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    CNN President Jeff Zucker: We Won’t Let Trump Intimidate Us

    July 10th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    In an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said that President Trump is trying to bully the cable news network and that he wasn’t going to let Trump intimidate his employees.

    “My job is to remind everyone that they need to stay focused doing their job. He’s trying to bully us, and we’re not going to let him intimidate us. You can’t lose your confidence and let that change the way you conduct yourselves.”

    CNN has come under fire from Trump, conservatives and even some liberals after they inaccurately accused a Trump adviser of having ties to a Russian investment fund last week and again yesterday when they threatened to reveal private information about the person who created the Trump wrestling GIF—which was turned into a video of Trump body slamming CNN and then retweeted by the president, if he didn’t “repeat this ugly behavior on social media again”

    The caveat from the network: “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

    That resulted in severe blowback on Twitter, with #CNNBlackmail becoming the top trending topic on Wednesday morning.

    Who’s the real bully Jeff Zucker?

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    Liberals Accuse New NRA Ad of Inciting Violence

    July 2nd, 2017

    Liberals are going crazy over a new ad from the NRA featuring Dana Loesch condemning left-wing violence.

    Here is the transcript of the ad:

    “They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and awards shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse the ‘resistance.’

    All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ and ‘xenophobia’ and ‘homophobia.’

    To smash windows. Burn cars. Shut down interstates and airports. Bully and terrorize the law-abiding.

    Until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness. And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage.

    The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.

    I’m the National Rifle Association of America. And I’m Freedom’s Safest Place.”

    Liberals went crazy on Twitter, accusing the NRA of inciting violence and supporting white supremacy:

    The NRA responded:

    Then there was this from Black Lives Matter’s Deray McKesson:

    Exactly where were the “white supremacists” rioting and setting fire to cars and buildings during President Trump’s inauguration? Oh yeah, that was the left.

    In one of several tweets to McKesson, Loesch tried to break it down for him:


    And then there was this from the Women’s March:

    Loesch responded:

    The liberal media have largely ignored this story because it would mean that they would have to admit that the liberal-left is responsible for the violent protests across the country, and that would ruin their anti-Trump narrative that it’s the President’s fault.

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    Liberal Website Accuses Kellyanne Conway of Spreading False Rumors About Congressional Shooting

    June 19th, 2017

    The liberal website “”—which bills itself as real and satire—accused presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway of spreading false rumors about the shooting that took place in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday, critically injuring Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and several other people. They were all there for baseball practice for Republican members of Congress in advance of Thursday night’s annual congressional baseball game.

    What bothered the website’s Tim Donnelly was a tweet by Conway that referred to South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan, saying that he believed that he talked to the shooter, who asked him if the congressmen were Republicans or Democrats.

    Donnelly said that Conway’s tweet was a “knee-jerk partisan reaction,” and he equated it with fake news:

    “Basically, Conway is opening a line of thinking, without having any facts at hand, that draws a direct connection from moments like the stupid Kathy Griffin incident to this shooting. It’s a knee-jerk, partisan impulse that could have dangerous implications, and not something you’d expect from an official White House employee (usually). In a sensible world, the White House would be saying getting shot is bad regardless of your political party. Instead, we see how fake news spreads: a rumor fits your point of view so perfectly that it suddenly becomes fact.”

    But the so-called knee-jerk reaction proved to be correct, as details emerged that the shooter—James T. Hodgkinson—had a long history of violence and support of progressive causes, including volunteering for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    Maybe the next time Conway tweets, Donnelly won’t be so quick to criticize her.

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    First Amendment Group Threatens to Sue Trump for Blocking Twitter Trolls

    June 14th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    President Trump is being threatened with legal action if he doesn’t unblock the Twitter accounts of trolls (critics) who have lost access to his account after they were blocked.

    The Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter to the President asking him to unblock the accounts of his critics or “face legal action to protect the First Amendment rights of the blocked individual.” The letter went on to say:

    “The President’s Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, is a ‘designated public forum’ subject to the First Amendment, according to the Knight Institute. The First Amendment bars the government from excluding individuals from a designated public forum because of their views. The Knight Institute asked the President to unblock its clients, or to direct his subordinates to do so.

    ‘This is a context in which the Constitution precludes the President from making up his own rules,’ said Jameel Jaffer, the Knight Institute’s executive director. ‘Though the architects of the Constitution surely didn’t contemplate presidential Twitter accounts, they understood that the President must not be allowed to banish views from public discourse simply because he finds them objectionable. Having opened this forum to all comers, the President can’t exclude people from it merely because he dislikes what they’re saying.’”

