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    How Will the ECB Election Drive the Euro?

    April 20th, 2019


    The runoff for the top job at the ECB is coming down the final stretch and the candidate will determine the future of the monetary policy in the EU. Negotiations between governments over the ECB top job and the presidencies of the commission and the European Council, probably won’t kick off until after European elections next month. Mario Draghi, the current President of the ECB is due to retire at the end of October.

    Who are the German and French Choices?

    Germany’s top choice for the head of the ECB would probably be Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann. France’s options are ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure and Francois Villeroy de Galhau, governor of the national central bank.

    What is an Alternative?

    An alternative would be two different Finnish bank officials. Former ECB policy maker Erkki Liikanen and one-time European Commissioner Olli Rehn are both in the running for the top job in Frankfurt. Rehn, 57, currently is Finland’s central bank chief, the role previously held by Liikanen, who is 68-years old.

    The Finnish election this past weekend was one of the tightest in history. The Social Democrats, which is Liikanen’s party, won the most seats. The election left a fragmented parliament and set the tone for tough coalition talks. It’s not clear if the issue of the ECB candidacy will feature in any coalition negotiations, which are set to be lengthy.

    What Traits are Needed?

    If you recall, Mario Draghi sheparded the EU through a financial crisis. He might be best known for saying in July 2012 that he would do “whatever it takes” to protect Europe’s single currency. 7-years later, the EU is still in tact. Yet while the economic backdrop is not stellar, it is better than it was during the European debt crisis. The ECB will need a steady hand to rule the central bank. The European economy is softening which makes the shift to an incoming leader very crucial.

    Historically, the EU has seen the haves, Germany, and France, and the have-nots, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. For there to be a success, the policy will need to cater to all the countries in the EU, to drive success.

    How Will the Euro Behave?

    The next election will have an affect on the value of the Euro depending on the EU choice to be ECB President. It has been clear that Draghi would do whatever it takes, but that might not be the case if Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann is elected. Germany has been wishy washy about their view of the euro. This election result could have a negative effect on the value of the Euro.

    What will also be key is to determine if the new ECB President is a hawk or a dove. At this junction, the ECB is in need of additional stimulous and desperately in need of a dove. Any hawkish tone will buoy the Euro and reduce the EU’s ability to stimulate their economy using exports as the main driver.

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    How Will the ECB Election Drive the Euro?

    April 20th, 2019


    The runoff for the top job at the ECB is coming down the final stretch and the candidate will determine the future of the monetary policy in the EU. Negotiations between governments over the ECB top job and the presidencies of the commission and the European Council, probably won’t kick off until after European elections next month. Mario Draghi, the current President of the ECB is due to retire at the end of October.

    Who are the German and French Choices?

    Germany’s top choice for the head of the ECB would probably be Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann. France’s options are ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure and Francois Villeroy de Galhau, governor of the national central bank.

    What is an Alternative?

    An alternative would be two different Finnish bank officials. Former ECB policy maker Erkki Liikanen and one-time European Commissioner Olli Rehn are both in the running for the top job in Frankfurt. Rehn, 57, currently is Finland’s central bank chief, the role previously held by Liikanen, who is 68-years old.

    The Finnish election this past weekend was one of the tightest in history. The Social Democrats, which is Liikanen’s party, won the most seats. The election left a fragmented parliament and set the tone for tough coalition talks. It’s not clear if the issue of the ECB candidacy will feature in any coalition negotiations, which are set to be lengthy.

    What Traits are Needed?

    If you recall, Mario Draghi sheparded the EU through a financial crisis. He might be best known for saying in July 2012 that he would do “whatever it takes” to protect Europe’s single currency. 7-years later, the EU is still in tact. Yet while the economic backdrop is not stellar, it is better than it was during the European debt crisis. The ECB will need a steady hand to rule the central bank. The European economy is softening which makes the shift to an incoming leader very crucial.

    Historically, the EU has seen the haves, Germany, and France, and the have-nots, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. For there to be a success, the policy will need to cater to all the countries in the EU, to drive success.

    How Will the Euro Behave?

    The next election will have an affect on the value of the Euro depending on the EU choice to be ECB President. It has been clear that Draghi would do whatever it takes, but that might not be the case if Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann is elected. Germany has been wishy washy about their view of the euro. This election result could have a negative effect on the value of the Euro.

    What will also be key is to determine if the new ECB President is a hawk or a dove. At this junction, the ECB is in need of additional stimulous and desperately in need of a dove. Any hawkish tone will buoy the Euro and reduce the EU’s ability to stimulate their economy using exports as the main driver.

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    The Cloud-based XR-1 Robot Launched by CloudMinds Technology

    April 20th, 2019


    Going by the company’s 2025 of making helpful humanoid robots affordable for people, CloudMinds means business.  The robotic and cloud AI operator announced the launch of its cloud AI based robot, the XR-1.

    The firm announced about the robot in Mobile World Congress of this year in Barcelona whose focus is on IoT, AI, mobile communications and 5G applications.

    The XR-1 robot is their first commercial humanoid robot.  The XR-1 is the first ever humanoid cloud robot that has a vision-guided precision with grasping and manipulation capabilities.

    Representing a new type of technology development and looking to commercialize it, the XR-1 comes as a highly intelligent robot.

    CloudMinds has used two ground-breaking technologies to come up with it. The Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA) and the Human Augmented Robotics Intelligence paired with extreme Reality (HARIX.

    5G Connection and Cloud AI Powered

    If the network is anything to go by, the robot has a secure connection of mobile network that’s powered by HARIX. This is a combination of human augmentation and artificial intelligence.

    There is the massive multiplayer online (MMO) which the XR-1 integrates multimedia data streaming which connects millions of cloud robots with each performing a set of different service tasks.

    Being the first generation of such Cloud AI-powered robots, the robot is set to utilize its AI engines, scalability and learning capabilities to produce high-level intelligence. Even as it does this, it will be providing low battery consumption and low cost for the robot body.

    A look at the Smart Compliant Micro Servo Technology (SCA)

    This particular technology solves issues such as joint control and issues related to safety compliance as it helps the service robots work close to humans.

    SCA is a technology that is highly integrated and has safe and flexible manipulation capabilities. It combines the components of traditional decelerators, encoders, servo motors, and drives.

    As part of a demonstration at the MWC event at Booth 7A60, the XR-1 robot served beverages to guests showing off its flexible arms built of compliant joints. Compliant joints can detect resistance force and stop all actions until the resistance is gone.

    During the showcase, the XR-1 used a multimodal sensing subsystem to help understand the required tasks and surroundings. The SCA through the smart joints sensed the force by humans and operated smoothly without a hitch.

    The robot performs its tasks through its 3D vision sensing system with a combination of the HARIX platform’s 3D object recognition together with other algorithms to support closed-loop visual feedback. These advanced technologies are what collectively help the XR-1 to perform the tasks efficiently even in the presence of humans and other machines.

    Another precise demonstration is when the robot guided a thread through a needle hole effortlessly and repeatedly. Unbelievably, this was made possible by controlling 14 SCAs which would typically be a hard precision level for compliant actuators to achieve.

