel and the media.

His talk, “Capturing a Moment in Time & Social Media No & The Future,”

gives a firsthand account of filming Israel

as it is today and the importance of the media in the ongoing struggle to give life to the dream of Israel.

He recently sold his company Media Planning Associates and now devotes all his time with putting the good word

out about Israel and all the miracles of Israel.

He collaborates with United With Israel that uses social media to inform the world of the miracles of Israel.

United With Israel was proud and honored to welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu

as the millionth member and today has over 1.9 million followers.



Steven Hansen.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Publisher and Co-founder of Econintersect,

is an international business and industrial consultant specializing in turning around troubled business units;

consults to governments to optimize process flows; and provides economic indicator analysis based on

unadjusted data and process limitations.



Marc A. Medley.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a principal responsible for more than 500 students in a K-8 elementary school

in the school district of Paterson, New Jersey.

Marc attended the William Paterson College in Wayne, N.J.

where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration

and holds a Master in Corporate and Organizational Communications Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University

and a Master in Educational Leadership(M.Ed) from William Paterson University.

He is listed in the 9th Edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers,

Marquis Who’s Who in America 54th Edition 2000, Marquis Who’s Who in the East,

Marquis Who’s Who Among Emerging Leaders, and Marquis Who’s Who American High School Students 1980.

He has received numerous awards including the Alpha Man of the Year Award,

New Jersey Air National Guard Outstanding Soldier of the Year Award,

State of NJ Department of Education 2003 Governor’s Teacher Recognition Teacher of the Year Award,

2004 Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Z-HOPE Community Service Award

and Paterson City Council Citations for his work with the youth of Paterson.

He is the recipient of the first Younity Reviewer Guild Disilgold Soul Magazine Award

for “Most Popular” Literary Radio Show Host of the Year and “Best” Literary Radio Show of 2004,

and the 2007 James A Dykes Sr. Education Award presented by the Rotary Club of Paterson Club #70,

District #7490. Mr. Medley is the recent recipient of the William Paterson University 2009 Maltese Award

for Best Speech Based Program on WP88.7 FM, The Reading Circle with Marc Medley.

Mr. Medley served as an adjunct professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University

and at Passaic County Community College. He is a member of St. Luke Baptist Church

and is currently a member of its Deacon Ministry. Marc served as the N. J. State Vice-President Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

and served in the NJ Air National Guard for 9 years as a jet engine mechanic for the 108th Air Refueling wing.



Romy Kerwin.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I have been working for the Republic of Korea for 12 years.

At first I just wanted to intern but as the years came by, I have sent thousands of articles

and analyses to the government of South Korea and therefore have learned much about the entire North East Asia.

I have worked more than twelve hours a day to make sure to learn everything that I could learn.

I have communicated with Korean diplomats all over the world to share my thoughts and ideas.

I have particularly worked for Mofat and even worked when HE Ban Ki-moon

was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

I have gained valuable experience and knowledge. I have also travelled extensively in North East Asia.

I have been part of an underground ” railroad to catch North Korean defectors

before they were found by China and found safe houses for them to hide

until they could be transported safely to Canada.

I am still very involved in Toronto with those who have resettled there.

I have been active in the Korean community in Toronto

and even have played in some educational films for the Canadian public.

I am also a porte parole for dying Independence movements workers

and I represent the Korean war veterans every Remembrance Day. I read a lot of newspapers.

I am often published and I never cease to learn more about North and South Korea and in particular China.

I have many friends in China among the diplomatic corps.

I have inside contacts in the DPRK and that has been very useful for South Korea.

I am highly respected. I belong to several think tanks.



‘Michael Silverstein.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A former senior editor with Bloomberg News

and regular National Public Radio commentator,

has authored more than a dozen books,

the latest being The Devil’s Dictionary Of Wall Street.



Stephen Lendman.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Harvard BA and Wharton MBA

Writer, author and radio host. Project Censored winner.

Journalist Club of Mexico International Journalism winner.

Committed for social, political and economic equity and justice for all.


Shekhar Chourasiya.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

From India

Publisher & Managing Editor of “International Journal Research Revolution”

Managing Director – Divine Publications

Website – www.researchrevolution.in

Work globally for the benefits of Research Scholars and Higher

Education Professional’s



George Mapp.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Earned a B.B.A. in Finance / Investments in 1996 from Baruch College in New York city.

George worked as an international equities trader on Wall Street for over 12 years.

It was through this career that he was able to travel and see the world.

George has since traveled to over 35 countries including

Botswana, Cuba, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Laos, Morocco, Myanmar, Qatar, Russia, South Africa

,Thailand, UK and Zimbabwe.

It was through his extensive world travels that unexpected

and unpredictable life experiences led him to become re-acquainted with writing and journalism.

George is an investigative journalist and blogger whom is currently working on his first book,

The Accidental Terrorist.

Twitter: @Dobroyeutro

Blog: Sypotrol.net



Robert A. Cerasoli.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

has a 42-year record of outstanding public service.

He has provided major contributions to responsible professional ethical conduct

in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of New Orleans, Louisiana,

the national Inspectors General community, and in nine foreign nations.

Cerasoli, a native of Quincy, Massachusetts, received his Bachelor of Arts

in Government and Public Administration in 1969 from The American University.

In 1988, Cerasoli received a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University.

He is a Certified Inspector General (CIG), Certified Inspector General Investigator (CIGI),

Certified Inspector General Auditor (CIGA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE),

and Certified Government Financial Manager (CGFM).

 Cerasoli possesses three decades of teaching experience in ethics, auditing, oversight,

financial management, and anti-corruption practices.

He has taught courses at Bridgewater State University, Eastern Nazarene College,

Newbury College, Quincy College, New Hampshire Community Technical College,

and for the Association of Inspectors General at American University in Washington, D. C.,

and John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.

Cerasoli combines teaching experience with decades of practical experience in the field.

He served as a Representative in the Massachusetts House of Representatives from 1975 to 1991.

He served as the second Inspector General for the State of Massachusetts for two five-year terms,

the maximum allowed by law, from 1991 to 2001.

The Massachusetts Inspector General was the first statewide Inspector General position created in the U.S.

and the first Inspector General position created outside of the federal system.

He also served as the first Inspector General of New Orleans, Louisiana from 2007 to 2009,

where he set up the office from the ground up after Hurricane Katrina.

As one of the original founders and charter members of the Association of Inspectors General (AIG),

Cerasoli literally wrote the book—he proposed, developed,

and co-authored the Certified Inspector General (CIG) concept and the creation of the Principles

and Standards for Offices of Inspectors General, called the Green Book.

This book was used as a basis for the creation of the Inspector General office in New Orleans



Alan J. Scholl.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

holds a Masters in Business Administration,

and serves as Executive Director of FreedomProject Education,

a virtual  pro-American, constitutionalist,

pro-second amendment educational alternative for Kindergarten through 12th grade,

and the fastest growing private school in Wisconsin.

Mr. Scholl is a frequent conservative journalist, speaker,

and has appeared before hundreds of conferences and gatherings,

including four national tours, on topics like American Heritage,

History, the Constitution, and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms,

He appears in over 50 popular videos on the web.

Youtube channel: FreedomProjectdotcom





Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a Swedish political scientist and author of Pakistani descent.

He is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Stockholm University.

He is also Honorary Senior Fellow of the Institute of South Asian Studies at the National University of Singapore.

He was a Visiting Research Professor at the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS),

National University of Singapore and at the South Asian Studies Programme,

National University of Singapore from June 2007 to June 2010. .

He is member of the editorial advisory boards of “Asian Ethnicity”;

“Journal of Punjab Studies”; “IPRI Journal, Islamabad”; “India Quarterly” and

“PIPS Research Journal of Conflict and Peace Studies, Islamabad”.

Ahmed received his doctorate from the University of Stockholm in 1986,

where he taught a range of courses from the basic to the doctoral levels.

Besides teaching mainstream subjects such as political theory he also lectured

and wrote on the politics of South Asia (mainly Pakistan and India, but also Bangladesh and Sri Lanka),

political Islam in various contexts and in world politics,

human rights, multiculturalism and on ethnicity, identity and nationalism



Joy Tiz.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Host of the Joy Tiz Show, a popular conservative talk show.

