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Noam Chomsky.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

was born on December 7, 1928 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

University of Pennsylvania where he received his PhD in linguistics in 1955.

During the years 1951 to 1955, Chomsky was a Junior Fellow of the Harvard University Society of Fellows.

While a Junior Fellow he completed his doctoral dissertation entitled, “Transformational Analysis.

” The major theoretical viewpoints of the dissertation appeared in the monograph Syntactic Structure,

which was published in 1957.  This formed part of a more extensive work,

The Logical Structure of Linguistic Theory, circulated in mimeograph in 1955 and published in 1975.

Chomsky joined the staff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1955

and in 1961 was appointed full professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

(now the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy.)

From 1966 to 1976 he held the Ferrari P. Ward Professorship of Modern Languages and Linguistics.

In 1976 he was appointed Institute Professor.

During the years 1958 to 1959 Chomsky was in residence at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, NJ.

In the spring of 1969 he delivered the John Locke Lectures at Oxford;

in January 1970 he delivered the Bertrand Russell Memorial Lecture at Cambridge University;

in 1972, the Nehru Memorial Lecture in New Delhi,

and in 1977,the Huizinga Lecture in Leiden, among many others.

Professor Chomsky has received honorary degrees from American University of Beirut,

Islamic University in Gaza, Australia Asia Research and Education Foundation,

School for Advanced Studies in Treste, University of St. Andrews,

National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Peking University,

National Tsing Hua University, Uppsala University, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de la Frontera,

University of Cyprus, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology, Bologna University, Ljubljana University,

University of Florence, University of Athens, University of London, University of Chicago,

Loyola University of Chicago, Swarthmore College, Delhi University,

Bard College, University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, Georgetown University,

Amherst College, Cambridge University, University of Buenos Aires, McGill University,

Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Columbia University, University of Connecticut, Scuola Normale Superiore,

Pisa, Univ. of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Harvard University, University of Calcutta,

National Tsing Hua University, Universidad Nacional del Comahur (Argentina),

Universidad Nacional De Colombia, Free University of Brussels, and Central Connecticut State Univ.

He is a member of the American Philosophical Society, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

and the National Academy of Science, and a Foreign Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

In addition, he is a member of other professional and learned societies in the U.S. and abroad,

and is a recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award of the American Psychological Association,

the Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences, the Helmholtz Medal, the Dorothy Eldridge Peacemaker Award,

the Ben Franklin Medal in Computer and Cognitive Science, The Adela Dwyer/St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award, and others.


Ehab Al-Kindi.

Columnist for The Daily Journalist

Project Engineer – Saudi Aramco

Masters in Business Logistics Engineering – Fisher College

Electrical & Computer Engineering – Ohio State University


James M. Dorsey.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Senior Fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Nanyang Technological University Advisory board at EWPOwner at Quest Ltd

Past correspondent at The Wall Street Journal

Personal blog:


Daniella M. Augenstein.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Founder & Managing Director of The Laissez-Faire Syndicate

President of The Laissez-Faire Syndicate, The Ohio State University Chapter

Columnist for The Rubicon

Author, The Love Illusion and Freedom Fables

BA candidate 2012: Philosophy, Economics, Political Science and Aviation.

‘The perspective from which I write is not that of the left, of the right, or even with a bipartisan aim.

I reject the status quo and political norms in favor of objective individual rights,

and my pieces are written from this foundation.’


KrisAnne Hall.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Constitutional Attorney, Author, Educator

Disabled Veteran

Former Prosecutor

Founder, Constitutional Education & Consulting

Director of Legal Affairs, Unite in Action

Member of Speaker Bureau, Federalist Society


Ronald Bleier.

Contributor writer for The Daily Journalist

Freelance journalist based in New York where he edits the DESIP website and Bleier’s Blog

His articles have appeared in Left Curve, In These Times, Middle East Labor Bulletin,

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs,

Lies of our Times, Middle East Policy, Between the Lines (Jerusalem) and The Link.


Robert Kelly.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Associate professor of international relations in the Department of Political Science

and Diplomacy in Pusan National University

Korea, and a Senior Analyst at Wikistrat consulting



Mike Sutton.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Originator of the Market Reduction Approach to theft.

He is the General Editor of the Internet Journal of Criminology

He is an alumnus (BA hons. Law and PhD) of the University of Central Lancashire.

He recently published a US Government Department of Justice international COPS Office guide for policing stolen goods markets

.Mike worked for 14 years as Senior Research Officer (criminology) in the UK Government’s Home Office

All ideas and opinions are completely his own. Personal Website


Marce Cameron.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies, Sydney University.

Coordinator, Australian Youth-Student Revolutionary Tour of Cuba and Venezuela,

July 2010, in collaboration with Cuba’s Union of Young Communists (UJC) and

Venezuela’s United Socialist Party youth organisation

Membership secretary, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Sydney).

Editor, Cuba’s Socialist Renewal blog. Publication: Cuba’s Socialist Renewal


Christine Axsmith.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Worked for the CIA as a contractor

She used her classified blog to denounce the practice of waterboarding as illegal and ineffective.

She sat on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law – Electronic Commerce Working Group,

and drafted the Computer Security definitions for the American Bar Association which was later used by the United Nations.

She presented papers at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference at MIT.

That work was later made required reading at Harvard Law School.


Robert David Steele Vivas.

Note commentator for The Daily Journalist

American activist and a former CIA clandestine services case officer

Known for his promotion of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

He is the founder and CEO of  OSS.Net as well as the Golden Candle Society.

He was a Marine Corps Infantry and intelligence officer for twenty years

and was the second-ranking civilian (GS-14) in Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

from 1988–92, and was also an adjunct instructor at Maine Corps University in the mid-1990s

THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO – Transparency, Truth, & Trust . . . the meme, the mind-set, and the method

“Not interested in bashing the walking dead, focused on Open Source Everything.”


Miko Peled.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Peace activist and writer

Miko was born in Jerusalem in 1961 into a well known Zionist family

His grandfather, Dr.  Avraham Katsnelson was a Zionist leader and signer on the Israeli Declaration of Independence

The First book is Miko Peled’s The General’s Son

Spoke at  Al-Quds University. While at Al-Quds University, he visited the Abu Jihad Prisoners’ Museum


Claude Forthomme.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

She is a Senior Editor of Impakter Magazine contributor.

Columbia University Grad (Economics)

Passionate traveller (80 countries+)

Now lives in Italy.25 years experience in UNITED NATIONS

(project evaluation specialist; FAO Director for Europe/Central Asia)

Before that: banking, editing, free-lance journalism, college teaching (economics), marketing,

Recently published: – Fear of the Past, a novel

Personal expert blog,


Sanchia Alasia.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Councillor for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and chair of health scrutiny committee

BSc in Politics and Sociology, MSc in Politics, Policy and Government

Reports on French politics and European Union issues

Equality and Diversity manager in the NHS

Personal blog


Nima Ch.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Nima is under TDJ’s identity protection

Young independent Blogger, belongs to no political party

Blogs in 3 languages: Persian, German and English over Iran

Focus: Connection of current news with society, culture and history

Nima tells us about the Iran’s young generation and the deep gap between Iran’s people and it’s islamic government

very active in social media

English Blog:

Twitter: @dustandtrash


Protesilaos Stavrou.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Parliamentary Assistant at the European Parlament

Political analyst and political economist

Specialize in the European Union and the Euro Area

BA European Politics,  Law and Economics

Opinions are my own

Personal Blog (Analyses on EU politics and the Eurocrisis)


Samia Errazzouki.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Samia Errazzouki is a Moroccan-American writer

Studies Global Affairs with a concentration in the Middle East and North Africa, in addition to French.

