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    Understanding the Legality of CBD in Europe

    August 15th, 2020


    hemp leaves on wooden background, seeds, cannabis oil extracts in jars.

    It seems like CBD has taken the world by the storm. Although probably one of the most talked-about subjects in the last year or two, many people are still confused about it. What is it? What does it do? Is it legal?

    The last question is particularly tricky to answer when talking about the European continent. Although the EU functions like one big organism, all countries still have their unique legislations and not all of them have the same stance when it comes to this chemical compound.

    So, let’s dive in a bit deeper into the European CBD market and see what are some of the burning legal issues.

    The CBD Regulations in Europe

    As we already mentioned the situation in the Old Continent is a bit complicated. Any CBD induced products are illegal in the territory of the EU if they contain more than 0.2% of THC. However, this number can vary from country to country.

    Austria and Luxembourg allow products with up to 0.3% of THC while France only those goods containing CBD isolate (0% THC). It’s legal in Switzerland as long as the dose is less than 1%. On the other hand, in Slovakia and Lithuania, they are considered illegal.

    Up until recently, the European market was completely unrestricted. However, in January 2019, new guidance on cannabinoid-infused products was released by EFSA (the European Food Safety Authority) saying that CBD is not defined as medicine but as food. Or to be more precise – as a ‘novel food’ ingredient.

    “Food that was not used for human consumption to a significant degree within the Union before 15 May 1997” is the basic definition of this term. And anyone who wishes to sell food containing this type of ingredient must first secure an EFSA license. Although member states don’t have to abide by this regulation, many of them have changed their laws to fit this new classification.

    The Booming CBD Market

    There are many health benefits to using cannabidiol so it comes as no surprise that the European market is rapidly expanding. By you being HERE, it indicates that you have probably already heard about the CBD infused products and their positive effects. Let’s see what are the reasons for their increasing popularity.

    CBD is now being included in a wide variety of products, from food to skincare creams. Why? Different studies in the last several years have shown that this substance can reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, help in maintaining your brain health, protect and heal skin, provide assistance with insomnia and build-up stress, and much more.

    With all this in mind and with the reports stating that nearly 50% of EU residents see CBD favorably, projections showing that the market in Europe will grow over 400% in the course of the next 4 years is making perfect sense.


    Marijuana oil cbd bottle isolated on white background

    When it comes to legislation regarding CBD, the European area is a bit chaotic. In some countries, it’s considered illegal while others allow it in certain forms and specific amounts. All of this can be rather confusing for people, not to mention it can cause legal problems for those traveling across the continent.

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    What to Bear in Mind as a First-time Motorhome Owner

    August 14th, 2020


    Buying a motorhome can be an exciting prospect. Not only does it mean that you get to hit the open road with your own portable accommodation, but it also means that you have everything you need for a complete vacation for you and your family.

    But, like any big purchase, becoming the proud owner of a motorhome takes a lot of careful planning and research to turn that dream into a reality. There are several things to consider before you take the plunge, so keep reading for a few tips.

    Create a Wish List

    Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes. Before you start exploring your options, make a wish list of all the features you’ll need. Is this vehicle just for you and your partner, perhaps? Or is it intended for a family of 4? Also, will you be touring for long periods or only for short trips? Bearing these questions in mind, you’ll want to draw up a list of everything you’d need from the motorhome, such as the size, weight, model, etc. to make your vacation as easy and stress-free as possible. If budget is an issue, try to differentiate between ‘wants’ and ‘must-haves.’ 

    Choose the Right Layout

    Once you’ve put your wish list together, you should choose the right layout. This includes the size of the vehicle, as well as how many belted seats you’ll require for your passengers. You’ll also need to establish how much space is required to prepare meals and for socializing, which includes whether you need a shower, toilet, microwave, etc. Put together a floor plan either on paper or in your mind so that you can determine which layout best suits your needs. 

    Establish Your Finances

    It’s a good idea to establish your budget early on so that you’re not caught out at the time of purchase. Exploring showrooms or dealers online can easily tempt you into something you can’t afford, so make sure you’ve determined what your budget is from the outset. If you’re struggling to come up with the funds or are looking for a top-up, Auto Finance Online can assist you with affordable financing. They’ll even help you with your motorhome purchasing options by putting you in touch with reputable dealers. 

    The All-Important Test Drive

    While you usually don’t require a special license to drive a motorhome, you’ll need to bear in mind how different it is to a car or a truck. This sounds rather obvious, but you may not realize just how different it is until you’re in a sticky situation, such as not being able to park properly. Before you bite the bullet, take the motorhome for a test drive. It will give you an idea of how it feels and will also allow you to visualize whether it’s a good fit for you and your family. While you’re at it, check out the vehicle thoroughly by lying on the beds and ensuring that all the components work as they should. 


    The above are just a few things to bear in mind when becoming a first-time motorhome owner. With a bit of planning and preparation, you’ll be well on your way to exploring those scenic landscapes and sleeping under the stars — all within the comfort of your portable vacation home.


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    What Is Hemp and What Is It Used for Medically?

    August 13th, 2020


    Hemp is derived from the Sativa L species of the cannabis plant, which is the same plant where marijuana is extracted. However, hemp doesn’t have a significant amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which brings forth the psychoactive effects in marijuana. More often than not, hemp varieties are cultivated for industrial use, but over the past couple of years, its medicinal uses have been explored as well. In line with this, below are some of the medical uses of hemp.

    Pain Relief

    One of the primary medical uses of hemp is for pain management, particularly for those suffering chronic illnesses. For this purpose, hemp can be smoked because the inhalation of its vapor makes it easy for the body to easily absorb its benefits. In this case, there is the option for you to subscribe to a monthly smoking box that is complete with the tools you need to smoke hemp to help you manage your chronic pain. On the other hand, you can also leverage on hemp oils which you can ingest orally or apply topically to reduce inflammation and help alleviate your pain.

    Skin Disorders

    Another medical use of hemp is in the treatment of various skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema. In this case, people prefer the use of hemp as a topical solution that can be applied directly to the skin. For some people, they leverage hemp oil to treat their acne and they vouch that it is even effective in reducing the scars and dark spots that it brings.

    Antibacterial Agent

    Hemp can also be an antibacterial agent that is effective in inhibiting certain ailments such as pneumonia as well as other infections of the skin. More often than not, these are caused by staphylococcus aureus, which is a dangerous form of bacteria. For this, hemp can either be smoked or ingested orally, but some also prefer to apply it topically on their skin, depending on the health issue that they want to address.

    Heart Disease

    Hemp is also known to contain amino acid arginine. This produces the nitric oxide gas which is responsible for making the blood vessels dilate and relax. This is essential in preventing the clots in the vessels that can lead to a heart attack. In this case, smoking or ingesting hemp is a good way to keep the heart happy and healthy.


    The use of hemp oil can also pave the way for enhanced digestion because of its high fiber content. This enables an improved bowel movement, eliminating constipation. A healthier digestive tract also paves the way for a stronger immune system.


