How Will the ECB Election Drive the Euro?

  The runoff for the top job at the ECB is coming down the final stretch and the candidate will determine the future of the monetary policy in the EU. Negotiations between governments over the ECB top job and the presidencies of the commission [...]

How Will the ECB Election Drive the Euro?

  The runoff for the top job at the ECB is coming down the final stretch and the candidate will determine the future of the monetary policy in the EU. Negotiations between governments over the ECB top job and the presidencies of the commission [...]

The Cloud-based XR-1 Robot Launched by CloudMinds Technology

  Going by the company’s 2025 of making helpful humanoid robots affordable for people, CloudMinds means business.  The robotic and cloud AI operator announced the launch of its cloud AI based robot, the XR-1. The firm announced about [...]

How to Keep Your RV Safe During Thunderstorms

When it comes to one of America’s most favorite pastimes, RV’ing is easily near the top of the list. Not only does it give you a chance to vacation and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but hitting the open road and [...]

A Budding Industry: 6 Ways to Make Profit From Pot Legalization

    By now, I’m sure you know that marijuana is now legal in much of the United States. Marijuana will be the next big millionaire maker; the question is just whether you can get in on the action to profit from pot in time. Imagine [...]

Leave Me A-Loan: 4 Steps to Take If You Have Bad Credit but Need a Loan

      When you’re out of money and in need of solutions, it’s important that you make the decisions that matter the most.  In this regard, it behooves you to figure out how to get a loan with bad credit. If you don’t [...]

Protecting Your Tech Business: A Guide

  When setting up your small tech business, there are additional considerations that you should think about when ensuring that you are protected. Not only do you have to think about insurance and other general necessities, but you should [...]

Five Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change Your Life for the Better

A few self-driving cars have already hit the road, but it won’t be long until they’re the norm. It’s projected that 95-percent of new vehicles sold by 2040 will be self-driving. It’s kind of scary. We all like to feel like we’re in [...]

California Could Lower Legal Blood Alcohol Level

  California is considering making some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation. Two bills were recently introduced in the state legislature that would reform drunk driving laws in California. The first is SB 545, which would, [...]

The Importance Of Women In The Military and Why It’s A Good Career Change

  Women who were in the military back in the day mostly had supporting roles for the men in combat. The women were usually nurses or cooks, or had any job that doesn’t involve going into battle against the enemies. But now, women are [...]

In the Danger Zone: 8 Steps to Take When You’re Out of Money

    Are you one of the 60% of Americans with nothing in savings and an inability to cover a $1000 emergency expense? If you answered yes to this question, you’re not alone. Only 40% of Americans could actually cover a $1000 unexpected [...]

What Are the Best Things to Do in Ohio in the Summer

    80+ Years ago famed writer Ernie Pyle visited Ohio’s Put-in-Bay to write about the islands vibrant nightlife and bustling tourism business. Cruise ships arrived daily in the busy summer season and ferry boats brought vacationers [...]

Things That Make your Business Stagnant

    It is not easy to be an entrepreneur, but that venture is definitely rewarding if it works out well. Unfortunately, there are many people venturing into the same type of business all the time. Unless you have a unique business [...]

What happens if you do not follow FCA regulations

    As a firm, you may be wondering what the implications could be if you do not follow Financial Conduct Authority regulations. In terms of what can happen, the action can vary depending on your breach of compliance and can result [...]

How to Make CBD Oil Work for You: Investing And/Or Ingesting

You’ve heard the buzz about it, and you might have even noticed it popping up in your local health food store. This plant extract is a miracle worker of natural medicine and has everyone quickly hopping on the bandwagon. What is it you [...]

6 Strategies to Trim Your Company’s Outgoings in 2019

  Most successful entrepreneurs make it their mission to reduce their outgoings, which can, in turn, increase their profit margin. Every penny helps when running a business, especially if it has limited finances, which is why you must routinely [...]

How Construction Reflects The Reputation Of A Builder

  Buying a home is a huge investment decision. Most people spend their entire lives saving up for a house. Some of us even take hefty home loans in order to get out dream flats. There is no greater joy than getting your dream house at [...]

Why More Older Adults are Returning to Education

Young, fresh-faced, eager high school graduates stepping onto campus for the first time is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you picture college students. Kids feeling homesick in dorm rooms, or the freshman 15 – where young [...]

How to Take Your Career in Engineering to the Next Level

    The engineering industry moves forward at an incredibly quick pace — blink, and you’ll miss the latest advancements that have taken place within it. No matter how experienced you are as an engineer, then, there’s always the [...]

Career Prospects for Those Who Want to Work in Government

  Every country has a government and needs one to function on different levels. From country to country, you will find how governments operate differ in accordance to what structures they have in place and what they’ve decided works best [...]