    For lovers of humor, the robot is humorous, and it understands users’ intents and takes the proper actions. All this is made possible through a cloud-based language processing system.

    If you thought the robot only told jokes you are wrong. The robot can bust some moves too! The robot danced to a wide range of songs from soft melodies to some heart-pumping rhythms smoothly just like humans. This was even easier due to the robot’s slender body and long arms that left the audience awe-stricken.

    For a robot to move smoothly like a human, it needs high-quality compliant joints. Most companies have been doing their research in labs without commercializing the robots which has been costly.

    For startups, financing is usually a huge obstacle to the growth of the business even in research companies. It may get to a point where as the company owner you get to debt until you have debt collection agencies such as ARS National collections calling you. For CloudMinds, they have been able to come up with a way of making the whole development cost effective.

    CloudMinds has managed to overcome the cost barrier by developing the compliant actuator, SCA. Each SCA has some embedded chips paired with multimodal sensors that support control algorithms to make the robot motion compliant making the robot have human-like motion.

    With SCA, the company has been able to couple high performance and low cost. The company is set to start mass production of the SCA to provide people with the unique features not forgetting the cost saving aspect.

    The CEO, Bill Huang said that based on the advanced technologies put in place, CloudMinds is set to develop compliant service robots. The robots will range from wheeled to two-legged. The firm will be leveraging on the 5G network which has a high bandwidth and low latency. The firm intends to grow gradually, and people can watch out for more in the future.

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    How to Keep Your RV Safe During Thunderstorms

    April 18th, 2019

    When it comes to one of America’s most favorite pastimes, RV’ing is easily near the top of the list. Not only does it give you a chance to vacation and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, but hitting the open road and traveling to various destinations gives you a real chance to view the country in a way that airplane travel just can’t offer. According to statistics, there are more than 7% of households in the country who now own at least one RV, and this number seems to be on the rise as of late.

    With that said, people are investing a fair amount of money into their RV, spending anywhere from $10,000 for a basic travel trailer, all the way to $300,000+ on a luxury motorhome. That is a rather large investment that you want to protect and make sure it stays in tip-top shape. Because you won’t be traveling at all times, part of owning an RV is being conscious of how you plan on storing it or parking it when not in use. Clearly, you want to be sure it’s kept safe from theft, but then there are also weather concerns.

    Thunderstorms can prove to be quite damaging to RVs if when the proper measures aren’t taken in advance. In fact, it can damage your RV so extensively that you may need major repairs before it can even be used again. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together a number of tips that will help you keep your RV safe during thunderstorms.

    Install a Carport

    One of the very best ways to protect your RV from bad weather is to park/store it under shelter. Carports can offer you shelter from the rain, wind, and even harsh UV rays that can do a number on your RV. You can find carports made specifically for RVs that feature a vertical roof, or even a boxed eave.

    CarportUS is a company that specializes in carports such as these, with options that range from 6′ to 16′ in height and 21′ to 51′ in length. You can even find carports that house more than one RV if you happen to own multiples. You can find more information about its offerings on this page.

    Just be sure that when shopping for a carport you look for one that features heavy gauge metal roofing that will hold up to debris and wind, and that the base itself has enough strength and integrity that it won’t buckle.

    Cover Up Your RV

    If a carport or shelter just isn’t possible, then the next best thing is to cover your RV. This will offer some protection from wind and rain, but keep in mind it isn’t fool-proof. If you are going to go this route, be sure to find a cover that offers UV protection. As well, you will probably want to spray it with some sort of insect repellent or else they will eat right through the cover. This means you’ll have to replace it more often than you had hoped for.

    As well, the cover should be breathable or else you run the risk of mold forming since moisture can build up. This is even more of a risk if you don’t use your RV on a regular basis.

    Remove Any Nearby Large or Weak Branches and Limbs

    Another tip is to look around where you plan on parking your RV and check if there are any large or weak branches and limbs that could possibly fall onto your RV. Wind is quite common during thunderstorms, and can easily take down a branch or two. Not only that but trees attract lightning, so parking your RV near one can be asking for trouble.

    Remove Any Other Projectiles

    Now that you’ve removed any potentially damaging tree branches, you also want to look around for other possible projectiles. Things such as lawn furniture, picnic tables, a BBQ, toys, etc., can all be tossed around in the wind and end up damaging the RV.

    Secure All Loose Objects

    You will also want to do an inspection of the exterior of your RV, looking for any loose objects or parts. Everything should be secure and snug so that there is no chance of it coming off during a storm.

    Unplug Devices When Not in Use

    It’s also a good idea to unplug any electrical devices inside your RV when they aren’t in use. This includes items like the TV, coffee part, a computer, etc. Should your RV get struck with lightning, at least your electronics won’t get fried.

    Close Everything Up When Not in Use

    This next tip probably can go without saying, but you also want to be sure that you keep all doors, windows, screens, and skylights closed when you aren’t actually using your RV. Summer is known for quickly producing thunderstorms, so what starts off as a sunny gorgeous day can suddenly take a turn for the worse. If you’re at work, or just not at home when a storm strikes, and you left your windows open to “air out the RV”, well you can bet you will be coming home to a real mess to clean up.

    You also want to be sure that all your awnings and storage doors are closed and latched up tight. This can just become part of your typical end of use checklist. Each time you finish using your RV, ensure that everything is locked and latched nice and tightly.

    Ensure You Have Working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

    Your RV should also be equipped with working carbon monoxide and smoke detector alarms at all times. Be sure you stick to a schedule to regularly check and change the batteries in the alarms.

    As Safe and Secure as Possible

    By following each of these tips you’ll be doing all you can to ensure that your RV stays as safe and secure as possible during a thunderstorm.

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    A Budding Industry: 6 Ways to Make Profit From Pot Legalization

    April 15th, 2019



    By now, I’m sure you know that marijuana is now legal in much of the United States.

    Marijuana will be the next big millionaire maker; the question is just whether you can get in on the action to profit from pot in time.

    Imagine you had the chance to buy a beer brewery right after prohibition ended at a discounted price. Imagine where you and your family would be today?

    These kinds of opportunities do not come along often, though there appears to be one every week.  A genuine opportunity like this is something that you can’t afford to miss out on.

    Do yourself a favor and continue reading to find out how to make money off weed.

    How to Start Making a Profit From Pot

    If you don’t have a place to grow pot, how can you make money off weed?  Well, you don’t have to raise it – I mean, you don’t need an oil well to make money from oil, right?

    To make money, you need to know what the best marijuana stocks are and when to buy them.

    Marijuana has not been legal for a very long time. The profits are already approaching 10 billion dollars according to Arcview Market Research.

    So that’s a significant number, and you may think you have already missed your opportunity. But think of this: it’s not legalized everywhere.

    With more states joining in plus Canada, it only stands to get bigger.

    6 Ways You Can Cash in On Marijuana

    So I’ve given you some info, thrown a large number up as profit, and even suggested that stocks are an option.  But I have not told you how to make money off weed specifically.

    1. Invest – Putting money into a marijuana stock seems like a no-brainer.  But then again, who can predict what stock will produce a good return and which one will not? They are a gamble no matter what, so do your homework.