    To wrap things up, aside from the industrial uses of hemp, it has also been used for certain medicinal purposes. It has been widely explored to help manage pain through smoking or ingestion. Topical solutions can also address various skin disorders and at the same time, it can also work as an antibacterial agent. Other medical uses of hemp include the support of heart disease treatments, as well as enhancing the digestive system.

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    The Best Pick-Up and Put-Down Mobile Games

    August 12th, 2020



    We use the Internet every day for work, emails and communication but, as the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Once in a while, it’s nice to kick back with some ultimate time-wasting pleasures in the form of online gaming.


    Gaming online has come a long way from the basic pixelated games that were prevalent 20 years ago. Remote processing power and more powerful graphics cards have vastly improved the possibilities of the games today. 


    The phones in our pockets are considerably more powerful than the desktops we used 20 years ago and have led to an online, mobile gaming revolution with far more engaging and visually-pleasing games.


    Indeed, the mobile sector is now the fastest-growing of all game markets and is predicted to be worth a staggering $68.5 billion. With such eye-watering figures, it’s little wonder game developers are pumping so much effort into making the best mobile games possible.


    Online bingo


    Although it’s possible to pay to play bingo, many of the bigger gaming websites also offer taster sessions where are you can play for free. Most of these sites also come with a built-in chat platform, so you can arrange to meet friends (or make new ones) and have a convivial game together. 


    Online bingo is incredibly popular, and with such a diversity of services to choose from, it can often be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, there are a number of online directories like bingo sites reviewer, which do a great job of outlining the best bingo sites and places to get started.


    Candy Crush Saga


    It would be fair to say, the staggering success of Candy Crush Saga took everyone by surprise – not least its producers. Indeed, one of the games co-developers, Sebastian Knutsson, commented recently he thought the success of the game was more down to luck than anything else.


    In an interview with the UK’s Sun newspaper, Knutsson stated, “When we launched it, we thought six months later it was going to be dead and we’d have to come up with the next idea.”


    Candy Crush was first launched in 2012 and most of its success has been attributed to piggybacking on the social network giant, Facebook. At the time, online gaming wasn’t being taken particularly seriously; however, the success of Candy Crush blew the market wide open and led to countless other copycat games being developed. 


    For a quick pick-me-up, put-me-down game, Candy Crush can be hard to beat and its addictive levels and gameplay mean you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.


    Online puzzles and wordplay games


    If you’re looking for something a little more cerebrally-challenging, wordplay puzzles can be a great way to fill a few minutes or hours. Online crosswords, word finders and word jumbles are extremely common and many are offered for free from the stores. 


    Of course, as with many other free games, you will likely see in-game advertising; however, this is a minor inconvenience considering the zero-price tag. Search the stores to find games that appeal to you.  


    Language games


    Strictly-speaking, learning a language isn’t really a game but there are now a number of free mobile apps which have introduced gameplay elements to make learning more fun and enjoyable. Also, unlike pure mobile games, language-learning apps have the added benefit of letting you feel as though you’ve done something productive with your time.


    There are many language learning apps available from the stores, but one of the most common, Duolingo, is available completely free. Search the stores for other options. 

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    Kevin Dalby, Austin Cancer Specialist, Explores New Molecular Techniques for Cancer Detection

    August 11th, 2020


    When it comes to discovering and detecting cancer, doctors and scientists are benefiting from new molecular techniques. 

    Kevin Dalby, an expert in cancer research and professor at The University of Texas in Austin, examines the mechanisms of nature and cancer to develop new treatments and teach and motivate students to conduct research. Dalby is optimistic about the future of cancer treatments, including molecular techniques for cancer detection. Here, Kevin Dalby gives an overview of the definition, history, and recent advancements in the field of molecular techniques for cancer detection. 



    Utilizing molecular techniques for cancer detection is a form of analysis that depends on the identification of individual biologic molecules. Molecular diagnostics are a fundamental component of precision medicine. Precision medicine is a method that uses the examination of protein, DNA, RNA, or similar molecules. 


    Doctors will recommend molecular diagnostics through more than one test if they feel it necessary to diagnose a cancer patient more accurately and better inform the patient of the specific treatment options. For example, if a woman is diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, molecular techniques will help decide the best avenue for treatment. Her test results might reveal that her tumor will react more successfully to a medication created to decrease the effects of estrogen. Her test results may also show that the route of anti-estrogen therapy will most likely cut the need for chemotherapy alongside. 



    Oncohematologists were the first to realize the promising possibilities displayed through the use of molecular genetic tools. They found that specific chromosomal translocations might drastically help the diagnosis of diverse leukemias and lymphomas. Since its discovery, the techniques of molecular biology have been practiced in clinical diagnosis for more than twenty years. 


    However, the approach is still new to certain areas. Records revealed that it was not until the late nineties and early 2000’s that specific National Institutes of Health and educational facilities first used the techniques in the research field. In 2014, the ABC Medical Center in Mexico City integrated the use of different molecular diagnostic approaches for generic alteration identification in multiple types of cancer. Through this implementation, the Laboratory of Molecular Pathology was born, and medical professionals were able to determine a personalized treatment altered to focus on opposing evolved genes that spark disease for each cancer patient. 


    Recent Field Advances 

    In today’s world, molecular techniques are tools for catching cancer’s early stages, prognosis, and gauging specific therapy efficacy. The advancements of molecular diagnostics help scientists and doctors better understand the characteristics of individual cancers and more accurately compare and determine the evolution and mutation of historically related cancers. Molecular techniques are aiding in ascertaining the presence of biomarkers. Biomarkers are cellular constituents measured through samples such as tumor, blood, or urine. These biomarkers provide data regarding the existence and prediction of cancer along with improving the life length and survival of cancer patients through early detection of individuals at high risk.


    About Kevin Dalby

    Kevin Dalby has been interested in the “why” of chemical reactions since he was a student at the University of Cambridge, where he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organic Chemistry. This has led to his interest in the processes of cell signaling, and ultimately to cancer research. Dr. Dalby’s research areas include biochemistry, cancer, cell biology, chemical biology, drug discovery & diagnostics, and enzymology.


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    Online Trading – How Does It Work?

    August 8th, 2020




    People the world over have discovered the power of trading in the stock market. There’s a massive percentage of people in the U.S. alone that decided to take their stimulus checks and invest using apps, programs, and online brokers. There has never been a time in history where the retail investing market has been bigger. Most of us were content with just getting our money and saving it or spending it. Not anymore. But as we have seen, keyboard mavericks like to think they know how to invest when, in fact, they’re just lucky. Here we’ll explore how people invest in the market. Remember, trading is a marathon, not a sprint. But if you’re going to do either, you better know how to run, first. 

    Study the Market 

    The quickest way to figure out how to do anything is to just do it. This is true with any and every endeavor out there. But when it comes to your money, why risk it all without having the fundamentals down? Find a course online and study a little bit. It doesn’t take much time or effort and the payoff is potentially in the thousands. The experts behind tradingonlineguide suggest opening a paper trading account and practicing on there for a quarter. Get the guide, follow the market, and see how much you can call wins without any real stake involved. After that quarter, figure out how much you need to replicate that formula, and it’s off to the races. 