    Maybe the Knight Institute forgot that politicians and celebrities block Twitter accounts all the time, and that being blocked doesn’t infringe on users’ First Amendment rights as they can easily use their own accounts or even the official presidential Twitter account @POTUS to comment on Trump’s policies and performance. Plus, the Institute is focusing on the unblocking of two particular accounts—one of which belongs to a March for Truth organizer.

    The President has the right—just like any other individual—to communicate or not communicate with anyone he wants to. If he chooses to block Twitter trolls he is free to do so, especially if he does it from his personal account, which the government neither set up nor controls.

    What the Knight Institute is really upset about—as are their fellow liberals—is that Trump has managed to use Twitter to bypass the anti-Trump narrative of the liberal media, and that is driving them crazy.

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    Bob Woodward Blasts Media “Smugness” on Trump

    May 26th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    In a conversation with Axios’ Mike Allen, veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized the media for its “smugness” when reporting on President Trump.

    Allen asked Woodward to comment on a statement he made last month in which he said, “This is no time for self satisfaction or smugness:”

    “I think that’s a giant problem. On television, particularly, you will see a White House correspondent deliver a report and then say ‘The Trump White House said,’ and then there’s a kind of smug smile — which is the correspondent undermining what the White House said. And there may be grounds for that. But it should be reported. It should be straight.”

    When a liberal like Bob Woodward thinks the media have become too smug in their reporting on Trump, and encourages straightforward reporting, you know they have lost any pretense of objectivity.

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    Olbermann Blames Trump for His Failure to Get CNN Job

    May 11th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    Woe is he. Keith Olbermann—the loudmouth liberal who lost jobs at MSNBC, Current TV and ESPN in the last few years—is trying to get back on television and blames President Trump, in part, for his failure to land a job at CNN.

    Olbermann made the claim in an interview with The New York Times Magazine:

    “Olbermann told me he talked to MSNBC for over a year about rejoining the network, but they asked him for a show with no commentary; he didn’t see the point. (An MSNBC source familiar with the situation confirms that there were talks, but says they fell through for a variety of reasons.) Olbermann also told me he had negotiated with CNN: “There was an offer, then there wasn’t an offer, then there was an offer. And Trump didn’t like me, and apparently exerted influence on that.” (A CNN spokeswoman says there were brief preliminary conversations about Olbermann joining its HLN spinoff, not the flagship channel, and that they took place well over a year ago, without any involvement from Trump.)”

    He sounds like Hillary Clinton, blaming others for his failure to get a job, rather than admit that his inability to get a cable news job—or any television job, for that matter—is solely his fault. Then again, Olbermann has never been known for his modesty, or his honesty.

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    Trump to Address NRA Meeting

    April 29th, 2017

    President Donald Trump is rewarding the National Rifle Association for its support of his campaign last year by speaking at the organization’s annual meeting taking place in Atlanta this week. Trump’s speech is scheduled for Friday afternoon during the NRA-ILA’s Leadership Forum.

    “The NRA is honored to have the president address our annual meeting at the leadership forum,” said Jennifer Baker, a spokeswoman for the NRA. “We’re excited to once again have a president who respects the Second Amendment.”

    Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan in 1983 to address the NRA meeting. Neither George W. Bush nor his father spoke to the group during their presidencies. The elder Bush publicly resigned from the group in 1995 after the NRA sent a fundraising letter describing some federal agents as “jack-booted thugs.”

    At last year’s NRA meeting, then-candidate Trump received the group’s endorsement and pledged to “save our Second Amendment” and appoint judges who would back gun rights—which played extremely well with the audience.

    Now, as President, he will likely reiterate those pledges and cite recently appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as the type of judge that NRA members can expect to see at all levels of the federal judiciary during his presidency.

    While NRA members are enjoying the workshops and the 15 acres of guns and gear in the exhibit hall on Saturday, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), whose district encompasses Atlanta, will be teaming up with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Everytown for Gun Safety, to oppose what it calls the NRA’s “guns everywhere agenda.” They will be protesting outside the convention, proving once again how clueless the anti-gun lobby really is.

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    Fox News Shuffles Primetime Lineup After O’Reilly Ouster

    April 20th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    Fox News announced today that the network and star host Bill O’Reilly have parted company in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against him:

    “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.”

