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    Budget Tips to Help You Plan for the Ultimate Vacation

    April 2nd, 2020

    With so many great deals going on right now, encouraging people to book trips in the future, it can be hard to say no. Being furloughed or out of work entirely certainly complicates matters, but with smart planning, budgeting, and financing, you can book and enjoy a much-needed vacation once everything settles down. 

    Planning vacations provides us with many of the same benefits you gain from actually being on vacation. It helps us daydream, relax, and gives us something to look forward to. The buildup and planning phase of a vacation is almost just as important as the trip itself, and with nothing but time, you can plan the ultimate holiday (on a budget) today. 

    Research and Compare Your Options 

    You should research and compare providers for everything, even airport parking. This is how you find and secure cheap airport parking. You can gain a great spot for as little as $6. Also bear in mind that you can also find a great hotel or flight deal online easily by comparing. 

    Tips for Choosing Budget- Destinations 

    There is one thing you should do to ensure you can travel anywhere and enjoy budget prices, and that is to not go to anywhere you have heard of before. If you have heard of it before, then many other people have as well. Instead, choose a country or even a region and go through the different options. Go where locals live, and you can have a truly one-of-a-kind vacation 

    Book Now, Pay in Installments 

    Many companies like Airbnb and others offer installation payments. Considering that you will be booking for trips well in the future, you should either take advantage of this option now or ask for it. If you want to book a pre-planned trip with a tour company, then get in touch with them and see if you can work out a payment schedule so that instead of paying it all up front, you can pay it off in six installments. It will help them better manage their own cash flow and help you manage your own budget back at home. 

    Research for Local Tips 

    Go to the biggest tourist destinations, and you’ll be hit with tourist prices. Avoid all of this by just digging deeper. Learn where the locals go, ask people directly for hidden secrets and price recommendations. Know what you can expect and, more importantly, how much it will cost. This will help you budget for when you are on the ground and help prevent you from being swindled. 

    DIY Your Trip 

    If you really want to enjoy a budget trip, then there are a few things you are going to have to do yourself. Cooking meals, for example, is one of the best ways to cut the cost of travel tenfold. You will need to find an accommodation option that has even just a small kitchenette, yes, but the payoff will be huge. 

    Other ways to save by going DIY are to create your own tours. If you travel alone, you can find audiobooks or podcasts about the destination and listen to those for a budget-friendly or even free audio tour. 


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    3 Ways to Effectively Boost Workplace Morale

    March 26th, 2020


    If your team is miserable, tired, or frustrated by the workloads that they hate, then productivity in the workplace is going to drop. That’s bad news for the future of your business and for your ability to make a sustainable profit. The good news is that there are plenty of ways that the modern business owner can give their teams a morale boost. That shift to a more positive work culture can give you valuable gains in terms of hiring new talent, getting more done in the day, and even giving your team members more energy. Never underestimate the importance or value of keeping morale at optimal levels, and consider adopting some of these changes in order to get more from your workforce.

    Better Work/Life Balance

    When employees are working too many hours at the expense of their personal life then morale and productivity drop significantly. That means companies need to take a more flexible approach to the way that they let team members get their work done. The rise of work from home days, or even small changes like blocking work emails after work hours can have a dramatic impact on how workers live their lives outside of the workplace, and that means they will be more energized when they get to their daily tasks.

    More Involvement

    The more that your team feels involved in the future of a business, the more likely that they will want to be involved in that growth. In a study carried out by Slack, an incredible 80% of workers said that they want to be more involved in the decisions made by the companies they work for. This shift to a more worker-focused approach to business growth not only improves engagement, it also helps to build trust in the organization. This means it can be a huge boost in productivity and morale, simply by being more transparent and open to change.

    Feedback and Development

    Nobody wants to work for a company where the upper management teams work independently of the workforce. Today, employees want to get interviews with companies that take a more proactive approach to their career development, and that’s good news for business owners. Development programs can be a simple and cost-effective way to improve the skillsets of your team. That’s why getting feedback on a regular basis is so important. Use the latest survey technologies to get a clearer image of your employee engagement, with surveys available from brands like, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what your teams want, and how they want to grow. This is one of the most effective ways of giving team morale a boost.


    While after-work activities can improve team cohesion, it takes more than that to boost workplace morale. By taking steps to improve that all-important morale, business owners can expect more productivity, more efficiency, and more loyalty from their workforce. It’s not a quick process to build that kind of environment, but the time that you spend on building a more proactive workplace will be well spent. Take the time to build a working environment that employees want to work in and your business growth will be far more achievable.

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    What to do with an unexpected cash windfall

    March 25th, 2020

    Coming into money when you don’t expect it is always exciting, no matter the reason for the windfall. That money opens up many new possibilities, but it’s easy to go wild and waste the lot. No matter how much money has fallen into your hands, you need to have a plan. Whether it’s a life-changing amount or something that will simply give you some financial breathing room, managing your windfall intelligently is vital. If you don’t want to watch your windfall dwindle unnecessarily, here’s what you should be doing to get the most from that unexpected cash so that you don’t look back and regret how you spent it.

    Take Stock

    You mustn’t start spending immediately. Rash decisions will see your windfall quickly wasted. Always pause before you start spending and don’t make any big purchases immediately. Financial advisors will often advise you to wait at least six months before you spend any big chunks of your windfall, and that’s a good rule of thumb to live by. Lottery winners often fall into the trap of irrational decision making, and that needs to be avoided as much as possible.

    Save or Invest

    High-interest savings accounts can help ensure that your money is safe and that your base total can grow. This will depend on the amount of money that you have to play with, and many people find that those high-interest bank accounts do not offer a good enough return. Investing your money to make more money is always a smart idea, but you’ll need to know what you’re doing. You could invest in people, or start trading foreign currencies, and you’ll find that your potential to profit from your windfall is much higher. Get a broker and make sure that you know how forex works. By educating yourself, your windfall could grow even larger. There are lots of investment options available, so make sure that you know your options before you resign yourself to low-interest rates from banks.

    Use an Expert

    Your best step will be to get a financial advisor. That’s because they can help you make the most of your windfall. They will also ensure that you have paid all of the relevant taxes, which can be easy to forget about when you’re busy planning what to buy. No matter how much money you have received, there’s a good chance that it will be considered as income (many lottery winners forget this fact and are financially punished for it). That means it will need to be taxed. Some windfalls are not considered as income, so it’s best to get professional advice from an accountant or financial advisor before you get yourself into legal trouble.

    Treat Yourself

    In amongst all of the serious financial advice, don’t forget to treat yourself, you don’t have to go wild and buy yourself a yacht, but don’t get too tied up in the serious side of things. An unexpected windfall is a positive thing, and you are allowed to have some fun with it. Set yourself a spending limit and stick as close to it as possible. Take a holiday, upgrade your car, or do something fun with your home. 

    Unexpected cash can change your life. Make sure that you approach your windfall sensibly, and it could change your future more than you ever thought possible.

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    Jackpot Slots Explained

    March 24th, 2020


    We will tell you one thing; gamblers have never had it so good in 2019. Seriously, whilst many people long for the golden days of Las Vegas casino in the swinging 60s, when everything still had a rather novel and decadent sheen, it would be incredibly foolish to argue that this time was better for the overall art of gambling at Dream Jackpot than today. That’s not discounting this era at all, because it was still a lot of fun and actually incredibly influential. In fact, as many professional gambling analysts and historians will tell you, without that initial burst in the mid 20th Century casino gambling would probably be nowhere near as popular today. It well and truly set the groundwork for what we have in the 21st Century, and nowhere is this more evident than in the world of slots. 