Her research focus is Morocco’s political economy and reforms.

She is published  in  JadaliyyaAl Akhbar English,

Mamfakinch, Carnegie Endowment’s Sada Journal

She has also been cited by the BBCAl Jazeera, the Christian Science Monitor, the Guardian, and the Atlantic…

Her research has been featured in George Mason University’s International Affairs Journal, the Tablet. 


Arjen Westra.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Communications in University of Amsterdam and Hogeschool Holland.

Journalist and Africa traveller by choice.

Lives is Nairobi, Kenya.

Personal website:


Adnan Aamir Sarparrah.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

An ACCA graduate

A blogger and freelance writer based in Pakistan.

Blog address:

Twitter handle: @Adnansarparrah


Masha Egupova.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Born and Grew up in Vladivostok, a city in the Russian Far East

She graduated from the Far Eastern National University in Vladivostok, Russia

and Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

Her main research interests are in the media communication field,

print media analysis, media-Internet relations,

and the challenges new Internet media present to traditional media.

Besides that she is interested in covering the stories from Vladivostok, her home town.

You can find my personal blog here:


Eduardo Cantoral.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

B.Sc. in Communications and Electronic Engineering at Instituto Politecnico National

M.Sc. In Physics (IPN)

Ph.D. in Physics. University of California (Santa Barbara)

Software Engineer. Lucent Technologies. Napervile, Illinois

Chief Scientist at Lynk Labs Inc. Elgin, Illinois

Present, Develop Moodle platform online education

Publications, Third Eiknonal in Quantum Electrodynamics at

(University Microfilm International. Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Personal blog spot.


Alton Parrish.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Free lance work which includes miscellaneous TV work for CNN

Panelist for Q&A with local politicians and a few magazines

Wrote and edited the newsletter Battery and EV Technology News

And Fuel Cell Technology News for Business Communications Company Inc

He worked as a beat reporter in Houston for both Houston New Service and Metro News Service,

covering local and state politics, general assignments, city hall meetings,

the federal court trials and country court house meetings.  maintains the blog Nano Patents and Innovations,

He graduated the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama

with a minor in radio and TV communications.


Majia Holmer Nadesan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Received her PhD in 1993 from Purdue University

and has been a university professor for approximately 20 years

Her research addresses the relationship between public welfare and political economy

emphasizing globalization, neoliberalism, finance and energy

She has authored 3 books and numerous articles and chapters including:

Constructing Autism (2005) Governmentality,

Biopower, and Everyday Life (2008), Governing Childhood (2010)

(2010), and the “Biopolitics of Transactional Capitalism”


Oliver Krumme.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Freelance Blogger and Independent Political Analyst

Master’s Degree in International Studies at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna

Graduate in Political Sciences of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Internships and Traineeships for the Spanish Embassy in Vienna, the Representation of the European Commission to Austria, and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Parliament

German Language Instructor

Fields of Interest: European Politics, Security Policy, Foreign Affairs, NATO, UN

Publications:  SIRS Monitor Magazine: “Fear through conspicuous presence? The scale of security for the London

Olympics”; Vol. 1 , Issue 2, pp. 32-35

Polemics: “The four commandments for the DA student trip to the Balkans”, October 2011

Polemics: “Multiculturalism is dead – Or is it?”, December 2010\


Marc Gopin.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

James H. Laue Professor of Religion, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution,

Director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution

at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution.

Dr. Gopin was ordained a Rabbi at Yeshiva University in 1983

and received a Ph.D. in Religious Ethics from Brandeis University in 1993.

Dr. Gopin has lectured worldwide on conflict resolution and has trained thousands of people in peacemaking strategies for complex conflicts in which religion and culture play a role.

He conducts research on values dilemmas as they apply to international problems of globalization,

clash of cultures, development, social justice and conflict.

Dr. Gopin has engaged in back channel diplomacy with religious, political and military figures on both sides of conflicts,

especially in the Arab/Israeli conflict.

He is the author of Between Eden and Armageddon: The Future of World Religions, Violence and Peacemaking, 2000; Holy War, Holy Peace: How Religion Can Bring Peace to the Middle East, 2002 and Healing the Heart of Conflict, 2004.Read his blog:


Ida Horner.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Ida is a Social Entrepreneur and a Development Consultant

She is the founder of Ethnic Supplies Ltd an online Social enterprise that enables East African women

involved in handicrafts and textile production access western markets with their wares.

She is the founder and Chairperson of a community development charity LET THEM HELP THEMSELVES OUT OF

POVERTY that works to address day to day community challenges in Ruhanga SW Uganda.

She is listed as an expert contributor to the BUSINESS FIGHTS POVERTY platform.

She has served on several international panels as a speaker on challenges that face African women

included the African Diaspora conference in Tripoli, and the Home is best Summit in Uganda,

Villages in Action conference in Masindi Uganda, the Business Fights poverty event series

Guest appearance VOX Africa’s SHOOT THE MESSENGER a current affair TV programme

as well as well the BBC World Service.

She has a BA hons in Housing Management and Development from Westminster University London.

Ida’s blog: Ethnic Supplies. She is the curator of Africa On The Blog


Sylvia Longmire.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Consultant and analyst with eight years of military law enforcement experience, six years of analytical experience covering

Latin America, and over four years of analytical experience covering Mexican DTOs and border violence issues.

Her blog  is designed to inform readers

about current border violence issues and provide analysis on those issues,

as well as detailed focus on specific border topics.

By applying her knowledge and experience through her blog,

She hopes to separate the wheat from the chaff …

that is, to dispel rumors propagated by sensationalist media reporting,

and explain in layman’s terms what is going on with Mexican TCOs, and most importantly,

WHY violence is happening along the US-Mexico border.

Author of Cartel: The Coming Invasion of Mexico’s Drug Wars

Correspondent for Homeland Security Today Magazine and Website


Howard Friedman.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Works as a statistician and health economist for the United Nations and teaches at Columbia University.

He has been a lead modeler on a number of key United Nations projects including the ICPD @ 15 Costing,

High Level Task Force on Innovative Financing, and the Adding It Up reports.

He is credited with being the lead developer of the tool used for costing the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

He is also an adjunct professor at School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Howard ran Analytic Solutions LLC,

This work also included teaching data mining and modeling techniques for major international corporations and foreign governments.

He was a Director at Capital One, where he led teams of statisticians, analysts and programmers in operations and marketing.

Howard is the author of over 35 scientific articles and book chapters in areas of applied statistics,

health economics with recent publications in the American Journal of Gastroenterology,

Current Medical Research & Opinion, Clinical Therapeutics, Inflammatory Bowel Disease,

Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy, Clinical Drug Investigation and Value in Health.

Howard Friedman received his BS from Binghamton University in Applied Physics

and a Masters in Statistics, along with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

Note all comments on this blog reflect the opinions of the author and not those of the United Nations or Columbia University


Marilyn Z. Tomlins.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Paris-based author, reporter, scholar of the Stalinist era and avid blog writer.

She was born and grew up in South Africa where she began her career as a journalist with a Durban-based media group.