    For O’Reilly, who has been with Fox since October 1996, it marks a stunning downfall. He was the top-rated host in cable news for the past 16 years—and well on his way to a 17th year—when The New York Times broke the story that O’Reilly and Fox News had paid $13 million to five women since 2002 to settle sexual harassment charges.

    With O”Reilly’s departure, Fox News will reshuffle it’s primetime lineup starting Monday, by airing Tucker Carlson’s show at 8 p.m. and moving The Five into Carlson’s 9 p.m. slot. Starting May 1, The Five’s Eric Bolling will get his own show at 5 p.m. and Martha MacCallum’s The First 100 Days will become permanent at 7 p.m.

    O’Reilly’s ratings will be extremely hard to duplicate—though Carlson certainly has the potential to achieve O’Reilly-like numbers. It’s far more likely that Fox’s overall ratings will take a hit without their long-time star.

    Normally a network losing a top star like O’Reilly would provide an opening to competitors, but Fox News is so far ahead of MSNBC and CNN that even with the inevitable ratings drop, they will remain the top-rated cable news network for the foreseeable future.

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    O’Reilly’s Ratings Soar Despite Sex Harassment Charges

    April 12th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    Embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly saw his ratings rise substantially last week despite the fact that more than 60 advertisers have pulled ads from his show after The New York Times reported that O’Reilly and Fox News paid $13 million to five women to settle sexual harassment charges.

    The O’Reilly Factor averaged more than 3.7 million total viewers and 652,000 in the all-important 25-54 demo, making it the No. 1 show in both categories for the week. That represents a 28 percent increase in total viewers and 42 percent increase in the demo compared to the same period last year.

    Fox said that it’s investigating a sexual harassment claim against O’Reilly made by radio talk-show host Wendy Walsh, who said that O’Reilly withdrew a job offer after she declined to visit his hotel room in 2013—a charge that he vehemently denies.

    Advertisers will likely continue to stay away from O’Reilly’s show until the investigation concludes, though I’m sure Fox News is hoping that strong ratings by The O”Reilly Factor and the passage of time will lure them back.

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    Former Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest Joins NBC News, MSNBC as Political Analyst

    March 29th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    Josh Earnest, who served as White House Press Secretary for the last 2 1/2 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, has joined NBC News and MSNBC as a political analyst, according to an announcement from the networks on Monday.

    “With his wealth of experience and insight, Josh will be a great addition to our roster of contributors and will be an asset for our two networks as we continue to cover the White House, Congress and politics beyond the Beltway,” said NBC News President Noah Oppenheim and MSNBC President Phil Griffin in a joint memo to staffers.

    Earnest’s association with Obama began in March 2007 when he joined his presidential campaign as its Iowa communications manager. He went to work in the Obama White House after the 2008 election, culminating in his press secretary role.

    Previous Obama White House press secretaries Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney also took their turn as liberal media political analysts after leaving the White House, but have since found more lucrative jobs in the private sector, away from politics.

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    NY Times Executive Editor: WaPo’s New “Democracy Dies In Darkness” Slogan Sounds Like a Batman Movie

    March 14th, 2017

    New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet chided The Washington Post over its new masthead slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” as something that sounds more like it belongs in a Batman movie and not on the front page of a leading newspaper:

    “’I love our competition with The Washington Post,’ he said. ‘I think it’s great. But I think their slogan — Marty Baron please forgive me for saying this — sounds like the next Batman movie.’”

    Baquet made his remarks at SXSW in Austin, Texas on Sunday.

    The Post added the slogan to its masthead on February 22, according to the paper’s spokeswoman Kris Coratti, because “We thought it would be a good, concise value statement that conveys who we are to the many millions of readers who have come to us for the first time over the last year. We started with our newest readers on Snapchat, and plan to roll it out on our other platforms in the coming weeks.”

    In reality the Post slogan isn’t a value statement any more than the Times’ “The truth is more important now than ever” ads are about seeking truth. Instead they are a way for both to take shots at President Trump, who has turned the liberal media’s world upside down since taking office.

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    Slight Majority of Americans Think Media Coverage of Trump is Too Tough

    February 28th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that slightly more than half of Americans think that the media’s coverage of President Trump has been too critical.

    The poll found that 51% of Americans think the media is too critical of the President, though 41% feel the coverage has been fair and objective, with 6% saying the media haven’t been tough enough.