    Seek the advice from or hire a professional investor. He can guide you through the process of selecting a stock that fits your goals and expectations.

    1. Crypto and Blockchain – It is what made the cryptocurrency bitcoin such a success.  This is due to the robust method of storing data and keeping it in a block in a chain of code.

    Of course, that is quite a basic description, but the end result is the original data cannot be changed. This should work the same way that this helped make bitcoin famous. 

    It stands to reason that offering a seed-to-sale system for marijuana companies would help them to do something similar.

    1. Start Your Own Business – There are almost endless opportunities for those who are an entrepreneur or want to be.

    Starting an edibles store, or selling the essential oil and paraphernalia. Even the buds themselves are all possibilities if you live in the right state.

    But of course, nothing is for free. Some states charge $10,000 or more for a new dispensary license application. They can also require you to have $100K+ in working capital.

    1. Get a Job in the Industry – There are lots of high paying jobs in the pot sector because it is so new and rapidly expanding. Of course, you will need the right set of skills.

    In Canada, for instance, there is a new job being created for a quality control analyst.  This job has an average starting annual salary of $72,000.

    1. Grow Master – If you don’t want to open a store or work in the industry, would growing marijuana be more your speed? If that is the case, you could become a grow-master.  This usually comes with an annual salary of $100,000, plus some companies offer profit sharing.
    2. Create Your own Edibles – As an edibles chef, you would create foods and drinks infused with marijuana. This can pay well if you are qualified and are in the right market.

    For instance, Chris Sayegh is an edibles chef in Los Angeles. His fine dining cannabis can command $200 to $500 per person.

    Generally, the salary for a position like this varies depending on the location.  It would require the chef to have some years of experience in culinary arts.

    Owning a Pot Business vs. Investing in Weed

    So now that you have read through and evaluated the list above, you should have an idea of whether working in the industry, owning a business, or investing would be the way to go.

    Let’s take a closer look at business vs. investing to see what the best opportunity would be to make money off weed.

    Running a Pot Business

    As a business owner, you are responsible for it all. Everything that happens or doesn’t happen is on you.

    Here’s a list of some essential business responsibilities:

    1. Repayment of debt. If you’ve taken any loans or borrowed from investors, you are responsible for making the payments.
    2. Regulatory compliance. If your business is affected by government regulations you are responsible if any one of your employees does not comply. There may be a fine levied for some non-compliance. You would be responsible for that as well.
    3. OSHA recordable injuries. If anyone gets hurt on the job, you are responsible for the damage and for correcting what happened. Any fines or penalties would be your responsibility.
    4. Employee health insurance and payroll. While you may not administer either of these, you are responsible for them.

    There are many more responsibilities than listed. Truthfully, some people absolutely thrive in that kind of environment; it’s what they were born to do and love doing it.

    If you know you are not one of those people, who would thrive with those responsibilities, then maybe you are just in love with the idea of owning a business and investing might be the ticket for you.

    Investing in Weed

    Like investing in anything, there is a risk that you will lose your investment. That, of course, is the downside. The upside is that there is not any real threat to any of your other assets. This comes without the responsibility of owning a business, and you can make an excellent profit.

    Investing in weed is for the long term. So I would use caution with any investment opportunity. Especially ones that claim you’re going to be a millionaire by next weekend.

    Enlist the help of a professional who can help you sort through the landscape of opportunities.  They can help identify the one that fits your portfolio goals and budget.

    What Is the Best Way to Profit From Weed?

    We listed six ways to make money off weed and weighed the difference between owning a business and investing.

    So then, which way is the best way to profit from pot? That is a question only you can answer. Do you have the capital and the nerve to start and invest in a business?

    Or are you more content just working in the industry? Or perhaps you want to take a longer-term approach and invest?

    Whatever your goal is, you need to have a plan to reach it. To learn more about business and what is happening in the world that can affect it, check out our website or contact us today.

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    Leave Me A-Loan: 4 Steps to Take If You Have Bad Credit but Need a Loan

    April 15th, 2019




    When you’re out of money and in need of solutions, it’s important that you make the decisions that matter the most. 

    In this regard, it behooves you to figure out how to get a loan with bad credit. If you don’t have the best credit score and need some options, there are some strategies that will work in your benefit. 

    Read the tips below so that you can get the funding that you need. 

    1. Look to Your Personal Network First

    When your credit isn’t so hot, you should start by finding loans that don’t involve banks, credit unions or other such decision makers. 

    Instead, reach out to people in your personal or professional circle that might be able to help you out in a pinch. By checking with your network first, you might be able to get an interest-free loan that doesn’t involve an application process or other such hurdles. 

    Since these relationships are valuable, definitely honor the loan and pay it back so that you don’t put it in jeopardy. 

    1. Check out Some Viable Online Loan Options

    There are plenty of companies that offer online loans no matter what kind of credit you have. 

    By logging onto the site and running through the application process, you can get money deposited into your account as early as the next day in many situations. Check out your options for online lenders and make sure that you research them before applying. 

    1. Improve Your Credit Score to the Best of Your Ability

    There are several tips that you can follow to improve your credit score, so develop a plan to make it a reality. 

    First off, look into paying off your debts so that your credit report is as clean as possible. You can also reach out to a credit counselor that can help you find the strategies that will boost your score. 

    You may be able to also dispute some of the items on your credit report so that you can get it removed. 

    1. Try to Get a Co-Signer or Other Arrangement

    To be sure that you are getting the most out of your application, it might be worthwhile to seek a co-signer.  

    In many cases, a lender might reject your application, but say that they will consider it if you get a co-signer with a certain credit score. Be sure that you choose a co-signer that you trust, and honor your loan so that they never have to deal with any blowback. 

    Do Your Research to Figure out How to Get a Loan With Bad Credit

    There are a lot of things you can do to learn how to get a loan with bad credit when you need it. You don’t have to let your credit score be the reason that you couldn’t respond to a financial downfall. 

    Follow these points and start reaching out to some lenders that can assist you with the funding you are looking for. 

    Follow us for business tips and other points of info to help you with your finance. 

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    Protecting Your Tech Business: A Guide

    April 15th, 2019


    When setting up your small tech business, there are additional considerations that you should think about when ensuring that you are protected. Not only do you have to think about insurance and other general necessities, but you should also consider your security online as well as the protection that you give the gadgets that are necessary for your business to operate.


    • Take Out Liability Insurance


    Firstly, every small business should take out liability insurance before they open for business. This will ensure that you are protected against any customer claims made against you, such as accidents on your premises. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your tailored insurance, and yet this could be the difference in losing a large part of your income if an accident does happen on your premises. Commercial general liability insurance will ensure that you do not lose revenue through expensive lawsuits or medical bills and that you and your customer are reassured of safety and protection at an affordable price.


    • Consider Your Cyber-Security


    Cybersecurity is even more vital for tech companies than other small businesses, and it is important that cybersecurity is at the top of your priorities when setting up your business. To ensure that you are protected, you should download reliable anti-viral software and keep your software up to date as your business grows. If you hire employees, it may be best to create a security policy that everyone can read, which includes elements such as regular data back-ups and how to secure cloud computing. You should also constantly remain aware of new trends in cyber-attacks such as hacking, malware and identity theft and how to combat these.