    Find a Strategy 

    Stick to your strategy. Every single investment is based on the principle of buying low and selling high. No matter how you cut it, whether it be crypto faucets, forex, or stock options, it’s all about getting a good deal and selling it for a profit. Determining how low something is or determining a “good buy” is the golden goose of investing. Nobody knows the answer to that, regardless of how many individuals claim to. What you can do is establish your threshold for risk and decide: when you’ll sell to cover losses, when you’ll sell for profit. Those are the basic moves no matter how you cut it. 


    What nobody talks about are the potential pitfalls of investing. Many jump in as a retail investor and don’t even read the tax codes. If you’re going to go in and create your portfolio, you have to learn how much of a cut Uncle Sam is expecting. Capital gains tax is subdivided into categories. Bypassing it is impossible, but limiting it is done through various strategies. One is Tax-Loss harvesting. Another is trading within a shelter like an IRA. Finding where you land in the capital gains categories and deciding what you’re going to do next is just as crucial as buying and selling. It’s not as fun, of course, but it’s part of the game. 

    Online trading is a means to cut out the middlemen. It’s a way to get control over your decisions and grow on your terms. It’s wise to get acquainted with the process prior. From there, pick your strategy, be mindful of taxes, and you’re off to the races. 

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    Is It Possible to Be a Responsible Gambler?

    August 7th, 2020



    People have been gambling since the dawn of history. It’s safe to say that gambling is ingrained in human nature to some degree, whether it’s a business opportunity or on a Blackjack table in Las Vegas. While it’s impossible to remove gambling from all the aspects of our life, there are still considerations and precautions that we must take before we even try gambling. It’s important to discuss the psychology behind gambling in general as we tackle issues related to gambling games. A distinction has to be made between gambling for a living and gambling to have fun. Putting responsible gambling into a framework is essential to avoid certain downfalls of gambling addiction. 

    In this overview, we’ll be tackling whether being a responsible gambler is something within people’s reach.

    Defining Gambling as a Problem

    Unfortunately, there are no standard answers when it comes to linking gambling with mental illness. According to the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), gambling addiction is labeled as “disordered gambling”. These gambling disorders are not something that can be taken lightly, even in their earliest phases. It’s not uncommon to find gambling addicts facing serious harm; they have a higher probability of committing suicide, in addition to enabling themselves to commit crimes that could further fuel their gambling spree. Being careful with gambling is a serious commitment that one should never ignore.

    How to Know When to Stop?

    The core of responsible gambling is being able to tell that you’re in overdrive mode. It’s kind of habitual for the gambler to try and push the limit, hoping for a second chance, and sometimes a third, fourth, fifth, etc. Knowing when to stop is not a luxury in the case of habitual gambling. As mentioned by the gambling gurus of Winbig, you can always look for online reviews that provide you with enough information about certain games that could help you develop a safe gambling strategy. It’s advisable to set a monetary limit to the amount that you’re willing to gamble with, and never top up over that amount again during a gambling session. Online gambling may make it a bit harder for people to know when to stop because the user has the luxury of accessing the platform whenever they want to, unlike physical casinos.

    Avoid Shifting Blame

    It’s easy to blame gambling companies and the whole industry for the gambling-enabling persona they give to all their games. But it’s not really a blame game where finding the culprit would end the destructive cycle of gambling. Taking responsibility for one’s psychological ailments that are precursors to gambling disorders is the best way to stay in control of your gambling. After all, no one is forcing anybody to gamble; people do it because it’s genuinely fun. The gambling industry should promote safer gambling in-rules like notifications to players.

    Being a responsible gambler is not something that’s out of anyone’s reach. It’s not uncommon for many gamblers to take their addictions as a given with no resolution, but the first step towards being a responsible gambler is to acknowledge the problem and believe it can be resolved. Gambling can be fun, so try your best to keep it that way without dangerous repercussions.


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    How to Carry Out an Employee Performance Review

    August 4th, 2020



    Carrying out an employee performance review can be a little awkward, but it is a necessary part of running a company. Performance reviews fulfill a vital role in not only providing the employee with feedback and suggestions but also allowing the employee a chance to give their own feedback on what it is like to work for the company.


    Performance reviews should be seen as a mutually beneficial, two-way process, that can help employees and employers to decide on common goals and a plan for the future. They can also provide motivation for employees and make them feel more connected to and invested in their work and in the business. However, a poorly carried-out performance review can have the opposite effect and even drive an employee away from the company.


    Here we will explore the do’s and don’ts of carrying out an employee performance review!


    Prepare Ahead


    You should always make sure that you have prepared employee feedback before the meeting so that you can stay on track and address any specific concerns or praise without forgetting anything. Start preparing months in advance by using the best performance management software. This will help with referring to their progress throughout the year, looking at what they have done well and where improvements are necessary.  


    Involve HR


    It is generally recommended that you include a member of Human Resources in the review. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that HR managers are trained to communicate and mediate between employer and employees, and the presence of HR in a meeting ensures that the balance of power between employer and employee is kept in check, and the employee feels free to speak and be heard honestly. The second reason for involving HR is so that they can take meeting notes in writing to be kept on record for both employee and employer to refer to in the future.


    Be Specific in Setting Goals


    If an employee’s performance is below what is expected in a particular area, you should always give them feedback that is precise and concise. Do not be vague, as this may lead to confusion. It often helps to identify particular issues and suggest specific changes that could be made that would help to solve these issues. 


    Listen as Much as You Speak


    While a performance review is a useful opportunity for you to provide feedback to an employee about any aspect of their work, it is also an opportunity for the employee to provide feedback to you, and for you to potentially learn from this feedback. 


    Provide Employees with a Written Copy 


    It is important to keep meeting notes and conclusions for future referrals, as well as to monitor progress between one review and the next. Providing employees with a written copy of these notes not only makes them more likely to remember the feedback that you have given them but also enables them to take ownership of their own progress!


    Avoid Personal Attacks or Criticisms


    The most important thing to remember when carrying out an employee performance review is to always show as much respect towards that employee as you would expect to receive from them. Any issues you have with their performance should be referred to directly and not linked to their personal character. For example, accusing an employee of being lazy is usually counterproductive, and they may be experiencing difficulties which could be addressed in order to make the job easier and yield better results. If an employee’s productivity has been low in certain areas, identify those areas and attempt to work out the potential reasons before jumping to conclusions or making accusations.



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    Two Signs You’re Spending Too Much on Your Cell Phone

    August 2nd, 2020



    Nowadays, a phone is a necessity, but is it necessary to pay an arm and a leg for your cell service?

    There’s no doubt the smartphone in your back pocket costs a lot of money. According to a J.D. Power study, the average monthly bill rings up to $157. At that price, your phone may be one of your more costly utilities.

    Now that landlines are a thing of the past, your cell phone may be the only way you can stay connected, so it’s not something you can get rid of easily. But can you afford to keep it the way it is now? Here are signs you’re paying too much for your cell phone. 