    A slightly larger majority—53%—believes that the news media have exaggerated problems in the Trump administration, while 45% don’t believe that to be the case.

    The biggest surprise came from the 40% of poll respondents who cited MSNBC as their primary news source. They said that they agreed that “the news media and other elites are exaggerating the problems of the Trump administration, because they are uncomfortable and threatened by the kind of change that Trump represents.”

    Since taking office, Trump has waged a very public battle with the liberal media and their penchant for “fake news,” in an effort to discredit his administration. Even though only a slight majority believe that the media have been too harsh on him, it’s enough for him to continue his attacks on the media—much to their consternation.

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    Flashback: Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell Called the Media the “Enemy of the American People” in 2012 [Video]

    February 21st, 2017


    By Don Irvine.


    President Trump escalated his battle with the liberal media on Friday when he tweeted that they were “the enemy of the American people,” but he wasn’t the first person to place that label on them.

    The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

    At Accuracy in Media’s “ObamaNation—A Day of Truth” conference in September 2012, Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell ripped into the media for their bias:

    “The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and they go to serve—to decide that they will now become active participants—when they decide that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people. And it is a threat to the very future of this country if…we allow this stuff to go on, and…we’ve crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks, and it needs to be talked about.”

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    Deborah Turness Out as NBC News President

    February 16th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    NBC News president Deborah Turness has been named the president of NBC News International, which is the network’s side of a new partnership with EuroNews, a pan-European satellite news service based in Lyon, France. Turness oversaw the firing of Meet the Press host David Gregory and the removal of Brian Williams as the Nightly News anchor after he was caught lying about being on a helicopter that was shot and forced down in Iraq.

    Turness had been at NBC News since 2013, but her role was diminished after the Williams debacle. In 2015, the network brought back Andrew Lack to oversee both NBC News and MSNBC.

    Turness will be replaced by Noel Oppenheim, the executive producer of the Today show.

    Lack spun the move as a positive one for Turness in a memo to the staff. But the change occurred not long after the network was criticized for how it handled the departure of black anchor Tamron Hall, who was squeezed out after NBC signed former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly to a big contract. Lack signaled that he had tired of Turness’ management decisions:

    “Deborah has been integral to this process—she’s been my partner for several months in assessing the opportunity and aligning our vision with Euronews.

    Deborah joined NBC News three and a half years ago. In no small measure due to her leadership, all four of our broadcasts finished 2016 as number one in both of the key demos—for the first time since 2011.

    She’s driven the news division on big scoops and exclusives and considerably upped our game on covering international news. Her commitment to ‘journalism with a capital J’ can be seen in the many prestigious awards NBC News has won in the last few years. She also led a massive overhaul of our systems and processes, just one of the many ways she has made us all better and brighter.”

    With these changes, Lack now has a lieutenant of his own choosing—one who hopefully won’t cause NBC any further embarrassment.

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    Dan Rather Launches “News and Guts” Facebook Page to Combat Fake News

    February 10th, 2017

    By Don Irvine.


    Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has launched a new Facebook page to ferret out real news from what he considers to be the fake news that has proliferated since the election:

    Please join me on an exciting new endeavor.

    I love news. I always have and can confidently say I always will. Journalism, real journalism, deep-digging reporting without fear or favor, is as important now, if not more so, than any time I can remember.

    Together, on this Facebook page, we have built a community that I know values real news. But there is only so much I can share and on which I can comment. Take a week like this week, where the news of the confirmation hearings is coming fast and furious. There are far more articles that deserve your attention and great reporters who I would love to spotlight.

    I got into news in the first place to be part of something noble and bigger than myself. For those reasons, I am starting a second Facebook page called News And Guts, a digital news feed of sorts. It’s also the name of my digital news and production company. The goal is to inform, innovate, and inspire. This Facebook page will be under the stewardship of a very talented group of reporters who work at my company. These are men and women who know real news. They’ve reported with me around the globe from dangerous and difficult datelines. I trust them and so should you.

    You may find the tone of the page a little more free-wheeling than mine but we also want this to be a two-way street. Share with us your thoughts or articles or stories you want us to cover.

    In an era of fake news, false equivalence, and too much fluff, let’s take a stand together to demand better, and bring attention to all those doing great work. Please click here: News And Guts, give the page itself a like, and let’s jump into a new experiment.”

    Rather makes it sound as if the new page will be fighting fake news and presenting only what his team considers to be real news. But in reality it is nothing but a page devoted to negative news about President Trump and his administration.

