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    The Growing Trend For ‘Glamping’ Vacations and What It Can Tell Us About Our Changing Travel

    November 9th, 2017




    The terms ‘glamping’ and ‘staycation’ have been around in the travel industry for a few years now, and are both concepts that have been growing massively in popularity.

    While a staycation is a period of vacation time spent at or close to home (whether you stay at home or go camping in nearby countryside, for example), doing local activities and visiting local places of interest you may not have seen before, glamping is a style of camping aimed at people who want to go camping but with a little more luxury than on a more rugged camping trip.


    • Why Has Glamping Become So Appealing?


    A lot of people like the idea of camping, as a way to get out of the city and be in nature and also because it tends to be about the cheapest kind of vacation you can do. However, there are elements of camping that some people don’t like the idea of, such as the basic bathroom facilities, sleeping in cramped conditions, and not having access to things like electricity.

    The idea of glamping addresses these things by creating luxury campsites with catering, electricity, and comfortable, beautifully decorated luxury sleeping spots. If the idea of sharing normal 6 person tents with your whole family for a few days doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, and you don’t really want to eat food cooked in a can over a camping stove, glamping is the happy medium between the thriftiness of camping (as it is still generally cheaper than hotel accommodation) and the luxuries of a hotel.


    • The Rise in Popularity of Glamping Vacations


    A 2017 survey of 1400 people showed that a third of them would like to try glamping as a vacation model – and half wanted to try a locally based camping vacation in general. Glamping businesses have also reported huge increases in bookings in 2017, for instance one luxury campsite in the same report reported an 11% rise in profits in August 2017 compared with August 2016.


    • What Does the Rise in Camping, Glamping and Staycations Mean?


    What we can surmise from the huge increases in popularity for vacations that don’t involve long distance travel or conventional hotel accommodation is that while people still value their vacation time and want to spend it doing enjoyable things, the shift towards ‘belt tightening’ has caused more and more of us to look for fun in new ways.

    Another hint towards this is the rise of Airbnb. For those who want to go to another city, region or country on vacation, this is now often the first port of call to find somewhere suitable to stay for less than a hotel, despite Airbnb meaning a self-catering stay without hotel amenities like a pool or restaurant.

    Travel trends, like any other trends, do tend to come and go, just as all-inclusive became a big deal in the ’90s and glamping is rising to prominence now. However, all the signs suggest this is a travel trend that has not peaked yet, and one many still want to try!

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    In Defense Of Zoos

    November 1st, 2017

    There are few of us who don’t have fond memories of visiting the zoo as children. After all, what kind of child doesn’t love seeing new and exotic animals? For many of us, zoos were a place of wonder and discovery, places where our childhood selves could learn about and get a first-hand glimpse of animals that we wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to encounter.

    It is sad then that for many of us, this image doesn’t last into adulthood when we can’t help but be aware of how unnatural the zoo environment is and how the animals have no choice about their surroundings. A lot of adults, both individually and through groups such as PETA, insist that visiting a zoo is incompatible with being a lover of animals. As a result, many adults end up feeling guilty about indulging their curiosity in these places.

    However, many of us believe that, while there are some very important ethical concerns and debates to be had regarding animal welfare, by working with animal rights groups and other experts we can design zoos that provide a safe and comfortable habitat for animals while educating people about conservation and environmentalism.


    Educating people, particularly children, about the world around us is always a noble and worthwhile goal. While children will learn about other countries and the different ecosystems around the world as part of their schooling, this is often very abstract. A child can be taught about the existence of poachers and the threat that they pose to lions, tigers, and other such animals, but these lessons are much more effective when the child can actually see a real lion in front of them.

    As well as learning about the different wildlife that exists around the world, zoos are a great way to educate visitors about the ways that people coexist with different animals. For example, the average person only has a basic grasp on the steps and processes involved in conservation initiatives. By teaching people about the kinds of methods that are successfully used in conservation efforts, we can show them how easy it is to contribute to the efforts themselves, even if only in a small way.

    Only Chance to See

    It is a very sad fact of the modern world that animal populations in some areas are being devastated by human activity. Whether animals are hunted directly for meat or other resources, or their habitat is threatened by human activity and climate change, there are a great many species that most people will never see, even in their usual habitat.

    Allowing people to see these animals isn’t just about entertainment. Various studies show that if people, particularly children, see an animal live in front of them, then they will care much more about its plight and will retain information they are given at a much greater rate.


    For more common animals, zoos are sometimes the only places where endangered or shy species can be seen in infancy. For example, echidnas are very shy animals and therefore it is hard to find a baby echidna in the wild.

    By securely housing endangered species and breeding them in captivity, we can ultimately use them to ‘seed’ the development of a colony in their natural habitat.

    When zoos are done badly they can be cruel and depressing places, but when done properly they are places of wonder and discovery that can make a real difference to our conservation efforts as a species.

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    How Do Millennials Get Their News?

    October 31st, 2017

    Despite reports to the contrary, millennials still find keeping up with the latest updates and news very important. In fact, 85% of millennials surveyed by the Media Insight Project still follow current events from various sources. The result of the study may be seen as a counter-argument to the way people consider millennials to blame for the fall of the newspaper industry; this isn’t necessarily true.

    The decline of the newspaper and print industry has mainly been caused by a massive shift in the way people get their news. In the case of millennials, social media is the new hero.

    News from Peers

    It is true that the majority of millennials now get their news from social media platforms, particularly Twitter and Facebook. These two major platforms are considered the most suitable for sharing and reading news, prompting news outlets to be savvier with their use of social media.

    Instead of going to news sites to read the latest headlines, millennials prefer to receive news from their peers. What people within the same social network share matters. Consumption of shared news is high too, with millennials spending an average of 40 to 50 seconds doing a quick pass when they find an interesting headline on their social media streams.

    The 50-second pass can quickly turn into a longer read when the news is interesting and well-written. On the other hand, the same pass can become an instant bounce because of factors such as a bad article structure.

    The Attention Span

    It is believed that millennials have a shorter attention span; 8 seconds, to be exact. News outlets are racing towards optimizing their sites to allow for faster loading and better user experience. While it may be true that the initial attention span is shorter, that isn’t always the case once millennials are exposed to the news.