Has been quoted by Ann Coulter, heard on Lou Dobbs radio, The Rusty Humphries Show,

Bill Cunningham, KSFO in San Franciso, WOR in New York, Premiere Radio Networks,

Air America and major markets all across America.

Author of three books, including Obamanutz:  a Cult Leader Takes the White House

and It’s Not Easy Being God, the Real George Soros.

Holds an M.Sc. in psychology with an emphasis in child and adolescent diagnosis

and testing as well as a JD in law.  Writes about politics and current events.

Her work has appeared in numerous publications.



Abdul-hameed Al-Kayyali.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Middle East researcher and historian

 Al-Kayyali holds a Ph.D. degree from the Institute for Research

and Studies on the Arab and Islamic world (IREMAM)

at the University of Aix-Marseille (Provence) in France.

He also holds two Masters the recent is from the university of Aix-Marseille

and the other is from the University of Jordan in Hebrew Studies.

Throughout the course of his career Al-Kayyali has gained a strong and broad understanding

and knowledge of the various aspects of the work in the area of history, politics and philosophy of religion.

Throughout his career as researcher and historian Al-Kayyali has contributed many articles

and research work to magazines and peer-reviewed journals.

He has also served as editor in academic publications and volumes.


Nick Ottens.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He is an historian from the Netherlands

who researched Muslim revivalist movements and terrorism in nineteenth century Arabia,

British India and the Sudan at Leiden University. He has been published in Asia Times Online,

Elsevier and The Seoul Times and writes for De Dagelijkse Standaard,

The Prague Post and Offiziere.

He is also a contributing analyst for the geostrategic consultancy Wikistrat.



Susan Modaress.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

has been covering international headline news and events since 1996

as a broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker.

She has covered stories in many of today’s contemporary hotspots

including Egypt, Lebanon, Haiti, Iran and Iraq.

She is currently Executive Producer and Host of Inside Out,

an investigative-centered show which takes viewers behind the headlines.

Susan is based in New York City. twitter: @susanmodaress 


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Yoram Ettinger.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

*(Since 1993) Consultant to Israel’s Cabinet Members, to Israeli legislators

and to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on US-Israel bilateral projects,

US policy and Mideast politics.

 *(Since 1989) Regularly briefs US legislators and their staff.

 *(Since 1993) Frequently interviewed on Israeli TV

and radio and published in Israel’s dailies, as well as US radio stations and dailies.

*Executive Director of “Second Thought – A U.S. Israel Initiative,”

dedicated to generate out-of-the-box thinking on US-Israel relations, Middle East politics,

the Palestinian issue, Jewish-Arab demographics, Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

*Member of the Board of Directors of Mekorot, Israel’s Water Company.

*(1989-1992) Minister for Congressional Affairs – with the rank of Ambassador –

at Israel’s Embassy in Washington, DC, dealing with bilateral commercial, military and diplomatic ties, foreign aid, etc.

*(1988-1989) Director of the Government Press Office in Jerusalem,

coordinating contacts between government officials and overseas journalists.



Tal Shalev.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Received her B.A. in International Relations

from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem,

Israel and her M.A in Counter-Terrorism

and Homeland Security from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Her research interests revolve around Middle Eastern terrorist groups

(Hezbollah and Hamas) and terrorism financing

through charitable organizations in the United States.

Her research has appeared in Defence Viewpoints.

She has 3 years experience as a manager of the lawsuit against “Arab Bank.”

Her personal blog: As I See It http://talshalev.blogspot.co.il/



Hassan Soukar.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I am a writer, copywriter, copy editor, and author based in Dubai, UAE.

I write non-fiction for a living, and I’m also working on my first novel. Over the past ten years,

I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in a large number of interesting and varied writing projects.

From technology, to luxury lifestyle, top politics, to events, to social media to travel;

I love turning my hand to new subjects and new ideas.

I have an MA in English Literature, and BA in Mass communications.

Between the two degrees, however, I’ve jumped from work as a ghost writer to an author and a copywriter,

and later features writer and copy-editor.



Ruslan Trad.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Syrian-Bulgarian. blogger, based in Sofia.

Founder of Forum for Arab Culture. Freelance Middle East analyst and lecturer.

Co-founder of Global Voices in Bulgarian. Personal blog: ruslantrad.com



Brian J. Grim.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a senior researcher in religion and world affairs

and director of cross-national data at the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.

He is an expert on global religious restrictions and hostilities,

as well as international religious demography. Grim also plays a central role in writing reports,

and providing information to policy makers, news organizations and others interested in religion and world affairs.

He worked as an educator, researcher and development coordinator in the former Soviet Union,

China, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe before joining the Pew Research Center in 2006.

Grim received a doctorate in sociology from the Pennsylvania State University.

He is an author of The Price of Freedom Denied (Cambridge Univ. Press),

The World Religion Database (Brill) and The World’s Religions in Figures (Wiley-Blackwell),

as well as Religion in ChinaThe Future of the Global Muslim Population

and the Forum’s global restrictions on religion studies.

Grim also has appeared as an expert on global religion on numerous media outlets,

including CNN, BBC, Fox, CBS, C-SPAN, and regularly presents to high level audiences

including the White House, State Department, European Parliament

and the UN Human Rights Council. He also is a TEDx speaker.



Dr Jacobus Kamfer (Jakkie) Cilliers.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is the Executive Director of the Institute for Security Studies.

He has a B. Mil (B.A.) from the University of Stellenbosch and a Hons.

B.A., M.A. (cum laude) and DLitt et Phil from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Awards include the Bronze Medal from the South African Society for the Advancement of Science

and the H Bradlow Research Bursary. He was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa on 16th April 1956.

Dr Cilliers co-founded the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) in 1990

and played an important role in the transformation of the South African armed forces

and the institution of civilian control over the military in the period 1990 to 1996. At present most of Dr Cilliers`

interests relate to the emerging security architecture in Africa

as reflected in the developments under the banner of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union

as well as issues around African futures. Dr Cilliers has presented numerous papers at conferences

and seminars and published a number of books on various matters relating to peace and security in Africa

and serves on the editorial boards of the African Security Review

and the South African Journal of International Affairs.

He is a regular commentator on local and international radio and television

and has attended a large number of international conferences.

He is an Extraordinary Professor in the Centre of Human Rights and the Department of Political Sciences,

Faculty Humanities at the University of Pretoria. He also serves on the International Advisory Board

of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) in Switzerland and as a member of the board of advisers

of the Center on International Conflict Resolution, Columbia University, New York.


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Rubina Ali. Baloch.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

NGO – Chairperson – Balochistan – Islamabad – Oct 2008 – Current

Running NGO in entire Balochistan and our projects include Early Childhood Centers,

Montessori, 2 Schools up to Matriculation, 2 Residential Boarding,

47 running centers and 21 pending centers for Nursing Schools, Para Medical Technical School,

Vocational Training Technical Institutes, and one Small Enterprise Center, and Agriculture Center in Quetta.

We are also running International School and Institute in Bani Gala Islamabad

and working on establishing a University in Angoori for Highly Talented Students.

We have currently 56000 beneficiaries and have served over 88000 total beneficiaries

throughout Balochistan with human resource of more than 1081 to serve the community.

We also have Medical facility for most of our centers provide help to connect patients from Balochistan

to Federal Govt Health Projects to support their surgeries and medical help,

NGO also work on Food Distribution and Immunization Program.

Our Enterprise Center helps promote women of Balochistan to get into small enterprises

by providing resource development and infrastructural support which helps them to meet their objectives

of increased income and scale up the provincial economy.

Our Agriculture Center provide technology and resource to the farmers association

to enhance their post harvest techniques and produce better products.

We will be working on Agricultural projects like Dates Farm, Storage Facilities and Shrimp Farms.

We have MOU with Govt of Balochistan Health Department to operate 9 hospitals to provide Maternal Care,

Nutrition and Feeding Center and Trauma Center in case of accidents and serious injuries.