    I scrolled through the entire page and there wasn’t a single positive story on anything the President and his administration have done—not one—just dozens of stories from the women’s march to every single controversy that the liberals have cooked up about the Trump administration.

    In the “About” section of the page it says the following:

    “Dan Rather has created a media company that promotes his vision of real journalism, news of integrity and as he would say a ‘play no favorites, pull no punches’ brand of reporting. News with guts. In these turbulent times, we seek nothing more than the truth.”

    That’s pretty rich coming from a man who was responsible for a story about President George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service in 2004 that was proven false and led to Rather’s resignation from CBS, as well as a black eye for the network.

    Maybe Rather would be a good arbiter of fake news, since he is a Godfather of it after all.

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    Trump Tweets to Fight Back Against “Dishonest Media”

    January 19th, 2017


    By Don Irvine.

    President-elect Donald Trump, who rode his tweets all the way to the White House, told Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt that he really doesn’t like to tweet, but does it to combat what he sees as a dishonest media.

    “Look, I don’t like tweeting, I have other things I can be doing. But I get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. And it’s my only way that I can counteract. When people make misstatements about me, I’m able to say it and call it out.”

    Trump added that if the press started treating him fairly, he would stop using Twitter.

    “Now if the press were honest, which it’s not, I would absolutely not use Twitter.”

    Trump also commented on his spat with civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who told NBC’s Chuck Todd that he didn’t see the President-elect as “legitimate,” and that he would be skipping the inauguration for the first time since he’s been in Congress.

    “When John Lewis said he’s never done it before where he’s skipped an inauguration — well, he has. It turned out to be a lie, so I’m able to say that. He shouldn’t have said a thing like that. It was terrible. I’m able to say it,” Trump told Earhardt.

    Trump was referring to the fact that Lewis skipped George W. Bush’s first inauguration because he didn’t think Bush was the “true elected president,” as reported by The Washington Post on January 21, 2001.

    With 20 million followers on Twitter, Trump has an audience that the media can only dream about to get his message out. And he understands that it can be a very effective tool to combat the liberal media’s reporting on him, which scares them to death.

    I doubt that Trump will quit Twitter during his presidency—not just because the media will never treat him fairly, but because Twitter, like a lot of social media platforms, is very addicting. Why would he want to quit something when it provides him with the attention of 20 million people?


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    Trump Scorches the Media in First Press Conference Since Election

    January 12th, 2017


    By Don Irvine.

    In his first press conference since winning the election, President-elect Donald Trump scorched the liberal media as he answered a wide variety of questions.

    During the press conference, Trump called Buzzfeed—which published unverified information that Russia had compromising information on Trump—“a failing pile of garbage,” and got into a shouting match with CNN’s Jim Acosta.

    Trump called the network “fake news,” showing that he wasn’t about to let the liberal media control his message, and signaling a new era in presidential press relations that will certainly give the media fits for years to come.

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    Greta Van Susteren Invites Fox News Viewers to Watch Her MSNBC Show

    January 8th, 2017


    Greta Van Susteren, who abruptly left Fox News last September after 14 years at the network, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on Thursday, appealing to her Fox fans to follow her over to her new MSNBC show, which starts airing on Monday evening.

    “I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here,” Van Susteren told  Maddow. “I want to do a good job for MSNBC. I want to do a good job so you’re proud of me, my colleagues are proud of me and most of all I want to do a good job for the viewers.”

    That’s all well and good, but will the same type of guests that appeared on Van Susteren’s Fox show appear on her MSNBC show?

    “Do you think those Republican connections that you made, the Republican guests you’ve been able to book, up to and including the President-elect, do you think they will still want to talk to you over here?” Maddow asked.

    “I certainly hope so. I think they’re going to come over here. I’m going to give them a fair shake, I’ll give Republicans a fair shake, I’ll give Democrats a fair shake.” she replied.

    Van Susteren, who spent 10 years at CNN before bolting to Fox News, is certainly the type of “name” that NBC News chairman Andrew Lack has been seeking to bolster the MSNBC lineup. Her more right-leaning viewers will likely be a stumbling block in building an audience at a network where the liberal viewpoint dominates.

    Just like with her former colleague Megyn Kelly, who announced this week that she was leaving Fox News for NBC, any expectation that a significant number of Fox News viewers will abandon the conservative network to follow either Kelly or Van Susteren to their new homes should be immediately dismissed, as television viewers are creatures of habit and are far more likely to stay put and watch their replacements.