    This generation is more affected by clickbait and bombastic titles. They turn away very quickly the moment they realize there is a lack of substance in the news they read. At the same time, millennials often rely on titles and short descriptions to capture news quickly, resulting in a lot of misunderstandings due to the excessive use of clickbait by media outlets.

    A Shift to Video recently discovered a sharp increase in video-based news consumption among millennials. The site has been using social media to reach a new audience base and they are now making the shift to video news for this reason.

    A lot of media outlets are doing the same too. Vice regularly publishes short, two-minute videos on Twitter and Facebook to better deliver important topics. CNN and other news channels are making summaries of their reports to better fit the constraints of social media. More importantly, the shift is working.

    The New York Times, on the other hand, relies on immersive user experience and better site technology to attract a younger audience. Their recent big news reports are presented in a more interactive way, and it has been effective in retaining the audience’s attention for longer.

    So, how do millennials get their news? They get them from social media, often from a more diverse set of sources.

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    Will Online Gambling Make the Revolution

    September 27th, 2017

    Times are changing. And they are changing fast! There is new technology coming up everyday and as the old adage says, “move with the times, or face redundancy”. This applies in all industries including the online gambling industry. The online gambling industry has existed for close to two decades. And for it to become, it had to revolutionize from the brick and mortar platforms to the online platform which has seen the market growth to be valued at $50 million.

    But the revolution does not end. People are discovering better ways to get things done. More efficient ways through which people can access services and products, faster ways to get things done, safer ways to go about your business are being created everyday. It is only wise for every player in every industry to adapt or die.

    Revolution in The Online Gambling Industry

    Had someone told you that there would be an online gaming platform in 2017, you would have probably looked at them with an eye of wonder and asked them to get help. But here we are. With a fast-growing online gambling platform that’s only set to get bigger. But for this to happen, the players in this industry had to make decisions that seemed extreme, perhaps?  Since then, the following changes have continued to happen;

    While playing in online casinos is a great experience and quite convenient since you need not go all the way to a brick and mortar casino to indulge, the experience is not quite like being seated in front of your favorite game waiting for the dealer to deal you a fresh pack of cards for your poker, or roll the dice for your roulette. And while this doesn’t sound like a big deal to some people, it is quite important to others. And while the market leaders in gaming software provision sat around soaking in their ‘achievements’, the industry underdogs were busy finding ways to make the online gaming experience more real.

    Evolution game managed to take the gaming industry a step ahead with the live gaming option for the casinos. The industry big boys had to follow suit or risk losing clients. To truly experience the ‘live gaming’ the following factors would have to be taken care of;

        The punter would have to get a genuine feeling that they were sitting right across a live dealer.

        The player must have a sense that they game they were playing is fair and safe.

        The visual quality of the game has to be close to the real feel of someone looking right across another one.

    The number of casinos that offer live gaming is still quite small. This revolution needs to be adapted or punters will move to casinos that truly care about giving near real experiences.

    •     Mobile Gaming

    This is the fastest-growing aspect of the online gambling industry. Currently, 53% of the population that owns a smartphone plays online slot machines on it. It would, therefore, be a miscalculation (and a major one) if the gaming software providers did not work on making the casino accessible via mobile phones. And making a game that is compatible with the various operating systems has the following advantages;

        The accessibility of gambling games through the mobile and other handheld devices would mean that more people would play the casino games because they can access the game for even 10 minutes as they take a break, move from one point or another, or as they relax.

        The cost of creating websites that can be accessed through the mobile phone or apps for the smartphones is low.

        The constant update of the apps would result in a consistent outcome.

        The mobile phone options for the games have a replay feature which is more important than the graphics.

    This is the newest player in the online platform. The introduction of the blockchains is about to change online gambling as we know it. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has seen a paradigm shift in the gambling industry. Cryptocurrencies are great because they have the advantage of maintaining the player’s anonymity, they are safer to work with since they are made and protected using military encryption. Using the cryptocurrency also helps eliminate third parties like banks and money transfer platforms making trading with either Bitcoin and Ethereum simpler and faster. Some casinos have begun accepting payment in Bitcoins as well as the other cryptocurrencies.

    •     Rise of Virtual reality

    Virtual reality is when the digital platform is manipulated to create a virtual world in which players exist. Gaming providers are trying to create virtual realities for their games in order to give their clients a near real experience.

    •     Legalization of Online Gambling

    Online gambling is restricted in many countries across the globe. However, this might change seeing that the industry is raking millions of dollars in revenue. There is no government that would not want to have a slice of this delicious cake. The fact that more people have access to the internet and this statistic will only go higher in the future means that the other governments will have to legalize this trade, in order to be able to properly control it, and earn the revenue.

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    Money Studies: Are they useful in Getting Rich?

    September 1st, 2017

    Money Studies: Are they useful in Getting Rich?


    Where is that special secret that will make you rich and wealthy once and for all? This question is often speculated on both in the Internet and the real world. Trainings, books, coachers promising readers that special knowledge are flourishing. Let’s turn to figures and findings related to money so that to know pick the wheat from the chaff, and whether data received can help ordinary folks to cure the financial conditions.

    • A few years ago the Pew Research Center made a study of interdependences between an income level and a religious group. They found out that 44% American Jews earn $100 000 and more per year. One may think that this figure strengthens the perception of the Jews as a rich nation, or increases any jewish dating site traffic. Though, the Pew Research Center has other explanation. It is not brand-new. More than that, it proves the words of our parents who were not tired of emphasizing us in our childhood to study hard. Yes, that is education. They relate high earnings to good education, not to the religion. And now there is one more basis for believing that education is a powerful factor for improving our well-being.


    • Getting rich when you have family members and children to take care of is often challenging. And it gets more challenging when money conflicts regularly take place in marriage. Researches of Brigham Young University and Kansas State University decided to explore that issue in-depth. Their findings are really amazing since they showed that that was not the level income that contributed to the marital conflict based on money. That is perception. If a husband thinks his wife spends too much, and a wife whose husband perceives her as a great spender, then these perception of both sides are enough conditions of regular financial conflicts. Note, that the level of income does not play a role; it is a matter of perception. That’s why, if future spouses have not discussed a money matter before marriage, they have a high risk of financial conflicts, and any deep fissure in marriage hardly contributes to getting rich.