A British national, she has lived in various countries until she settled in Paris. Her book Die in Paris,

the story of World War Two French serial killer Dr. Marcel Petiot, was published in 2010.

She is currently editing a final draft of a novel set in the Stalinist era entitled Pour l’Amour d’un Poète.

It is the story of the adulterous love affair of poet, novelist and Nobel Prize in Literature Laureate Boris with the Moscow journalist Olga Ivinskaya.

Next, Ms. Tomlins will begin a book about the death of Princess Diana.

Jeremy Sare.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Journalist and writer from Suffolk, England

He has written articles for the Guardian newspaper and New Statesman magazine and appears regularly in the British

Medical Journal.

He specialises in drug policy but also writes commentary pieces on wider aspects of British politics.

Before journalism he was a senior official at the Home Department working on policies concerning drugs, child protection,

drink driving and gun control.


Alwyn Smith.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Chair Executive Officer for the Southern African Alternative Energy Association (SAAEA)

SAAEA  represents and actively promotes Renewable Alternative Energy Solutions in our region

Proud custodian of the natural energy industry in South Africa

“If you have it all under control, you’re moving to slow”


Casey Luskin.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Attorney with graduate degrees in both science and law.

He earned his B.S. and M.S. in Earth Sciences from the University of California,

San Diego, where he studied evolution extensively.

His law degree is from the University of San Diego.

Luskin works as Research Coordinator at the Discovery Institute.

Luskin has published in both technical law and science journals, including

Journal of Church and State and Geochemistry, Geophysics, and Geosystems

(G3).  He also enjoys covering the debate over evolution in popular media, and

has been published in U.S. News and World Report and the Washington D.C.

Examiner, is a senior editor at Salvo Magazine, and has discussed the debate in

numerous sources, including Nature, Science, the NY Times, LA Times, NPR,, USA Today, and Foxnews.

Luskin is also co-founder of the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness

(IDEA) Center (

He lives in Seattle, Washington where he and his wife enjoy hiking, kayaking,

and the outdoors.


Michael T. Snyder.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia

and has two law degrees from the University of Florida.

He is an attorney that has worked for some of the largest and most prominent law firms in Washington D.C.

and who now resides outside of Seattle, Washington.

He is a very active blogger and is also a respected researcher, writer, speaker and activist.

You can follow him on The Economic Collapse blog:


Louis Fishman.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is an assistant professor of Middle East history at Brooklyn College, City University of New York.

Currently, he is on leave for the year in Istanbul and spends much of his time also in Tel Aviv.

He has written articles in Haaretz English edition (Israel) and Todays Zaman (Turkey),

and his work has been translated to Turkish and appeared in Radikal and the online Zaman edition.

He has a blog named Istanbul-New York-Tel Aviv which you can follow at


Baldr Odinson.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

M.Sc. in Biology

Volunteer coordinator and event coordinator for Ceasefire Oregon and Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation.

Survivor of a shooting in his youth.

Op-Ed contributor on the issue of gun control for Oregon newspapers and Metro-Parent Magazine.

Author of two gun control blogs, New Trajectory ( and Kid Shootings (

Twitter:  @BaldrOdinson


Dru Stevenson.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is the Helen and Henry Hutchings Research Professor at South Texas College of Law in Houston,

teaches  Administrative Law, Criminal Procedure, Legislation, Environmental Law, and Economic Analysis of Law.

He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1999,

and began practice as a Legal Aid lawyer in Connecticut.

He earned his Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the Yale Law School in 2002.

In 2002-03, he served as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut,

until leaving to accept his position at STCL.

Professor Stevenson’s publications cover topics ranging from privatization of government services to criminal procedure,

with an emphasis on the intersection of law with economics and linguistic theory.

His articles have been cited in leading academic journals and treatises, by federal and state appellate courts, and in recent briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court.

He maintains and writes for the Privatization Blog, the premier academic website devoted to the outsourcing of government services.


Sean Guillory.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

earned his PhD in Modern European History at UCLA.

Currently he is a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

He is working on a monograph exploring the formation of political identity

and ethics in the Young Communist League in the 1920s Soviet Russia.

In addition, he is an avid “Russia Watcher” and blogs about contemporary Russian politics and society at Sean’s Russia Blog

and hosts the podcast New Books in Russian and Eurasian Studies. You can follow him on Twitter @seansrussiablog


Betre Yacob.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Graduate from University of Bahir Dar University

BA degree in Journalism and Communicatio

Employer Information: An International NGO named CVM/APA, Ethiopia

Place: Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Information Education and Communication Coordinator of Amhara Regional Project

Major Works: Published and worked at Nipo, nipo tu (A collection of biographies and different articles published

and distributed in Italy)

Best Practice of CVM/APA in Ethiopia and Tanzania (Published and

distributed in Ethiopian Tanzania, Ireland, Italy…)

A Study on Women and Girls (Published and distributed in Ethiopia)


Kevin G. Coleman.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A long time security technology executive and former Chief Strategist at the Internet pioneer

Netscape as well as the lead author of the Cyber Commander’s eHandbook.

He is Senior Fellow with the Technolytics Institute where he provides consulting services

on strategic technology and security issues.

He has presented/testified at the United Nations as well as multiple elements of the U.S. Congress

and has briefed and instructed courses for the U.S. military and U.S. intelligence organizations.

He writes a weekly blog for AOL Government on the topic of cyber intelligence and on

Digital Conflict at Defense Systems


Eric Tham.

Contributor for the Daily Journalist

Ten years of financial experience in major banks and oil major

Research interests in energy economics and financial economics

Published in OPEC review

Received MS Financial Engineering from Columbia University and did Phd in Finance in Swiss University

Avid blogger


Amrit Naresh.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Is a research associate at OpenOil,

an energy consultancy and publishing house based in Berlin.


Malik Al-Abdeh.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Independent Syrian journalist,

King’s College, London and SOAS alumni

Former BBC journalist

Founder and former Chief Editor of Barada TV

Expert on Syrian and Middle Eastern affairs

Contributor to New Statesman and Foreign Policy

Interviewed extensively on BBC World, CNN, Sky News, Al-Jazeera English, Deutsche Welle, France 24 and Russia Today.

Quoted widely in newspaper and magazine publications including:

The Guardian, The Independent, The Times and the Wall Street Journal

Currently working freelance

Location: London.


Annelies Rhemrev.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Dutch Amateur Astronomer.

Interested in science related issues.

Founder, writer and administrator of

an astronomical news blog including an astronomical “Picture of the day”


Juan Cole.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is an American scholarpublic intellectual, and historian of the modern Middle East and South Asia

He is Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan.

As a commentator on Middle Eastern affairs,

he has appeared in print and on television, and testified before the United States Senate.

He has published several peer-reviewed books on the modern Middle East and is a translator of both Arabic and Persian.

Since 2002, he has written a weblogInformed Comment (


Daniel Berhane.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Mr. Berhane runs the leading blog in Ethiopia,

He is an  Ethiopian resident, lawyer and blogger.

His personal blog-spot is


Oscar Nkala.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I am a Zimbabwean journalist with 14 years experience spanning print, and broadcast sectors.

I work as a freelancer, covering internaional news from Bulawayo, second city of Zimbabwe.