    In the case of Van Susteren, her replacement, Tucker Carlson, has vastly improved on her ratings—so much so that he will now replace Megyn Kelly in the coveted 9 p.m. prime time slot—while Martha MacCallum takes over at 7 p.m., as Fox continues to draw from a very deep bench.

    Carlson may not achieve Kelly-like ratings, but he will be a solid performer with a lead-in from Bill O”Reilly, and will be followed by Sean Hannity.

    Van Susteren’s return to television is more like a comedown than a comeback, considering that she will now be working for the No. 3 cable news network, which will probably only fall further behind Fox News now that the election is over.

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    Adding Insult to Injury—Hillary Clinton Makes GQ’s “Least Influential People Of 2016” List

    December 26th, 2016

    By Don Irvine.


    If you thought Hillary Clinton’s year couldn’t get any worse, it just did, with the former Democratic presidential nominee being named to GQ’s “Least Influential People Of 2016” list.

    GQ’s Drew Magary wasn’t happy about placing her on the list, but he felt he had no choice after she lost the election to Donald Trump:

    “I hate putting her here, given that liberals turned on her like pit vipers the moment she conceded, and given that nearly three million more people voted for her than her opponent, and given that Russia deliberately hijacked the election cycle. But I have no choice. When you lose an election to Donald Trump, you belong on this list. How do you f*** that up?? It’s Donald Trump! I genuinely doubt whether that man can tie his own shoes, and he still beat her. Would it have killed you to visit Wisconsin, Hillary? I know it’s full of fat people and bad pretzels, but sometimes you gotta come out of your fundraising hole and kiss some babies. I’ll never get over it. I’ll be 80 and on my deathbed and my kids will be around me and I’ll beckon them closer and, in my final moments, I will whisper these words like a secret: ‘I can’t believe she lost to that asshole.’”

    I think Magary may still be just a tad bitter at the election results.

    Others that made the list include Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine, Anthony Weiner, Matt Lauer and Gary Johnson.

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    N.Y. Times Public Editor Rips Paper for Lack of Diversity in Newsroom

    December 20th, 2016

    By Don Irvine.


    New York Times public editor Liz Spayd criticized the newspaper on Saturday for preaching diversity, but not practicing it in the newsroom:

    “The Times can be relentless in questioning the diversity at other institutions; it has written about the white ranks of the technology sector, public schools, police departments, Oscar nominees, law firms, legislatures, the major leagues and the Ivy League. Fixing its own problems comes less easily

    The newsroom’s blinding whiteness hit me when I walked in the door six months ago. It’s hardly a new problem here, but it’s one that persists even as the country grows more diverse and The Times grows more global. The head of that global expansion, Lydia Polgreen, was one of The Times’s highest-ranking African-American editors until she left last week to lead The Huffington Post. Her departure hit the whole newsroom hard, but it was especially a blow to many minority journalists here.

    In the past three months, I have interviewed people across the newsroom about the issue of race (and to some degree gender, which I’ll address in a future column). I’ve spoken with journalists of all racial and ethnic identities, in jobs high and low: white men and black women, editors and reporters, department heads and news assistants. It left me believing there is a level of frustration bordering on anger that would be institutionally reckless not to address.”

    Spayd noted that only two of the 20-plus reporters who covered the presidential campaign for the Times were black, and there were no Latinos or Asians in the pool, making it less diverse than President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. She added that all six members of the new White House reporting team are white, as are most of the reporters in the Washington bureau.

    The disparity exists throughout the paper, from the Metro section to the sports department, according to Spayd.

    Spayd also noted that even though executive editor Dean Baquet is black, all the other editors on the masthead are white.

    The Times isn’t alone in the diversity battle. Spayd cited figures from the American Society of News Editors showing that the Times is less diverse than large papers like The Washington Post (31 percent), The Los Angeles Times (34 percent) and The Miami Herald (41 percent), but ahead of The Boston Globe (17 percent) and The Philadelphia Inquirer (14 percent). She feels that the Times should be a leader, not a laggard, on the issue.

    Even though I personally find the diversity movement a bunch of nonsense concocted by liberals to make it appear that they actually care about racial equality, it’s amusing to see the nation’s leading liberal newspaper falling short of the mark while criticizing others—especially conservatives and Republicans—for the lack of diversity in their ranks.

    The Times should take a long look in the mirror before deciding to comment about the lack of diversity in other places.

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