    • In the hard pursuit of money it seems that once you get rich, you’ll never be unhappy and miserable, that only then you can enjoy life to the fullest. Though, not always money brings positive changes. Being rich may have a negative impact too, particularly, on our behavior. Watch here the brilliant Paul Piff’s talk. The study deserving a special attention was held by Paul in California. It revealed that drivers of expensive cars like to ignore people crossing the road. The more expensive car was, the weaker their intention to follow the rule of stopping before pedestrians was. There are also studies showing that rich people are less prone to charity.  

    That is not the final list of money-related studies. Scientists show their interest (and will keep on doing this) because money is a big part of people’s lives. They help us to understand our nature more, benefit more from their findings and be aware of possible consequences.

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    US Powerball Jackpot Makes Lottery History

    September 1st, 2017


    On Wednesday, August 23rd, the entire world was in awe when the $758 million jackpot of the US Powerball was won. While the main attraction was the sheer size of the prize, there were some additional aspects that made this jackpot truly one to remember. In this article, we are going to tell you why the $758 million Powerball prize was so important for the history of the lottery.


    The $758 Million Powerball Jackpot – The Second Largest Prize in Lottery History

    The US Powerball jackpot of August 23rd, 2017, worth $758 million is currently the second largest jackpot to ever be won in the entire history of the lottery. And while this is impressive enough on its own, let us put it into context for you so that you can take in its true value.

    The US Powerball and the Mega Millions lottery have been competing for the top spot in the American lottery market for quite a few years now. On March 30th, 2012, Mega Millions had a huge jackpot of $656 million, which became the largest lottery prize at the time.

    It took the US Powerball until 2016 to overshadow such a large prize, but when they finally did, it was all that everybody talked about. On January 13th, 2016, the Powerball lottery held the single most important draw of all times. Millions and millions of lottery fans were all in the game to win the legendary $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot.

    After this draw, the Powerball lottery became the best-known lottery in the whole wide world because it was the only one to ever exceed the billion-dollar threshold. It took the record for the largest jackpot from the Mega Millions, which became the runner-up. Since then, lottery players from all over the world have been waiting for history to be repeated because the $1.58 billion jackpot was simply larger than life.

    And in August 2017, it came close to doing exactly that, as the jackpot got larger and larger with every rollover. And on August 23rd, one very lucky player from Massachusetts took home a whopping $758 million. All of sudden, nobody cared that the jackpot did not get to $1 billion because the win as an event in itself.

    It became the second largest jackpot of all times and it moved the Mega Millions $656 million prize to the third spot on the list, which is a very important move for the Powerball lottery. Another record set by the $758 million jackpot was that for the largest lottery prize to ever be won on a single ticket, which makes this one a true jackpot for the books.


    Mavis Wanczyk – The Biggest Lottery Winner of All Times

    Soon after the event draw of August 23rd, the big US Powerball jackpot winner came forward and the internet cannot get enough of her. Her name is Mavis Wanczyk, she is from Chicopee, Massachusetts and she’s been a healthcare worker for many years now.

    Everybody fell in love with her when she quit her job as soon as she got her jackpot because it was a memorably bold move. Not only is she the biggest winner of all times, but she has already become a household name.

    But how much money did Mavis Wanczyk actually get? First off, she opted for the lump payment on her $758 million jackpot, which amounted to $480 million. Please note that her other option was getting the full $758 million in annual installments. When lottery winners want their prize in a single payment, the amount of the prize is sizably reduced.

    The, Mavis had to pay her taxes to the United States and to the state of Massachusetts. The federal tax for her $480 million was 25%, which left her with $360 million. Then, she had to pay a 5% state tax, which was approximately $24 million, which left her with $336 million in the end.

    While this might not be $758 million, it is still an outrageous amount of money. Mavis Wanczyk’s life changed completely and it was all thanks to that one lucky lottery ticket. She told the press that she had bought five tickets for the big Powerball draw, two of which featured random numbers.

    But the one that actually got her the jackpot was the one featuring numbers related to family birthdays and her lucky number for the Powerball. It remains to be seen what Mavis will spend her millions on, but she is already an internet sensation, so prepare to hear a lot more about the biggest lottery winner of all times!

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    Guyana Goldstrike assists local miners and reported first gold sales from Marudi

    August 13th, 2017

    Guyana Goldstrike Inc. (GYA.V) recorded first sales of 910 ounces of gold at the Marudi gold project, located in Guyana, South America.  

    The gold was mined and recovered by local small-scale alluvial or artisanal miners through a corporate social responsibility program and cooperative agreement established by the company. The artisanal miners have been given company-controlled access, with Guyana Goldstrike oversight, to work the alluvial areas (creeks, edges and new channels) of the property and the alluvial tailings that had been previously mined by previous artisanal miners.

    A stipulation of the agreement is the requirement that the artisanal miners incorporate only those mining practices acceptable to the Environmental Protection Act of Guyana. Owing to their efforts, the company has successfully poured its first Dore gold bars and sold those bars to the Guyana Gold Board.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the artisanal miners pay the company a 10% royalty on all gold mined from the property. In the five months ending March 31, the artisanal miners recovered about 910 oz of gold from mineralized material mined from the property’s alluvial areas and artisanal alluvial tailings. This resulted in 90.9 oz of gold paid to Guyana Goldstrike in royalties.


    Guyana’s history has been inextricably linked to gold for the last 500 years. One of the earliest European explorers, Sir Walter Raleigh, believed Guyana contained the gilded city of El Dorado. Lust for gold drove colonization in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Small-scale miners became an important social force in the interior after significant quantities were found in the 1840s.

    Diamonds were discovered in 1887, but many of the main deposits have been exhausted and extensive prospecting has failed to find large deposits. Guyana was one of the first bauxite (aluminum ore) exporters. One of the major reasons Guyana was forced to undergo structural adjustment was the nationalization of the bauxite industry in the 1970s. The U.S. responded by severely reducing aid, and Guyana defaulted on its foreign debt. The World Bank and the IMF promote large-scale gold mining and extraction industry.