Presently I am a correspondent for the Voice of America, South African-based defence new provider

Defenceweb and South-African-based Creamer Media

titles Mining Weekly and Engineering News operating out of Bulawayo,Zimbabwe’s second largest city

joined The Daily News as a senior reporter

I then joined the United Nations Integrated Regional Information Network as a Bulawayo-based

While with IRIN, I also did a part time job at the now-defunct African News Dimension in Johannesburg

Joined Voice of Ameria. I have written international business news about

Africa for several organisations which include Africa Investor (SA),

All Africa News Agency (Kenya) and Africa News (Netherlands).

I have  also done specialised business features for the digital magazine

Business In Africa (Netherlands) and Botswana’s premier business magazine, The Business Diary.

I am also proficienct in radio news script writting, digital audio processing and production.


Alan Caruba.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A longtime business and science writer, an author, and veteran journalist

Mr. Caruba is best known these days for his popular blog, “Warning Signs”, whose daily commentaries on a wide variety of topics also appear on many other news/opinion websites and blogs.

He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and is a founding member of The National Book Critics Circle.

He posts a monthly report on new books at






Marcus J. Ranum.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Marcus J. Ranum is a world-renowned expert on security system design and implementation.

He is recognized as an early innovator in firewall technology,

and the implementor of the first commercial firewall product.

Since the late 1980’s, he has designed a number of groundbreaking security products including the DEC SEAL, the TIS firewall toolkit, the Gauntlet firewall, and NFR’s Network Flight Recorder intrusion detection system.

He has been involved in every level of operations of a security product business,

from developer, to founder and CEO of NFR.

Marcus has served as a consultant to many FORTUNE 500 firms and national governments,

as well as serving as a guest lecturer and instructor at numerous high-tech conferences.

In 2001, he was awarded the TISC “Clue” award for service to the security community,

and the ISSA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Marcus is Chief Of Security for Tenable Security, Inc.,

where he is responsible for research in open source logging tools, and product training.

He serves as a technology advisor to a number of start-ups, established concerns, and venture capital groups.

His website:


Ajay Shah.
Contributor for The Daily Journalist
Professor, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy
Macroeconomics – Finance – Pensions – IndiaBottom of Form Listed in Top 10 economists in the Indian Expresssupplement’TheMost Powerful Indians in 2010 ‘, January 2010.BH Economics Blog Awards 2009: `Best South Asian Blog’,December2009.personal blog:


Lisa Nielsen.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A long-time public school educator and administrator

She is passionate and outspoken about her work in supporting young people,

in authentic and innovative ways that will prepare them for real-world success.

In addition to her award-winning blog, The Innovative Educator,

Ms. Nielsen’s writing is featured in places such as Tech & Learning,Leading & Learning,MindShift,Huffington Post,

and she is the author the book Teaching Generation Text.

You can follow her on Twitter @InnovativeEdu or join her group on Facebook






Michael Straus.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Contributing Editor,, syndicated by

Correspondent, World Tea News

Freelance Journalist


For the past 18 years Michael has been a communications consultant for organic foods,

sustainable agriculture and environmental and social justice issues.

He was also the Executive Producer of Beyond Organic, a nationally syndicated environmental radio talk show.






Jason Digiannantoni.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Graduated the Ohio State University with a Master of Social Work.

CPT DiGiannantoni is a behavioral health officer in the Ohio Army National Guard

and works at the VA in Columbus, OH as the outreach coordinator for OEF/OIF/OND veterans.



Christopher B. Daly.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He the author of a Covering America, a major new narrative history of journalism in the United States.

A professor of journalism at Boston University,

Daly is also a veteran journalist with experience in wire services, newspapers, magazines, books, and online.

A Harvard graduate, he spent 10 years at the Associated Press. From 1989 to 1997,

he covered New England for the Washington Post. He holds a master’s degree in history from the University of North Carolina,

where he was a co-author of the prize-winning 1987 book Like a Family, a social history of the South’s industrialization.

His writing has appeared in Atlantic MonthlyColumbia Journalism ReviewParentsNew England Monthly,BostonAmerican Prospect and other

magazines. He contributes freelance articles and essays to newspapers and magazines, and he blogs at







Andrew Hartman.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

He is Associate Professor of History at Illinois State University.

He is the author of “Education and the Cold War: The Battle for the American School” (Palgrave Macmillan),

and is currently writing another book, “A War for the Soul Of America: A History of the Culture Wars, From the Sixties

to the Present” (to be published by the University of Chicago Press.)

Hartman regularly writes for the award-winning U.S. Intellectual History Blog.

Follow him at







Subodh Rana.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

With nearly 30 years experience in hotel and travel industry of Nepal Mr. Rana has pioneered many tourism products.

Starting his career with Everest Sheraton Hotel in the early eighties, he moved into travel & tourism with Marco

Travels as its managing director in 1990. He developed certain new markets including Scandinavia, Malaysia and China.

He received OAD Reizen sponsored Transavia charter flights from The Netherlands from 1998 until 2005.

He also got General Sales Agency for Malaysia Airlines in 1999.

Mr. Rana pioneered the leisure outbound market in Nepal joining hands with Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board

and positioned Malaysia as a top leisure destination since 2003.

Mr. Rana is the founding member and current President of Nepal Incentive & Convention Association (NICA)

in which capacity he has represented Nepal’s MICE potential in the international market by attending specialized travel fairs like IMEX, EIBTM

and IT&CMA. Mr. Rana brings to Malla Travels a wealth of experience to fulfill its goal of positioning the company as

the Number One travel and tourism company in Nepal.







Melanie Nathan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist


Practiced as an attorney in South Africa during apartheid era

Resides in San Francisco where she is an LGBTI civil and human rights campaigner

Uses her blog as an advocacy platform,

extensively covering Uganda,  the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, “corrective rape” in South Africa

and the plight of bi-national same-sex couples in the U.S.A.

Executive Director of Private Courts, Inc., a conflict resolution and human rights advocacy firm.

Publisher of O-Blog-Dee-O-blog-Da (

Co-Producer Gay U.S.A. the Movie

Contributor : The Advocate, LGBTQ Nation, SDGLN


Catherine Haig.





C. Bonjukian Patten

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I am a Financial Consultant with my own Bookkeeping/Office Management LLC

working in the Greater NYC Area for clients in a cross section of industry.

I am also a musician/creative writer/blogger/editor

who believes in a One World Humanity and still has hope that our future is on the horizon dotted

with brilliant moments and wonderful writing.



Günter Soydanbay.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Brand Strategist

A native of Turkey, Günter is a passionate brand strategist and a serious thinker,

who has years of experience in brand management.

Holding a B.Sc. in Psychology, Günter’s brand thinking is heavily influenced by depth psychology.

He is a keen listener and an observer. He also has an MBA degree from McGill University

with a concentration in Strategic Management.

Throughout his career Günter worked with numerous high-profile clients.

Günter’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, brand strategy, verbal strategy, research and trend analysis.

Günter genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge of branding.

His blog ( is a popular conversation platform for brand thinkers.

His articles on destination branding are published at a monthly Turkish magazine.

His first co-authored book, the Branded and the Unbranded, will be published in 2013.







Dr. John Joseph RAY.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

B.A. in Psychology from the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

I then moved to Sydney (in New South Wales, Australia) and took my M.A. in psychology

from the University of Sydney in 1969 and my Ph.D. in Behavioural Sciences from Macquarie University in 1974.

I first tutored in psychology at Macquarie University and then taught sociology at the University of New South Wales.

I taught primarily social psychology and research methods.