    You’re Always Short

    When you’re overspending on a regular utility like your cell phone bill, you have less money to put towards other expenses and savings. This habit may leave you unprepared should an emergency come your way; you may not have the cash at hand you need to cover an auto bill or household repair. 

    Without savings, there are other options, but be careful. If you need money before payday, take the time to read up on payday loans and how they differ from installment loans. While they both work as a safety net in unexpected emergencies, installment loans may offer more manageable terms than a payday loan. 

    You’re Constantly Upgrading

    Every year, Apple, Samsung, and Google come out with a new flagship phone. These handsets promise faster processing times and improved camera capabilities, not to mention the bragging rights of having the latest mobile status symbol. 

    Unfortunately, making the upgrade comes at a cost. The latest handsets can cost more than $1,000 outright, or they add a huge chunk of change to your monthly bill if you finance them. 

    If you’re struggling to budget, there’s no need to upgrade your phone at every opportunity. Wait until your current model breaks down before you make a switch.

    How to Cut Your Cell Phone Bill in Half

    You can’t afford to spend lavishly on utilities in times like these, but then again, you can’t go without a telephone. Is there a middle ground when it comes to this bill? Yes! Here are some ways you can shave down your costs without hanging up your phone for good.


    • Switch to a pre-paid account. You could cut your bill in half by switching to a pre-paid cell phone carrier.
    • Reduce your data plan. Stop paying for unlimited data and learn how to use Wi-Fi to your advantage. Pre-download videos, music, and podcasts for your commute, and to be safe, limit the background data usage of all your apps.
    • Don’t pay for insurance. Its monthly fee may not seem like much, but it adds up over the year. Plus, the typical insurance plan doesn’t cover common damages. 
    • Negotiate. If you’ve been with your carrier for a long time, talk to them about getting a deal. You may be able to leverage your loyalty to unlock better prices. 


    When you’re constantly using your phone, it may not seem like there’s any wiggle room in your bill. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. As long as you’re willing to make some changes to the way you use your phone, you can save money on this expensive bill.


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    Top Ways to Bet Online With Your Smartphone

    August 1st, 2020


    Playing casino games and sports betting online has expanded further into the mobile realm. More and more people are using their smartphones and mobile devices to access the internet and do online transactions these days. For online casino and betting game developers and operators, this presents an opportunity to reach out to more prospective players. Avid sports bettors and online casino players also see mobile betting as a great development when it comes to convenience and accessibility. For those who would like to know more about mobile betting, we’ll share here the top ways to bet online with your smartphone.

    Select the Right Mobile Betting Site

    The available mobile betting sites are as numerous as the available online betting sites. This due to online gambling and betting site operators having mobile-friendly links and apps available for those who visit their online sites. If you’re a beginner to mobile betting with or without prior experience in betting on land-based or online casinos or bookies, there are various mobile and internet resources such as review sites and guides that will help you navigate your way through mobile betting and get started in no time. One of the helpful tips from is to find a sport or casino game that you like or are comfortable playing. Convenience is a big factor in getting started in mobile betting or any other type of betting game. When you select a game that’s right for you, you will be willing to play and discover the ins and outs of that game.

    Download the Betting App

    A convenient way of playing online casinos and betting games through your smartphone is to have the game’s app installed. For sports betting, you just need to register a new account with your chosen bookmaker. After the registration, you will be redirected or guided to download the betting from the mobile website. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can log in and start betting anytime you want. The steps are simple and easy to follow, which is why more players are enticed to play mobile betting.

    Mobile App Betting

    One good thing about mobile betting is that you only have a single login to remember and put in to get started. Other apps even feature a fingerprint scanning option for an easier and more secure way of getting started. Once you have logged in successfully, you can select the sport and then the game you want to bet on. You will be provided with a betting slip in which you can enter your stake and then confirm your wager. After that, you can either watch the game live or wait for the results to check on the success of your bet.

    Mobile Website Betting

    Players who have constraints in their smartphone storage space or those who prefer to play occasionally or privately can have the option of betting directly through the mobile site. The processes of getting started and betting are more or less the same as with mobile app betting, but there are also some variations. While the payment method can be customizable in mobile app betting, mobile site betting can offer such an option or let your payment method be flexible. This means you can change your payment anytime, whichever you think is more convenient at the moment. Also, live sports betting option is available in mobile site betting, where you can bet, see the game, and get results in real-time. 


    Betting online through smartphones is convenient for bettors who are on the go and have tasks to do. It’s a good way to let them sit back and take a quick time off of their busy schedules and get the opportunity to get profits out of betting on their favorite sport. Both young and old generations of gamblers and bettors will love the convenience offered by mobile betting.

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    Factors That Influence the Growth of Cannabis Industry

    July 31st, 2020

    Recreational Cannabis products’ popularity is growing day by day as its users are also on the rise. But what are the reasons? Other than the medicinal benefits, cannabis products are seen as the most original, versatile, and diverse. Investment opportunities are also being created through these products because of their high demand. But what makes it popular now? In this article, well discuss some of the reasons that have led to the increased use of Cannabis Products.


    1. Legalization

    In previous years, cannabis products were banned in most countries because of one reason or the other. Not anymore. Things have changed, and more countries are legalizing these products. There are several states in the US where cannabis products are legal and countries such as Canada. This legalization has led to an influx of cannabis products, and its use has continued to rise, especially among the youth. Other countries are also in the final process of legalizing these products, meaning its popularity will increase even more. 

    1. Cannabis is Beneficial to Your Health

    According to research and studies conducted cannabis products have shown to provide added benefits to its users. More reviews are underway, but from the already conducted ones, these products contain a medicinal value, which helps treat several conditions and diseases, including inflammation and pain. These products also help in healing terminal diseases such as cancer and neurodevelopment conditions such as epilepsy. According to other sources, Cannabis products also provide instant relief from depression and anxiety. They also help to boost lost appetite and sleep disorders.

    1. Natural Supplements

    Cannabis products do not contain chemicals or any other additives. They contain natural ingredients laced with food supplements and other edibles. According to suppliers from Spokane Dispensary & Recreational Cannabis Retail Shop | Satori MJ, most cannabis products are made with high-quality and natural ingredients. And if there are any additives, only approved ones are put into the composition.


    1. It’s Endorsed by Celebrities

    One of the main reasons why cannabis products are becoming widespread by the day is that celebrities are endorsing them. Since these products are mostly used by the youth, companies selling them target well-known celebrities who use them in their music and performances to promote their use. Through these celebrities and peer pressure, its demand has grown as many people have joined in the consumption to get the benefits.

    1. It’s Affordable

    With legalization and free supply, cannabis products have now become more affordable than ever. Today, everyone can access cannabis products easily and cheaper as compared to previous years. Also, there are more cannabis products than other past year’s which are suitable for any age and gender. You can get any product according to your likes and preferences. You have to order and get them delivered at your doorstep, or you can visit your favorite store and pick one according to your flavor, type, and taste.


    Nowadays, there are varieties of cannabis products that you can choose from, depending on your preference. Things have changed, and there are cannabis shops all over even near our neighborhoods that are ready to serve you with your preferred flavor. These products are convenient, discreet, affordable, and very effective, making most individuals prefer them.

