US-Backed Terrorists in Aleppo Near Collapse

By Stephen Lendman.

Syrian and allied forces are advancing steadily, liberating one neighborhood and district after another.
US-supported terrorists are surrounded, trapped and weakening, including the will of many to keep fighting battles they can’t win.
According to the Arabic-language al-Hadas news web site, unnamed sources said CIA operatives are trapped in eastern Aleppo, there helping US-supported terrorists, Kerry’s negotiations with Lavrov aiming to free them.
Yet he reneged on his Rome proposal, presenting an alternative one meant to buy time for US death squads.
The Arabic-language al-Watan broadsheet reported continued defeats at the hands of government and allied forces left eastern Aleppo terrorists reeling and desperate, various groups attacking each other, compounding a hopeless situation.
They fired rockets on the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNWRA) in eastern Aleppo’s al-Nairab camp, causing injuries and extensive damage.
Sergey Lavrov and Syria’s military said terrorists refusing to leave Aleppo will be crushed. Various terrorist elements are negotiating with government officials to surrender and leave the city.
According to Middle East analyst Israel Shamir, “(r)ight now in Aleppo there is a kind of situation in which is very hard to try and predict anything. But there is a feeling that those fighting in East Aleppo have begun to understand that they won’t succeed.” 
“Over the last two days, reports have begun to appear in media outlets which support the rebels, saying ‘this is not the end, we are losing Aleppo but it’s not that bad. We will fight in other places.’ “ 
“The(se) are kind of consoling messages. This is, in principle, a sign that they are ready to surrender Aleppo,” taking their fight to other parts of the country.
Things could come to a head soon, but the struggle to liberate Syria is far from over. What’s ahead largely depends on what Trump intends.

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