My major research interests lay in psychological authoritarianism, conservatism, racism and achievement motivation

– resulting in over 250 academic publications all told. My major book was Conservatism as heresy,

published in 1974. Another copy here

At age 39 in 1983 I retired permanently from academic employment and moved back to Brisbane,

Queensland, to concentrate on business and personal interests.



Sylvain Timsit.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Having been a journalist and documentary filmmaker

I am now the creator of websites, including and and a futurology site, “L’Arbre des possibles“.



Tracy Dennis.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

is an associate professor in the Psychology Department at Hunter College and The City  University of New York.

Trained in clinical psychology, child  development, and  neuroscience,

she has an active program of research focused on the impact of social media

on social-emotionalwell-being at the level of biology andbehavior, the neurobiology of emotional disorders,

and the use of alternativetreatment approaches, such as the development of a stress-reduction appand

the use of mindfulness meditation techniques in at-risk youth



Donna Welles.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A graduate student at Georgia Tech’s Sam Nunn School of International Affairs,

Donna Welles observes Putin’s Russia through the lens of Russian-language citizen media outlets.

In addition, Donna incorporates formal religious, historiographical, athletic, and political training into her analysis.



Jillian C. York.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Her work focuses on free expression, with an focus toward the Arab world,

and as such she has written for a variety of publications,

including Al JazeeraThe AtlanticThe GuardianForeign Policy, and Bloomberg.



Alexander Sodiqov.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A Tajikistan native, I worked for local NGOs, OSCE, and UNICEF in the country,

and taught at a university in Dushanbe.

I am presently based in Canada, doing a PhD in Political Science at the University of Toronto.

I blog at Tajikistan Monitor and tweet under @asodiqov.


Nwachukwu Egbunike.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Medical laboratory scientist, publisher and blogger

– was born in Enugu, Nigeria. He earned his first income as a cub reporter.

Nwachukwu is an author with Global Voices and blogs in Feathers Project.

He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria and is the author of Dyed Thoughts: A Conversation in and from my Country



Mohamed ElGohary.

Contributor for The Daily journalist

Cairo based Entrepreneur/Blogger/Social Media Expert.

currently a co-founder at The Workshops, with a passion to transfer skills in Egypt with a hope to go World Wide.

I also have a passion for Social Media, Translation, Editing, Training and IT literacy.

I also work as Global Voices Online Lingua Coordinator and Arabic Lingua Editor.

My work ranges from supporting the 35 languages where Global Voices is translated to,

plus working on increasing Arabic content on the Internet.

On a side note, I volunteer as a Translation Moderation team member for Arabic Twitter.

I’m interested in a wide spectrum of topics, with a special interest in politics, technology, new media and its relation with traditional medial.

After achieving a major in Biomedical engineering in October 2010,

I decided to switch careers to work as a Social Media consultant for Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper till October 2011,

when I joined forces with Global Voices Staff. You can find my occasional English pieces in Global Voices here,

and my translations to Arabic here. In 16 October 2012 I co-founded The Workshops.



Teri Buhl.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

I’m a professional financial investigative journalist

who has written for Greenwich Time, Hearst CT Newspapers, Forbes Magazine,,, The, New York Magazine, New York Post, Trader Monthly,

Housingwire, ML-Implode, The Business Insider, Dealflow Media,Long Island Business News,

Dealbreaker and more.

I am currently a contributing reporter for Market Nexus Media who publishes the Growth Capitalist report.

I also write for BitCoin Magazine.

I earned my breaking/investigative news chops reporting during the financial crisis in 2008

for the Sunday edition of the New York Post.

I believe in free market capitalism but don’t let me catching you violating it or you’ll end up in one of my stories.


Anneke Scheepers.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

BA in Political Science at UNISA

Politically minded and opinionated;

I am a political scientist and researcher with a verve for social upliftment.

I enjoy adding my fresh take on the political dialogue of the day and engaging with others in this regard

. I also spend my time working with a volunteer centre to find ways to promote their mission.

I also seek out new ways to allow political graduates to gain working experience, while contributing to society.

I believe in the prospect of progressing knowledge and paving the way for innovative understanding and sharing of knowledge.

I have a deep appreciation for philosophy and politics, which have furnished me with the tools of understanding that I hope to share.



Raffaello Pantucci.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

 Senior Research Fellow for  RUSI,

Raffaello lived for over three years in Shanghai

where he was a visiting scholar at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS).

Before that he worked in London at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS),

and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington.

He has also held positions at the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR) and International Center for the Study of

Radicalisation (ICSR) at King’s College, London.

He is the author of a forthcoming history of jihadism in the UK, ‘We Love Death As You Love Life: Britain’s Suburban Mujahedeen’

(Hurst/Columbia University Press), and is currently working on a writing project looking at Chinese interests in Central Asia.

His journal articles have appeared inSurvivalThe National Interest,

Studies in Conflict and TerrorismTerrorism and Political Violence, and RUSI Journal amongst others,

and his writing has appeared in the International Herald Tribune,

Wall Street JournalFinancial TimesCNNGuardianForeign PolicySouth China Morning Post, and more.

For more information on Raffaello’s work please visit: and for his work on China and Central Asia:

He is also the co-founder of YCW, a network organisation focused on China:



Khaled Fahmy.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Professor and Chair of Department of History, American University in Cairo

BA in Economics, American University in Cairo.

 MA in Political Science, American University in Cairo.

Thesis title: “Legislating Infitah: The Egyptian Open Door Policy as Reflected in Laws and other legal Statutes.”

 D.Phil. from the faculty of Modern History (Social and Economic History), Oxford University.

Dissertation title: “All the Pasha’s Men: The Performance of the Egyptian Army During the Reign of Mehmed Ali Pasha.”

Professor, Department of History, American University in Cairo.

Associate Professor, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York University.

Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies Department, Princeton University.

Fulbright Scholar-in-residence, Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska.

“Hosni Mubarak”, an article in The Oxford Companion to Comparative Politics, ed. Joel Krieger,

(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012).

“Muhammad Ali” an article in , The Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought, eds.

Gerhard Bowering, Patricia Crone, Wadad Kadi, Devin J. Stewart, Muhammad Qasim Zaman

(Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012).



Gemmo Lodesani.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Assumed  the position of Regional Director of the World Food Program

(WFP) of the United Nations for Latin America and the Caribbean August 2011.

As Regional Director, coordinates operations humanitarian agency in the entire Latin American

and Caribbean region where 53 million people still go hungry.

Gemmo Lodesani has extensive field experience ranging from

humanitarian operations in major emergencies, such as Mozambique (87-90),

Somalia (92-94), the Great Lakes region (94-96)-up operations development aid and in Comoros (83-87),

Bangladesh (90-92), Malawi / Côte d’Ivoire (2000-04).

He also served temporarily as Coordinator Côte d’Ivoire Humanitarian (January-September 2003)

and was Coordinator Deputy Humanitarian North Sudan, especially after the crisis in Darfur.

After 23 years in operations in the field, led the WFP Brussels, liaising primarily with European institutions,

before being elected as WFP ​​Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean Panama.

Gemmo Lodesani born in Italy in 1952, where he completed a BA in History

and Philosophy at the University of Milan. Before joining the World Food Programme in 1987,

he taught for short period in secondary schools in Milan and was UN Voluntary –

PMA-serving for the Comoros islands.

Gemmo is married and has one daughter.