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    Fix the Common Vaping Device Errors Easily

    July 31st, 2020


    Just imagine you have invited your friends and you have planned to vape with your vaporizer and at the last moment, it is not working. Of course, it will be like hitting your head to the walls. This doesn’t mean that if you are using a costly vaping device and you won’t face the problem or error in your device. It is an unfortunate fact that the best vaporizers will have problems at some point.

    Each vaporizer sometimes has its own problems, depending on whether it is a dry herb or concentrates. But what are the most common reasons why the vape device doesn’t want to work and what can you do? How can you fix the error and problems of your vaporizers?

    It Fails to Turn On

    There are a number of reasons why your vaporizer may not turn on. Most vapes have a five or three click function to switch them on. So, make sure you press your vaporizer 5 or 3 times rapidly. But don’t be frustrated if it doesn’t work right away. Just wait a few seconds and then you can go ahead and try again.

    Another solution is to make sure that your vaporizer is actually charged. Plugging in does not necessarily mean that it is being charged. Because even if it sounds simple, sometimes the thread on a chamber and battery does not fit and it is not properly connected. As with a cell phone, sometimes the charging cable may have a problem. Actually, your light should change to red when charging and then turn green as soon as it is fully charged.

    Thin Vapor or No Vapor

    This can usually be caused when the vape doesn’t get enough temperature and it’s not warm enough. It is not a problem if you take a higher temperature so that you get better steam. Another reason you may not be able to get steam is that your herbs have simply not been ground enough and you should make them finer again.

    You can get some fine e-liquids from vape store online but if you use to dry it then use a good grinder to grind and prepare your herb as good as possible. If none of this works, it probably has something to do with the heating element and it can be fixed by the store.

    It Doesn’t Give A Good Hit

    This may happen when the filter is clogged with resin. If this is the case, it is best to clean the screen with isopropyl alcohol to get the resin away and rub it out. Then clean it off with normal water. Just ensure that it is dry when using.

    Sometimes you also have problems because you have packed the vape too much and there is too much material in the chamber. You should empty it a little more. Just always make sure the chamber is not overfilled, so you get a good draft.

    Problems with The Concentrate Vape Pen

    There are a few things that can affect the vaporizer. First, it is quite possible that the coil or atomizer is not working properly. In any case, check whether the coil or the atomizer is firmly attached and connected. Another cause could be a simple empty battery. This can be avoided if you make sure that the battery is fully charged or if you have an extra battery with you. If nothing works, then it may be that you should replace your atomizer.

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    Finding the Perfect Student Accommodation in London

    July 29th, 2020

    Over 100,000 students from around 200 different countries come to London each year to study. Vibrant, eclectic and diverse, London’s student experience rivals any other worldwide city. However, finding student accommodation is not always so straightforward.

    When looking for student accommodation in London, it is important to know what to look for. Regular viewers of Channel 4 daytime television may think it is all just about ‘Location, Location, Location’. 

    With there being over 40 different higher education institutions in London, as well as a number of foreign universities with London branches, many students will want to choose an accommodation located nearby to their chosen university. Other students, however, will be happy to rely on London’s Underground and public transport systems.

    Choosing the Right Location for Students

    Students may become stressed out if they may want to live in a particular part of London. A Chelsea supporter may want to check the distance from their accommodation to Stamford Bridge. 

    Likewise, a big music fan may be interested in the viability of travelling from their accommodation to the Brixton Academy or Village Underground. Someone interested in clothing markets may want to be close to Camden or Old Spitalfields.

    Transport Convenience in London

    Comprising 11 different lines, London Underground serves 270 stations. With Crossrail yet to be completed and the Northern Line due to be extended, Transport for London’s (TfL) tentacular reach is only growing. 

    Allowing a student to cross London in the time it takes to watch an episode of Game of Thrones, TfL means that – while important- the location of your student accommodation is not everything.

    London’s Wonderful Nightlife

    London’s nightlife is another factor that will be of interest to many prospective students searching for accommodation. With its own so-called ‘Night Czar’ dedicated to London’s more nocturnal activities, London definitely lives up to its reputation as a 24-hour city. From Leicester Square to Printworks, nightlife opportunities are another factor to consider when choosing your accommodation.

    Although it is most certainly important, location is just one of a number of important factors to think about. Many prospective students, for example, may be perturbed by London’s expensive property prices. 

    Affordable Student Housing Plans

    It is for this reason that Downing Students are a proud participant of the Government’s Affordable Student Housing Plan. Aware of the many different student requirements, Downing Students offers a range of different living options, even for those reliant on a maintenance loan.

    Holbrook Student Halls in London

    Residents at Holbrook student halls, for instance, can choose between a range of shared apartments or studio flats. Similarly located just a 20-minute tube journey away from Oxford Circus tube station, The Lyra is modern, urban, relaxing place to study and call home. 

    Perfect for those studying at King’s College, Atlas, in addition to a gym, offers a 32nd floor roof garden view of “The many-steepled London sky”. Marinus Studios, meanwhile, is a mere 10-minute walk from the River Thames.


    W.E.B. Du Bois, the first African-American to earn a doctorate from Harvard and one of the founders of the NAACP, called university “the organ of that fine adjustment” which “forms the secret of civilisation”. 

    An essential aspect of the university experience, finding the right student accommodation could not be more important.

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    Making Your Business More SEO Friendly in 2020

    July 27th, 2020


    SEO, or search engine optimization, has been around since the early years of online businesses. When professionals started learning how search engines worked and impacted the traffic and growth of a brand, companies have used this to their benefit. As time progresses, and search engines evolve, there are still relevant practices in SEO that are crucial while other aspects are changing and need to be understood, studied, and followed. Here are some tips to help your business more SEO friendly in 2020.

    Social Media Presence

    Social media is a powerhouse that is ever-present all over the internet. Having an online presence is crucial for any business, and experts in SEO have understood this importance for developing and growing an online brand. You have to utilize the available tools and platforms at your disposal, and social media provides just that, attracting users to sites which will create more traffic data for search engines to acknowledge and increase your site’s visibility. Social media hasn’t always been a priority of SEO practices, but as time progresses, it is becoming a more important and versatile tool.

    More Engaging Content

    Content has always had a role to play when it comes to SEO. it has been from the start one of how you continue to gain and attract new users. Building off links is fine, but as consumers are made to make smarter decisions, there are ways to properly and improperly go about link building. The content of a useful and engaging quality needs to be sufficient to entice users to explore your link network. Using links without consideration will look sloppy and obvious to readers and users. Having strong content will serve useful and engaging, resulting in more time spent on your pages and translating to higher rankings, returning 

    users, and more traffic. 


    Building A Community

    Building a community is extremely important to your online presence. It is not always going to be associated with search engine optimization practices, but it will act as a supplementary feature to encourage users and consumers to continue to use and share your websites and pages. Creating a community helps users find the answers they are looking for and continually contributing and passing along other useful information. Retaining customers is a lot cheaper and more effective than losing a consumer and having to replace them or entice new ones to your brand. All of this is significant to the growth and development of a business trying to establish itself online.

