Three Reasons Greater Transparency is the Key to Success

  Transparency should be the norm across the world, for every industry. There simply isn’t a place for closed doors policies in the age of the Internet. Not only can this lead to problems, it can also allow outdated practices to fester. [...]

Eight signs which show that you need a job change

  Aren’t you finding peace in your job? Are you really stressed about your work? Do you have this feeling that you do not fit in your job? If yes, then it might be the time to move on. In this context, “move on,” actually means to [...]

Social Media Marketing Tips for Medical Practices

For many doctors and other health professionals, the idea of marketing on social media can be an intimidating prospect. However, with more and more patients turning to the internet for health advice and in their search for the right practitioner [...]

Looking for a New Hairstyle? These 3 Apps Can Help

It’s time for a new do and you just don’t know what is trending, and worse yet, what will look good on you. In fact, you don’t want to settle for something that looks good, you want to look great. You want to turn heads. That’s where [...]

The rise of at-home beauty

  Beauty treatments used to be something people were shy about admitting to having – those who indulged in them wanted everyone to assume that their good looks were natural or that they were younger than they really were. As that stigma [...]

How To Improve Your Outlook On Your Pregnancy Instantly

  It’s challenging being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the ride. All you need is the right mindset and tools to get you feeling better and thinking more clearly. Be kind to yourself and ask family and friends [...]

Google Launches Voice Experiments

Google has been working hard in recent years to increase usage of its voice assistant. Available in both Android phones and in Google’s Home devices, the eponymous assistant can assist users in a variety of ways and can even interact [...]

The Growing Trend For ‘Glamping’ Vacations and What It Can Tell Us About Our Changing Travel

      The terms ‘glamping’ and ‘staycation’ have been around in the travel industry for a few years now, and are both concepts that have been growing massively in popularity. While a staycation is a period [...]

In Defense Of Zoos

There are few of us who don’t have fond memories of visiting the zoo as children. After all, what kind of child doesn’t love seeing new and exotic animals? For many of us, zoos were a place of wonder and discovery, places where our childhood [...]

How Do Millennials Get Their News?

Despite reports to the contrary, millennials still find keeping up with the latest updates and news very important. In fact, 85% of millennials surveyed by the Media Insight Project still follow current events from various sources. The result [...]

Survivalist Vacations Becoming Increasingly Popular

  Based on the number of survivalist vacation packages out there today, we think it’s pretty fair to say that survivalist vacations are more popular than ever before. In fact, one quick Google, and you’re presented with everything from [...]

Most Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced

  Divorce is on the rise in the twenty-first century, and it seems as if it’s getting harder and harder to craft a marriage that really stands the test of time in a modern society. Either that, or people simply aren’t making the same [...]

Why is Suicide difficult for humans to deal with?

  Death, grief and loss are difficult phenomena for humans to deal with. The fear of the afterlife, the fact that you will never see or hear your loved one again, not to mention feelings of loss and extreme helplessness, can create conflicting [...]
Will Online Gambling Make the Revolution

Will Online Gambling Make the Revolution

Times are changing. And they are changing fast! There is new technology coming up everyday and as the old adage says, “move with the times, or face redundancy”. This applies in all industries including the online gambling industry. The [...]
Money Studies: Are they useful in Getting Rich?

Money Studies: Are they useful in Getting Rich?

Money Studies: Are they useful in Getting Rich?   Where is that special secret that will make you rich and wealthy once and for all? This question is often speculated on both in the Internet and the real world. Trainings, books, coachers [...]
US Powerball Jackpot Makes Lottery History

US Powerball Jackpot Makes Lottery History

  On Wednesday, August 23rd, the entire world was in awe when the $758 million jackpot of the US Powerball was won. While the main attraction was the sheer size of the prize, there were some additional aspects that made this jackpot truly [...]
Guyana Goldstrike assists local miners and reported first gold sales from Marudi

Guyana Goldstrike assists local miners and reported first gold sales from Marudi

Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (GYA.V) recorded first sales of 910 ounces of gold at the Marudi gold project, located in Guyana, South America.   The gold was mined and recovered by local small-scale alluvial or artisanal miners through a corporate [...]

Don’t scrap your old car yet says leading experts

Don’t scrap your old car yet says leading experts The consensus on whether it is economically viable to keep your old car running has always been murky, but a study presented by Automotive News has concluded that buying a new car could be [...]
Brain Maps Show Professional Card Players Are Led by Logic Partypoker

Brain Maps Show Professional Card Players Are Led by Logic Partypoker

Brain Maps Show Professional Card Players Are Led by Logic Photo: Partypoker A recent study conducted by partypoker has helped to provide insight into the competitive mind of card players. Six poker players of differing levels, including [...]
New Australian Online Gambling Regulations

New Australian Online Gambling Regulations

Not many countries compare to Australia when it comes to gambling. Slots are everywhere, as too is the opportunity to play pokies online. However following much top level political debate, it’s looking like these freedoms are seriously [...]