    • Invest in Surveillance and Tracking Devices


    You should also invest in more basic security measures such as installing surveillance systems onto your physical premises. Tech businesses will have more gadgets such as laptops and computers on site than other businesses, and so you should have more precautions in place such as security cameras and other surveillance devices to ensure that your business is protected. Not only do video cameras deter theft, but they also give you solid evidence of a theft and help you to work with the police to find the perpetrator. If you have many small gadgets such as mobile phones in your offices, you should also consider tracking devices as this will help you to find missing items quickly.


    • Ensure Your Business is Legally Protected


    To ensure that your business is legally protected, you should trademark your business name through registering your business within the state in which you will be operating. This ensures that you can run your business under that name and those other businesses cannot use the same name. You should also ensure that you get the correct licenses and permits such as tax and you can receive these by contacting your local county offices. You should also consider hiring a solicitor to provide advice in times of legal uncertainty and to help you legally protect your business.

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    Five Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Change Your Life for the Better

    April 11th, 2019

    A few self-driving cars have already hit the road, but it won’t be long until they’re the norm. It’s projected that 95-percent of new vehicles sold by 2040 will be self-driving.

    It’s kind of scary. We all like to feel like we’re in control, and being behind the wheel is one of the biggest responsibilities we have.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of good things about autonomous vehicles too. Here are five big ways self-driving cars will change your life for the better.

    No More Costs Associated with Owning and Driving a Vehicle

    Owning a car can provide you with tons of freedom to go anywhere you want, whenever you want. Unfortunately, it can be a hassle too.

    Today, it’s important that you learn about the rules of the road with a practice permit test, which costs students a lot of time. You have to pay to maintain your license, pay for regular maintenance on your vehicle, and make costly repairs when they’re needed. Don’t forget about car insurance!

    For most people, there will be no need to purchase their own vehicle and spend the time maintaining it. Instead, many areas will treat vehicle use as a subscription service. Simply call on a vehicle when you need it, and send it away when you don’t. That means there’s no need to go into debt to buy a car, and there’s no need to wonder where you’re going to get the money to make that repair.

    Spend a Lot Less Time in Traffic

    It seems traffic records are broken each holiday season, but it isn’t just Thanksgiving and Christmas that will have you grunting in frustration behind the wheel. Many people spend countless hours in the car each and every year stuck in traffic on the way to or from work.

    You won’t spend nearly as much time in traffic when self-driving cars are the norm. A road full of cars communicating with each other means congestion won’t build up in the first place. You’ll get to work quicker, and you’ll get home a lot quicker.

    Live Further Away from Work

    Most people spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of living close to work, and most of them involve spending less time and money on transportation. It turns out, there are actually plenty of reasons to live far away from home too, and self-driving cars can make it possible.

    Without being directly responsible for the operation of the vehicle, you won’t start your day stressing about traffic. Not to mention, you’ll spend a lot less time on the road because traffic moves smoothly. Depending on where you live, you could have a house further from work, but spend the same time in the vehicle getting there.

    Relax in a Mobile Living Room

    If there’s no need for you to operate a steering wheel, there’s no need for there to be one in the car! Eventually, there won’t be. Instead, a self-driving car will be a lot more like a living room, which means there are all kinds of things you can do while waiting to arrive at your destination.

    A few of the things you’ll do in a self-driving car include:

    • Grooming, like doing your hair or makeup
    • Socializing with friends and family
    • Checking work emails and conducting meetings
    • Watching a movie or play a game

    A self-driving car will make long road trips more bearable too. Instead of pulling over in the evening to rest up and hit the road again in the morning, you can spend your time sleeping in the car while it’s taking you to your destination.

    Safer and Healthier Living

    Self-driving cars have made the news recently for accidents they’ve caused, but the truth is, autonomous vehicles are still safer than manually operated vehicles. Eventually, accidents will all but be eliminated, saving tens of thousands of lives each year.

    That’s not the only way self-driving cars will make life safer and healthier. Car chases will be eliminated and committing crimes that require a getaway vehicle will become much more difficult.

    Autonomous vehicles are projected to be better for the environment too. Many, if not all, of them will be electric, and with fewer vehicles needed because multiple people are sharing the same car through rideshare programs, they’ll create fewer emissions.

    It’s normal to be a bit scared of self-driving cars. Change is always a little scary, but these unique vehicles are poised to make our lives much better. We just have to get used to them first!

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    California Could Lower Legal Blood Alcohol Level

    April 11th, 2019


    California is considering making some of the strictest drunk driving laws in the nation. Two bills were recently introduced in the state legislature that would reform drunk driving laws in California.

    The first is SB 545, which would, if passed, require all people who are convicted of a DUI to have interlocking ignition devices installed in their vehicle. These devices are installed to prevent someone from driving when they’ve been drinking. The car won’t start if the driver blows into the device and they don’t pass a breathalyzer for alcohol use.

    The second bill, which is AB 1713, would lower the legal drinking limit from a blood alcohol content of 0.08 to 0.05. That would mean that for women under 160 pounds, they could have no more than one or two drinks in an hour to legally drive. For men under 200 pounds, no more than two drinks in that period.

    According to State Sen. Jerry Hill, a thousand people are killed in the state every year because of drunk drivers, and 20,000 people are injured.

    Utah is the only other state that has currently lowered its drunk driving level to 0.05, although some other states around the nation are proposing it.

    What else is there to know about blood alcohol levels in general?

    What is Blood Alcohol Concentration?

    Some people are unsure of what blood alcohol concentration or BAC is, and how it’s measured. BAC is the percent of alcohol that’s present in someone’s bloodstream. If someone has the following blood alcohol concentration levels, you might see specific effects:

    • If you have a BAC from 0.01 to 0.03, you might have an elevated mood, but no very noticeable effects of alcohol. However, if you are under 21 and you have a 0.01 percent BAC, it’s illegal to drive or bike.
    • With BACs of 0.04 to 0.06, which is where the proposed legal limit in California would fall, someone might feel relaxed,and they might experience some mild impairment related to their memory and reasoning abilities.
    • If someone has a 0.07 to 0.08 BAC, which is the legal limit for driving in most states, they might be mildly impaired, especially with regard to their speech and vision.
    • From 0.10 to 0.12, someone will likely show signs of being significantly impaired, and they have problems with motor coordination and slurred speech.
    • Ranging from 0.13 to 0.20 is likely going to make someone very noticeably intoxicated,and they may be described as “sloppy drunk.” Someone may start to experience loss of balance and nausea.
    • When someone reaches a BAC of 0.25, they are considered extremely intoxicated and they may even need help walking at all, and from 0.35 to 0.40, most people will experience loss of consciousness,and they may go into a coma.

    While these numbers can give a general overview of BAC, many variables specifically affect it. For example, gender, whether or not someone ate before drinking, and body weight can all play a role in what someone’s BAC actually is.

    How is BAC Determined?