    Mining Characteristics

    Guyana is part of a larger geological structure known as the Guiana Shield, which encompasses French Guiana and Suriname, as well as parts of Venezuela and northern Brazil. Most mining occurs in the mineral-rich interior, covered in dense forests that impede infrastructure and mostly peopled with Amerindians.

    Guyana has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, and most of the interior’s inhabitants depend on the natural environment for subsistence, so contamination is a serious threat to public health and welfare. Proponents of large-scale mining often claim it has fewer negative environmental, social, and cultural impacts than smaller-scale operations, but given the corruption and absence of government oversight and economic alternatives in the interior, large-scale mining threatens to exacerbate the harm smaller-scale operations inflict, by, for example, increasing violent competition over access to mineral deposits. Mining’s social, health, and environmental effects threaten Amerindians’ continued existence.

    The company sold gold for $1 266.45/oz for a net sale of $106 490, after smelting costs and a 5% royalty paid to the Guyana government. The gold was assayed at 97% purity.

    The Marudi gold project, a permitted mining license comprising about 13 500 ha, is located 230 km from the town of Lethem in southern Guyana. The property has good infrastructure with all-season road access mainly through open savannah.

    The Marudi property contains a historic noncompliant mineral resource estimate of 880 000 oz of gold in the hard rock bedrock. The estimate is derived from two main development sites at Mazoa Hill and Marudi North. There exists strong potential to significantly increase the hard rock ounces through further exploration in the open areas of the development sites.

    The agreement with alluvial miners allows the company to generate sales from areas that generally fall outside the company’s primary exploration targets or mineralized areas of interest.


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    Don’t scrap your old car yet says leading experts

    July 24th, 2017

    Don’t scrap your old car yet says leading experts

    The consensus on whether it is economically viable to keep your old car running has always been murky, but a study presented by Automotive News has concluded that buying a new car could be a financially irresponsible move in the current climate.

    With the length of loan terms increasing as a means of keeping monthly payments down, alongside an overall increase in transactional prices, there has been a clear increase in negative-equity across the board over the last year. This is partly due to the substantial increase in borrowing since the 2008 recession, with around 85 percent of new cars on the road under finance agreements.

    Negative-equity amounts have, on average, exceeded $4,000 since the third quarter of 2013 according to the news site, with the average negative-equity value per person now around $5,195. This is in stark contrast to the two years post-2008, where negative-equity fell due to customers holding on to current vehicles as a lack of funds and a reduction of financing options held them back.

    Longer auto-term loans could be to blame

    Melinda Zabritski, senior director of automotive finance at Experian, told Automotive News that there has been an increase of demand for 73 – 84 month loan terms. ‘Years ago, when you saw lenders starting to move into that category, they were on the low end of it’, says Zabritski. ‘Now we’re seeing a shift within that category of more loans truly being written at 84 months.’

    While consumers take out extended loans to reduce monthly costs, they generally trade them in or sell within three years, thus increasing the amount of negative-equity they hold. Most will take out a 6-year loan on a new car, but will have come accustomed to purchasing a new car every 5 years. This is causing a ‘vicious circle’ according to Ivan Drury of Edmunds.

    Cheryl Miller, vice president of Dealertrack, explained the issue in more detail. ‘Think about the way the principal and the interest over a 60-month loan, or 66, or 72 (month) loan. The equity the consumer is building from a principal perspective is lower than it is on a short duration loan.’

    Rising car prices also impacting negative equity

    With falling gasoline prices and lower unemployment rates, there has been a nationwide increase in the demands for trucks and SUVs over the last year. As such, there has been an overall increase in the transactional price of new vehicles.

    ‘A lot of people are trading up to more expensive vehicles. That is part of the problem,’ says Drury. An increase in costs has seen finance terms increase to remedy this. But it’s not all bad news according to Zabritski.

    Negative-equity ‘going to make used vehicles more affordable’ says Zabritski

    Industry experts have suggested that consumers stop trading in their current cars still under finance agreements to avoid further increasing their levels of negative equity. If households have no option other than to buy a vehicle, they should either pay off the current loan first, or consider cheaper alternatives such as purchasing one of the many used cars on the market.

    Purchasing a used car can be both cheaper, and considering scaping a car can cause huge amounts of carbon emissions, it seems to be more environmentally friendly, too.

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    Brain Maps Show Professional Card Players Are Led by Logic Partypoker

    June 2nd, 2017

    Brain Maps Show Professional Card Players Are Led by Logic


    Photo: Partypoker

    A recent study conducted by partypoker has helped to provide insight into the competitive mind of card players.

    Six poker players of differing levels, including both beginners and professionals, were asked to play a 40-minute session of Texas Hold’em whilst wearing EEG headsets from the company Emotiv. The headsets were able to record the brain activity of players throughout the different stages of the game, and these were then turned into brain maps and visualised here.

    It was from these brain maps that the differences in activity could easily be compared between the players and one of the main findings from the study was that the professionals were led far more by logic than emotion and it was this ability to control emotion that was particularly highlighted. Sports Psychologist James Hazlett, who was asked to analysis the results, noted from the study that managing emotion plays a key role in player’s ability to perform at a consistently high level in a competitive setting. For example, during the ‘deal’, high beta activity in the left frontal lobe of the brain shows that all players at this stage are led more by logic then emotion. However the professional players were able to make quicker decisions with less mental effort. This can be seen in the brain map as there is reduced brain activity compared to amateurs.


    Photo: Partypoker

    Psychology Today, backed by scientific research, identified 4 key emotional styles in sport, two of which can apply to this study. The first is ‘Zen Master’, an emotional style that is commonly associated with professional players. This style is characterised by the player being able to remove emotion from their decisions. The second style that can be seen in this study is the ‘Seether’, which is usually associated with amateur players due to a build of anger and frustration throughout the game.

    Professional players showed a more consistent level of engagement throughout the game. In competitive situations, it is common for players to experience an increase of adrenaline at key moments. This can negatively affect a player’s engagement with the game. Because professionals are more likely to stay engaged throughout the game, they remain more consistently focused when making decisions and are able to retain a ‘level head’. For amateur players, the rush of adrenaline can create a stress response which makes it harder to focus, and therefore harder to make decisions led by logic.