Thomas R. Fox.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Thomas Fox has practiced law in Houston for 30 years.

He is now an Independent Consultant, assisting companies with FCPA and compliance issues.

He was most recently the General Counsel at Drilling Controls, Inc.,

a worldwide oilfield manufacturing and service company.

He was involved with compliance investigations,

audits, drafted policies and led training on all facets of compliance including FCPA,

export, anti-boycott and commercial operations training.

He was previously division counsel with Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

where he supported Halliburton’s software division and its largest division,

then named Drilling Formation and Evaluation Division, worldwide.

Tom has the award winning Blogsite, FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and has recently released his first book

 Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics.

He writes and lectures nationally and internationally on anti-corruption and anti-bribery compliance programs.

Tom attended undergraduate school at the University of Texas,

Graduate School at Michigan State University and law school at the University of Michigan.



Author of Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics



Douglas Valentine

Contributor of The Daily Journalist 

Author, investigator, consultant, and poet.

He lives with his wife, Alice, in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

Doug was a professional tree surgeon until 1980 and began his

career as a writer in 1981. His philosophy of life is based in classical mythology and love of nature,and is applied through his

writing to political, cultural, and national security issues.

Doug’s first two books are THE HOTEL TACLOBAN (1984 in the US, 1985 in Australia and Great Britian),

a highly praised account of his father’s experiences in a Japanese prisoner of war camp; and THE PHOENIX PROGRAM (1990),

which Professor Alfred W. McCoy describes as “the definitive account”

of the CIA’s most terrifying covert operation of the Vietnam War…

The Douglas Valentine Vietnam Collection at the National Security Archive in Washington, DC, has been open and used by researchers since early 2007.

The Collection contains the research material, including original handwritten interview notes

and government documents obtained through FOIA requests, for my book The Phoenix Program.

The Collection can only be used in the National Security Archive’s Reading Room; it is not available for interlibrary loan and an appointment must be made to use it…


was published by Verso in May 2004. STRENGTH received the prestigious Choice Academic Excellence Award.”



Michael Krepon

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Co-Founder/Senior Associate

Michael Krepon is co-founder of Stimson, and director of the South Asia and Space Security programs

He has championed confidence-building and nuclear risk-reduction measures between India and Pakistan,

several of which have subsequently been implemented.He has mentored more than  seventy visiting fellows from the region,and

has worked on the general outlines of a Kashmir settlement.Krepon is the author or editor of thirteen books, and more than 350
articles. Prior to co-founding Stimson,he worked at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
\the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agencyduring the Carter
administration, and in the US House of Representatives, assisting Congressman Norm Dicks.Krepon’s
current research focus is on nuclear stability and crisis management in South Asia.

His work on space security centers around the promotion of a code of conduct for responsible space-faring nations,

which has subsequently been endorsed by the European Union and the Obama administration.

Krepon received an MA from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University,

and a BA from Franklin & Marshall College. He also studied Arabic at the American University in Cairo, Egypt



Pete Mugen Jupp. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Peter ‘Mungo’ Jupp is the author of the series.

He is an Australian archaeologist with a passion not to follow traditions in archaeology.

Peter does not think archaeology involves being ‘thrilled’ by dusting off broken pots and bones.

What drives him is a passion to ask questions about civilizations and huge constructions

that were suddenly smashed and just ‘disappeared’ from the face of Earth.

He also questions how cosmic interference affected out planet.

Peter Jupp majored in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne

and also attended the School of Creative Arts at Melbourne University

where he studied film making techniques and production.

Jupp’s inquisitive nature, and dedication to the mind’s love of logic and beauty

has led him into an area of passion that seeks answers from many disciplines.

Hence he has also studied Earth Sciences, Biology, Mythology and Art at a tertiary level.

In earlier years he studied Applied Chemistry at RMIT,

and later lectured in Medical Imaging at the Sydney University School of Radiology.

The resulting culmination of knowledge in areas such as magnetic phenomena, chemistry and biology,

as well as ancient history and mythology, powerfully informs his unique slant on archeology.



Joana Silva.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

is a Senior Economist at the World Bank,

working on labor market reforms and social safety nets.

At the World Bank, Joana has divided her time between applied research on workers and firms

in developing countries and policy oriented issues, authoring thematic Flagship reports

and managing cross sectorial lending and advisory activities.

Her work was published, amongst others, in the Journal of International Economics,

Economics Letters and Review of World Economics.

She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Nottingham. Prior to joining the World Bank,

she also worked for the Globalization and Economic Policy Research Center

at the University of Nottingham and the Inter-American Development Bank.




Tshepho Mokwele.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a young aspiring political commentator from South Africa;

with immense interest in politics and international affairs.

He is a Limpopo-born graduate who holds a B.A (Law)

and a B.A Honours (International Relations), both from the University of Limpopo.

His particular focus in politics and international affairs is on South African and African issues.

As an opinionated individual, he keeps up with current affairs

and draws on previous events as his approach in research, analyses, and writings.

He is also a prospective Master’s student; a social and online media enthusiast; and a blogger.

His personal blog and @Tshepho_Mokwele on Twitter.”



Djavad Salehi-Isfahani.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.

He is currently Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech,

Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution,

and Research Fellow at the Economic Research Forum in Cairo.

He has taught at the University of Pennsylvania (1977-84),

been visiting faculty at the University of Oxford (1991-92),

the Brookings Institution (2007-08), and Harvard Kennedy School (2009-2010).

He has served on the Board of Trustees of the Economic Research Forum

and on the Board of the Middle East Economic Association.

He currently serves as the Associate Editor of the Middle East Development Journal.

His research has been in energy economics, demographic economics,

and the economics of the Middle East.  He has co-authored two books, Models of the Oil Market

and After the Spring: Economic Transitions in the Arab World, and edited two volumes,

Labor and Human Capital in the Middle East and The Production and Diffusion of Public Choice.

His articles have appeared in Economic Journal,

Journal of Development Economics, Health Economics, Economic Development

and Cultural Change, Journal of Economic Inequality,

International Journal of Middle East Studies, Middle East Development Journal,

and Iranian Studies, among others.



Richard Mulonga. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Zambian journalist, worked for the Times of Zambia newspaper in Lusaka for over eight years.

Worked as a news reporter, features writer and retired in 2012 as the vice chief photojournalist.

Founding member of the Zambian Bloggers Network, a group of  Bloggers

that is working to organize and make visible, the Zambian blog spehere.

Richard is a professional photographer and multimedia producer and works as a stringer for international news media.

Richard now largely focuses on publishing his written work on the online media.


rsz_aba872f7d1202ae6c4b6e812565e3983 (1)

Joel S.W. Davidi. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Born into an Orthodox Jewish family from New York

Jewish-Israeli-American writer/blogger.

Holds a degree history, specializing in Jewish history and divinity.

Currently resides in Jerusalem.

My main interests and expertise are:

current Middle Eastern (especially Israeli) affairs/politics,

Jewish history, near Eastern (especially Jewish) archaeology,

Biblical Studies and also alternative medicine.



Ernest Chan.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Ernie is the Managing Member of QTS Capital Management, LLC., a commodity pool operator.

Ernie has worked for various investment banks (Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, Maple)

and hedge funds (Mapleridge, Millennium Partners, MANE) since 1997.

He received his Ph.D. in physics from Cornell University

and was a member of IBM’s Human Language Technologies group before joining the financial industry.

