Turkey Aggressively Seizing More Syrian Territory

By Stephen Lendman.


Rogue president Erdogan wants northern Syria annexed, expanding Turkey’s border south by seizing its territory on the phony pretext of combating ISIS, his ally.
On Monday, he said Turkish forces control 900 square km. “We may extend this area to 5,000 square km,” he added, on the phony pretext of establishing a “safe zone” for Syrian civilians he’s complicit with ISIS and other terrorist groups in murdering in cold blood, supplying them with weapons, munitions and other material support.
His forces control Jarablus and al-Rai, advancing toward al-Bab in Aleppo province with likely greater territorial aims in mind. At the same time, he’s waging war on Kurdish YPG fighters, Washington abandoned to support Turkey after earlier backing them.
Turkish chief of general staff general Hulusi Akar lied, claiming government forces “have no eye on any other countries’ territory.”
Ankara’s operation constitutes naked aggression, flagrantly violating international law, with full US support and encouragement, making conflict resolution less attainable, precisely what US strategy is all about – endless wars and instability, peace ruled out entirely.
A Final Comment
On Monday, Syria’s military declared an end to Russia/US brokered ceasefire, saying terrorist fighters violated it over 300 times in seven days – killing civilians and military personnel in cold blood.
They took full advantage of Syrian forces standing down by mobilizing for continued conflict. Operating as US foot soldiers, they want war, not peace.
Government forces observed Geneva terms scrupulously to no avail. They’ll now resume combating terrorism responsibly “to restore security and stability to the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Syrian media reported.
How Russia and Washington respond remains to be seen. Clearly, prospects for cessation of hostilities and conflict resolution are nil.

What Next?

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