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    New Australian Online Gambling Regulations

    May 2nd, 2017

    Not many countries compare to Australia when it comes to gambling. Slots are everywhere, as too is the opportunity to play pokies online. However following much top level political debate, it’s looking like these freedoms are seriously under threat. We’re not going to delve into the morals of the issue here – instead we’ll trust that grown adults are capable of gaming as they see fit. It’s a tricky issue, and problem gambling is something that needs addressed – but is nationwide legislature the best way to combat the issue?

    An Overview Of Australian Gambling

    There’s a massive exposure to pokies in even the smallest towns. Such small change gaming isn’t a factor, the issue is that as a transaction between individuals it’s in theory taxable. While this carries on with absolute disregard for such a beady eye over the shoulder, many others – especially younger gamers – look ever more for online money play.

    The vast majority of international casino/poker based sites fall way outside the long reach of Ozzie laws. Many are based – on paper – within off-shore fellow Commonwealth nations. There’s next to nothing in the way for any vaguely tech savvy Australian to prevent access to these services.

    Problem Australian Gambling?

    Alan Tudge presented the practical statistics back in 2015. After a nationwide (and very expensive) investigation across the continent, the conclusions are pretty stark. The Guardian reports that around 2.7% of online pokie/slot players have what can be described as a problem or addiction to online play.

    In order to place this low figure in order, it’s also necessary to delve a little deeper. The same study concluded that those who have a flutter on a real-life pokie have less than 1% chance of becoming dependent.

    Given that the overwhelming majority of wagers placed online are small compared to sportsbook, the notion that there’s an inherent danger to Australians of being especially prone to gambling addiction simply doesn’t stack up.

    Online Regulations Are Laughable

    To qualify – anyone wanting to gamble irresponsibly ought to look away now.

    The reality is that much like the USA and other semi-restrictive states for online gambling, it’s incredibly easy to just get around this anyway. Internationally the world is becoming way less regulated in regards to pokies and slots. Every new site is absolutely based upon developing an online presence, usually paying out in a variety of international currencies that are easily interchanged.

    Let’s put it bluntly. The ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) may bark loud, but has next to no practical recourse for any casual player using international services.

    Why This Legislation Is Ever More Ridiculous

    Let’s face the facts. If you wanted to have a flutter, surely it’s better to do so knowing that the business you’re doing with a service is transparent, reliable and accountable. The major problem with using overseas services is that many aren’t regulated or even monitored by a sensible authority. In a nutshell, there’s not much stopping them just running away/scamming your cash.

    Accountability should be at the top of any Australian using online gambling service. Bizarrely the latest burst of legislative pondering is little less than trying to make individuals potential victims. People will gamble, and it should be the state’s intent to regulate and provide a means of protections for those who choose to do so.

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    How To Act Like An Alpha Male

    April 14th, 2017




    Most men find the Alpha Man notion quite ambiguous. Being an alpha does not mean you should be rude, dominant, loud and act like a bad boy. Not even close! If you are really interested in alpha men behavior and want to become one, follow the tips we introduce in this article.  

    • Have an alpha conversation with your girl.

    The first thing to remember if you really want to become an alpha male is to be honest about your desires. If your intention is a hookup, say so! If you want your woman to respect you wishes and views, you need to be honest and direct.  There is no need to tell any kind of fairy tales to girls, especially if you want serious relationships. Don’t mask your plans, when you speak to your girl.

    For example, if you are really interested in someone, look into her eyes directly and show that you are interested in her as a woman and not as a friend. One thing to remember here – stop acting as if you are an unconfident man: don’t hesitate, don’t feel awkward and, for God’s sake, don’t step back. The winning strategy is to be direct and sincere. However, if you ARE unconfident, don’t show it to your beloved.

    • Show your inner leader.

    Make leadership become your credo. The thing is that if you are a leader, there is no way you can be an unconfident guy. Don’t wait until your woman shows that she is interested in you as a man. If you want your communication to develop quickly, show it. Make things go further. In other words, simply become a leader in your relationships.

    By the way, leadership does not mean being dominant and selfish. Leadership is all about dedication. Thus, don’t think about how to fulfill your own desires only. Wherever you go and whatever you do, take into account your girl’s desires, as well. Besides, it will be great if you show your feelings and emotions first. Be a leader and make your woman feel comfortable. Let her know that you are concerned and you want your relationship to go further.

    • Mind your body language.

    Keep in mind that a man, who is shuffling and looking down all the time, does not actually look like an alpha male. A confident man should walk as if he is full of energy and pride. Look ahead and don’t lower your eyes. Your girl will definitely feel you strength if you do so.

    Make sure your body language reflects your confidence and strength.  It will help if you don’t cross any parts of your body. The thing is that your crossed arms or legs during the date, for example, may tell your girl about your diffidence.

    • Don’t skimp on things.

    Forget about your nickel and dime strategy. At least, not when your girl is around. Imagine you are having a dinner in a restaurant. She will hardly see an alpha male in you if you keep skimping on such things as tips for the waiter.

    Let your girl see you care about her and you enjoy spending money on her. Don’t take a single flower if you have an opportunity to buy the whole bunch. The same is about transport and other expenditures.

    Thanks to our friends from hot Russian brides for providing this article.

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    Dual Nationality and a 2nd Passport – Importance to Get Them

    January 28th, 2017

    Getting dual nationality and the 2nd passport from second citizenship providers have become the smartest moves you can easily make if you are genuinely worth sustaining your global freedom. It’s kind of like getting an insurance plan. Only the property you are covering isn’t your vehicle or house, but a thing a lot more valuable: YOUR Independence. This really is something you cannot put a price on, but it’s a thing lots of men have set their lifestyles for. It’s worth hundreds of thousands.

    It may be a shock to you to learn that passports really are a contemporary invention. Less than 100 years back standard passports weren’t needed by most countries. However right now they’re necessary for all nations and the Providence of them can be used as a way of coercion by some to limit the right to take a trip and in many cases, control, check and document it. That’s the reason trying to get dual nationality, and a 2nd passport is a smart decision. In case the authorities of your state are unnecessarily authoritarian, and it is making your life unhappy then you have a liberty that will permit you to get away and readily maneuver around the world.