    Oh yes, it can seem quite hard to get away from the all encompassing world of slots these days, especially now that they have made the jump online. Besides, the only reason slots are so prevalent in gambling circles these days is because they are just so much fun – the amount of players in 2019 is genuinely outrageous! Millions of us try our luck on the reels each and every day across the world, and the reason why? Well, as fun as they are there is always one absolute prize on people’s minds – the all important jackpot. That’s right, we are not so sure that so many people would gamble on the slots if there were no incentive to win any money. It is, in a sense, all about that illusive jackpot. Of course, nowadays there are so many variations in the slots world that many games will have differing types of jackpots, some much larger than others. Read ahead for a comprehensive guide on all kinds of jackpot slots. 

    The Basics: What Is A Jackpot?

    So, before we get into anything too complex we really have to ask ourselves one simple question – what exactly even is a jackpot? Anyone who has watched one of the variety of different game shows will know exactly what we are talking about here, or indeed underwent a spot of gambling. Many people, however, will be genuinely stumped by this question, so it is worth taking a second to give a brief overview here. 

    In essence the jackpot is the prize you win for playing a slot and emerging victorious. It really is that simple at the bare bones of it, however there are also a number of things to consider here, because it isn’t quite that simple either. Different people, for instance, will quantify what a jackpot is in different ways depending on the type that they prefer the most. There isn’t just one overarching group of jackpot slots, instead there is a variety of nuances on the concept, something we will come to touch on in this article. 

    History Of The Jackpot 

    However, before we get into the nit and gritty of all these different jackpots it is also worth taking a moment to explore the history of the jackpot. Many people, and we don’t blame them, seem to think that slot machines possessed eye widening jackpots from the very start of their existence, but this simply isn’t the case. In fact, the jackpots we have come to associate with these machines have only really been a thing for the last half a century – it wasn’t always like this you know. 

    When slots were first finding their feet at the turn of the 19th Century they didn’t actually possess the capability to pay out coins. In some ways, then, many people would argue that they didn’t have anything that would constitute a jackpot at all. Going to the bar with a winning ticket to pick up a free drink or cigar isn’t exactly jackpot worthy is it? Luckily as technology advanced and more money started pouring into the industry this quickly changed, and jackpots became the standard prize waiting at the end of the slot machine tunnel. 

    Standard Jackpot Slots 

    The vast majority of offline and online slots aren’t directly marketed as “jackpot slots”, and this is because of reasons we will get to later. But really, they still are technically jackpot slots, as with pretty much all of them there is a maximum pay out that can be achieved – something that most people will call a jackpot. 

    The difference here between some other instances of slots is that the jackpots are always fixed, and in most cases they rely on multipliers rather than a set chunk of money. This means that gamblers tend to win as much as they put in, good for people wary of spending too much money, but perhaps a bit annoying for those mega jackpot hunters. 

    Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    But this is where progressive jackpot slot machines come in, as these things are where the real big bucks are to be won. As oppose to a regular jackpot slot, a progressive jackpot slot’s prize increases after every losing spin, meaning that it can eventually end up being really rather big indeed. In fact, whenever you hear about a truly outrageous slot machine win you can bet your bottom dollar it was made on a progressive jackpot slot. There are different instances of this too, read on for a lowdown. 

    Local Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    Standalone progressive jackpot slots are a thing of the past, mainly because as soon as the technology allowed it they started to be hooked up to each other, ensuring that the jackpots got even bigger. A local progressive jackpot slot is usually connected with all the other machines in one particular casino hall. Nice! 

    Network Progressive Jackpot Slots 

    Even local progressive jackpot slots are out-dated nowadays, however, network progressive jackpot slots rule the roost now. These are connected over a vast network which could contain thousands of slots in it, you know what that means don’t you? Ludicrously big jackpots. To put this into context, the largest ever win on a Las Vegas Megabucks network progressive jackpot slot was over $40 million.

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    American Roulette Explained

    March 24th, 2020

    There are very few games, let alone casino games, that can match the mighty Roulette wheel for excitement, something proven by its immense popularity over the last two and a half centuries. Right from the very offset Roulette was seen as a rather decadent example of gambling entertainment, quickly becoming a symbol of luxury and grandeur in places such as Monte Carlo. No wonder when you consider the excitement that this dynamic casino game can bring to the table, and it naturally spread quite quickly from its European birthplace, finding a home in many casinos across the world. As ever with anything related to gambling, the citizens of the US fell head over heels for the game of Roulette, even making their own little alterations! Read ahead for a brief rundown of American Roulette at King Casino.

    History of American Roulette

    In order to properly understand the history of American Roulette we must first go back to its origins in 17th Century Europe. In fact, many historians actually go back even further than this when tracing the foundations of modern day Roulette, arguing that games played by Roman soldiers when they spun their shields around were the first moments of inspiration. Regardless, Roulette as we know it today originated in 18th Century France, and before too long settlers had brought it to the state of Louisiana. 

    And so Roulette came to America in the early 19th Century, with a considerable amount of excitement along with it. As you would imagine the game immediately took off, quickly spreading across the various states of modern day America. One thing the Americans ended up changing, however, was the house edge on Roulette, making it considerably bigger. How did they do this? You may ask. Well, read on to find out. 

    Differences To European Roulette

    It isn’t actually that well known a fact that there are two different types of Roulette, American and European. Many people completely gloss over this when they start a Roulette gambling session, but it is definitely worth understanding the differences. As we mentioned, when the game made the transatlantic jump it was subject to alterations on the part of US casinos that weren’t too happy with the house edge at the time, deeming it to small. 

    So, what did they do? Added an extra zero on the wheel of course! Now, this may not seem like it would make much of a difference at all, but it actually ends up doubling the house edge. Good news for casinos, and perhaps one of the reasons contributing towards their financial success, especially in the 20th Century. 

    Pros & Cons

    One definite downside to playing American Roulette is the fact you are far less likely to make a win, something that pretty much all gamblers won’t be particularly happy about. On the other hand, however, American Roulette is often a far more exciting experience, especially if you happen to be playing it in the US. You just cannot match the excitement, and Roulette in American casinos is more prone to being a proper communal affair.

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    Does It Really Matter What Type of Attorney I Hire for My Personal Injury Case?

    March 23rd, 2020

    There are lawyers for every kind of legal problem that you can think of. From lawyers that prosecute—or defend—white-collar criminals who have embezzled millions of dollars, to lawyers that do the same for pickpockets who lifted a few bucks from a random passerby. Both jobs involve theft but you wouldn’t replace the white-collar lawyer with the pickpocket’s lawyer, and vice versa. Likewise, you wouldn’t hire a divorce lawyer to oversee the writing of someone’s will.

    Every lawyer specializes in a certain area of practice and you want to make sure that their practice matches your case. That is why you need a lawyer that specializes in personal injury to take your case if you have been in a car accident, suffered a slip and fall, or experienced any other type of personal injury. After all, you wouldn’t call a plumber to fix your car, would you? So, if you have suffered a personal injury and need some legal aid, make sure that you call the right lawyer for the job. For more information, click here if you need a personal injury attorney. If you want to know what a personal injury attorney can do for you, then keep reading.

    What Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For You?

    A personal injury attorney is invaluable if you have suffered a personal injury. A personal injury is caused by the negligence of someone else and proving that negligence is a necessary part of every personal injury case. A personal injury attorney can help you to prove that someone else was responsible for the accident that led to your injury. They do this by investigating the case more thoroughly than you could by yourself. They can request security footage, interview witnesses, and gather evidence.