One of our location was in Karachi for Montessori and upto Grade 7th

We have MOU with Department of Labor Balochistan, KPK, FATA and working on AJK,

Gilgit and Sind to operate TTC/VTC where we can also offer Agriculture

and Mining classes to promote Farmers and Mining Industry.



Dr. David Corbin.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is Dean of the School of Politics, Philosophy, & Economics at The King’s College in New York City.

He taught courses in political philosophy, American politics,

and international relations at the University of New Hampshire and Boston University

before coming to The King’s College as an Associate Professor of Politics in the Fall of 2008.

His areas of academic interest include classical political philosophy, politics and literature,

and American foreign policy. Prof. Corbin has written a book on Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian

War titled The Rise and Decline of Imperial Democracies (VDM, 2009) and has co-authored Keeping Our Republic

Principles for a Political Reformation (Resource Publications, 2011) and A Readers Guide to Aristotle’s Politics

(Continuum, 2009). He is currently working on a manuscript titled Shakespeare’s Prince.

Prof. Corbin has participated in numerous academic and civic endeavors,

including serving a term in the New Hampshire State Legislature (1998-2000),

involvement in the Henry Salvatori Fellows program at the Heritage Foundation (1998),

the study of liberty and literature at the Liberty Fund (1999),

touring Switzerland with a delegation of 20 outstanding young American diplomats

to further American-Swiss relations in the summer of 2000,

as a candidate for the governorship of New Hampshire in 2002, his appointment as the 2007-2008

Julius Stratton Adams fellow by the Friends of Switzerland, Boston,

and as a Lehrman Institute Fellow in 2010. He was commended for his outstanding teaching

by former University of New Hampshire president Joan Leitzel in May of 2001.

Prof. Corbin’s analysis of political, cultural and social trends has appeared in the Investors Business Daily,

The New York Times, The Washington Times, the Associated Press, First Things “First Thoughts”,

World Magazine, Radio Free Europe, the French News Agency, New Hampshire Public Broadcasting,

New England Cable News, and WCVB’s “Chronicle,” along with various news organizations in the New England area.

He resides with his wife Catie in New York City and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire,

and has three children: Alex, Catherine, and Patrick.



John C. Shannon.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Bachelor of Science in Education, Blog: The Natty Conservative

Political Cartoonist. Publications: The Reparations Of Bill Clinton

Favorite Quote: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,

its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

Twitter: @BillClintonTHOF



Mr. Jaime Lopez.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is the CEO for TKE-Djibouti Power Light (www.djpl.org),

a private utility company that is building a 52MW hybrid micro-grid power facility in the Republic of Djibouti.

Mr. Lopez has over 22 years of experience in management and consulting.

He has held positions with USA and international corporations in the areas of energy,

construction, logistics, environmental/safety/health, and sales.

He has worked on projects in all part of the global.  He holds a MS in Environmental,

Safety, and Health management (University of Findaly),

as well as a BS in Science (Texas A&M University).

He maintains a Environmental Compliance_International blog at


He is married (Lucy), and calls San Antonio, Texas his home.



Baron Baretzky.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is the Founder and President of the European Centre for Information Policy and Security (ECIPS).

The Center is a non-partisan and non-governmental legal establishment established during 2013.

The ECIPS Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a resource for timely,

informed and penetrating analysis of foreign policy and security research.

The President of the ECIPS  adresses current and emerging threats to European entities,

corporations and private companies in security, independence and our ways of life.

Vetted and endorsed by the several Governments as the former Vice Chairman of Sowoon Technologies SARL Switzerland,

he reaches out to corporation and communities in need on global scale.

Bn Baretzky was the CRI mediator and consultant for South Korea during 2006

and conducted the Investigations into Diamonds for arms trade in Africa from 2006 to 2012.

With an extensive experience within the African and Asian markets

he assisted governments with policy making and  the combating of international crime in the diamonds for arms trade.

The President works with a selected legal team from all over Europe  to ensure that all research is properly

verified and objectively met with the  targeted outcome.



Hashem Ali Mandee.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Born in Kurdistan-Iraq 1951.

BA. in Fine Arts from Baghdad and Vienne Universities1974 and

1984 in Theater and communications science.

1970 started to work for Baghdad Radio and TV as News and Program presenter.

1980 left the country few months before the first Golf war between Iraq

and Iran to Austria to study and work as freelancer Journalist for several Arab

and International Media among the BBC world service –Arabic section. Aljazeera

and Al Riyadh Newspapers in Saudi Arabia, The Kuwait media in Exile during Saddams invasion

and occupation of Kuwait and later after the liberation for Kuwait Radio and TV,

Radio Österreich International , Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa in Virginia USA,

and work now as Editor at Radio Free Iraq in Prague.


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Steve Hach.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

 is the Senior Editor at ValuEngine.com,

a Melbourne,Florida-based stock valuation and forecast service.

ValuEngine utilizes Ivy League financial research as the basis for its coverage of more than 7000 US,

Japanese, and Canadian, and other foreign stocks.

Hach utilizes ValuEngine’s complex quantitative models to create products

and services for both individual investors, and institutional clients.

Steve’s research is distributed throughout such organizations as Wells Fargo Advisors,

Scotia Capital, and others.  His research reports are published on Yahoo Finance,

Thomson/Reuters, Capital IQ, Bloomberg, and others.

Hach is the Editor of several ValuEngine investment newsletters including

the ValuEngine Forecast 22 MNS Portfolio Newsletter and the ValuEngine View.

Hach also serves as the liaison to ValuEngine’s institutional clients

and in that capacity fields questions about stock reports, portfolio construction,

and model performance from users in the field.

Hach has a varied research background that includes military experience as an intelligence specialist,

a Master’s degree in US History, and PhD-level studies in US Diplomatic History and International Relations.



Dr. John Bruni.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Director of SAGE International

(open source intelligence and security consultancy) based in Adelaide,

South Australia, formerly served as Special Military Researcher

Adviser at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR).

In 2003 Dr. Bruni convened Australia’s first national forum on Asymmetric Warfare (AW)

that led to other work on AW and Interagency Co-operation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

in 2004 and again in 2005. Dr. Bruni’s research interests include:

counter-terrorism, geospatial intelligence, capacity building in Africa and Western Pacific strategy.



Don N. Hagist.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is an independent researcher specializing in the demographics

and material culture of the British Army in the American Revolution.

His interest in the American Revolution began as a teenager

when discovered that there was paucity of literature on the common British soldier,

and that much of the conventional wisdom on the subject was inconsistent with available first-hand information.

This led to a continuing quest to find and assimilate primary sources to better understand

the thousands of professional British soldiers who served in America during the 1775-1783 war.

Don’s specific areas of expertise include British operations in Rhode Island, wives of British soldiers,

and the service of the 22nd Regiment of Foot (the Cheshire Regiment) in America.

He has written four books, most recently British Soldiers, American War (Westholme Publishing, 2012).

He maintains a blog about British common soldiers, http://redcoat76.blogspot.com,

and has published numerous articles in academic journals.

Don is an engineer for a major electronics company in Rhode Island,

and also writes for several well-known syndicated and freelance cartoonists.



Aung Tun.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A journalist as well as analyst working inside Burma/Myanmar for several years.

Currently a fellow for Center for Peace, Democracy and Development at University of Massachusetts Boston

Have worked on political and development research/

projects on Burma in collaboration with international and local non-governmental organizations,

NGOs including the UN agencies and other international aids agencies

as well as various civil society groups inside the country.

Have worked as a stringer for Bloomberg news agency covering politics,

economics, and business trends from inside Burma, and Write op-ed pieces

and news analyses on Burma for various international news agencies including Asia Times online

and the Diplomat etc., plus some local newspapers both in English and Burmese languages.



Milad Jokar.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a French-Iranian political analyst specialized in the Middle East,

Iran, and French and U.S. politics. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations

from the UCBN in France. He has conducted research on U.S. foreign policy in Iran,

American studies, Middle East Studies and Islamic Studies.

He is also a French/English translator and is fluent in Farsi.