    Fluid User Experience

    Search engine optimization encompasses a multitude of practices used to market to online users. The main aspects that most professionals cover are link building and content creation. One aspect that gets overlooked is the fluidity of the user interface as it translates to better user experience. Your websites and pages must be properly formatted to help the user find what it is they are looking for and increase their overall experience when dealing with your brand. Of course, you want users to spend more time on your pages as this will analytics to acknowledge that, but if users are not able to properly navigate your sites, or if the systems are unable to read your pages to present them on their search engine results pages, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. Make sure that your website is optimized for both customers and search engines and your SEO ranking will see the rewards.

    Providing Useful Information

    One of the most effective ways to rank highly in search engines through increased optimization is to provide answers. There are many questions posed online, whether through the search engines themselves or forums and discussion boards. When a user types in a question to their search bar, google provides answers to that question or similar ones like it. This provides users with these queries a resource that provides them the answer usually at the top of their page. To get this position, you have to ensure that you garner the traffic for it, and to get more and more people to your webpage, you want to provide the answer in a strong amount of detail, and preferably in a numbered or listed form. If you can answer the questions posed by users, you are likely to gain this coveted space above others.


    Marketing will always be important as long as society is driven by consumerism. There are many different strategies to employ and search engine optimization is still a very effective tool. There are certain changes that you need to make to continue to grow and stay relevant, so ensure that your brand is flexible to adapt.


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    Treating Bladder Pain Syndrome: Side Effects of Elmiron

    July 25th, 2020

    Since 1996, many have taken the prescription drug Elmiron to help alleviate severe bladder pain, or interstitial cystitis. This condition often feels like a urinary tract infection, but it is a permanent condition. It tends to affect women more than men, but both may suffer from it. Symptoms of interstitial cystitis include:

    • Pain in the pelvic area
    • Feeling like you need to urinate constantly
    • Urinating often throughout the day, usually in very small amounts
    • Pain in the bladder as it fills with urine and instant relief upon going to the bathroom
    • Experiencing pain during intercourse

    Several forms of treatment do exist, but the main prescription drug used to treat this bladder condition is Elmiron, which has been shown to exhibit harmful side effects for those who take it long term. If you experience detrimental side effects like an eye disorder from taking this drug, you may want to consult an Elmiron lawyer to find out if you are eligible for any type of compensation.

    The Side Effects of Elmiron

    images - 2020-07-25T055811.517

    Currently, the drug Elmiron, or pentosan polysulfate sodium, is still FDA approved for use in treating interstitial cystitis. Other countries, like Canada, have required the manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, to make updates to their drug information to show potentially life-altering side effects that were not mentioned in their original information. One severe side effect that was not included is pigmentary maculopathy. A recent study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that the drug can cause the macula, which is the center part of your retina, to degenerate if it is taken long-term. According to Science Daily, about 25 percent of patients with this painful bladder condition who take Elmiron have some form of macular degeneration.

    Retinal maculopathy can cause vision loss or vision problems depending on its severity. The macula is the central part of the retina that allows us to see tiny details and have sharp vision. When it begins to degenerate, called retinal maculopathy, you begin to lose that ability and can even lose vision entirely. There are naturally occurring types of maculopathy and those may happen as you age, but for patients on Elmiron, the drug can cause it. Signs of maculopathy include small blood vessels in the area, yellow lesions under the retina, or black lesions that form.

    There are other side effects of Elmiron as well that may affect your day-to-day life, including:

    • Nausea
    • Abdominal pain
    • Diarrhea
    • Headaches
    • Abnormal liver function tests
    • Rash
    • Hair loss

    Reasons to Consult an Elmiron Lawyer

    If you believe your eye problems may be due to the long-term use of Elmiron, it is possible that you could be entitled to compensation under product liability laws. Consulting with a lawyer may prove to be extremely beneficial for you, as a lawyer well-versed in medical law and product liability will be able to hear your case and advise you on your legal options. Their legal advice will help you decide on whether or not you wish to pursue your claim against the drug manufacturer.

    An attorney will also help you determine what kind of damages you might be able to receive. Medical bills, future medical costs, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and more may be types of compensation that you can get. Your lawyer will work with you to get your medical records, speak with your doctor, and assemble the case for you so that you do not have to worry about any of it. Let your lawyer handle the drug companies while you focus on maintaining your quality of life and work on recovering from the eye damage that the drug Elmiron caused you.

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    Moving to Ghana? Here’s What You Need to Know

    July 25th, 2020


    Ghana has become a popular place to start a new life for people from all over the world. Society in Ghana is made up of people from different ethnicities, religions and cultures who coexist, for the most part, in peace. 

    In fact, rather than being a source of conflict, the diversity within the population makes it a vibrant and fascinating place to visit and live. However, as with any decision to relocate to a new country, there are important considerations to keep in mind before making the move. Here we outline what you need to know about moving to Ghana. 

    Spoken Languages

    There are lots of different tribes in Ghana which means that there are around 70 different languages, but English is widely spoken. It is not the native language, but it is taught in schools on a compulsory basis and is the language used in economic and official matters. There are, however, some other languages which are recognized as official by the Bureau of Ghana Languages: Kasem, Dagaare, Dagbani, Gonja, Ewe, Dangme, Ewe, Akan and Ga. The French language is also rising in popularity.

    Social Life in Ghana

    Ghana is a country which loves celebration and there are plenty of holidays and festivals which take place throughout the year. The Akan people are the dominant group in the country in terms of heritage and a lot of the festivals are centered around their culture, including plenty of music and dancing. 

    The food of Ghana is varied, but popular dishes include stews, soups, starchy staples, plantains, yams, and cassava. 

    In terms of finding somewhere to live, most of the population live in the capital city of Accra and the surrounding region. The cost of living can vary depending on the type of property you rent or buy and the area you choose to live in. Start your property search with Ghana Property Centre.


    The government has significantly increased investment in the healthcare system in the last decade, but there is room for improvement when compared to Western standards. The healthcare system is best in the city of Accra, but rural areas have less access to medicine and doctors. The Ghanaian government has a National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) which covers treatment and a range of ailments which are common in Ghana.  

    In addition to the government-funded hospitals, there are healthcare centers set up by religious groups. Before moving to Ghana, you should get vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B, Polio, Meningitis, Rabies, and Typhoid. Malaria is one of the most serious diseases in Ghana and it is important to note that HIV and AIDS are also prevalent.  


    The currency of Ghana is the Cedi and there are 100 pesewas in one Cedi. However, the US dollar is widely used and there are plenty of international banks and ATMs in the cities. It is possible to use a credit card, but there is a lot of credit card fraud in Ghana, so it is often more secure to use cash as much as possible. 

    Getting around

    There is a public transport network in Ghana, but it is not reliable. In the cities, it is usually best to use a car or take a taxi. In the rural areas, roads are not always in a great condition and there is very little street lighting. If you are planning on driving in Ghana, bear in mind that other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and livestock can be unpredictable.  