    Once they have proven that your injury was caused by negligence, they can then negotiate with the insurance company of the party responsible for the injury. Insurance companies will always try to offer the lowest possible payout and a lawyer can work with them to get you a settlement that will take care of all your injury-related expenses like medical bills, lost wages, repair bills, and more. A personal injury attorney can also get you compensation for non-economic problems like pain and suffering.

    Sometimes the insurance company will play hardball and refuse to give you what you are owed. In those cases, a lawyer can represent you if the case goes to mediation. In some instances, a trial may be necessary to resolve the case, and if that happens, then you definitely need a personal injury attorney to help you. So, what can a personal injury attorney do for you? The answer is everything you need to get the compensation you deserve.

    How To Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

     The first thing you should do before heading to Google is to ask for references from friends and family. Find out if they have used any personal injury lawyers and if they would recommend them. Word of mouth is always a good way to find a good lawyer so try to find someone who has had personal experience with a personal injury attorney.

    If you do not know anyone who has ever needed a personal injury lawyer, then you can head to online review sites to learn about the personal injury attorneys in your area. Don’t just look at their rating, make the time to actually read the reviews to find out what people have to say about them. Once you have narrowed down the list, call each prospective lawyer so that you can speak to them directly. Many lawyer websites give you the option to contact them online, but speaking to them personally will give you a better idea of how they deal with their clients.

    Once you have decided to meet with a personal injury lawyer, make sure to discuss the fees at the start. Personal injury attorneys usually work on contingency, meaning that they only charge a fee if they win, in which case, they take a percentage of your compensation. You should find out how big of a cut they will take, as well as any other fee-related questions you may have. The final step in choosing a personal injury attorney is simply learning how you connect and communicate. That is because having a good rapport and a strong personal connection is important in establishing comfort and trust with your lawyer. 

    The Right Attorney Matters

    Naturally, you need to hire a personal injury attorney for your personal injury case, but you also need to hire the right personal injury lawyer for your personal injury case. The right attorney is simply the one that has a great reputation and who is willing to fight for you at every stage of the case. So do the research and find the personal injury lawyer who is the best fit for you and your case. They will be the best chance you have of receiving the compensation that you need.

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    How do I Maximize my Personal Injury Settlement?

    March 23rd, 2020

    If you have been injured in a car crash, your primary concern should be getting better. However, eventually, you are going to have to worry about paying the bills related to the accident, and somehow make up for the amount of money you have lost at work. You may also have wondered if you will receive any money for pain and suffering. 

    New York is a no-fault state, which means that a person’s own insurance company is responsible for paying accident-related bills, no matter who is responsible for a crash. There are some exceptions to the no-fault rule. If you have suffered a bone fracture, paralysis or permanent disfigurement, you may be able to sue the at-fault driver. You should hire a law firm that employees trained New York Personal Injury Lawyers to represent you.

    Insurance companies are often tight-fisted. Adjusters will do what they must to keep you from getting the money to which you are entitled. There are a few things you can do to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your insurance claim and will help you maximize the money you will receive.

    What to do at the Scene of an Accident

    When you are involved in any accident, you should always call the police and wait at the scene for an officer to arrive. Make sure to get the other driver’s contact information and the names and numbers of any witnesses at the scene. You should request a copy of the accident report from the investigating officer and take pictures of the vehicles if you are able.

    Seeking Medical Attention 

    You should seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Be sure to make copies of all of your medical bills and save the receipts from prescription and non-prescription medications that you purchase. You are required to submit proof of treatment to your insurance carrier no longer than 45 days after treatment.
    Have your employer write you a letter stating the hours that you have missed from work due to your accident. If you are self-employed, write a letter yourself and make a copy of your previous year’s tax statements, and any other evidence you have of hours missed. You should save a copy of the bills for damages to your vehicle.
    You may also want to save any documentation you have of any important life events you have missed due to an accident, such as receipts for airplane tickets.

    Call Your Insurance Company

    Be sure to call your insurance company soon after an accident. They will either accept or deny your claim. If they accept your claim, they will make you a settlement offer. If you accept the offer, they will have 60 days to pay you. However, before accepting any settlement offer, you should talk to a lawyer.

    Hiring an Attorney

    The attorney you choose to represent you should be well versed in New York’s personal injury law. They should have endorsements from previous clients and a stellar reputation with the state bar. An experienced lawyer will know how to negotiate with insurance companies. They will be able to make the arguments and present the evidence that will get you the money you deserve.
    Authoritative Sources:

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    What to Expect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

    March 23rd, 2020

    When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s recklessness, neglect or criminal intention, it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney and file a suit to receive damages. Compensation for your injuries, known as damages, cover your medical bills, loss of income and any pain and suffering or other problems you have had as a result of the accident. 

    Get Medically Treated

    The first step you need to take in your personal injury lawsuit is to go to the nearest emergency room. It’s important for your health to find out whether or not you have any underlying problems. You will need documentation from the treating physician describing your diagnosis, prognosis, and other relevant details. However your injury occurred, a doctor needs to treat you. 

    If you delay then the personal injury defense team will have a very strong argument. They will claim that you took too long to seek treatment because the injury didn’t bother you that much. They will try to argue and say whatever they need to protect their money by not paying you what you deserve. 

    Meeting With An Attorney

    Obviously, the best thing to do is to hire an attorney who will stand up to the insurance companies for you. You want to hire not only a competent attorney but one with many years of experience and a track record for success. No lawyer can make any guarantees of success, but a great lawyer does fight for you, regularly communicates with you, and guides you through the process calmly. To learn more visit

    Investigating Your Case

    During this phase, your attorney will be investigating your claim. They will review the information from the police report if your injury was caused by a car accident. If you were bitten by a dog, then you may have a police report. In a possible medical malpractice case, evidence will be collected of your condition from before and after the incident, as well as medical records from another doctor who has treated you since. They will also need information about your salary or wages so they can calculate your loss of wages to include in your settlement amount.

    An expert witness may be called in. This is a person from either the field of law enforcement, medicine or a specialty area for cases involving faulty products, animal attacks, and other injuries. This person can speak about the evidence and help build a better argument for your case. Additionally, witnesses will also be called in to give their testimony.

    Will Settling Be Your Last Step?

    At this point, a settlement offer letter is sent to the insurance company, who has been working with their claims adjusters to come up with an amount to pay you. Negotiations go on between the insurance company and your attorney until you reach an acceptable settlement, at which point you are done. Your attorney will explain to you how your compensation will be paid to you and answer any last questions you have.

    Filing A Suit

    If you cannot agree on an amount with the insurance company, or if there is a dispute about the facts, then your case will go to trial. Most attorneys try to avoid that, as there is always the risk of losing and the client getting a worse outcome than if they not filed at all. But if you do go to trial, you want to hire a great attorney who will fight hard for your damages!


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    El Mejor Queso Liquido del mundo? El Queson!

    March 20th, 2020

    Por Juanjo Gonzalez.



    De mis visitas a la ciudad de Tijuana, me tope con un queso riquísimo que la verdad me dejo pensando mucho. Lo probé en una degustacion en un mercado abierto y decidí comprarlo antes de que ser acabara. Esta joya liquida, es poco conocida, pero es muy adictiva.

    Al volver a la casa de mi amigo me un pollo cocido y decidi ponerle la sala una vez que estuvo listo para servir. Le puse el queso al cual lo puse en el calentador y empezó a derretirse rápidamente. Lo puse en una cuchara y lo empece a untar con el pollo. Cuando me lo puso en la boca, me quede alucinado con el sabor.