He is a contributor to the Huffington Post (French, US and Québec), Public Service Europe

and he also contributed to NIACinSight. He created his facebook page: Milad’s Word

Follow him on Twitter: @Milad_Jokar



Deepak Sarkar.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A Dual American-Canadian citizen was born in Calcutta, India, on October 17, 1954.

A poet/writer, researcher, composer, music teacher and performer, photographer,

peace activist, besides a Professional Engineer, MBA in Telecommunications Management

and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Held IT Management positions in corporations and institutions in USA and Canada.

Honoured with International Federation of Animal Welfare 2007,

Gold Award SBC/Pacific Bell 1997 and Best Composer Jadavpur University 1978!

Honoured with “Excellence in World Poetry Award 2010” by the International Poets Academy.

Undertook extensive self-funded research (since 2001) in the evolution of languages, religion,

economy, and civilization for better understanding of universal values needed

for peaceful conflict resolutions in a global union!

A converted Vegetarian who believes in non-violence

and peace can be achieved throughout the world without military strategic interests

while visualizing collateral damages as real death and destructions.

Brought up in Southern Calcutta was always keen to know and learn about the people and their real conditions.

A nature and animal lover who maintained his faith in universal well being throughout the career.

Travelled extensively in North America and India as well as visited many foreign countries in Europe and Asia.



Azmi Ashour.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Cairo University, Faculty of Economics and Political Science September 2006 to present

Preparing for Master degree at Political theory

Cairo University, Bachelor of Faculty of Economics and Political Science September 1993 – May 1997

Political Theory: International Relations Theory, Political Theory, Legal Theory, Administration Theory

Comparative Studies: Comparative Political Systems, Development Studies, International Relations

Historical Studies: History of International Relations, Modern Egyptian History, History of Political Theory

Al-Dimuqratia (Democracy Review), Cairo, Egypt

Managing editor January 2010 to present

Deputy managing editor October 2004 to January2010

Assistant secretary editor April 2003 – October 2004

Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS ), Cairo, Egypt

Assistant researcher January 1997 – June 2002

Training June 1996 – October 1996

 Cairo Institute for Human RighTraining (learning principles pf human rights) June1995 – October 1995

Participated in the first conference for the search for knowledge December 1995

in the field of human rights field

“Arab Newspapers and the Human Rights Issue”



Dr. Joseph Cerami.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

joined the Bush School in 2001. He holds a PhD from Penn State University’s School of Public Affairs,

and teaches courses in national security policy and leadership studies

in the Master’s Program in International Affairs.

Cerami was appointed as the founding director of the Bush School’s Public Service Leadership Program in 2002.

Cerami retired from the US Army as a colonel after a 30-year career,

during which he served in Germany and the Republic of Korea.

His last military assignment was as the chairman of the Department of National Security

and Strategy at the US Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, from 1998-2001.

Dr. Cerami is the co-editor of The Army War College Guide to Strategy (2001),

The Interagency and Counterinsurgency Warfare (2007),

Leadership and National Security Reform (2008), and Rethinking Leadership and “Whole of Government”

National Security Reform (2010) published by the Army War College Strategic Studies Institute.

His most recent journal article is “Rethinking Civil-Military Coordination for Humanitarian

and Other Complex Operations,” in Public Administration Review (Vol. 70, No. 2) March-April 2010. His book,

Leadership and Policy Innovation-From Clinton to Bush:

Countering the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (2013) was published by Routledge.

He was the featured professor in the Council on Foreign Relations “CFR in the Classroom” in March 2011.

He was elected to the American Political Science Association’s International Security

and Arms Control governing council (2008-2011).

In 2010 Dr. Cerami published entries on “Leadership in International Affairs,

” “Military Science,” “Strategic and Net Assessments,” and “International Security”

for the section on International Relations: Security and Military Studies,

Oxford Bibliographies Online project.

In 2011 he was named to the Founding Editorial Board

and Standing Editorial Board for Oxford University Press, Oxford Bibliographies Online: International Relations.



Raphael Cohen-Almagor.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

D. Phil., Oxon (1991); Chair and Professor of Politics;

Founder and Director of the Middle East Study Group,

University of Hull (2008 – ),http://www2.hull.ac.uk/fass/me-study-group.aspx;

human rights and peace activist; published extensively in the fields of political science,

philosophy, law and ethics. Among his many books are also two poetry books.

Raphael was Visiting Professor at UCLA (1999-2000), Johns Hopkins (2003-2004), and Fellow,

the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars (2007-2008).

In 2003-2007 he was the Director of the Center for Democratic Studies, University of Haifa. Twitter:




Roee Yellinek.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Masters student at Bar-Ilan University in the Middle East studies department.

Thesis: “The Socio-Economic Component of Relations between China and

the Arab States in the Gulf from the First Iraq War until the Arab Spring”.

Researcher and analyst specializing in the Middle East with various organizations and

publications like INSS (The Institute for National Security Studies) and IZS (The Institute for Zionist Strategies) Etc.


Meir Javedanfar.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist `

is the owner and editor of the Iran – Israel Observer.

Meir teaches the “Contemporary Iranian Politics” course at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya.

For the academic years 2011 and 2012 he received the highest teaching grade at the IDC’s 

Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy. In fact in 2012 he received

an average score 5/5 from the international course.

Meir has guest lectured in five languages (Persian, Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese)

at events and universities in more

than 20 countries in Europe, North and South America as well as Africa.

He has briefed officials and academics from more than 30 countries on Iran.

Is the coauthor of the first biography of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Called “The Nuclear Sphinx of Tehran: Mahmoud Ahmadineajd and The State of Iran“,

the book has been translated into English, Hebrew, Dutch and Polish.

He is also the author of the chapter “The Islamic Republic of Iran:

The Ministry of Information and Security (VAVAK)”

for the book “PSI Handbook of Global Security and Intelligence: National Approaches

Has written and published more than 100 articles on Iran and relations between Iran

and Israel for publications such as The Guardian, The Diplomat, The Atlantic, Al Monitor and Bloomberg.

Has made more than 250 TV appearances for live interviews in 5 languages

for outlets such as BBC Persian, CNN, CNN SpanishBBC World, France 24 and others.

He is also a regular contributor to radio outlets such as ABC Australia, Radio Free

Europe, BBC Persian radio as well Israel Radio Reshet Bet.

Meir Javedanfar is the most frequently quoted Israeli expert on Iranian affairs in the international press.

He is interviewed and quoted numerous times a week in different publications.

Meir serves as an expert to The U.N. Alliance of Civilizations – Global Experts Resource Project.

He is also a member and contributor to the Gulf 2000

Middle East Project at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Mr Javedanfar has a Masters in International Relations

and Strategic Studies from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom.

He runs the Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Company (MEEPAS) from its offices in Tel Aviv.

His personal blog: http://iran-israel-observer.com/about/



Pierre-Antoine Klethi.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

European citizen and federalist. Graduated from Sciences-Po Paris (Law department)

and Sciences-Po Strasbourg (Public Administration).

LL.M candidate in European Law at King’s College London. Passionate about EU affairs,

in particular politics and law. Writes in French (aucafedeleurope.com) and English (europecafe.wordpress.com).”



Elif Colakoglu.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Assist. Prof. Dr., Head of Urbanization and Environmental Sciences,

Department of Public Administration, Ataturk University.

Graduated from the Department of Public Administration at Selçuk University (2000);

received her MSc from the Department of Public Administration at Selçuk University (2002);

earned her PhD Degree from the Department of Political Science

and Public Administration at Ankara University (2008).

Dr. Colakoglu was also as a visiting scholar at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability,

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) at two times.

She is now a short term scholar at the Center for Urban Environmental Reform (CUER),

City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law.

Research interests include urban politics, local governments, environmental politics and environmental security.



Alessandro Boncio.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

2011: MA – Science of Mediterranean and Islamic countries languages,

history and culture at Naples “l’Orientale” University (still attending).

2007: BA – Science of Investigation at “Università degli Studi di L’Aquila” University.


From October 2008 to the current date,

assigned to the Italian Carabinieri Force Advanced Institute of Investigation Techniques in Velletri (Rome)

as international terrorism and Middle East consultant.