He was a co-founder and principal of EXP Capital Management, LLC., a Chicago-based investment firm.

He is also the author of “Quantitative Trading: How to Build Your Own Algorithmic Trading Business”

and “Algorithmic Trading: Winning Strategies and Their Rationale”.

Find out more about Ernie at



Filip Spagnoli. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

I’m a writer/philosopher with an interest in politics, law and art.

Professionally, I’m in the statistics business. More on my website or my blog.

Born in Hasselt, Belgium on December the 14th, 1965,

PhD at the University of Brussels in 2000.

Written numerous OpEd articles in leading Belgian newspapers, specialized journal articles, and several books.

My main topics of interest are political philosophy (especially human rights, democracy and globalization…),

statistical analysis, music, poetry, photography and drawing.

Works the statistics directorate of the Belgian Central Bank,

I am a regular guest speaker at conferences and universities and a participant in European Commission

study visits to Eastern European countries with the aim of delivering statistical

expertise and helping these countries to achieve membership of the European Union.

Personal website:



Mich E. Kabay.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist


Professor of Computer Information Systems (Specializing in Information
Assurance & Statistics)

Editor of Wiley’s _Computer Security Handbook_ 4th, 5th and 6th editions

Published over 1400 professional articles since 1986

School of Business & Management | Norwich University | Vermont, USA





David Andolfatto.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Flowering career in construction sector (drywall taper) aborted by severe recession (1982).

M.A. Economics Simon Fraser University 1987

B.B.A. Commerce Simon Fraser University 1985

Received Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Western Ontario (1994).

Taught as a university professor for over 20 years.

He now works in the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis



Max Lane. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia

Asia Link (University of Melborune) 2011 Writer Residency with Majalah Historia.Co

Registered Postgraduate Student Supervisor, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Honorary Associate, Indonesian Studies, University of Sydney, Australia

Writer and lecturer on Indonesian politics, history and literature and Southeast Asian  affairs.



Megan Greene. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Chief Economist at Maverick Intelligence, with a particular focus on Europe.

She is also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a columnist with Bloomberg

and a senior research fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

The opinions expressed here are her own and do not reflect those of any employers.

Ms Greene offers a strictly independent voice without a political or investment agenda.

She blogs:



Hussam Ayloush.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

has been a lifelong human rights activist

who is passionate about promoting democratic societies,

in the US and worldwide, in which all people, including immigrants, workers, minorities,

and the poor enjoy freedom, justice, economic justice, respect, and equality.

Mr. Ayloush frequently lectures on Islam, media relations, civil rights, hate crimes and international affairs.

He has consistently appeared in local, national, and international media.

He currently serves as the Executive Director

of the Los Angeles area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

and the National Chairman of the Syrian American Council (SAC).

He is also an elected California Democratic Party Executive Board Member.

His Blog at:


Dr. Marc Faber

Dr. Marc Faber.

Contributor of The Daily Journalist

Was born in Zurich, Switzerland.

He went to school in Geneva and Zurich and finished high school with the Matura.

He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and, at the age of 24, obtained a PhD in Economics magna cum laude.

Between 1970 and 1978, Dr Faber worked for White Weld & Company Limited in New York, Zurich and Hong Kong.

Since 1973, he has lived in Hong Kong. From 1978 to February 1990,

he was the Managing Director of Drexel Burnham Lambert (HK) Ltd.

In June 1990, he set up his own business, MARC FABER LIMITED which acts as an investment advisor and fund manager.

Dr Faber publishes a widely read monthly investment newsletter “The Gloom Boom & Doom Report” report which highlights

unusual investment opportunities, and is the author of several books

including “ TOMORROW’S GOLD – Asia’s Age of Discovery” which was first published in 2002

and highlights future investment opportunities around the world.

“ TOMORROW’S GOLD ” was for several weeks on Amazon’s best seller list

and is being translated into Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and German.

Dr. Faber is also a regular contributor to several leading financial publications around the world.

A book on Dr Faber, “RIDING THE MILLENNIAL STORM”, by Nury Vittachi, was published in 1998.

A regular speaker at various investment seminars, Dr Faber is well known for his “contrarian” investment approach.

He is also associated with a variety of funds and is a member of the Board of Directors of numerous companies.

His personal website:



Julian Lindley-French.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

PhD, MA (Dist.), MA (Oxon.)

He is a leading strategic analyst,

author and commentator with several books to his name.

He is Senior Fellow at the Institute of Statecraft and Director of Europa Analytica.

Formerly Eisenhower Professor of Defence Strategy at the Netherlands Defence Academy

he is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of the Atlantic Council of the United States,

the Strategic Advisory Panel of General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff in London,

the Academic Advisory Board of the NATO Defence College in Rome

and Senior Visiting Fellow of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy.

 His blog, Lindley-French’s Blog Blast (,

has a world-wide readership and is on the websites of several leading think-tanks.

He is also a regular columnist for leading Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblatt.

His latest book, The Oxford Handbook of War is regarded as a definitive compendium on the subject

and was nominated for the Duke of Westminster Medal for Military Literature.

 He is currently finishing off a book entitled “Little Britain?

Twenty-First Century Strategic Challenges for a Middling European State”.



Charles K. Rowley.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Born June 21 1939 in Southampton, England. B.A. in Economics (First Class Honours) 1960

Ph.D in Economics 1964, both at the University of Nottingham.

Taught at Universities of Nottingham (1962-1965), University of Kent (1965-1970),

University of York (1970-1972), University of Newcastle Uopn Tyne (1972-1983).

Migrated to the United States in December 1983.

Taught at George Mason University 1984-2012.

Currently Duncan Black Professor Emeritus of Economics at George Mason University

and General Director of The Locke Institute in Fairfax, Virginia.

Author of 30 books and over 200 scholarly articles in economics,

public choice, law-and-economics and classical liberalism. Editor of Public Choice 1990-2007.

Personal Blog:



James S. Henry.

Contributors for The Daily Journalist 

He a leading management consultant,

with a special emphasis on competitive technology strategies.

He has served as VP Strategy, Lotus Development Corporation; Firm Economist, McKinsey & Company;

and Manager, Business Development/ Chairman’s Office, GE.

He has managed projects on a wide variety of strategy issues for many prominent multinational companies.

He is a founding partner of International Venture Partners,

a direct equity investment firm based in San Paulo, Brazil.  

Mr. Henry has also written extensively about business and technology issues.

His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic,

The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Manhattan Inc.,

Harpers, The Washington Monthly, Fortune Magazine, Business Week, Newsweek,

Time Magazine, The Tax Lawyer, International Development Report, Jornal do Brasil, The Manilla Chronicle,

La Nacion, and El Financiero. He is also the author of several books and anthologies.

His work has taken him to many emerging markets, including Russia, China, the Philippines,

South Africa, Namibia, the Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Zimbabwe and Mexico.

He is an honors graduate of Harvard College (B.A., Social Studies, Phi Beta Kappa),

The Harvard Law School (J.D.), The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (M.S. Economics),

and a member of the New York Bar since 1978.

His website:


David Merkel

David J. Merkel.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

CFA is Principal of the equity and bond asset management firm Aleph Investments, LLC,

and writes The Aleph Blog. Previously, he was the Director of Research for Finacorp Securities,

Senior Investment Analyst at Hovde Capital, and a leading commentator at

Before that, he managed corporate bonds for Dwight Asset Management,

mortgage bonds and investment risk at Mount Washington Investment Group,

after working with Provident Mutual, AIG and Pacific Standard Life.