    El creador de el Queso se llama Roberto Lopez y tiene dos tipos de queso. Uno es el de Chipotle y otro el de Jalapeño. Preguntamos a uno de los encargados de la tienda por que el Queson se consumia tan rapido. Nos pusimos en contacto con un proveedor que suministra el producto en Los Ángeles.


    “El queso desde que se empezó a vender hace unos meses, no para de ser comprado. La gente que prueba El Queson se queda con un buen sabor de boca y es uno de los productos que sin duda mas se compran en la tienda,” dijo Ferrando Romero encargado de la tienda El Paisano en Los Ángeles.

    Lopez el creador de el queso nos dijo que su queso tiene una receta muy especial que le tardo mucho tiempo en perfeccionar.  El queso esta hecho de productos de mucha calidad y es de lo mejor que se puede encontrar en el mercado de queso liquido.


    También nos dijo Lopez que esta pensando en poner diferentes puntos de venta por Tijuana, por que su queso siempre esta demanda. Por ahora para contactar a Lopez, uno tiene que ir a esta pagina.

    El Queson esta siendo utilizado en diferentes restaurantes en Estados Unidos y México. Mucha de las recetas de estos platos de comida se basa en el queso liquido de chipotle o jalapeño. Es por eso que muchos restaurantes utilizan este queso para que sus clientes vuelvan a sus tiendas.


    El Queson es uno de los mejores quesos que hemos probado en México y probablemente el mejor queso liquido que hemos probado en el continente Americano. Recomendamos este queso a muchas personas que tengan un paladar cremoso.

    También recomendamos a este queso a personas que no se complican mucho en cocinar, ya que poniendo este queso untado en sus platillos van a saber muy rico. Hasta la próxima.

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    The Strain of the Coronavirus on Gig Workers

    March 18th, 2020


    virus on a blue background

    There has been a massive rise in gig workers in the past decade. These workers, such as Uber employees, are independent contractors. As independent contractors, Uber drivers and other gig workers face different tax and legal implications than traditional employees. 

    There have been legal issues related to gig employees in recent years. For example, companies employing independent contractors have faced increased scrutiny regarding labor laws. There are also issues where Uber drivers and other rideshare drivers get into accidents, but since they’re independent contractors and not company employees, claims may be denied. 

    Now, there’s another situation arising with gig employees. In the midst of the coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak, many of the protections being offered for employees during this time won’t be available to gig workers. 

    Around 36% of the American population participates in the gig economy in one way or another. While there is flexibility in this type of work, there is no safety net. 

    Dropping Demand

    For certain gig workers, and especially rideshare drivers, in recent weeks, the demand has dropped, especially in big cities. Many people are working from home, and a lot of big events are being canceled. 

    This leaves gig workers without a source of income for the foreseeable future. 

    For the drivers who are still getting rides, there are concerns about illnesses being spread. Many drivers and similar gig workers are having to pay for their own cleaning supplies to make sure their vehicles are sanitized after each passenger gets out. 

    While companies like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Amazon, and Instacart are offering financial help, it’s currently only available to workers who have been diagnosed with coronavirus or are in mandatory quarantine as required by public health officials. 

    The number of employees receiving help under these conditions is very low. 

    New Legislation Won’t Apply to Gig Workers

    Federal officials are passing legislation to help American workers and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the House recently passed legislation that would require two weeks of paid leave for affected workers. 

    While this is good news for many workers in America, there are large chunks of people left out.

    Only traditional hourly and salaried employees are covered, so under this legislation, there wouldn’t be protections for independent contractors. 

    There is hope that the Senate could fix this when they work on the bill, but there’s no indication they will at this point. 

    There is concern that these workers who are transporting millions of passengers and delivering meals and packages throughout the country are going to impair the country’s ability to flatten the curve of infections because they can’t afford to miss work and stay home. 

    What Companies Are Doing

    While it’s unclear what moves the federal government will make, if any, to offer some level of protection for gig employees, some of the companies who rely on these workers may step up. For example, Instacart, which is a company that has contractors shop for groceries and household items and then deliver them to customers, is introducing sick pay for workers.

    Postmates, a food delivery app, says they will cover medical expenses for workers in 22 states, even if they aren’t diagnosed with coronavirus or quarantined. 

    There has been discussion among Uber, DoorDash and other companies about putting money into a fund for the gig workers who drive or deliver for more than one service. 

    DoorDash also said they were working to introduce a financial assistance program for people who are under quarantine or diagnosed with Coronavirus. 

    Some contractors fear that all these companies are doing is trying to entice them to keep working, and for some of the companies, it’s a time when they see more demand than ever. For example, Uber’s demand may be declining but food and grocery delivery companies are seeing a surge. 

    Labor advocates feel these companies are taking advantage of the gig economy because it lets them avoid the responsibilities that come with being an employer. 

    Some hope that while it’s difficult now, what will ultimately come out of the coronavirus outbreak are better protections for independent contractors and the development of a more robust safety net for them in situations like these. 

    Some workers say the silver lining in the whole situation is that our country hasn’t really thought about independent contractors and people who can’t afford to take time off work, so maybe it will become more of a national conversation. The idea is that if independent contractors are safer and healthier, it will also mean safer and healthier customers. 

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    How Outsourcing Real Estate Cold Calling Services could be Beneficial for your Business

    March 18th, 2020


    Any good promotion strategy for leads in the real estate industry involves interaction and communication to engage the client and make them consider the house or the business model. Real estate businesses require the talent of communicative real estate agents who are good at sales talking to seal the deal on a property. There is a hefty commission and added benefits that lie waiting for an agent when a customer finally buys a property. 

    The job is not easy however, the life of an agent can be fairly busy – speaking to customers over calls, meeting them at various places and there is a constant back and forth of emails. Time management is hence key, wisely managing it can open up a lot of opportunities for agents. Managing time becomes easier when you can rely on real estate outsourcing services, particularly cold calling. 

    ExpertCallers offer highly personalized call center services that cover most facets of the real estate industry — from streamlining lead generation to optimizing property management to maintaining professional image & improving reputation to saving on internal costs. 

    Cold calling is a way to attract potential customers to a business wherein the customers have had no prior contact with the salesperson. Cold calling is one of the most well-known lead generation strategies in all of the real estate industry. There are polarizing views, is cold calling effective in real estate or not remains a matter of contention. However experienced agents always mention how advantageous cold calling can be. 

    Let us take a look at how it is beneficial to outsource real estate cold calling services

    • Frees up internal resources – 

    The sales process requires being on the phone for more than 6 hours a day and making countless calls to promote the services of the company. A good question to ask would be if it is productive for a sales team to utilize their time in such time-consuming activities rather than the core activities of the company. 

    • Saving Operational Costs – 

    Another aspect that is considered by owners of businesses is how cost-effective something is. Establishing, training and maintaining a sales team is a huge investment that may not be financially wise if an owner is considering saving cost. Outsourcing to a service provider is a better option in staying efficient in the long term. 

    • Professional Quality of Services – 

    Outsourcing your activities to an external team can ensure that the work is done in a completely professional manner. Employees of the outsourced service provider are trained to make numerous calls in a day and with knowledge provided by the company, they would be able to convince customers in buying properties. ExpertCallers team has the requisite experience in managing the intricacies during sensitive conversations pertaining to home buying. 

    • Assurance of 24/7 service – 

    Investing in outsourcing can be very rewarding as you don’t miss out on clients of different time zones. The company’s work happens 24/7 when it is outsourced to the call center services provider. 