Articles and publications written about international terrorism

from topics and participation to books focusing on the same issue.


Italian Language: native mother tongue; English language: full professional proficiency;

German language: elementary proficiency; Arabic language: elementary proficiency.


From March to September 2007 – member of EUBAM-Rafah

(European Union Border Assistance Mission in Rafah) international mission inside the Palestinian territory,

Israel; see official mission website at www.eubam-rafah.eu

From March to June 2004 – member of Ancient Babylon international peace mission in Al Basrah,

Iraq; see official mission website at www.difesa.it

From August 2000 to March 2001 – member of NATO-KFOR international mission in Pristina,

Kosovo; see official mission website at www.nato.int/kfor/

From July 1999 to January 2001 – member of TIPH-2 international mission in Hebron (Palestinian territory, Israel);

From January to October 1998 – member of TIPH-2 international mission in Hebron (Palestinian territory, Israel);



rsz_5image (1)

Murad Batal Al Shishani.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a London-based political analyst

specialising in Islamic groups, the Middle East and the North Caucasus

On Twitter: @muradbatal



rsz_10ec5a4 (1)

Dave Banks.

Contributor to The Daily Journalist

Los Angeles based documentary filmmaker /writer/ photojournalist—20 years of international documentary,

news and reality program experience. Dave has been recognized with 13 Emmy Award nominations,

has won three Emmys, two International Monitor Awards and one ADDY Award for writing.

Dave specializes in documentary and news production in the Middle East and North Africa.

Dave’s client list includes Discovery Channel, Cosmo Studios, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Networks,

Warner Bros, History Channel, PBS, MPH Entertainment, Channel Nine Australia,

London Weekend Television-UK, BBC 1 and 2 – UK, NHK-Japan, German Television,

and Canal Television-France. Now writing his memoirs Cue the Camels to be published in early 2014.



rsz_0b05069 (1)

Harith Hasan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is an Iraqi scholar, specialized in state-society relations

and Identity politics in Iraq and the Middle East.

He is the author of Imagining the Nation: Nationalism,

Sectarianism and Socio-Political Conflict in Iraq.



Saifullah Ahmadzai.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Currently I am working as a media analyst at Afghanistan peace and reintegration program (APRP),

High Peace council’s (HPC) secretariat. Prior to joining HPC,

I was working as a researcher at the International Crisis Group (ICG) based in Kabul.

From September 2010 to January 2012, I worked at the Embassy of Japan as a political advisor.

From October 2007 to September 2010, I worked at the Center for Conflict and Peace Studies (CAPS)

as a senior research analyst. From May 2006 to October 2007,

I worked at the Regional Studies Center of Afghanistan as a head of South Asia Department.

Meanwhile I was also working as a sub editor for the Afghanistan times Daily Newspaper

from December 2006 to June 2007.

I am graduated from Kabul University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences,

department of Diplomacy and administration in 2002. From April 2004 to April 2006,

I was a scholarship student in the field of international law in Kobe university of Japan.

I have written extensively on local and regional issues involving or effecting Afghanistan.



Bikash C Paul.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Deputy Editor in News X, a 24-hour English News Channel.

Am heading the channel’s news gathering operation

and broadly responsible for content generation. ‘



Barry M. Lando.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

a graduate of Harvard and Columbia University,

spent 25 years as an award-winning investigative producer with 60 Minutes.

The author of numerous articles about Iraq,

he produced a documentary about Saddam Hussein that has been shown around the world.

That film became a book about Iraq, “Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq,

from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush.” He is just completing a novel,

“The Watchman’s File” about Israel’s most closely guarded secret (it’s not the bomb).

The book will be available on Amazon and other sites later this year.

Lando blogs on international affairs at http://barrymlando.com.

He also encourages viewers to check out the new Facebook page for “The Watchman’s File.”

He currently lives in London.



Christine Petré.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is editor at Your Middle East and a freelance writer based in Tunisia.

She is an international relations and human rights enthusiast.

With (BA in Economics and BA in International Relations) an MA in Conflict Resolution

she believes in dialogue at all times and that education

and accurate information will make us more tolerant and peaceful.

Follow her on Twitter @ChristinePetre and visit her website www.christinepetre.com


Eddie Wilson.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a graduate of the College of William & Mary

and earned his Masters from Campbell University in North Carolina.

He is an Interiors Aide at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

as well as an AP Government and History teacher at Williamsburg Christian Academy.

He is currently pursuing a second Masters degree in American History.



Reem R. Al Jazi.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Political Analyst and Media Expert

Current, Press and Information Officer at the European Union Delegation, AMM Jordan

Former, Political Analyst at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands , AMM Jordan



Rade Rajkovčevski.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Senior Teaching Assistant in the Department of Police Sciences

at the Faculty of Security in Skopje (University of Bitola), Republic of Macedonia.

He graduated in 2002 as an Infantry Officer of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia

at the Military Academy in Skopje. From 2002 to 2003

he has worked as a Commander of the Motorized Infantry Platoon

within the First Professional Brigade of the Army of Republic of Macedonia.

In the period 2004-2005 he completed his professional education

in the field of civil protection and security, and worked in the same area in several places in Northern France.

His academic carrier started in 2006 when he was elected as Teaching Assistant

at the Faculty of Security. In 2010 he defended his Master’s thesis titled,

“Elements of Security Policy Aimed at Preventing Conflicts in the Republic of Macedonia” (2010).

Currently he is a PhD Candidate, working on the topic

“Development and Perspectives of International Police Cooperation in Europe”.

The defense of the thesis is scheduled for early September 2013.

He is part of the EU funded FP7 project and several national projects related to security issues.

He has participated in many conferences in Macedonia and abroad.

His main areas of research are related to: organization, education,

oversight and functions of police; professional subculture and standards in the security sector;

security policy; and international security cooperation.



Vassilios Damiras.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a U.S. counterterrorism, homeland security, and defense expert.

He has extensively studied and worked on various U.S. National Security issues,

Middle East, and Balkan politics and history. Dr. Damiras has a BA in Political Science

and History from University of Findlay, and MA in Political Science

with the focus on the areas of International Relations and Comparative Politics from Illinois State University.

He has a MA in European and Middle Eastern History from Loyola University Chicago.

Furthermore, he is a Ph.D. candidate in European and Balkan History and

International Relations at Loyola University Chicago.

In addition, he has graduated from the U.S. Combined Arms Center (CAC)

at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas U.S.A. Also, he has graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation-FBI

Citizens Academy Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. He is Founder/CEO of Geostrategic Forecasting Cooperation –

GSFC and International Security Strategist of Rescue Trek.

He is the Founder/President/Chair of the Geostrategic and Geopolitical Studies Institute.

In addition, he is the Co-Founder/Co-President of the RESCUETREK Research Center.

He is the founder and President of the Liberty Institute.

Also, he is the Founder/President of Intelligence, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence Research Center.

He is member of various boards regarding international business, international affairs,

counterintelligence and counterterrorism, and homeland security.

Dr. Damiras is a polyglot and fluent in Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese,

Ancient Greek, and Latin. In addition, he has received various awards from Academic and Professional Institutions.

He resides in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.



Manzar Zaidi.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

has till just recently worked as the Director Counter Terrorism

at the National Counter Terrorism Authority of Pakistan.

He has a Ph.D. in terrorism studies from University of St. Andrews,

UK. Manzar has an LLM (Masters of Law) degree in Human Rights and Public International Law,

and an LLB (Bachelors of Law), both from the University of London.

His Ph.D. doctoral thesis from University of St.Andrew’s is on

the Transmigration of Radical tendencies from the rural to the urban mainstream,

with context to the Taliban in Pakistan. He has been a Lecturer of Policin

and Criminal investigation of Terrorism at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

He has extensive international experience in the operation of international law,

especially in context to Balkans where he worked with the United Nations,

and has been embedded with research institutions and international NGOs,

primarily in the capacity of a senior research analyst and project manager for many years.

Manzar has been researching the emergence of Extremism in Pakistan,

and has written extensively on the subject internationally.