    BAC can be determined by one of three types of tests which are breath, urine or blood. Blood testing tends to be the most accurate, but it can often be the most difficult to do. A professional has to take the blood, and it’s time-consuming to get the results. A urine test isn’t very accurate, so it’s not often done.

    Breath testing tends to be the most common test, especially in drunk driving situations. Law enforcement professionals can use portable breathalyzers and conduct these tests right at the side of the road. They are usually admissible in court as well.

    What are Standard Drink Sizes?

    One big issue, especially in the U.S. is that people hear that they can have one or two drinks in an hour and still be potentially below the legal limit. However, their concept of what a standard drink size is may be inaccurate.

    For example, one bottle of beer is one standard drink if it has 5 percent alcohol. Eight ounces of malt liquor at 7 percent alcohol is considered a standard drink, as is a 5-ounce wine pour with 12 percent alcohol. With hard liquor, only 1.5 ounces is one drink, with 40 percent alcohol.

    For many people, especially with more states looking at laws like the ones proposed in California, the better option is not drinking at all if they know they’re going to be driving.

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    The Importance Of Women In The Military and Why It’s A Good Career Change

    April 11th, 2019


    Women who were in the military back in the day mostly had supporting roles for the men in combat. The women were usually nurses or cooks, or had any job that doesn’t involve going into battle against the enemies. But now, women are no longer limited to those jobs because the military became more accepting of women who are ready to fight alongside them, and for good reason.


    Women Empower Women


    Being in the military is not an easy thing to do. Deciding to join takes a lot of thinking and preparation to be entirely sure of the decision. Then, once you’re in, you’ll need lots of hard work, discipline, strength, and perseverance to make it through all the training.


    Women who join the military are an inspiration to women everywhere. According to Norwich University, seven women throughout history have served as influential figures for their military achievements both on and off the battlefield. Their accomplishments helped pave the way for women to be accepted as part of the military.


    Recruiting Women Increases the Numbers


    Though it’s not a pleasant thought, being in the military, especially those who get deployed in war-stricken places, is dangerous. No matter how much we don’t want to have any casualties, we can’t avoid the fact that it can happen. The more men that die in battle, the weaker the force goes.


    Now, not all men are willing to join the army, but so are women. However, if only men are allowed in the military, then they’re missing out on the women who may be willing to join. Back in the day when women weren’t allowed to enter the military for combat, there were still a few who proved that they should be part of it.


    Take Deborah Sampson, for example. She disguised herself as a man and fought many battles during the American Revolution. She was only discovered after the conflict and was even given an honorable discharged. Now, things seem to be going in the right direction for women in the military because they no longer have to disguise themselves. Hopefully, it will continue in the future as well.


    Gain the Trust of Civilian Women and Children


    More often than not, men in the military can appear intimidating. Women and children who live in places that are at war may become frightened of the presence of military men. This can be a tactical disadvantage because, sometimes, civilian women and children have information that can be useful for the military to better handle the situation at hand.


    Women in the military can help aid that problem. Women and children may have more trust in military women than men as the former can appear less intimidating and more approachable, which can be beneficial during intelligence-gathering.


    Diversity Can Help With Decision Making


    Women can be just as good leaders as men. Those who join the military have various roles they can choose from, such as being cooks, nurses, combat officers, and even leadership roles.


    According to research, men and women have differences in thinking when it comes to leadership. Men are more of the risk-takers while women are more compassionate and empathic.


    To be a leader, you need to be a risk-taker, as well as compassionate and empathic. This is not to say that men only possess the former, but compassion and empathy is not as dominant a trait in men as it is in women. When there are differences in opinion, it can help encourage healthy discussions that may lead to better decisions when it comes to the well-being of the general public.


    Why Women Should Consider A Career in the Military


    • Fulfillment – Being in the military can be fulfilling. Imagine serving your country in the most honorable way. You also have the opportunity to help others who are in need, especially those who are living in war-torn areas.
    • Educational Benefits – The military can cover your educational costs if you plan to study during your time in the army or after your service.
    • Health Benefits – The moment you join the military, you, your spouse, and children get full dental, vision, and medical coverage. After you retire, you can still get those health benefits through the Veterans Administration.
    • Housing Benefits – Those who are in the military who have a family can either let the family live on-base or get a stipend for housing off-base.


    Final Thoughts


    This is a time where women want to show the world that women can do the jobs that men do. The idea of women being in the military may not be as accepted worldwide but allowing women to be in it in some countries is a huge step forward. Hopefully, we continue in this path for the betterment of everyone.


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    In the Danger Zone: 8 Steps to Take When You’re Out of Money

    April 9th, 2019



    Are you one of the 60% of Americans with nothing in savings and an inability to cover a $1000 emergency expense?

    If you answered yes to this question, you’re not alone. Only 40% of Americans could actually cover a $1000 unexpected expense with money from their savings account.

    Whether it’s due to unemployment, emergency expenses, or just generally not having enough money each month to make ends meet, running out of money before the month is over and your bills are paid is panic-inducing.

    If you find that you’ve run out of money this month, take a deep breath and get to work to get your finances into shape. Here are 8 steps to take to get back on track.

    1. Make Some Fast Cash

    If you need to make fast cash, go through your house and see what items you can sell. If you have furniture, household items, books, or even clothing that you no longer use or need, list it for sale.

    Facebook marketplace is a great place to sell things quickly. The key is to price it to sell, especially if you need money fast.

    If you have old books or DVDs lying around, check Amazon or eBay to see how much they are going for. Old college textbooks can also be sold online.

    You can even do surveys, online tasks, or internet research to make some quick money. This money is often deposited right into your PayPal account, allowing it to be in your bank account in as little as a day.

    1. Ask for a Payment Plan

    Communicating with your creditors is key. Don’t just throw the bills in a pile of mail you don’t want to deal with and think that if you deny their existence, they’ll go away.

    Call them, explain your situation, and ask for a payment plan. You could also ask for creditors to waive any late payment fees, pause your payments for a few months, or assist you in other ways.

    You’d be surprised at how willing creditors are to work with you. The key is that you have to be the one to ask.

    1. Consider Public Assistance

    If you are working as much as you can and you still can’t make ends meet, public assistance might be an option, if you meet income requirements. If you struggle to pay your rent, cover childcare costs, or put food on the table, public assistance can help.

    You’ll have to apply and it’s not a particularly quick process, but is a good way to ensure that in future months, you can cover your expenses.

    1. Slash Your Budget

    If you’re struggling to make ends meet, you need to cut out any unnecessary expenses.

    Lunches or dinners out, lattes, entertainment expenses, cable, etc. Cut all of the excess out of your budget. Make a meal plan, shop from the grocery sales, and find free activities or stay home.

    Get rid of cable, see if you can cut your cell phone bill (do you really need unlimited data?), and cancel unused memberships or subscriptions (when was the last time you actually used your gym membership?).

    Cutting household expenses may seem extreme, but you’ll be surprised at how little you miss many of the things you cut out.

    1. Ask for Help

    Sometimes you need to put your tail between your legs and ask for a favor. Call your family or friends who you think might give you a loan and ask for help. Make sure you are working out a repayment plan with them, with interest, and stick to it.

    If you don’t make it a regular thing and are generally responsible with your money, people might be more willing to help you.