    In comparison to some other West African countries, Ghana is a peaceful country with a low crime rate. The cities have a larger police presence, but it is worth remembering that empty streets and neighborhoods tend to be more dangerous areas. 


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    Where Can You Find the Most Qualitative Tobacco?

    July 25th, 2020


    Premium tobacco comes in a variety of combinations of shapes, sizes, flavors, and origins. Whether you’re considering being an occasional cigar smoker or just had your first at a party and want to try more of this satisfying and stress relieving habit of smoking then you need to make sure you’re smoking the good stuff.

    Don’t take this the wrong way though, there’s no such thing as healthy smoking but by good we mean the purest, least harmful, best flavor and most satisfying tobacco whether in form of cigarettes, cigars, or pipe.

    The best part about smoking quality tobacco is making sure that it’s natural and containing fewer toxins and chemicals than normal cigarettes do. Even though pipes and cigars and hand-rolled cigarettes sometimes contain as much tobacco as a whole pack of cigarettes, you will not be able to smoke and inhale as much of it as the thin modern, filtered cigarette.

    Different countries produce different qualities of tobacco, so here’s a guide to where you can find the best tobacco.


    Believe it or not, cigarettes, pipe, and cigar tobacco taste different everywhere in the world. Think of it as a marketing strategy for tobacco just like McDonald’s every country gets its own specifications according to the preferences of its audience in this specific country.

    Even if you find and buy the same brand you buy from your hometown abroad, you can still find a noticeable difference in intensity, flavor, and shape, or size. When traveling to foreign countries, try not to buy enough tobacco for the whole trip, but rather give yourself a chance to explore and discover new flavors. You might just find the perfect cigarette according to your taste somewhere in Africa, who knows?

    Tobacco Shops

    You will be surprised that you will be able to find a few in your country or city no matter how against cigarettes the society around you is. You can also find big tobacco corners in supermarkets and malls in some countries.

    The best way to buy tobacco is in person, you will find plenty of retailer stores that have different types of pipes, cigarettes and cigars as well as the accessories that help give you a more convenient and luxurious experience while smoking them. You will also find good tobacco in your typical duty-free shop.



    You can find some of the best cigars online. Since those who sell tobacco products have so many obligations, many companies find it better to make it possible for you to purchase fine tobacco through their websites. The variety found at allows you to understand that you can find what you’re looking for. Whether it’s pure American tobacco, imported from the Dominican republic or some of the finest Cuban cigars you can get it from the comfort of your own couch.

    Did you have the best cigar or pipe in your life in Europe? That’s possible because they get some of the finest produced tobacco in the world. However, the Cuban cigars are still considered as high-quality cigars that offer a variety of options for you to get satisfied the most and not spend a fortune.

    Why You Need to Find High-quality Tobacco

    Quality tobacco depends on how natural and intense it is but again it isn’t healthier by any means. If you decide to smoke cigars because it’s more natural but end up smoking more than a couple a day and inhaling all the smoke you can then you’re putting your body at higher risks than smoking a couple of packs of cigarettes every day. At least you will not finish them in a couple of hours like pipes.

    Therefore, make sure you find tobacco that you like and find very satisfactory so you don’t end up consuming a lot of it every day. Also, remember to pick high-quality brands to minimize your risks. If you’re going to be wasting your money any way you better waste it on some good tobacco.

    Natural tobacco offers a softer and more complex feeling of smoke that you will absolutely enjoy, it has a better scent and releases a nice aroma which will make people around you complain less. If you’re not an expert yet, don’t worry, you will be very quickly after your first high-quality tobacco experience.

    You just have to find the right place that offers the tobacco you have always dreamed of smoking. Also, keep in mind that the more expensive the tobacco you choose is, the better so you can make sure you’re not going to consume large amounts of it. Save it for a special occasion, fantastic company, or the right environment and circumstances.

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    The Fundamentals Of Golf A Beginner Should Know

    July 23rd, 2020


    Golf is a rather controversial sport. For starters, many people don’t even think of it as a sport, despite the physical effort it often entails. Most also think it is an easy game to play and that anyone could do it. Needless to say, their opinion changes once they step into a golf course and try it themselves. In any case, regardless of your take on it, golf is a pretty exciting game that requires finesse and skill. If you want to delve into that world, there are some essentials that you need to understand first.

    Getting the Gear 

    Before setting off to play golf, you need to get the necessary gear to play the game. This obviously starts with the clubs. There are beginner sets designed for that purpose –– giving beginners every club they might need at that level of the game to get off on the right foot. Another option that some people prefer is assembling their own set, which might be a bit more challenging. If you plan on doing so, you need to get second-hand golf clubs to save some money. In any case, the set you should get as a beginner needs to include a sand wedge, cavity back irons, a putter, and a driver. You should also get a fairway wood because you will probably need it.

    After that, you need a golf bag, and no, it is not a luxury for just wealthy people. If you plan on playing golf, you need a golf bag to carry your clubs and protect them, which is important because they don’t exactly come cheap. Next, get golf balls since you have to bring yours to the course. Don’t forget golf clothes, too, a shirt, comfy pants, and golf shoes –– some people bring along golf gloves as well to prevent blisters, though they are not obligatory.

    Understanding the Game

    Golf isn’t exactly like football where one team has to put the ball in the net of the opposing team. It is a bit more complicated than that, and you will need to make some effort to understand the fundamentals of the game so you could play it. As explained on, you can do that at first by reading articles about the game and how it is played. This will help you understand the fundamentals of golf like the swing and how to save par, which are crucial aspects of your gameplay once you get the hang of things.

    Taking Lessons 

    When it comes to golf, this is not a game that you can learn on your own. It is important that you take lessons right away if you want to make any progress with the game at a rapid pace. The problem with trying to learn golf on your own is how easy it is to develop bad habits like bad posture and incorrect swings. Those can be much harder to get rid of down the line and they would hamper your progress. This is why you need an experienced professional early on showing you how to do everything right, from holding the club to positioning your body to hit the ball. You need such a professional to point out the errors in your posture and technique, which will help you improve your game quickly.

    Fitness Counts

    As we said earlier, golf is actually a physical game, albeit not as much as soccer or basketball, but it requires a certain degree of fitness to get things done. You walk great distances, often in the heat, and you will need to be in good shape to do that. Even if you use golf carts, you still need fitness to play the game itself. The golf swing takes a toll on your shoulders, back, and arms, not to mention hips and legs, as well as core muscles. 

    This is why golfers stretch before they start hitting, and it is important that you try and stay in shape if you want to play the game without suffering from cramps or joint pain. Last but not least, focus on your short shots. Many of the shots you will be making will be within 50 yards of the green, which is why you need to practice those the most. Unlike movies, this is where the real skill comes in, not the long epic shots. 


    You need to take your time with golf and practice as much as you can. The game is tough to master, but with dedication and consistency, you will get there. Just remember to enlist the help of a qualified teacher that could guide you properly, and to go over these tips before you begin your golfing venture.