    Additionally, the issuing of the passport may be used by your federal government as any influence to push you to pay money for the silly taxes stress created by unmanageable authorities spending. They may also make you report about worldwide earnings and property if you’re their own property by valid reason of the passport you have. Therefore, you can observe why it could be wise to get dual nationality as well as the 2nd passport to liberty – one without any limited strings attached. This gives you a choice to postpone your old citizenship to accept the new one if things are getting out of control in your country of your very first nationality.

    Getting a dual nationality and a 2nd passport signifies that you’re lawfully a resident of a couple of countries simultaneously. A person can easily get this by labor and birth or by matrimony. For instance, a family who’s residing overseas gives birth to a baby out of the country.

    However the alternative way to get dual nationality and a 2nd passport is based on you or all your family members in one of the legit 2nd citizenship programs readily available from a very trustworthy service provider who’s either a attorney or a company who’s familiar with the laws and regulations on the way to submit an application for dual citizenship in the specific country you would like acquiring 2nd citizenship from. There are several programs around which are cost-effective, and you will find many others which can be costlier. Therefore, it is essential that you get in touch with a person who will let you get a program which is perfect for your circumstances.

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    7 Ways to Attract Girls While Traveling Solo

    January 24th, 2017


    7 Ways to Attract Girls While Traveling Solo

    Discovering new places is splendid itself but you can also enhance your love life by putting your hobby in hand. Women live all around the planet and many of them are gorgeous, intelligent, and good-natured. It’s all about your strong desire to explore group camping in the wild or chivalrous Learn how to benefit from your passion in 7 convenient ways right now!

    1. Choose right locations

    It is obvious that your chances of meeting hot ladies depend on the location as well. There are likely fewer candidates hanging out in Tibetan monasteries or Scottish Highlands – unless you are in searches of a girl who’d completely share your specific traveling interests. But if you want to get as many variants as possible, we suggest you checking out more crowded places like megalopolises or lively island resorts. Yes, it seems to be a little banal but this approach really works.

    1. Set the search mode

    Even regardless the area you’re traveling across, women can be found anywhere. You should merely open your mind and set it on socialization. Don’t just wander the streets, enjoy your meal at diners, or study exhibits in museums – look around you on occasion and see if there are nice ladies near you. Besides, travel environment offers a plenty of subjects to discuss so you won’t have to desperately search for topics.

    1. Gain from your interests

    Have you ever got to thinking about how traveling increases your desirability? As an active traveler, you are expected to possess curiosity, openness, companionability, and sufficiency. Not everyone loves going abroad or even visiting the nearest attractions but most girls enjoy it. Strictly speaking, even females living in your area can be charmed by your adventurous character. And if you are in some other country, local women won’t remain indifferent to your accent, foreign allure, and rich experience.

    1. Approach ladies when it’s light outside

    Picking hot chicks up at an overnight festival is truly seductive. However, there are not so many girls who’d willingly make new acquaintances in the dark streets – what if this welcoming guy is a maniac? If you are into nighttime encounters, look for matches at appropriate spots e.g. bars, clubs, outdoor events etc. Only keep in mind that daylight helps you approach women in diverse places as they feel safer.

    1. Talk, talk, and talk

    We usually don’t chat to random people while going across our native cities. Yet while touring, it is necessary to use your social skills. Again, you are a stranger – it means you have a legal rule to request help and valuable information. If some nice girl agrees to give you a hand, why not promote the conversation by raising some other topics? Maybe she will even accept your invite for a drink.

    1. Demonstrate generosity

    Become even more alluring: carry something to share with potential strangers you will be talking to. This may be chewing gum, a couple of corn bars, or whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter what you will offer your new friends – know how to use this stuff as an icebreaker. When you notice it works, don’t hesitate to suggest an attractive lady go out for some drink or visit local tourist spots together.

    1. Use online dating apps

    Online dating isn’t completely new to modern young (and not so young) people. Thanks to its extreme mobility, guys and girls from different countries easily get in touch and maintain the connection. You can always go to a certain site or install an app that fits your dating interests. Well, there are dating apps and sites designed specifically for travelers; take a look at them if you like.

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    Bitcoin is Eating the Entire Online Gambling Industry

    January 22nd, 2017


    Bitcoin has been making quite a ripple in the gambling industry over these past two or three years. For those not in the know Bitcoin is at time of writing the world’s leading ‘crypto-currency’ – an entirely independent form of exchange that is designed to be utterly untraceable. Much like any other currency it can be bought and sold via exchanges and is stored in an online Bitcoin wallet – which only the owner will have the key to access. As far as online transactions go it’s without question the most secure, however Bitcoin does have a tendency to fluctuate wildly in value – although it has settled down more in recent months.

    So what is it that makes Bitcoin so popular with online gambling? There’s an increasing number of online casinos that are designed specifically for use with Bitcoin. Also many of the leading casinos are integrating Bitcoin as an approved currency – for example Red Flush Online Casino look set to announce full Bitcoin compatibility in the very near future. This means that players wishing to keep their spending to themselves while they play slot machines available at Red Flush casino can do so with total financial anonymity.

    1) Bitcoin Is A Seamless Online Currency

    One of the most commonly cited irritants raised by many online gamblers is that it can often take two or three business days in order for withdrawn funds to land in the players bank accounts. It may seem odd that this is still the case – after all most deposits are carried out instantly – but casinos always claim that it’s because of the banks and credit card companies slow processing times.

    Bitcoin on the other hand is designed to be a totally electronic currency. Rather than moving money between accounts/banks it’s a shared currency that is the same for every user. In a nutshell this streamlines the entire process and allows for transactions to be performed much quicker than the industry standard. For the first time user Bitcoin can sometimes seem a little daunting, but in any practical sense it is actually a much more efficient means of online currency for online transactions.

    2) Total Anonymity

    The anonymous nature of Bitcoin tends to often make people a little agitated – after all not everyone has any cause to hide their financial behavior. Yet in a world that is increasingly being monitored whether we like it or not, Bitcoin does offer a means of being able to gamble anonymously thanks to it’s peer-to-peer design.