    1. Pick Up A Side Hustle

    It seems like everyone has a side hustle these days.

    Whether it’s driving for Uber or Lyft, delivering for InstaCart or Postmates, or doing freelance work, it seems like most of us are earning cash doing work on the side.

    The key to a successful side hustle is to make sure it’s worth your time and doesn’t impact your day job. Be wary of side hustles that make claims that seem too good to be true (they usually are).

    1. Consider a Loan

    You should use a loan as a last resort. Whether you choose a payday loan, cash advance on your credit card, or a personal loan, Bonsai Finance can help.

    These loans should be used sparingly, as they often have high-interest rates and you must pay them back pretty quickly, but they are an available option when you need money immediately.

    1. Think Long-Term

    If running out of money has become a regular occurrence, it’s time to revisit your budget.

    Maybe it means picking up a second job long-term, moving to a place with lower rent or mortgage, selling your expensive car and buying something with cash, or cutting other frivolous expenses.

    There are countless free resources out there that will guide you in creating and sticking to a budget.

    Never Run Out of Money Again

    Don’t let financial panic happen month after month.

    Take steps today to ensure that you never run out of money again. Making long-term changes to your budget and thinking about your future goals will go a long way to build a strong financial foundation for you and your family.

    If you want more tips and information about finances, saving money, and making money, explore the financial section of our blog.

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    What Are the Best Things to Do in Ohio in the Summer

    April 9th, 2019



    80+ Years ago famed writer Ernie Pyle visited Ohio’s Put-in-Bay to write about the islands vibrant nightlife and bustling tourism business. Cruise ships arrived daily in the busy summer season and ferry boats brought vacationers to the island of wine and summer visitors. Pyle called Put-in-Bay the “Capitol” of the Great Lakes.  Pyle could not have been more accurate is his description both then, and in the modern day.

    After the island known as South Bass Island endured many setbacks including hotels fires which consumed the largest lodging facility in the world at the time, prohibition and the great depression, today’s Put-in-Bay resembles more of a Key West of the North than anything.

    The island while preserving its history, has evolved into a vacation destination that serves all, loves all. There are Put-in-Bay Events that start mid-April and entertain hundreds of thousands of tourists until the last hurrah each year on Halloween weekend. The dress is informal, resort casual, and the vibe is as relaxed as you wish.

    The gigantic steamships of the past have been replaced by a high-speed ferry boat called the Jet Express which is the favored and only way to arrive in the downtown area. A freight boat transports what few cars and trucks that do arrive as well as passengers and arrives on the other side of the island.

    The island is dotted with stick-built cottages to mini-mansions and is somewhat of a step back in time. You won’t find any franchises on the island except for a small Subway. No Wal Mart’s, McDonald’s or other eyesores of the average community. Nor will you find a stoplight or traffic jam. Cars are discouraged and the vehicle of choice is the Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental which is operated as a car with the same basic rules.

    Todays Put-in-Bay still produces wine but the mainstay beverage has for the most part been replaced by cool sounding cocktails served at one of the islands popular swim-up bars. The Put-in-Bay Resort is home to the Blue Marlin Bar & Grill, the islands most popular swim-up bar and watering hole. The construction of the islands largest hotel was a feat that took place over 6 years, made difficult by the fact that all materials had to be shipped to the island via a ferry boat and construction in the winter months.

    The Put-in-Bay Resort is somewhat of a catch-all lodging facility with typical hotels rooms combined with family size suites and large villas for those seeking more of a rental home atmosphere. Be wary when making vacation plans as the few hotels on the island do book up quickly.

    On Sundays, an antique car parade with upwards of 75 cars is the highlight of the day. “It’s kind of an era that’s frozen in time,” stated Pete Pataskala, 69, who drove a 1929 Model-A Ford all the way from Atlantic City, N.J., to Put-in-Bay to spend the summer months. “You truly feel like you’re in a different place and time.” Mr. Pataskala has been visiting the Lake Erie Islands since 1939, and books his following year each October before departing to Florida for the winter months.


    Nearby islands include Middle Bass. North Bass, and Kellys Island. Surrounding islands offer their own unique atmosphere but are much more subdued and in the case of North Bass Island, remote.

    The personality of the village of Put-in-Bay can be a party town on a weekend and a family village thru the week. Day-trippers are often not aware of the many attractions that Put-in-Bay has to offer and often find themselves wishing they were staying on the island instead of having to take a late boat back to reality, often times missing a large part of what the island has to offer.

    Lively marinas in the downtown area afford those arriving by private boat modern facilities and easy to navigate waterways. The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club and the Crews Nest are private boating clubs that also cater to transient boaters when not occupied by members.

    While many boast of the nightlife, Put-in-Bay has no shortage of great restaurants, several of which offer a waterfront dining experience. The Lake Erie Yellow Perch and Walleye are served at just about every restaurant on the island and you can’t go wrong with either. Dress at all of the eateries is resort casual. Rare is a tie except for the occasional island wedding.

    Fishing near the islands yields near limit catches on almost a daily basis. Anglers come from as far away as the Dakotas to experience the Walleye bite and jig for the prized Lake Erie Yellow Perch. For those without a boat, several local charter boat companies offer full and half day fishing adventures. Most local restaurants will cook your cleaned catch upon request.

    The State of Ohio operates the South Bass Island State Park located about a mile from the downtown area. There is a section of primitive and modern campsites as well as a few cabins for rent. A playground and a pebble beach make this a great location for an afternoon with the kids.

    The majority of the homes on the island are seasonal second homes. The average number of year-round residents hover near 150 depending on the year. Winter residents hope for solid ice and drag their shanties out for ice fishing. The local Put-in-Bay airport serves as a lifeline to the island when the ferry boats cease operating for the year transporting everything from the mail to milk. Ice guides will use old Christmas Trees to mark a trail to the mainland for ATV’s and ice cars. There are days where the weather prevents flights from operating and the island is truly isolated. Emergency Medical Services can be provided by Lifeflight.

    The local police force in the winter months can be two to three officers and swell to over fifty in the busy summer months. The fall months are said amongst locals to be the best of the year. The shallow waters of Lake Erie fold the summer heat long into September and October. As the light winds blow late in the season, this warmer air extends the growing season and allows the many vineyards located on the islands to flourish.

    There is so much more that could be said about the Lake Erie Islands as they will always be something slightly different to each who visits her isolated splendor. Few people can truly understand just how special Put-in-Bay is until they experience it.  Of course it exists, Ernie Pyle could have told you so.

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    Things That Make your Business Stagnant

    April 5th, 2019



    It is not easy to be an entrepreneur, but that venture is definitely rewarding if it works out well. Unfortunately, there are many people venturing into the same type of business all the time. Unless you have a unique business idea (which rarely happens), you are likely to face a tough competition. In the end, many businesses face stagnation at the slightest mistake. Here are some of the things that make your business stagnant.


    1. You are not communicating with your customers.

    Your customers are the reasons why you are in business. If they are not involved in your business, it will not grow. You need to know what your customers want so that you can give it to them. Customers’ demands keep changing with time. Even if you were meeting their demands in the past, that can easily change since trends keep changing. You should create a channel where your customers can constantly communicate with you.