    • Multi-tasking – 

    The outsourced teams end up assisting in a lot more than cold calling, real estate cold calling strategies being the foremost. They schedule and set appointments, organize emails and help in other agent-related tasks. If there is any concern regarding productivity, the company can be satisfied with round the clock assistance that the outsourced team provides. 

    • Provide Real Estate based Services – 

    There is a guarantee that the outsourced team’s work is going to be on a professional level. They handle the work using real estate cold calling scripts, which are pre-planned phone conversations that help in establishing a relationship with the potential buyer or customer. Telecalling scripts for real estate include questions like interest in selling/buying, details about properties and later follow up on these when the customers are available. 

    Armed with cold calling scripts, real estate cold calling tips are used further so that there is comparatively more of a chance to close on deals. Here are a few cold calling tips that may be followed by the outsourced team – 

    1. Tracking and keeping a record of calls
    2. Strategizing the time of phone calls
    3. Choosing the right call list
    4. Spending more time listening to the customer.

    Outsourced teams are usually very experienced and have the expertise to offer highly personalized cold calling services that cover all facets of the real estate industry, ranging from lead generation to property management. They also portray a professional image and improve the reputation of the company winning customer’s loyalty along the way. 

    Besides saving up on operational costs, a company investing in an outsourced team is also privy to all the recorded phone calls and the finished statistics. 

    In today’s market, it is not enough to just have a presence, to gain new customers, it is important to actively go after customers. Cold calling offers a human to human interaction which is more cost-efficient and targeted than other strategies used. Cold calling that is left to the outsourced team, can be used to continuously add new prospective clients to the business without having to compromise time and quality towards the company’s core activities. Several BPO companies offer the exact range of services a company is looking for and more. Making an investment is only going to lead to a favorable outcome. 

    ExpertCallers is tremendously experienced in providing high quality inbound and outbound call center services to real estate executives, dealers, and clients around the world. We offer highly personalized call center services that cover all aspects of the real estate industry ranging from streamlining lead generation to the optimization of property management. 

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    2 New Cannabis Taxes in 2020 and What They Mean for the Cannabis Industry

    March 18th, 2020


    As of January 1st, 2020, 11 states and Washington D.C. have legalized recreational cannabis use, while New York, Arizona, New Mexico, and New Jersey are all pushing to get legal recreational Cannabis use on the 2020 ballot. 

    But what does legal cannabis mean for the state and its residents? Most states charge both an excise tax and a wholesale & cultivation tax, which can provide a boom for the state economy. But, if a state raises the taxes too much, it can drive recreational users to purchase cannabis from the black market, decreasing the state’s tax revenue. State taxes can greatly influence the recreational cannabis industry, by either creating a profitable market to enter into, or driving customers away through excessive taxation. 

    Here’s a look at two new Cannabis taxes in 2020 and what they mean for the industry: 

    California Cannabis Taxes Increase January 1, 2020

    On January 1st, 2020, California increased the wholesale tax on cannabis from 60 percent to 80 percent as well as the cultivation tax rates. In addition to the taxes on retailers, customers of medical cannabis are charged a 15 percent excise tax. This increase in taxes is a catch-22 for local businesses; they can either keep their prices the same and cut down on already-slim profit margins, or raise prices and drive customers to a booming Cannabis black market. 

    The black market for cannabis in California is booming, with some estimates saying that as much as 80 percent of the cannabis market is illicit. California is the only state which has a cannabis black market that is growing faster than its legal cannabis market. This increase in taxes puts greater pressure on recreational cannabis store owners that were already dealing with high taxes and a booming black market. 

    Cook County, Illinois Will Increase Cannabis Tax by 3 Percent  

    On July 1, 2020 a Cook County retail tax will take effect that will tax recreational cannabis retailers 3 percent. In Cook County, where Chicago is located, taxes on cannabis products could be as high as 40 percent. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, county commissioners passed the tax in order to pay for potential increases in health and policing costs. 

    While the tax only applies to recreational cannabis retailers, the burden of the tax will likely be placed on the consumer. Chicago will have the second highest tax rate among cities where recreational cannabis use is legal, behind only Seattle. Couple the high tax rate with cannabis shortages, and many consumers may find it both easier and cheaper to get their cannabis products from the black market. 

    What can businesses and consumers do? 

    One way that recreational cannabis retailers can increase their profit margins despite higher taxes would be to increase their efficiency. Using seed to sale software can increase the efficiency of a business throughout the cannabis supply chain, lowering business costs and combatting cannabis shortages. This is a win for both businesses and consumers, providing stable price-points as well as a constant supply. 

    Consumers can make a difference by petitioning local and state officials to lower recreational cannabis taxes. They can also make a difference by only purchasing cannabis from legal retailers. Buying from your local legal cannabis retailer will help show support for the cannabis industry. 


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    Top Reasons to Hire an Academic Expert

    March 17th, 2020


    Today, writing services become more and more popular among students from all corners of the world. The reason for such a demand is pretty simple – students cannot deal with the overload. Some of them have problems while doing research because it is hard to find enough relevant materials. The others have part-time jobs and family duties that are hard to balance with studying.  

    Asking for professional help with papers is highly advisable for learners that experience overpressure at college or university. Such services provide original and well-structured documents that can serve as perfect study tools and boost students’ performance.  

    Writers for hire are skilled enough to compose winning papers

    Essays cannot be avoided when you are a student. They influence your score, that is why you need to be sure that you do everything on a high level. Sometimes, student’s skills are not enough to compose, structure, and format an essay properly. This is when professional writers enter the stage.

    As a rule, academic services hire talented and enthusiastic experts. They have higher education, years of experience, and flawless knowledge of the topic. A writing sample done by a professional writer with a Ph.D. degree has excellent structure and organization. This is a perfect source of knowledge and inspiration.

    Academic services are affordable

    As a rule, educational writing services have low prices. Most of them provide discounts and special offers for one-time and regular clients. An average price per page of an academic essay costs about $10. However, when you see a price even lower than that, think twice – this might be a sign of a fraud. Be sure to check if the company provides guarantees, refunds, and free revisions before applying for help.

    Custom papers done to your instructions 

    Sometimes, meeting all the requirements of your professor seems impossible. However, when you opt for academic writing help, the local academicians follow your instructions to create a custom paper for you. They mind your needs, so you can provide any additional recommendations. For instance, you might provide an article source if you want your helper to use it for your assignment. Also, you can send additional files, including your class notes and textbooks. As a rule, such services are glad to receive instructions from customers and guarantee to follow your guidelines.

    Various types of academic tasks 

    Most academic services offer numerous types of essays per order. They deal with creative writing, like poems and plays; Biology and Physic lab reports, PowerPoint presentations, technical writing, doctoral dissertations, and theses, etc. The lists of subjects are usually pretty long and contain no less than 50 positions. This means that whatever assignment you have, these services will definitely help you. 

    Unique content only

    Desperate students usually look for cheap and free essays. However, such documents are usually full of mistakes, irrelevant content, and the worst – plagiarism. The problem is that such samples are not very helpful – there is no way you can use them as sources for your own work. On the contrary, academic writing companies provide unique samples done from scratch. They check documents for uniqueness before sending them to customers and even provide official plagiarism reports per request.

    Papers are done before the required deadline

    One of the main challenges students have to deal with is urgency. The deadlines are extremely important, and your final score depends on them a lot. A missed deadline guarantees a low grade or a failed assignment. If you find it hard to compose your paper fast enough, you can rely on writing service – they will produce it even earlier than you ask. Reputable services never miss the deadlines, because this may spoil their reputation. As you can understand, they don’t want to lose their customers.