His expertise in research is Islamist discourse and the global Jihadist communication strategy

and scenarios of Jihadist insurgency in Pakistan. Manzar has authored three books

on the phenomenon of Insecurity in Pakistan, besides having published in several international Journals

about regional security, Talibanisation and politics in Pakistan.

He has regular columns with two of Pakistan’s s leading English Dailies,

The Dawn and Express Tribune (a subsidiary of International Herald tribune).

A synopsis of some recent publications and projects is as below.



Abdihakim Ainte.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He is a Somali analysts and political commentator.

His papers featured on global journals and websites.

He tweets @Abdikhakim. You can email him @Abdihakim.aynte@gmail.com


rsz_0711b2e_1 (1)

Peter Kelly.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Holds an MSc in International Security from the University of Bristol

and a BA in Philosophy and Politics from Durham University.

His focus is on security and conflict issues in the western world, Middle East and Africa,

with an expertise in democracy studies.

He runs the site A Third Opinion at

http://athirdopinion.net and www.facebook.com/AThirdOpinion



Andrey Kortunov.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He is president of The New Eurasia Foundation in Moscow.

He also serves as president of the ISE-Center (Information, Scholarship, Education),

and is a member of the Educational Board of the Open Society Institute.

He formerly served as executive director of the project “Education Development in Russia”

at the Open Society Institute’s office in Moscow, and as president of the Moscow Public Science Foundation.

He is a member of the Board of the Foundation for Legislative Initiatives

and the Russian Center for Public Policy, both located in Moscow,

and a counselor to The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Dr. Kortunov holds a degree in history from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations

and completed postgraduate studies at the Institute for United States of America

and Canada Studies at the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow,

where he served until recently as deputy director and head of the Foreign Policy Department.

He is an alumnus of the Salzburg Seminar Special Session,

Higher Education in Emerging Economies: Patterns, Policies & Futures into the 21st Century, 2001,

and the first three symposia of the Russian Higher Education Project.



Shaun Benton.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a journalist and writer with over a quarter of a century of experience,

in several countries, in hard news and features, covering politics, socio-economics,

culture and occasionally engaging in human rights advocacy and the championing of civil rights.

He has worked in proximity to two Nobel Peace Prize laureates: Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu

while he was at South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the Dalai Lama,

when he did a stint of voluntarism as a writer, editor and analyst with the Tibetan spiritual leader’s

exiled government, an experience which forms the basis of his memoir,

The Hurrying Stone, currently undergoing revision but available at

amazon.comkobo.com and at www.shaunbenton.com


rsz_finaudmarc (2)

Marc Finaud.

Contributor for the The Daily Journalist

(born in 1953) is a former French diplomat

who has been seconded to the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

between 2004 and 2013 and now works for this institution to train diplomats

and military officers in international and human security and conduct research in those fields.

During his career as a diplomat, he served in several bilateral postings

(in the Soviet Union, Poland, Israel, Australia) as well as in multilateral missions

(to the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Conference on Disarmament, the United Nations).

He holds Master’s degrees in International Law and Political Science.

He is also Senior Resident Fellow (WMD Programme)

at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR).



Wayne Dunlap.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Dunlap of Plan Your Escape® are award-winning travel photojournalists/bloggers

with over 50,100 interested followers, hosts of the travel TV show Plan Your Escape® aired on the CW network,

keynote travel speakers, travel columnist for the Huffington Post,

and authors of the 5-star rated travel book Plan Your Escape®, Secrets of Traveling the World

for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home.

They have been fortunate to live their dreams and are members of the exclusive Travelers’ Century Club.

In total, they have visited 100 countries on 6 continents as well as 44 U.S. states.

The Dunlaps have an inspiring life-changing story. Recently, they rented their home

and traveled the world for 2 years visiting 51 countries. They have taken over 100 trips taking cars,

trains, buses, and organized tours. They have also done home exchanges and taken 29 cruises on 13 different

cruise lines on ships ranging from 10 to 4,000 passengers.

Now they enjoy most of their traveling on interesting tours and independently on their own.

The Dunlaps have been awarded Top Travel Blogger and Best Boomer Travel Bloggers to Follow

and stories about their travel adventures and unique travel tips have appeared in the Frommer’s The Travel Show,

Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, The Christian Science Monitor,

Entrepreneur Magazine, ABC News,Newsmax, EuroTravel, & SecondAct Magazines, radio,

TV, and other media. They were also expert travel contributors to the book 65 Things to Do When You Retire – Travel.

See more information about the Dunlaps and their travels on their world travel adventures website:

UnhookNow.com. In addition to featuring over 185 wonderful places around the world,

they include award-winning photos, unique bargain-finding strategies, easy-to-use trip planning ideas and tips,

travel resources, interesting things to do, history, and you can sign up to receive free travel bargains and tips.

Wayne was a business owner, executive of high-tech companies,

and an Economic professor after his PhD program at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).



Nadia Arbatova.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

(Alexandrova-Arbatova) holds a PhD in Political Sciences

and is currently Head of Department on European Political Studies Institute for World Economy

and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences.

She is also Director of the Discussion Forum “European Dialogues”,

a member of Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

and author of numerous publications including four individual monographs

and brochures on the EU-Russia relations, European security and Russia’s foreign policy.

Her professional interests include: international relations, European integration,

European security, Russian foreign policy, conflict prevention.



Mike Guillaume.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Mike wears two hats: financial analyst and reporting specialist

-with an extensive consulting track record- and international economist (with a background in political science).

The blend gives him good vantage points for watching societies, companies,

economies and economics work (or not). Co-founder and managing director of e.com-ReportWatch,

a European-rooted, U.S.-headquartered and London-based firm that specializes in report analysis,

evaluation and benchmarking (www.reportwatch.net).

He has consulted for 150-plus international companies.

He co-founded and has been the editor of the Annual Report on Annual Reports since 1996.

Parallel to his career path in the private sector, Mike did stints in the public sector, public-private partnerships,

and the academics.Mike has a degree in political science and international and European economics;

and trained in financial management, modeling and analysis, and innovation management.

He has authored many articles and contributed to various publications, conferences, seminars,

blogs and websites (e.g. for OECD, TII, World Bank IFC, U.S. Conference Board,

AIT (Asian Institute of Technology), Nordic companies and unions,

French and other Chambers of Commerce, Southeast Asian energy conferences, et al.).

His most recent book is “The Seven Deadly Sins of Capitalism – Reinventing a Model for the Economy,

Society and Welfare” (new edition published by Searching Finance in 2013).

(www.mikeconomics.net) Born in Charleroi (Wallonia, Belgium),

Mike has lived, worked and consulted in twenty-five countries on four continents.

He now splits his work and life between London (“a city founded by the Romans and I never got tired of”),

a former Roman village in Europe, and “other less Roman-influenced places.”



Andreas Umland.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

CertTransl (Leipzig), AM (Stanford), MPhil (Oxford), DipPolSci,

DrPhil (FU Berlin), PhD (Cambridge) held fellowships at Stanford’s Hoover Institution,

The Urals State University, Harvard’s Weatherhead Center,

Shevchenko University of Kyiv, St. Antony’s College Oxford,

and The Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt.

Since 2010, he has been DAAD Associate Professor of Political Science

at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy,” Ukraine.

He is a member of the Valdai Discussion Club (valdaiclub.com/authors/22183.html),

administrator of the web archive “Russian Nationalism”

(groups.yahoo.com/group/russian nationalism/) and editor of the book series

“Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society”

(www.ibidem-Verlag.de/spps.html). Personal web site: ku-eichstaett.academia.edu/AndreasUmland

Russian Wikipedia entry: ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Умланд,_Андреас



Don Irvine.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is the chairman of Accuracy in Media and its sister organization Accuracy in Academia.

As the son of Reed Irvine, who launched AIM in 1969, he developed an understanding of media bias at an early age,

and has been actively involved with AIM for over 30 years.

Besides directing the day-to-day operations of AIM and AIA,

Don has launched a number of other projects, including the American Journalism Center (AJC),

an internship program for conservative student journalists founded in 2005,

and the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, launched in 2010 to provide another outlet for objective,

fact-based news coverage. Don travels extensively to attend and speak at political events,

and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.