    If you do not have a contact us channel, create one. You should also ask for feedback from your customers to improve your product or service.


    1. You are not assigning roles to the right people

    One thing that ensures efficiency in business is getting the right people to do the work. People have varied expertise and obviously, one person cannot excel at everything. This is why you need to put people in charge of what they can do best. Sometimes, you may be tempted to do everything by yourself. The truth is that you may lose focus on certain things that really matter to the success of your business if you have too many things in your hand. If you are trying to do everything including quality control, procurement, and the marketing of your B2B wholesale business, that could be the reason why your business is stagnant.


    1. You are not marketing through the right channel

    Marketing trends are changing every now and then. In the past, you will see a huge increase in your B2C or B2B wholesale business’ sales when you do cold calls and emails. Now, no one does any of that anymore. It does not work even if you try. People will hate to receive emails about things they have no interest in. In this era, marketing works more when you target the right audience. Social media is one tool that meets all the marketing demands of contemporary businesses.


    Businesses are able to target their audience on social media. The good thing is that most people spend time on social media, and that gives your company more exposure. Do you have social media pages for your business? Do you run ads for your business often on social media? Do you have a professional website to tell people about what you do? If you have not developed an online presence for your business yet, that could be the reason why your business is stagnant.


    1. You are not investing in your business

    You must invest more resources into your business. It is important that you invest in human resource, machinery, and technology. Put money and effort into anything that will improve your business. There are some courses or training that will improve productivity in your business. You can make it accessible to your staff. Improving careers and productivity is one of the main reasons why people are going back to education these days. Another way is to ensure that your staff is not stressed or tired. You can manage stress in your business this way.


    1. You are not standing out in the crowd

    Many people operate in your industry. In fact, many people have ventured into the same kind of business. This means that you and your competitors will be targeting the same customers. Some businesses are doing things to set them apart from the others. If you are not innovative about the products and services you offer, your customers will not be attracted to your products or services. Your old customers will even stop patronizing your products when they realize that other firms are offering more value for money. If your business is stagnant, check your trends. If you have not introduced any innovative products in the past 2 to 3 years, that could be a factor.

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    What happens if you do not follow FCA regulations

    April 5th, 2019



    As a firm, you may be wondering what the implications could be if you do not follow Financial Conduct Authority regulations. In terms of what can happen, the action can vary depending on your breach of compliance and can result in fines, excommunication and court action. Here are some of the outcomes that can happen if you are not FCA compliant.


    Enforcement by the FCA


    The FCA’s Enforcement division works in collaboration with the authorization, supervision and strategy and competition sections, as well as law enforcement and other regulators. This means that by not following FCA regulations, you can potentially be under investigation very quickly, hence the importance to be compliant from day one and at all times.


    What sort of action can they take?


    There are a number of ways in which the FCA can penalize you for not following regulations. These may include any of the following:


    • Issuing fines against companies (as well as individuals too) who breach FCA rules or otherwise commit market abuse. The size of these fines are determined by the FCA and can range in the millions.
    • Penalizing firms who breach competition laws by issuing fines.
    • Removing a firm’s authorization status due to a breach of conduct, which can have huge implications for the company’s future.
    • Preventing individuals within a company from being able to carry on conducting regulated activities as a result of their non-compliance.
    • Publishing details online of when disciplinary action is about to start, as well as the details of the final decision, final notices, as well as any warnings, were previously given. This public announcement, if it is a decision made by the FCA, could be harmful to your firm’s reputation, as this information will be public for all to see.
    • Issuing warnings about unauthorized firms and their activities and encouraging web hosts to deactivate their websites. This could have particularly bad consequences for promoting and marketing your company if this decision is made.
    • The FCA could also decide to apply to the courts for restitution orders, insolvency orders or injunctions against your business.


    Is it possible for the FCA to take action if my company is unauthorized?


    Yes, if your business is not currently authorized, it is still very possible for the FCA to take action against you. Not being authorized and trading as normal is a very common reason for enforcement. To carry out regulated services as a provider or intermediary in the UK, you must have full permissions and be authorized as a primary function or appointed representative. However, not all financial services are regulated including cryptocurrencies, invoice finance and non-status mortgages – see the full list of exemptions here.


    What are enforcement notices?


    The FCA could provide you with enforcement notices as a result of being non-compliant. As previously mentioned, these are published in order to inform the public, to show that their decisions are transparent in nature, as well as maximize the deterrent effect, as no company wants enforcement notices published online for all to see. There are different enforcement notices that could be used. These include the following:


    • Warning notices: the details of these may be published online, and they state when the FCA is intending to take action against your company
    • Decision notices may then be issued when the course of action has been decided upon
    • Final notices are given by the FCA when they have decided to take action


    Trading companies have the option to take compliance into their own hands and follow the guidelines required step-by-step. This includes becoming an FCA regulated firm and trading thereafter. If you do not have any staff in-house with compliance experience or have someone dedicated to this role, there is the possibility of hiring an outside compliance consultants to assist. This can ensure that you minimize any damage to your organization and can continue to trade in the most compliant way possible.

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    How to Make CBD Oil Work for You: Investing And/Or Ingesting

    April 3rd, 2019

    You’ve heard the buzz about it, and you might have even noticed it popping up in your local health food store. This plant extract is a miracle worker of natural medicine and has everyone quickly hopping on the bandwagon.

    What is it you ask? CBD!

    CBD is a natural cannabinoid taken from the Cannabis plant, it contains many healing properties and is free of the psychoactive effects. 

    But the benefits aren’t limited to health alone. This booming industry is also a great place to invest your money. Keep reading to find out how to make CBD oil benefit both your body and your wallet. 

    History In the Making

    The CBD industry has expanded rapidly over the past few years. Taking off in 2017 when hemp and CBD products went mainstream. The hemp-CBD market has recently been predicted to hit $22 billion by the year 2022

    CBD of all variety has started popping up in natural food stores, coffee shops, and beauty products. And the cannabinoid was being recommended by doctors across the board. Consumers began buying these products like never before, and through their word of mouth, CBD is quickly becoming a household name.

    CBD products are considered to be a part of the wellness industry, an industry which brings in about $3.7 trillion a year. So there’s no surprise at the financial success of CBD. With the huge cultural shift over the years to try to cut out pharmaceuticals and heal your body the natural way with alternative medicine, CBD has had the opportunity to shine.

    As overall awareness and education on the various uses and benefits of CBD have reached the general public, old stigmas surrounding the cannabis plant have begun to fall away. This makes CBD approachable to use for everyone of all ages.

    How To Make CBD Oil A Part Of Your Health Routine

    CBD oil has a wide range of uses and benefits. The plant extract helps to reduce anxiety, manage stress, and relieve insomnia and PTSD. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and is rich in antioxidants. 

    Studies have shown CBD to be a leading treatment for epilepsy. And taking CBD can also help reduce pain since most pain is caused by inflammation. This is great to use to help combat arthritis or chronic joint pain. 

    And this cannabinoid provides you with these healing properties without getting you high. Here are some of the top ways to use CBD.