He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins.

In his spare time, he takes care of his eight children with his wonderful wife Ruth.



rsz_geo_om (1)

George Bailey. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

George Bailey is a Florida based writer

and photographer and is a researcher of the JFK association

and a commentator of current events.

Currently writes at two blogs, Oswald’s Mother and Outward Trends.

His webpage:,



Kuvera Chalise.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

A Kathmandu-based working journalist,

Kuber Chalise (Print name: Kuvera Chalise) was born and grew up in Nepal.

He began his journalist career with a vernacular daily Himalaya Times in 1998.

Avid advocate of Economic Freedom as Human Rights,

Mr Chalise has been in Business and Economic journalism since last one-and-a-half decade.

Currently, he is Business and Economy Bureau Chief with The Himalayan Times,

english daily, where he joined in 2001. For a short while (in 2009-2010),

he had also worked as Business and Economy Bureau Chief in The Independent,

the first english daily newspaper in Mauritius.


Donna Ross Jones Winter 2012

Donna Ross Jones.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

A successful 23 -year professional in the entertainment industry is founder of Transition Music Corporation (TMC)

where she has contributed to the success of superstars including;

Eddie Murphy, Heart, Irene Cara, Rick James and Anita Baker.

TMC currently provides music and management solutions for more than 28 television series and 11 networks.

Jones has been recognized by the Hollywood Reporter, Black Enterprise,

and the City of Los Angeles with the “Emerging Entrepreneur” award for her innovation,

entrepreneurship and contributions to general economic development.

In 2008 she was proclaimed Executive of the Year for her contributions to Film & TV Music by the Cambridge Who’s Who

When her son Nicholas was diagnosed with Autism in 2000

she took on the challenge of advocating for him and soon she was helping to educate others.

Donna’s advocacy and community involvement lead to co-founding,

Special Needs Network a non profit that has provided education

and advocacy services to thousands of undeserved families in California.

In Donna’s advocacy and commitment to helping families has extended beyond SNN to Media,

Nonprofit and Agency Boards, State and Local Appointments.

Recognition for Community Services include:

US House of Representatives, Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

for her outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

Los Angeles City Council, and Councilman Herb Wesson recognized her work

on behalf of families and children in Los Angeles in a ceremony in Los Angeles’ City Hall

County of Los Angeles Special Commendation from the from Supervisor, Yvonne B. Burke


Glen Ford.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

Is a veteran of more than 40 years in broadcast, print and Internet journalism.

A former Washington Bureau Chief and White House, Capitol Hill,

and State Department correspondent, Ford co-founded and hosted “America’s Black Forum,”

the first nationally syndicated Black news interview program on commercial television.

He also launched and owned the radio syndications “Black World Report,”

“Black Agenda Reports,” and “Rap It Up,” the first national hip hop music show.

He has worked as a radio newsman in Washington, Baltimore, and Atlanta,

Columbus and Augusta, Georgia, and produced over 1,000 radio and TV commercials.

 In print, Glen Ford has edited or served as staff reporter for three newspapers,

two of them dailies; was national political columnist for Encore American & Worldwide News magazine;

founded The Black Commentator and Africana Policies magazines;

and authored “The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of the Grenada Invasion” (IOJ, 1985).

 On the Internet, Ford co-founded in 2002 and

(BAR) in 2006. He is currently executive editor of BAR, a weekly magazine of “news,

commentary and analysis from the Black left.” Along with co-host Nellie Hester Bailey,

Ford hosts and produces the weekly, one-hour Black Agenda Radio program

on the Progressive Radio network. He also produces two weekly radio commentaries that

air on approximately 40 radio stations.



Manuel J. Laserna. 

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

He specializes in litigation and appeals.

LASERNA headed the Laserna Cueva Mercader Law Offices in 1994-2010

and the Laserna Paguinto Valmores Law Offices in 1989-1992.

He taught various law subjects at Far Eastern Univ. (FEU), Manila, in 1985-2006 (retired).

He finished BA in Journalism at the Univ. of the Phil. in 1979; Bachelor of Laws, cum laude, at FEU in 1984;

and Master of Laws at Univ. of Santo Tomas,as FEU fellow.

He placed 3rd in the 1984 Phil. Bar Exams (90.95%; 22% passed).

He was a Meralco pre-law scholar, Cocofed law scholar, Cocofed management scholar (AIM, Makati), a

nd FEU graduate fellow. He is a Bar leader in southern Metro Manila since 1995.

He founded the Las Pinas City Bar Assn (2001) and served as vice pres. of the IBP PPLM Chapter (2005-07).

His blog:



Ted Burnett.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist 

has been writing since 2007.

He’s an American thought leader and pioneer on the subjects of human,

organizational and societal development and health.

He writes regularly on the role that integrity, dignity, and sanity play, as well as,

on the topics of spirituality, faith, freedom, happiness, problem solving and risk taking.

He’s produced over seventy commentaries on business, political, social and spiritual matters.

His work is frequently described as honest, insightful and provocative.

Ted’s audience has grown to over thirteen thousand contacts including a dozen heads of state,

their foreign ministers and their ambassadors to the U.S., attorneys, CEOs, clergy, major foundations,

state and federal judges and lawmakers, media personalities, American notables, Washington, DC policy institutes.

Over nine thousand are university presidents and their faculty who teach at thirty-eight world-class universities,

in ten countries – the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, The Netherlands,

Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



Themistocles Konstantinou.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

Present Military data Analyst

Hellenic National Defense General Staff, Athens Greece

University degree on European studies EQF level 6

Hellenic Open University of Patras (Greece)

Studies in European culture

Married with 2 children

Lives in Greece.

Gary Yantis
Gary L. Yantis.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist

is a semi-retired businessman and electronics engineer of 44 years.

He currently does consulting in various aspects of electronics and in survivalism.

Mr. Yantis specializes in high technology sciences and products

mostly having to do with defense and protection from the latest high technology weapons

including some not yet in production.

In this high-tech world, mankind faces hundreds of new dangers from weapons

sometimes easy and inexpensive to make but that can still cause major damage and loss of life.

He worked for the Atomic Energy Commission as an engineer active

in what some say is the most probable future weapon of choice by terrorists – Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP).

He was also an avionics (aviation electronics) design engineer and customer technical consultant to airlines,

governments and commercial and military aircraft manufacturers around the world.

He then founded and grew a number of successful high technology electronic companies during the last 30 years

of his career. His many decades of work with military contractors gives him unique inside knowledge of current

and probable future weapons and guides the reader through preparation for, and protection from,

such weapons including ones still in the design stage. Mr. Yantis held a Top-Secret “Q” clearance while with the AEC.



Mordechai Kedar.

Contributor for The Daily Journalist  

is an Israeli scholar of Arabic literature and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University.

He holds the Ph.D. from Bar-Ilan University.

Kedar is an academic expert on the Israeli Arab population.

He served for twenty-five years in IDF Military Intelligence, where he specialized in Islamic groups,

the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic press and mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena.

The Los Angeles Times Edmund Sanders described him as,

“one of the few Arabic-speaking Israeli pundits seen on Arabic satellite channels defending Israel”

According to Israel National News, Kedar said in June 2008 that “Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, period”

and also said that Jerusalem wasn’t mentioned in the Qur’an