He produces video profiles of leading conservative legislators,

and has become one of the conservative movement’s leading coalition builders and promoters of new media technology.

Don is active on Facebook and Twitter. You can follow him @donirvine to read his latest thoughts.

Articles from Don’s popular blog focusing on media and cultural issues are frequently re-published by websites like

FrontPageMagazine.com, National Review Online, The Fox Nation and Big Journalism.

He is the co-author of Why You Can’t Trust the News Vol. 2 and Vol. 3.



Stanley R. Sloan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a visiting scholar at the Rohatyn Center at Middlebury College.

Over the past decade, he has taught Middlebury courses on transatlantic relations

and American power while lecturing regularly at the NATO College in Rome.

He concluded government service as the Senior Specialist in International Security Policy

at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) after serving as the Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Europe

at the Central Intelligence Agency and previously as an intelligence officer in the US Air Force.

Stan’s education includes a BA from the University of Maine, MIA from Columbia’s School of International Affairs,

and an AbdPhD from American University. He has authored dozens of CRS studies, journal articles,

intelligence estimates and reports, opinion editorials and books, his most recent being Permanent Alliance?

NATO and the Transatlantic Bargain from Truman to Obama (2010).



Azad Garibov.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a research fellow in the Foreign Policy Analysis Department of the Center for Strategic Studies

under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SAM)

as well as assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations of Khazar University

where he teaches courses on EU Law and EU in Global Politics.

He received BA International Relations degree from Baku State University

and did MSc degree in International Politics at the University of Glasgow (UK).

Azad Garibov is also a frequent contributor to the various online and published newspapers and journals,

including the Journal of Turkish Weekly.

His areas of interest include politics and security issues in the South Caucasus and Central Asia,

trans-Eurasian transport as well as Caspian affairs.



Evita Dionysiou.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

She  is a Doctor of International Economic Law with solid expertise  in International

and European Economic Law, EU Law, EU Policies, EU  Institutions, International Trade,

International Trade and Environment and Business in the EU.

She holds an MA in International Business Law and  Economics

and a Bachelor Degree in International and European Studies.

She also has extensive training experience and she is always engaged in continuous learning

in order to keep up to date with changes and developments in the areas of her expertise.

For the last years she has been a Postdoctoral Researcher at the European

Center for Economic and Financial Law, focusing on the field of International

Economic Institutions and fora and the EU participation, as well as on the Business and Consumer Protection.

For the last five years she has also been the General Secretary of Young Research Group on European Studies.

Among other positions she has served for three years as a Study Counselor

of the Postgraduate Programme in International & European Studies at Panteion University of Athens,

as well as the Head of Archiving and Research Assistance of the European Documentation Center of the University.


rsz_2a7f3b2 (2)

Arik (Oren) Smila.

Contributor s for The Daily Journalist

He is the co-founder and executive director at Diplomacy.co.il,

he is a Masters degree graduate from Tel-Aviv University at the field of Diplomacy studies.

As part of his work at Diplomacy.co.il, Arik came in contact with many of the foreign dignitaries in Israel

on a daily basis and formed his ideas based on his experiences.  He is currently residing in New- York.



Sokari Ekine.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

An independent writer, a blogger for 9 years and a life long political activist;

co-editor of African Awakenings and Queer African Reader both published by Pambazuka/Fahamu Press;

she writes regularly for Pambazuka.org and New Internationalist;

she presently lives in Haiti where she reports on health issues

for the International Reporting Project on a 1 year fellowship,

and works with the SOPUDEP community [sopudep.org];

she blogs at blacklooks.org and her Twitter handle is @blacklooks



Ann Dillard.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Attended the U of Arkansas and  grad  the U of Tulsa.. studies Education and literature.

Former ballet dancer, former interior designer – now writer and concerned American citizen.

Website www.womenexplode.com created for expression and to lift the morality and values of society.



Dave Singleton.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Is the author of two nonfiction books The Mandates and Behind Every Great Woman. 

His honors include the Media Industry Award for Outstanding Exclusive Coverage,

GLAAD Award for Outstanding Multimedia Journalism, and a NLGJA Excellence in Online Journalism.

His work has appeared in print and online publications including the New York Times,

Washington PostChicago Tribune, PBS’s Next Avenue, AARP Media,

Washingtonian, and Harper’s Bazaar. He is a regular columnist for Caring.com, Yahoo, and Match. 

He holds degrees from the University of Virginia and the New York University,

teaches writing, and freelances as both a writer and lecturer for major universities,

conferences, and events. Visit his website (www.davesingleton.com)

and follow him on Twitter @DCDaveSingleton.



Ali Hashem.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

He is an Arab journalist serving as Al Mayadeen news network’s chief correspondent.

Until March 2012, he was Al Jazeera’s war correspondent,

and prior to that he was a senior journalist at the BBC.

He has written for several Arab newspapers,

including the Lebanese daily As Safir, the Egyptian dailies Al-Masry Al-Youm and Aldostor

and the Jordanian daily Alghad. He has also contributed to The Guardian.



Chris Arsenault. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Prior to joining Al Jazeera, he was a reporter with Inter Press Service news agency.

He has also reported for CBC radio, the Halifax Chronicle Herald and dozens of magazines.

His work focuses on North and South America, geopolitics, energy markets and social movements.

Educated in Canada, he holds a BA in history and economics from Dalhousie University

and an MA in history from the University of British Columbia,

where he was awarded the 2008/09 Phil Lind Fellowship.

In 2012, he held the Wolfson Press Fellowship at Cambridge University.

Arsenault has been a guest lecturer the University of Toronto, Queen’s University,

York University, Laurentian, Saint Mary’s University and the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City.

His first book is titledBlowback: A Canadian History of Agent Orange and the War at Home.



Tetyana Bohdanova.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

She is a native of L’viv, Ukraine, and currently divides her time between Ukraine and Lithuania,

from where she does international development work in Eastern Europe.

She is a graduate student at Free University of Berlin

and an author at Global Voice Online – arguably the largest blogger community in the world.

In her free time, Tetyana is a prolific reader and an enthusiastic traveler.



Nicole Horelt.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a freelance writer from Canada with a strong interest in geopolitics and foreign policy.

She’s written with emphasis on the topics of Israel, the Middle East peace process,

the EU, and has continued interest in the unique politics of the SCO, Eurasia,

and international Arctic issues.  She’s written for the examiner.com on the topic of Bible Prophecy,

and has contributed op-eds, features, and news articles for various online media publications

such as the Jerusalem Post, Prophecy News Watch,  and The Jewish Voice New York.

She has a background in Music and as an R.N.


rsz_1marianna_karakoulaki (1)

Marianna Karakoulaki.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a freelance writer and editor. She is a Junior Research Scholar at Strategy International

(Program of International Security and Gender), she is an editor at The Globalised World Post,

and Senior Commissioning Editor at e-International Relations.

She has a BA in Mediterranean Studies (International Relations and Organisations)

from the University of the Aegean, Greece,  and an MA in International Relations (Security)

from the University of Birmingham, UK. Her main research interests include Feminist Security Studies,

Feminism in the Middle East, Feminist Movements, US Politics (foreign and domestic),

The Palestinian Issue, and Security Issues. You can follow her on twitter @Faloulah.



Riad Kahwaji.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Near East

and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA), in Dubai, UAE (www.inegma.com).

Until October 2008, Riad was the Middle East Bureau Chief for Defense News,

the largest selling international defense publication based in VA, USA.

Previously he worked for Jane’s Defense Weekly as Middle East Correspondent from 1999 to 2001.

He also contributed on regular basis to various Jane’s publications like Jane’s Intelligence Review

and Jane’s Sentinel and Jane’s Islamic Affairs Analyst.

He has regular defense analysis articles published

in the leading pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper and other professional periodicals.

His professional journalistic career covering the Middle East region started in 1988.

As CEO of INEGMA, Riad has organized over the past few years several international defense/

security conferences and security workshops. He is still very active in organizing international security

and defense conferences in the region. He has taken part in many track-2 meetings on Middle East security,

and even organized a number of them. He also produced several documentaries on military

and geopolitical issues to leading pan-Arab television stations. His published work includes:

Riad Kahwaji (ed), Bases of the Lebanese Defense Policy (Arabic), (Beirut: An-Nahar Press, 2009).