    One particular use this has for online gambling is that when allied with a VPN, Bitcoin can help people from jurisdictions with a less enlightened attitude towards gambling to participate in international gaming. This is not necessarily legal but it does mean that monies used to gamble as well as winnings can be kept completely anonymous. Again this is a legal grey area – but it’s certainly one of the driving reasons behind why Bitcoin has been becoming so popular with online gambling.

    3) Better Security

    No matter how many precautions one takes there’s always going to be the risk of conventional bank accounts being hacked or compromised. Few industries take online security as seriously as online casinos, and to date there hasn’t been a major case of a leading casino being compromised (fingers crossed). However using Bitcoin adds an extra layer of security to all transactions.

    Say for example a casino is hacked and the crooks manage to extract all the banking details held on the customer database. Obviously credit card information and bank account details could be a gold mine, however with Bitcoin the best they’ll manage to steal is just the encrypted key code. Without being activated from the other end (the account owner) this code is utterly useless. Few criminals will bother to try and exploit a Bitcoin account when they have the alternative of much softer traditional banking information instead.

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    Latest Update On Brexit: Blair Trying To Mobilize Remain Voters

    November 1st, 2016


    Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, is calling for a second vote on Brexit. He writes that this can be done by a second vote, a new election or a vote in Parliament. The former Prime Minister is calling upon all remain voters to mobilize in order to disband the organization of the leave voters.

    Tony Blair argues that most voters did not understand the path they were going to take. Now that voters are well informed about the mess that they have made, he believes that Brexit would lose overwhelmingly on a second vote.

    The former leader of the UK says that Brexit seems to be a deal that is not worth the while for Britain. And when people see the complications of leaving the EU, such as what happens to the single market, free flow of goods and people, and the economic and social restructuring, they may think twice about their decision to leave.

    And this all comes at a time when Brexit seems incredibly messy for global financial markets. Since Great Britain is now untangling itself from the single market of the EU, financial experts warn that it is time to manage debt, both personally for any citizen with money tied up in a European market and publicly for all governments involved.

    Tony Blair points at the precipitous fall of the British pound as a future indicator of Britain’s economic might. He also sees the collapse of a Canadian free trade deal as fallout of the leave vote. The former Prime Minister argues that not many people were willing to forecast such a dire future.

    Brexit seems to be having the effect of a free market with unfettered trade, low regulation, low tax and very low social protections. This type of economic environment can be found in city states like Hong Kong and Singapore. But it is not something that he believes the average leave voter would endorse.

    The break from the EU seems to be caused by an anger among the people. The average British citizen feels as if they have lost footing in society; that corrupt politicians harp on austerity measures while they enrich themselves at the expense of the common man.

    But fear has also played a role. Terrorism is very visible on the European continent and the average Briton wanted to remove themselves from harm’s way. Leaving the EU was a figurative way to distance themselves from the terror.

    Remain voters, led by Blair, are fighting to keep remaining in the EU on the table. They are doing so by educating leave voters on the deleterious effects of exiting the EU. They argue that fears and anxiety over immigration will only increase as a totally independent island nation.

    Remain voters are also steadfast in their belief that globalization will cause stagnant incomes for Britain while housing and public services will decline. In the end, they argue that the average Briton’s life will suffer as a consequence.

    Brexit shifted the social paradigm in Britain. The remain voters are now socially stigmatized and are put on the defensive. Tony Blair is calling for a political movement to not only change public perception, but to enact political change in order to keep all options open moving forward. If the option to remain is shut out, there will be no turning back even when the future looks dark.

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    Smart Neighborhoods & Digitization of the World

    October 16th, 2016


    Living in the 21st century one realizes the impact of digital technology has had in our daily lives and how it reaches right into our homes with the Internet of Things and so forth and now this digitization has expanded into our neighborhoods.

    Smart Neighborhood pilot projects and new initiatives are beginning to appear around the world.

    Recently, Cisco Systems (CSCO) and YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc., (YD-TSX.V) created and built a new smart, digitally connected neighborhood in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. 

    In New York, “The Lower Manhattan Smart Neighborhood” pilot project will create an integrated, expandable sensor network to support the measurement, integration, and analysis of the local community utilizing the latest digital technology.

    This new digital technology will monitor neighborhood conditions, social interactions and behavior, and sustainability metrics.

    The pilot aims to impact and strengthen those who live and or work in lower Manhattan by providing real-time insight into urban challenges by using noise and air quality sensing, making sensor data publicly available to support entrepreneurs and innovation.

    The pilot neighborhood is representative of a business district neighborhood, and can be combined along with other NYC smart neighborhood projects, such as Hudson Yards, to develop quantified communities that create opportunities at the intersection of data collection, integration, and analysis at the neighborhood scale.

    Their goal is to create a model for future urban development and planning that provides a healthy, productive, and resilient environment.

    In Brazil, Cisco Systems & YDreams Global Interactive are providing citizens and visitors with a series of new urban smart services and interactive attractions experiences, as well as free Wi-Fi , the Smart Guide App,  and The Hear the City App.

    It appears that this digitization into neighborhoods is aimed to improve the quality of life, sustainability and operational efficiencies with in these centers.

    Companies like YDreams Global Interactive Technologies Inc., and giants like Cisco Systems are definitely in the for front of this new digitalization “Smart Neighborhood” trend.

    About YDreams Global Interactive Inc. :


    YDreams Global (TSXV: YD) (FSE: APY) is a high tech digital agency that combines Virtual Reality Technology, Design, and Intelligence along with a multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, industrial designers, interior designers, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers who research and develop proprietary and patented technologies in areas such as image processing, augmented reality and gesture-based interfaces.

    YDreams has developed over 700 projects for clients all over the world, clients such as Adidas, Vodafone, Nokia, TMN, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Santander, BBC, JCDecaux, IDEO and partnerships with Microsoft, Siemens, Geodan, Grupo Portucel Soporcel, Sonae Indústria, Corticeira Amorim, Bradesco.


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    Gold Bull Market Still Intact for Miners

    October 11th, 2016




    Gold’s fundamentals are still intact.

    Monetary and interest rate policy are still very loose around the world.

    Many gold analysts state that the bull market has not ended.

    When gold stocks turn in a bull market, they typically move 150% to 300%.

    Gold miners like Nexus Gold Corp  (NXS.V) and Blue River Resources (BXR.V) are presently engaged in active gold exploration programs in Burkina Faso & Cambodia.