    Ask professional editors to polish your paper

    Writing paper for you, such companies check it for plagiarism as well as mistakes and instructions consistency. They usually have a Quality Assurance Committee that reviews composed documents before you get them. Editing can also be requested as a separate service. When you are done with your papers, you can send them to the academic company and ask for professional proofreading. This will surely increase your chances of getting a better grade. 


    Now you know what to do when your homework is making you crazy. Thousands of students ask for academic writing help from professional writers, so there is nothing wrong about that. Just make sure that you use received samples honestly – don’t submit them to your professors as your own works. Use them as powerful educational tools, sources of knowledge, and formatting samples. Avoid all forms of plagiarism and become, learn from the subject-experts, and grow as a writer. And remember – studying is not about working hard. It is about working smartly. Good luck with your papers!

    Author’s Bio:

    Jeff Blaylock is a professional academic writer and blogger. He is interested in all educational trends, especially those that are connected with modern technologies. Jeff writes articles for reputable platforms and his personal blog, sharing study tips and helpful materials with college students. 

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    Getting Pulled Over for “Fitting the Description” and What You Should Do

    March 17th, 2020


    Getting pulled over is always a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s especially troubling if you have no idea why you’re being targeted. You may need to hire a commercial vehicle attorney if you’re pulled over because you fit the description of a suspect. Here’s what you should know about getting pulled over for “fitting the description,” and what you should do if it happens to you.

    What Fitting the Description Means

    If you feel like you’re ever given a traffic ticket wrongfully, there are things you can do to fix traffic tickets and clear your record. But what if you’re pulled over wrongfully because you look like someone who has committed a crime? This is often referred to as “fitting the description,” and it happens more often than you may think.

    In order for a police officer to pull you over for “fitting the description,” you must match the profile of the person who committed the crime with great accuracy. For example, if the police have a description of a male suspect who is tall, white, late-30’s and wearing a leather jacket, they are within their rights to pull you over if you match the description.

    However, police can’t pull you over based on a description that’s too vague. For example, if they have a suspect description that only includes “black” and “male,” they can’t legally pull you over just because you’re a black male. They must have sufficient details to reasonably identify the criminal in question. Just as you can fight traffic ticket Los Angeles if you feel it’s been issued unjustly, you can fight being arrested for “fitting the description” if the description is too vague.

    Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion

    Probable cause means that a person who is reasonable would believe a crime had been committed, was currently being committed, or was about to be committed. If there is probable cause, it means there’s enough evidence for an arrest warrant or search.

    Reasonable suspicion occurs when a reasonable police officer has reasonable suspicion that someone is engaging in criminal activity. Without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, officers can do and request very little of you during a traffic stop.

    What Officers Can and Can’t Do

    If an officer can support stopping you because you fit the description of a suspect, he or she may conduct a pat-down search on you to determine that you aren’t carrying a firearm. If you have any passengers, they may also be searched.

    If both probable cause and exigent circumstances exist, the officer may search your vehicle. Exigent circumstances include anything that would cause a reasonable person to believe they must take action to prevent physical harm to themselves or other persons, the escape of the suspect, or the destruction of relevant evidence.

    An officer can’t do any of these things if there is no reasonable suspicion or probable cause. If you ever feel like your rights were violated and you’re facing criminal charges, contact a commercial vehicle attorney or ticket attorney. Every driver in California has rights, and officers must respect those rights and follow the law whenever they pull over or detain drivers.

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    Why you should consider applying for payday loans online

    March 14th, 2020


    Applying for a payday loan is the easiest thing you can ever do. A financial emergency requires you to use the funds immediately for things like medical bills and vehicle repairs. The loan application process may take just a few minutes, meaning you can use it to pay for emergency expenses within a short period. Therefore, if you need to have the funds quickly, the payday loan is your best bet.


    This makes it necessary to understand everything about payday loans, such as their benefits so that you can make an informed decision. You can learn more about payday loans in Saskatchewan with Friendly Lender or you can just keep on reading below.


    How to apply for payday loans

    Because a payday loan is considered as a short-term loan, you are required to pay off the total amount with interest and fees within a short period. Most of these loans are due within 30 days, often before you receive your next paycheck. Therefore, if you have a poor credit score and a limited chance of getting a loan from traditional banks, payday loans are your best option. 


    The initial loan application process for payday loans is quite simple. The lender requires you to provide your personal and financial details. These include your employment status, address, estimated credit score, income information, and social security number. 


    This is the basic information that assists lenders to determine whether you qualify for a payday loan or not. You should keep in mind that your potential lender might verify your credit history on their own. Most lenders use what is called a soft credit check that doesn’t affect your overall credit score.


    Reasons you should take payday loans

    There are various good reasons people go for payday loans. It’s not all about getting a lump sum of cash to go for a luxury holiday. Instead, these loans can be life-saving if you find yourself in a bad financial situation. Here are some reasons people decide to take a payday loan:

    • Redundancy. Unemployment can take a huge toll on your finances and emotional state. You can find yourself looking for cash just to make ends meet. In such situations, perhaps a payday loan can help you to live a reasonable lifestyle that you deserve. 
    • Paying off another debt. Most people go for payday loans to pay off another debt, such as a credit card. This makes sense when the interest rate of the payday loan is lower than the other debt. 
    • Loans to pay off bills. High bills can cause havoc to your budget. Hence taking a payday loan can help you to settle energy costs, mortgage repayments, school fees, and other expenses. 
    • Loans to pay off unexpected debt. Life has a way of bringing out surprises when you least expect them. Your loved one might fall ill and you need to pay off medical bills. Hence, a payday loan can come in handy in such situations. 


    Factors that influence your payday loan rate

    As with most types of loans, the lender might want to see your credit score. Each lender has their requirements, but most of them will offer you a loan regardless of the status of your credit score. However, you’re likely going to get more favorable terms if you have a good credit score and have a reliable source of income. If you don’t have a nice credit score with traditional lenders, such as banks and credit card companies, the lender might use your payment history with other bills like utility bills.  


    Interest rates can differ from lender to lender. The bottom line is if you have a credible credit history, there are greater chances that you can get competitive rates. But, if your credit history is poor, you should not be surprised when the lender offers you a much higher interest rate. 


    Why go for payday loans in Saskatchewan with Friendly Lender

    Whether it’s for medical expenses or any other emergency that needs instant cash, you need to apply for payday loans. These short-term loans are available for anyone who feels is short of cash and needs it quickly. No wonder, these loans have become the most sought-after source of money for many people to cover for their immediate needs. 


    Therefore, if you have an emergency that requires fast money, payday loans are ones for you. Many lenders don’t have to use the notorious scrutinizing process to offer you the loan. Thanks also to easier application and approval processes, payday loans have surpassed other types of financial assistance in regard to their demand. 


    Aside from being easy to access and readily available in Saskatchewan, payday loans have also become popular for those who have a clean credit score and are still in need of financial help. This is because most payday loans have favorable payment terms, requiring you to pay off the principal amount, interest rate, and fees once your payday arrives.  


    Why apply for an online payday loan

    When considering to apply for payday loans in Saskatoon, you should remember that these loans have different terms compared to the ones offered by traditional banks. For this reason, you should always read all the details included in your contract. This will help you to understand what you need to do to manage your loan and the other fees related to it. By doing this, it will ensure that you don’t default on your loan repayments.