Riad Kahwaji: “Proliferation and Security in the Middle East,”

in Alexander Nikitin and Morten Bremer Maerli, eds, Tuning Priorities

in Nuclear Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, (Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2008), pp: 98-105.

Riad Kahwaji and Michael Kraig:

“A Demand-Side Strategy for Regional Security and Nonproliferation in the Persian Gulf,”

in James A. Russel, eds. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East,

(New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), pp: 203-223.

Riad Kahwaji and Michael Kraig (ed.), Alternative Frameworks for Gulf Security (Arabic)

, (Dubai: INEGMA 2004). And other publications…..

Riad, a Lebanese with a British nationality, has an MA degree in War Studies from King’s College,

the University of London, and a BA in Mass Communication from Phillips University, Oklahoma,

USA. He is married to Sawsan Traboulsy and has two daughters, Assele and Masarra


Muhammad Zafar Haider.

Contributor The Daily Journalist 

Mr. Zafar Haider was born in 1975 in Pakistan.

He now lives and works in Islamabad. He joined the Civil Service of Pakistan in 1999.

Since then he got the chance to serve in the ministries and departments like Home Affairs,

Transport Affairs, Anti- Corruption Establishment, Prime Minister’s Secretariat

and Federal Board of Revenue. He joined his current assignment in the Ministry of Housing

& Works in Sep 2011and is working as a project director (joint ventures).

Mr. Haider has studied in the premier universities of Pakistan and Germany.

He has represented Pakistan on many International forums in South Africa,

Barbados, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

He has authored a book “The MDGs Debate and the Universal Primary Education in Pakistan”,

published in Germany. This analyses incisely how education was ignored in Pakistan

at the cost of other sectors including national defense. Consequently Pakistan,

is one of the lowest ranking countries which are far off meeting their MDGs targets

especially the universal primary education by the deadline of 2015.



My other research work has been published in China, Nepal, Brazil, Mongolia,

Singapore and Turkmenistan besides Pakistan and these have widely been cited nationally

and internationally. International organizations, think tanks, official websites,

private bloggers and university researchers have used his academic work in their respective studies.

His areas of research are international organizations, international trade, food security,

economic inequality, international law, international sustainable development and Global Governance.

He loves travelling, reading and writing. He holds master degrees in Economics,

Business Administration and Public Management. He has been trained in several countries.


rsz_0b62e03 (1)

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

More than 19 years of rich and diversified experience in practical Journalism.

Till now, produced more than 1200 articles on economy, banking, society, politics,

international relations, bilateral relations and published in local dailies DAWN, News,

Nation and Business recorder. I have one of the main contributors in Weekly Magazine of NEWS

(Monday) for the last 10 years. More recently, I joined Seoul Post and Diplomacy Journal (South Korea)

along with Pakistan Overseas Friend (Kuwait). I also contribute articles in Lead Pakistan Daily English

Newspaper from KPK, Pakistan. I worked in BBC Asia Network as an expert on Afghanistan

and Middle East region. In the immediate past, I also wrote articles in MMN, USA,

Journal of World Affairs and New Technology, USA and AIDS AND BEHAVIOR USA.

I worked as foreign expert in the Uzbekistan Foreign Ministry on Pak-Uzbekistan Bilateral Relations.

I also work for National Media Council as expert on Pak-UAE Bilateral Relations.

Professional Education: Ph.D in International Communication Master Degrees in Journalism

and Public Administration Post graduate Diploma in international affairs FEL (First education of law)

not completed. Articles Published in foreign countries: More than 1200 articles published within the country.

Articles also published in UAE, USSR, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Sweden and China too.

 Areas of Interest: South East Asia (China, India), CIS (Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan,

Tajikistan, Russia), Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria,

Turkey), International Economic and Conflict Resolution Foreign Language: Diploma in Germarn Language

Unit Head: Defence Journal: Geo-politics/Economics Editor Foreign Affairs: BIG BEN (Lahore, London)

Bureau Chief: Overseas Pakistani Friend, Kuwait, Diplomatic Editor: Economic Affairs

Professional Experience: More than 19 years of professional experience in producing of rigorous articles,

feature, columns writing, interviews, research reports etc.

 Teaching Experience: Visiting Professor: Public Relations, Development, Public Policy,

Advertising, Advocacy, Agriculture, Communication Skills, Current Affairs



M. Aslam Khan. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

A retired Brig Gen from Pakistan Army, served 32 years.

A veteran of ‘1971 Indo-Pak War’ has been instructor in officers’ Pakistan Military Academy,

commanded Divisional as well as Corps Artillery, with two tenures in prestigious Military Operations Directorate,

GHQ. Also twice served as ‘Director’ in GHQ, Pak Army.

Holds first class Master’s degree in International Relations as well as PhD,

acquired in 2002-2007 from University of Peshawar, Pakistan. Authored a book,

writes frequently in national and international media.

Has attended several seminars and conferences within the country and abroad on invitation.

Traveled to Cambodia, Thailand, Switzerland, UK, US, UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Germany (twice).

Is member of IFIMES Slovenia and on authors’ panel of ‘Eurasia Review’ Madrid.

Lives in Lahore garrison, plays golf with 16 handicaps.



Avi Jorisch.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

American Foreign Policy specialist and noted counter-terrorism expert.

Avi Jorisch is known for his ability to explain the significance

and importance of complicated global developments and trends.

A Senior Fellow for Counter-terrorism at the American Foreign Policy Council,

he also serves on the Advisory Board of United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI).

Mr. Jorisch is the author of four books, including Iran’s Dirty Banking:

How the Islamic Republic Skirts International Financial Sanctions and Beacon of Hatred:

Inside Hizballah’s al-Manar Television. These books and the advocacy campaigns

that followed both publications resulted in dozens of financial institutions

and companies pulling out of Iran, divestment of funds from Hizballah financed ventures

and the removal of al-Manar programming from several major satellite providers around the globe.

Mr. Jorisch regularly briefs members of Congress, European parliamentarians,

intelligence community officials from around the globe on the most effective use of financial tools

to pursue rogue regimes, such as Iran and North Korea, and the terrorist organizations they support.

Mr. Jorisch has lived and traveled for extensive periods of time in the Middle East,

interviewed members of some of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations

and worked professionally in the Washington think tank community

and in various agencies of the U.S. government.  Jorisch’s unique insight

and engaging lecture style distills the dangers facing the United States and its allies and how to protect

companies and industries from the dangers posed by terrorist organizations and money launderers.

Previously, Mr. Jorisch served as a Policy Advisor at the Treasury Department’s office of Terrorism

and Financial Intelligence, a liaison to the Department of Homeland Security

and an Arab media and terrorism consultant for the Department of Defense.

Mr. Jorisch holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Binghamton University

and a master’s degree in Islamic history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He has also conducted advanced graduate work in Arabic and Islamic Philosophy

at the American University in Cairo and al-Azhar University,

the preeminent institution of Sunni Islamic learning.

Mr. Jorisch is a frequent media commentator on threat finance and radical Islam,

publishing in influential media outlets including The New York Times,

The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, US News and World Report and Al-Arabiya.net.


rsz_0d03d61 (1)

Ronald Kessler.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

He is the New York Times bestselling author of nineteen non-fiction books.

Kessler began his career as a journalist in 1964 on the Worcester Telegram,

followed by three years as an investigative reporter and editorial writer with theBoston Herald.

In 1968, he joined the Wall Street Journal as a reporter in the New York bureau.

He became an investigative reporter with the Washington Post in 1970 and continued on the paper until 1985.

Kessler has won seventeen journalism awards, including two George Polk awards—for national reporting

and for community service. Kessler has also won the Robert Novak Journalist of the Year Award,

the American Political Science Association’s Public Affairs Reporting Award,

the Associated Press’ Sevellon Brown Memorial Award, and Washingtonian magazine’s Washingtonian

of the Year award. He is listed in Who’s Who in America.