    These companies are seeking the discovery of new economical & mineable gold deposits.

    These companies’ market capitalizations can double or quadruple in size after gold deposit discoveries and with the addition of ounces of gold (assets) placed on to their balance sheets.  

    Both Nexus Gold and Blue River Resources have made significant progress this year on their projects.

    Shares in gold companies at times do increase after drill gold assays announcements.

    Companies like these tend to become potential takeover targets for intermediate gold producers who may be looking to add gold ounces to their inventories.

    It appears to be that the bull market for gold is intact, especially for gold miners.

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    Discovering Mexico’s Next High Grade Silver Mine

    September 18th, 2016




    Is the world looking at the next Mexican high grade silver mine soon to be discovered?  

    Silver Spruce Resources (SSE-TSX.V) believes so and that there is a 130,000,000 million ounces of silver waiting to be mined.

    In late August of this year Silver Spruce Resources reported assays a high as 557 grams of silver (over 17 ounces) at their Pino de Plata project,  a 397-hectare silver property located in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the Western Chihuahua State, of Mexico.

    The company has been preparing and constructing drill roads and drill pads and they are expected to be completed by the end of September.

    Silver Spruce plans to execute a 1,000- to 1,500-metre drill program to test the defined targets where high grade silver was discovered.

    Based on the previous exploration results completed by Silver Spruce Resources it appears their chances of a new Mexican high grade silver discovery are realistic.


    Pino de Plata

    The Pino de Plata project is located some 15 kilometres from Coeur Mining Inc.’s Palmarejo open pit and underground silver mine. The Pino de Plata property has supported small-scale production of high-grade mineralization in the past; however it has never been systematically explored or drilled.


    El Terrero area

    In the El Terrero area, the company reported assays as high as 557 grams per tonnes silver (over 17.9 ounces per tonne).


    Theodora area

    With the Theodora area the company reported assays as high as 553 grams per tonne silver (17.78 ounces per ton).


    Santa Elena area

    Around the Santa Elena area the company reported assays of up to 200 grams per tonne silver.

    Each of the three identified target areas above has an open pit potential for mining silver in the future.



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    Commences Exploration at Bouboulou Gold Project, Burkina Faso, West Africa

    September 9th, 2016




    September 8, 2016 / Nexus Gold Corp.  (TSX-V: NXS) (NXXGF – OTC) announced that the Company has mobilized personnel to the project site and exploration activities have commenced at the Bouboulou Gold Concession in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

    Nexus Gold Director, Warren Robb, P.Geo, will plan and implement the fall exploration program at Bouboulou.

    Mr. Robb was Chief Geologist for Roxgold in 2012 where he wrote the 43-101 and oversaw drilling at the property (then called Bissa West).

    Immediate work includes reviewing legacy data, data compilation, geological mapping, drill hole mapping and selection, rock and core geochemical re-sampling, ground confirmation, and sourcing of drill operator, equipment and crew.

    In addition to the four known gold zones at Bouboulou, a new area of interest has been observed on the property.

    “The new area near Pelgtanga appears to be a deep structure, we’re going to get a good look at, said Warren Robb, P.Geo.

    The Bouboulou Gold concession is a near-surface, advanced stage gold exploration target located in a known gold belt, within a prolific and highly active area.

    Previous drilling has identified multiple zones of gold mineralization on the property establishing both length (40m @ 1.5 g/t Au, 35 m @ 2.2 g/t Au, among others) and grade (2m @ 12.45 g/t Au, 4m @ 12.53 g/t Au, and .3m @ 81.32 g/t Au ).


    About Burkina Faso

    Burkina Faso is a landlocked nation, located in West Africa. It covers an area of roughly 274,000 square kilometres and has an estimated population of more than 16 million people. The country has a stable political setting with a pro-mining and foreign investment stance. Burkina Faso is the fastest growing gold producer in Africa, and was the 4th largest gold producer in Africa in 2012. Eight new mines have been commissioned there over the past six years. The country has excellent geological potential. The Greenstone Belts that host all of the major deposits in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire continue northward into Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso has undergone less than 15 years of modern mineral exploration, remaining under explored in comparison to neighbouring Ghana and Mali; both of which host world class gold mines in the same belts of Birimian rocks.


    About the Company

    Nexus Gold Corp. is a Vancouver-based mineral resource company that develops precious metal mineral assets in the world’s premier mining districts. The Company is currently concentrating its efforts on the Bouboulou Gold Concession, an advanced exploration project located in Burkina Faso, West Africa and the Walker Ridge Gold Project, a drill-ready, multiple-target, Carlin-type gold project located in the Independence/Jerritt Canyon Gold Trend, Nevada, USA.



    For more information on these projects, please visit the company website at

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    Blue River drills for gold at the Banlung gold project, Cambodia

    September 5th, 2016



    BXR Drilling for gold


    Cambodia is a country with a variety of largely untapped mineral resources, including gold.

    Within the past decade there has been a surge of interest in the country’s mineral prospects and that interest has been met with a positive response from the Royal Government.

    For the country of Cambodia, the mining sector may be one of its keys to its economic growth.

    Infrastructure such as roads, water and electricity are being advanced to the active mining areas of the country, along with low labour costs which help maintain cost effective mineral exploration and production activities.

    Blue River Resources Ltd. (BXR – TSX.V) is one of many companies exploring to find an economical gold deposit in Cambodia.  Blue River is presently completing a shallow drilling program on the Okalla West gold anomaly in Banlung, Cambodia, with their partner Angkor Gold Corp.

    The exploration target is a shallow gold anomaly measuring in size approximately 4 square kilometers.

    Blue River’s initial focus is on a 40 hectare section of the property where previous sampling revealed high concentrations of gold.

    There will be a total of 1200 holes to be drilled when the drilling is completed this year.  The drill samples will be submitted to ALS Labs and results will be announced by the Blue River over the coming weeks.

    Blue River’s exploration plan is designed to delineate a near surface gold resource located in the saprolite & laterite rocks located no more than 7 meters from surface.

    The company reported that there is a potential for a gold deposit of 400,000 to 800,000 ounces of gold based on the past exploration activities, findings and results.


    BXR.V logo

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