    Additionally, payday loans are convenient because you apply for them online. Most people opt for this method because it’s easier to process the loan since it doesn’t require a lot of paperwork and is fast. Hence, whether you have a computer or mobile device, you can apply for online payday loans in Saskatoon. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your personal and financial details are only seen by an authorized person. You may be wondering how you can receive your cash. The lender will usually send you an electronic funds transfer of the equivalent amount of money you requested.

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    Protecting Your Home: Your Complete Guide to Home Security

    March 12th, 2020


    When it comes to home security, you can never be too careful. Protecting the integrity of your home and your possessions is almost as important as protecting the people who reside there – and in both cases, a break-in can be catastrophic. As such, making sensible steps to protect your home from intruders should be one of your top priorities in the coming months. You’ll learn how to best protect your home in this short guide to home security in 2020 and beyond.

    Smart Technology

    Are you one of those people that worries about having locked the front door when you’re in the office? Then you may benefit from one of the products and services provided by some of the key smart home technology producers across the world. These systems can help you:

    • Check who is at the door when the doorbell is rung, with an installed camera
    • Look around your home with other cameras at key points
    • Lock your door remotely, or unlock it for visitors from your smartphone
    • Maintain an alarm system that’s controlled through your phone, with ping notifications
    • Put your home in total lockdown if you see an intruder outside

    All of these features are important for those who are looking to protect their homes in the modern era.

    Locks and Keys

    You may be surprised to learn that there are different levels of locks for homes – and some are considerably more effective than others. Your standard house key is possibly inadequate to withstand a simple barge at the door – which leaves your home, its occupants, and your possessions vulnerable to a break-in. When looking for locks, you need to find ones that:

    • Protect the whole length of your door, from top to bottom
    • Are mounted in a hard pillar by your door, made from stone rather than wood
    • Are provided with a seal of security from a top lock provider
    • Are specifically designed for security, and installed by professionals

    It’s only with these precautions that you can guarantee your door’s surety in the face of an attempted break-in. For other lock issues, look to lock rekeying experts to help you secure your home with the best keys on the market. 


    The best way to protect your home is to make it clear that intruders will have a very difficult time getting into your home in the first place. In this regard, you want all of your home protection provisions to be visible from the street, so as to communicate to a potential burglar that your home is well-protected, and that they’re likely to set off an alarm if they attempt to break their way in.

    One of the best ways to do this is to install cameras around your home. You should then make a sign showing that these cameras are on and always recording. In a sense, you needn’t even run these cameras – their physical presence is enough to deter most burglars from attempting to access your abode.

    Maintain and improve your home’s entire security system with these quick tips to help you bolster and improve the protection with which you fit your home for the future. 

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    6 Ways To Sharpen Your Nursing Skills

    March 10th, 2020

    Nursing is a promising career, and there’s a lot of room for you to learn and grow if you stick with it over the years. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or have been in the field for years. It’s always a good goal to find and commit to bettering yourself and improving your abilities.

    Avoid worrying so much about what others think of you or are doing and focus on yourself. The following suggestions are going to help you become a more skilled nurse so that you have lots to offer a future employer and go further in your career. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process of maturing in your role and gaining new nursing knowledge. 


    • Go Back to School


    One way to sharpen your nursing skills is to obtain higher education in the field. There are online accelerated bsn programs that you can pursue right from the comfort of your own home. You’ll walk away feeling prepared to tackle your new job duties and confident that you can be successful in your role. This specific type of coursework will help you gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills you need to thrive as a nurse. It’ll be a life-changing experience that will forever alter your future and allow you to help others get well. Schooling is a great way to learn what’s required of you within the profession and about what skills are necessary for you to have as you enter the workplace.


    • Ask for Feedback


    Another way to sharpen your nursing skills is to proactively ask others for feedback about your performance. Be direct with those you work and interact with and request their honest opinions about you’re doing. This is one of the most beneficial ways that you’re going to improve and get better at your job. Use these insights to help you work on specific areas where you’re struggling so you can become a more skilled nurse overall. Instead of taking these remarks personally, view them as stepping stones to aiding you in growing into a more talented professional. There may be aspects about the way you work that are comfortable for you but that standout as troublesome or frustrating for those around you. The process of being real with yourself and open to change is the first step in helping you to advance in your career.


    • Take on Challenging Tasks at Work


    Proven ways to get better at your job are to continuously practice and take on more difficult tasks over time. Therefore, raise your hand the next time your boss needs help with a challenging project or assignment at work. Sharpen your nursing skills by taking on duties that are outside of your normal routine and comfort zone. It may be an intimidating place to be at first, but eventually, this idea of going above and beyond what’s asked of you will become more comfortable for you. You may even surprise yourself by being able to take on responsibilities and excel in areas you never thought possible. Be sure to write down these duties and track your results and progress so you can share this information with your boss during your performance review meetings.


    • Learn New Technology 


    The healthcare field is changing and evolving every day. One area of nursing that you can guarantee will continue to transform is that of technology. Numerous advancements are occurring all the time and hospitals everywhere are continuing to adopt new processes and ways of gathering and sharing information. You can sharpen your nursing skills by keeping up to speed with the latest developments in technology and taking courses or classes that will help you to expand your knowledge in this area. You’ll have a stronger resume for it, and future employers will want you on their team. 


    • Become A Mentor


    Also, teaching others and sharing your knowledge with those around you helps you to become a better nurse. Volunteer to be a mentor for someone who you see struggling or wanting to learn more about the nursing profession. You can sharpen your own skills by passing down what you know to those who are eager to learn. You never know, you may even learn new and better practices, and gain a few new tips or tricks that you can then apply to the job yourself. Mentoring is an excellent way to assist others in advancing in their role and an opportunity for you to improve your skills and knowledge. Keep an open mind and remain curious so that you can both educate and enlighten one another as your working relationship develops. 


    • Go After A Promotion


    Remind yourself that it’s never too late to advance your skills or gain new knowledge as a nurse. Therefore, consider going after a promotion at work to help you sharpen your nursing skills. It may be nerve-wracking at first, but the hardest part is sometimes just deciding to pursue it and go after the new position. If you are chosen for the job, it’ll give you the chance to grow and mature as a nurse and professional. There will be obstacles you’ll have to face, but these types of moments are the ones that will put your skills to the test and make you stretch yourself so you can advance and improve. The times when you feel frustrated or defeated will be perfect opportunities for you to sharpen your skills, evaluate your performance and change your current approach for next time.

    It takes hard work and perseverance to sharpen and develop your skillset as a nurse. These tips are sure to guide you on the right path to finding success in and enjoyment with your career. Instead of wondering what could be or how far you could go, challenge yourself to take on more responsibilities within the profession and use your new experiences as a gateway to discovering more about what you truly have to offer.

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    Online Gaming Privacy & VPNs Checklist

    March 10th, 2020

    While adults and children play online games, the privacy of their online information is probably the furthest thing from their minds. Gamers typically are not aware of the amount or the significance of the details that they are disclosing or making available during their online gaming sessions and conversations.

    The following checklist should be used by adults and parents who want to better safeguard the information potentially disclosable by their children or themselves.

    What sorts of games are played?

    The interaction levels among online games is an important fact to consider. Causal games, single-player games (such as platformers), sports games and First-Person Shooter (FPS) games tend to have low levels of interaction between players. Whereas Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games tend to have much higher levels of player interaction. 

    What gaming platforms are used?

    Online console games are at an advantage over PC games when online privacy is considered. Consoles usually come with in-built communication platforms straight out of the box. There is practically no worry of a player’s data being exposed through a third-party communication platform. 

    All aspects of the communication are closely connected to a player’s paid account, and other, non-gaming accounts can be tied to a player’s console account. Tripwire notes that keeping track of what accounts a player’s data is associated with is pivotal to safeguarding it.