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    4 Reasons Why Vaping is so Much Better Than Smoking Cannabis

    July 23rd, 2020


    Vaping is a good alternative if you are among the many who are trying to quit smoking cannabis, but find it hard to do so. Statistics show that almost 7 out of 10 smokers claim they want to stop the habit. Alas, the transition can bring about too many withdrawal symptoms that make it even more difficult for one to quit smoking. This is why many people turn to vapes to help them make the transition easier. But, is vaping better than smoking cannabis? The answer is a resounding yes and here are the reasons why. 

    Vaping Produces Fewer Side Effects

    Vaping allows cannabis to be heated at a temperature that is lower compared to smoking it with the use of a bowl or a joint. This would mean fewer side effects on the lungs and the rest of the body. It will also produce less tar. The professionals behind say there will also be less production of hazardous byproducts with vaping compared to smoking. This process of heating releases active compounds of cannabis into the person’s lungs. Examples of these active compounds include CBD and THC. Some vaporizers only make use of enough heat, which is about 220 °F. This amount of heat would be sufficient for melting the resin glands and transforming them into vapor. 

    Vaping Does Not Produce Too Much Smell

    People who want their habit of smoking to be discreet would prefer vaping as it only produces very little smell. The use of cartridge vapes and herb vaporizers enables the reduction of smell that is being released from the product while it is consumed. This makes vaping more discreet compared to smoking. The scent will also be muted and will no longer linger like what happens to a combusted weed. However, one will still notice a bit of smell released as a result of vaporizing the dry herb. There are also vape oil cartridges that are designed not to produce too much smell. This would mean you won’t have to worry about any smell coming off, thereby making your habit of medicating very discreet. 


    Vaping Allows You to Save More Money

    Vaping has been found to preserve its cannabinoid content for as much as 95 percent. This translates to more money saved in the long run. On the contrary, combusting cannabis results in burning off most of the beneficial cannabinoids. Only about ten percent of the cannabinoids will most likely remain once it is ignited. Therefore, combusting it is one inefficient way to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis. 

    Vaping Has Fewer Skin Side Effects

    The process of cannabis combustion can have huge adverse effects on the skin. The sticky tar produced during the process of combustion has been found to wreak havoc to the skin cells. This effect speeds up the aging process of the skin. This is because the production of tar also results in the release of free radicals. In turn, the skin will develop premature wrinkles, lines, and marks. The good news is that when you opt for vaping, your skin will not be able to suffer as much damage. This is because vaping does not produce smoke that could damage your skin. 

    It is better to consult the experts first if you are an individual who wants to resort to vaping. You also need to consult your doctor about it, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions. 

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    Things to Remember While Using Hand Sanitizer

    July 22nd, 2020


    The ongoing pandemic has changed a lot of things for us. Even though sanitizers have existed for some time now, their importance now is highlighted more than ever. Apart from carrying your phone, keys, and wallet, hand sanitizers have occupied a space in your bags and pockets. While sanitizers have become a crucial part of our day to day lives, it cannot be forgotten that they are little bottles of chemicals. Things can go massively wrong if we are not careful with them. Here are a few of the things we need to remember about hand sanitizers while adapting to our ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

    Beware of Methanol Based Sanitizers

    Due to the increase in demand, the market today is filled with sanitizers from various brands. Hence, it is advised to read their labels carefully before purchasing. While methanol has a fresh fragrance and gives a tingling sensation that you like, make sure the sanitizer you choose does not contain it as an ingredient. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), methanol exposure can result in terrible health issues such as nausea, vomiting, headache, permanent blindness, and permanent damage to the nervous system or death.

    Do Not Apply Sanitizers on your Hands Before Eating

    Alcohol based hand sanitizers have high chemical content in them that help in killing germs. They have at least 60 per cent alcohol in them. Hence, applying them before consuming meals can make their way into your system which in turn can cause a lot of damage. Alcohol poisoning and weakening of the immune system are two such damages. Instead, wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. Even doctors recommend washing hands more than using instant hand sanitizers.

    Avoid Sanitizers that have Triclosan Instead of Alcohol

    Not all hand sanitizers are the same. Currently the market is flooded with cheap variants that cause a lot of damage to us. The main ingredient of effective sanitizers is their irreplaceable alcohol content. Triclosan is a powerful antibacterial chemical that is mostly used in pesticides. Other studies show that the use of triclosan by humans can cause severe harm to their gut, disrupt hormones, Impact your thyroid, and even damage your liver.

    Do Not Go Near The Fire After Applying A Hand Sanitizer

    They are extremely inflammable and can quickly catch fire due to the alcohol and ethanol content present in them. Do not apply sanitizers before cooking. If you are concerned about hygiene while in the kitchen, keep a bottle of hand wash next to the sink and wash your hands before you start preparing the meal. Hand sanitizers fall under the category of hazardous substances and thus should be handled with care. Make sure you store them in a cool and dry place; Far from high temperatures or flames. Also, if you are a smoker who carries a lighter with them at all times then remember to keep them far from the sanitizer.

    Make Sure Your Hands Are Not Dirty or Greasy Before Applying a Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizers are not effective in dirty or greasy hands. If you’ve used your hands to eat food or returned home from playing at the field or did a task that involved soiling of hands then wash them with soap and water instead. Remember, they work only on dry or damp hands. This is the reason why factory workers dealing with heavy metals and strong chemicals are recommended to wash their hands regularly.

    Don’t Over or Underuse The Hand Sanitizer

    When using a sanitizer, make sure you only use a thumbnail size amount, rub your hands thoroughly and wait for it to dry. Using too much or using it too frequently can dry up your hands or worse, harm your immune system. A Weak immune system makes you more prone to the virus you’re trying to fight. Reach out for your hand sanitizer only when you’re out or when soap and water aren’t available to you. Using just a drop will do nothing. You should use enough to cover both the front and back of your hand.

    Do Not Use Hand Sanitizers to Clean Your Face Masks:

    Doctors and health experts have repeatedly spoken about the importance of the face mask. Studies show that wearing Mask is the most significant factor affecting COVID-19 with a 70-per cent impact. Washing your mask is as important as wearing one. Unless you’re using disposable masks, you should always wash your mask with detergent and warm water as it helps in deep cleaning. Do not use sanitizers to disinfect your mask as you will be inhaling it once you put it on. This, in turn, can cause a lot of damage to your organs and respiratory system.

    Store Your Sanitizers in Airtight Bottles:

    Storing hand sanitizers in airtight bottles is extremely crucial as the chemicals evaporate quickly when exposed to air. By leaving the bottle open, it loses its properties and effectiveness. This also lessens chances of unfortunate fires. If you have sanitizer bottles in your car then make sure their caps are tightly closed. Vapours accumulation can lead to the car turning into a gas chamber which in turn can cause drastic fires.

    Do Not Use Expired Sanitizer:

    Yes! Sanitizers do expire. While there might or might not be visible changes in its colour, texture or odour, never use a hand sanitizer after the expiration date mentioned on the bottle. It can lead to severe skin and blood infection.

    These are tough times and our safety is in our hands, quite literally. Hand sanitizers can cause as much trouble as they can avoid. Since its use has become mandatory, it is upon us to be responsible with it.

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