    Is the player’s in-game name tied to the player’s online username?

    Most games provide players an in-game name that is distinct from a player’s username. Some will simply take the player’s username and then display it to everyone as the player’s in-game name. 

    Some players use the same online persona across different communication mediums such as online forums and message boards. Gamers should keep track of what usernames and in-game names are used by them and what information they’ve shared using those names.

    What are some worries about identity theft and hacked gaming accounts?

    Cybercriminals can easily profit from stealing information and account access from gamers. These cyber thieves use surveys, downloaded files, and clickable ads to hack into oblivious players’ accounts. As Trend Micro remarks, a hacker can sell off any number of game characters, online accounts and in-game items. These same hackers could make unauthorized in-game purchases using an account-linked credit card, or even hold the account hostage for a hefty ransom. Gamers may have spent many in-game hours and real money to gain powerful virtual items such as weapons or gear, but a hacker could these same items for a lucrative, ill-gotten return, typically cash.

    Where is the online game’s privacy policy?

    When registering for an online gaming service, it will typically ask a player to create a profile. This means providing some basic information, personal preferences and giving consent for the service to collect and store some types of the player’s information. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada points out that the service’s privacy policy can inform gamers of the sorts of information collected by the gaming service, what the information will be used for, where it is transmitted and who the player can reach out to if they have questions or concerns.

    Should service providers like NordVPN be used for online gaming?

    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide several benefits to online gamers. VPNs like NordVPN allow gamers to evade geo-blocking attempts when it comes to regional content and release dates as well as accessing all versions of a game. These networks can protect gamers from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks which could disconnect them from the gaming service and gaming experience. Though connection speeds will likely drop while the game works through the VPN, this site notes that the connection drop using NordVPN is pretty much negligible.

    What do gamers display while streaming their games?

    Gamers should take note of their streaming setup. It’s better to only display a subset of a gaming screen as opposed to the full screen. Prevent pop-ups and background images from appearing as best as possible. Lastly, consider purchasing a backdrop that can disguise the gamer’s actual background.

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    Theseus Capital Founder Ron Bauer Highlights Some of the Benefits and Risks of Biotech

    March 10th, 2020


    To say that the biotech industry is going strong is an understatement: it’s outright booming, and there is no slowdown in sight. In the U.S., the biotech marketplace is currently generating $114.8 billion in revenues per year, and worldwide the market is expected to exceed $775 billion by 2024 and grow at a significantly above average CAGR of 9.9% between 2019-2024. Clearly, biotech is playing — and will continue to play — a pivotal, and in many cases profound role in both shaping and creating the future.

    Below are some of the key benefits of biotech according to Ron Bauer – venture capitalist, investor, and Founder of Theseus Capital

    Medical and Health Breakthroughs

    Perhaps the most important benefit of biotech relates to medical and health breakthroughs, which enable people to live healthier, longer lives. In some cases, biotech can even prevent illnesses by using technologies, techniques and drugs that target and alter genes that would otherwise contribute to the development of debilitating and potentially fatal diseases. 


    According to Ron Bauer, whose firm Theseus Capital works closely with top scientists and entrepreneurs: One of the most inspiring and exciting examples how biotech can improve and save lives happened in 2017, when the FDA approved the first-ever drug treatment that was clinical shown to reverse hepatitis C in as little as eight weeks.

    Reducing Hunger and Improving Nutrition

    Another revolutionary application of biotech is in the agriculture sector, where researchers are developing and introducing solutions that improve the productivity of cropland — which is especially critical in drought-prone areas — as well enhance the nutritional value of foods, so that more people have regular access to the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients they need to optimize their health and overall wellness.

    Ron Bauer explains that in 2013, farmers in the U.S. Midwest planted the world’s first water-efficient and drought-tolerant maize. Plant scientists are currently exploring ways to expand this biotech breakthrough to other parts of the world, such as Africa where prolonged droughts are common and where maize is a basic staple food for hundreds of millions of people.

    At the same time, there are some core challenges and potential drawbacks of biotech that will also determine and drive its evolution; in some ways we can imagine, and in others we cannot. These are explored below.

    Unexpected Implications and Unintended Consequences

    Despite robust protocols and procedures, there is an inherent possibility that biotech discoveries and advancements can unleash unexpected implications and unintended consequences, which could range from viral outbreaks to the weaponization of biotech to carry out criminal and other illicit aims.

    In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control alerted that scientists working in the organization’s Ebola laboratory may have been exposed to the deadly virus. While a subsequent investigation confirmed that there was in fact no outbreak, the incident made global headlines and highlighted the significant potential threats and dangers that can be triggered by human error and systemic mismanagement.

    Socioeconomic Inequality 

    Biotech breakthroughs such as water-efficient and drought-tolerant maize crops are designed to promote health and generate economic and community development in at-risk regions. However, there is a possibility — and some critics say a likelihood given the patterns of human history — that this kind of revolutionary technology will not be made accessible to all. Rather, it will be allocated to the wealthy and empowered, and denied to those who cannot afford it yet need it the most.  

    Ron Bauer claims that despite this very real socioeconomic risk, there are measures and programs that can be implemented — such as legislation and standards — to support a more level playing field and ensure that potentially lifesaving and economically advantageous technologies do not become the exclusive property of a limited number of powerful companies or entities.



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    Hire a professional writer for a research paper

    March 10th, 2020


    Despite the fact, the universities or colleges try to be truly convincing every time there is an enrollment of new batch about how good life at the campus will be, their persuasiveness dies down rapidly, probably as soon as the student joins the institute. The newcomers anticipate a good time at university, meeting new friends, joining clubs and societies, and attending the career fairs where there is a possibility that the known companies will have immediate recruitments based on the GPA. Instead, there is never-ending misery to face; teachers are not easy to please, and there will be several deadlines to be met, which is certainly not an easy schedule to follow. The university life drains all the energy to the point when there is no time left to tend to personal needs. That is how tiring a university life can be. 

    It is a pity to utilize the internet only for research projects. When it gets tougher, the internet provides you with a lot of assistance opportunities to opt. If there is an essay, analytical assignment, or research work to submit, there are numerous qualified writers available to assist who can do their job effectively in ample time and at a low cost. 

    There comes a time when the students are required to submit first the research proposals, and later on the research papers. Such assignments may result in unusual anxiety in the students leading towards procrastination and a feeling of inadequacy. The students’ inexperience in professional writing might be the reason for the uncertainty. But no need to worry! StudentTerra has an immediate solution to this problem. This writing company provides the best services and has maintained a reputable business outlook. The services provided are cost-efficient and offers other advantages too. 

    Contact StudentTerra, online service for the students, order research paper online, and hire a professional. This organization assures its client about the experts available through rating them based on former client’s feedback, completing period, the requirement for amendments in the documents, and how quickly the expert responds to the client’s requests. 

    The price policy indicates a condition to promote trust between the writer and the client. Once you place a research paper order, the writer will assist at every stage and revise the document until it is accepted. StudentTerra promotes the client’s satisfaction. The client will have to process the payments after receiving satisfactory work. If there is any further claim, it will be immediately acknowledged. Moreover, there is no fixed price to follow. The experts place their bid, and what seems more assuring can be chosen. 

    A professional writer will accommodate the student in a way to best promote confidence. Along with the assistance, the student will be able to understand the activity, can apprehend the criteria set by the university, and know how to achieve it. The best experts help the candidate in not only developing an in-depth understanding of the task but also assists them in professionally presenting their work in front of the committee and getting it approved.

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