    CBD Edibles

    By ingesting CDB oils, you get a gradual release of the cannabinoid throughout your day. This is a great way to use CBD if you’re looking to manage your stress or anxiety. 

    You can purchase CBD edibles from many health food stores or just add the oil directly into your own food or drink.

    Rub It In

    Another way to use CBD oil is by applying it directly to the area on your body giving you pain. The anti-inflammatory properties will soak directly through your skin for concentrated relief. 

    Contrary to most over the counter pain relievers, CBD doesn’t just cover up your symptoms. The plant extract actually works within your body to reduce the inflammation causing you pain. 

    Vaping CBD

    Vaping CBD oil is great for those looking for constant relief or just as an alternative to smoking. You can vape pretty much anywhere, making this a convenient way to bring CBD with you during the day. 

    You can purchase CBD vape pens which contain concentrates of the oil, so your relief is never far away. 

    CBD Skincare

    If your someone who suffers from acne or psoriasis, using CBD skincare products can help to reduce the redness and inflammation. The antioxidants in the extract also have anti-aging benefits and provide moisture to the skin.

    Using CBD-infused facial oils, cleansers, and lotions is a great way to incorporate these benefits into your self-care regimen. 

    Benefits Beyond the Body

    If the CBD boom is something that you are wanting to be a part of beyond just using the products, then consider investing. As mentioned above, the CBD industry is expanding rapidly and is expected to have large financial growth in the next few years.

    In December of 2018, the federal Farm Bill was passed which removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. This makes 2019 the perfect year to get involved. With hemp now being legal across all state lines, the ability to farm hemp (which is used to make CBD) is available to everyone.

    This bill is expected to be a catalyst for hemp agriculture and is going to bring a big surge of income to this already exploding industry. Making now the ideal time to invest in CBD oil stocks

    Many companies that have been on standby are now able to begin nation-wide production. Meaning CBD is going to be popping up in more places for a wider range of consumers. Pretty soon you’ll be able to purchase CBD anywhere other supplements are sold.

    So what does this mean for you as in investor? More products will be sold and more people will be making the switch to this natural alternative. The CBD industry is expected to triple throughout this year. 

    Check It Out for Yourself!

    Whether you are looking to ingest or invest in CBD, there are tons of options on how to make CBD oil work for you. Take some time to do your own research to be sure you find the best fit. 

    Between the multitude of medical benefits and potential financial gain, CBD is something you don’t want to miss out on. You might even say this is “the best thing since sliced bread”, and imagine if you could have invested in that. 

    So don’t miss out on this window of opportunity, and be sure to check out our blog to stay up to date with things happening all around the world!

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    6 Strategies to Trim Your Company’s Outgoings in 2019

    March 28th, 2019


    Most successful entrepreneurs make it their mission to reduce their outgoings, which can, in turn, increase their profit margin. Every penny helps when running a business, especially if it has limited finances, which is why you must routinely look for ways to lower your overheads.

    If you want to help your brand to grow throughout the years, make sure you read the below six strategies that can trim your company’s outgoings in 2019.


    • Decrease Supply Expenses


    Little savings will make a big difference to your organization’s bottom-line throughout the year. For example, you should browse the market to find more affordable vendors, who offer the same products at a better price.

    You also could make great savings by opting for affordable, compatible ink cartridges over the more expensive, branded options.


    • Adopt Cheaper Marketing Strategies


    Every forward-thinking business must aim to master marketing to increase their brand awareness, improve customer engagement and generate sales. However, to reduce your outgoings, you should adopt the many affordable marketing techniques to help you enjoy a great return on your investment.

    For example, you could:

    • Run engaging, free social media posts
    • Build an email newsletter list and send direct messages to subscribers genuinely interested in your brand
    • Introduce a referral program to promote word of mouth
    • Partner with non-competitors for cross-promotion



    • Encourage Employees to Telecommute


    The United States Census Bureau has reported that approximately 20 to 30 million people currently work from home a minimum of one day per week.

    Telecommuting could potentially save your business a substantial amount of money, as it could:

    • Help you to downsize your office (swap dedicated desks for hot desks)
    • Decrease your utility costs thanks to lower water and electricity usage
    • Boost employee morale, which can increase productivity and profitability



    • Make Early Invoice Payments


    Many vendors are happy to provide customers with a discount for making early invoice payments.

    For example, many will reduce the invoice total by 2% or more when a client pays an invoice within ten days over the standard 30. The money saved can then be reinvested back into the business.


    • Buy Used Equipment


    While a brand-new computer, smartphone or printer might be exciting, it might not necessarily make economic sense for your business.

    Buying used equipment over new could, therefore, help you to make great savings.

    Depending on your industry, you could buy second-hand:


    • Technology (computers, laptops, smartphones, etc.)
    • Vehicles (company cars or delivery vans)


    • Office furniture
    • Storage equipment

    Browse the market for high-quality, second-hand items that can power your company and boost your profit margin.


    • Lower Your Company’s Electricity Usage


    Many employees might not think twice about leaving their computer on at the end of the day, but their actions could be draining your finances throughout the course of the year.

    For this reason, you should ensure every member of staff powers their computer workstations down at the end of the working day.

    You should also request your staff turn off any overhead lighting when leaving the office, which could lead to great energy savings each month.

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    How Construction Reflects The Reputation Of A Builder

    March 26th, 2019


    Buying a home is a huge investment decision. Most people spend their entire lives saving up for a house. Some of us even take hefty home loans in order to get out dream flats. There is no greater joy than getting your dream house at a fraction of the cost.


    However, being affordable doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality level. Hence, you should be careful when you are deciding which builder or developer is the best for you. While many factors go a long way in choosing your realty, construction is something that must be given due consideration at all times.


    This article helps you to understand the importance that construction has on the reputation of the builder. We start our discussion with how construction is of prime importance while choosing a house. Then we broaden our horizons by enumerating other related topics that will help you in your quest for getting the best residence. After reading it, you will be in a much better position to make the right choice of developer that will be the best for you. In this way, you will get the best deal with the best house.


    Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala is the CEO of the renowned real estate company Mani Group. His efforts have led to the satisfaction of many customers all over Kolkata.


    Read on to find out how all these factors play a very important role in making the most important decision of your life.



    • High-Quality Construction



    It is generally observed that good builders and developers place prime importance in having high-quality construction. This is because the lifespan of a building depends primarily on its construction. In simple terms, buildings with bad construction will have a short shelf life too. This is not something that builders with a good reputation would want.


    This clearly shows that builders will leave no stone unturned in giving their upcoming projects a long lifespan. This is only possible if they enhance the quality of their construction. Given this scenario, it becomes inevitable that construction is given the due importance that it truly deserves. Hence, it follows that no builder worth his salt will compromise his reputation by sacrificing the high quality of construction that he provides.



    • Customer Is The Center



    Most high profile builders and developers focus on the customer as their top priority. This is especially true in the case of the planning and construction of the project. Another fact to be noted is that many projects are sold when still under construction, so the builder cannot take the quality of construction for granted as it will affect the growth and development of his business.


    Most people inaccurately think that builders don’t pay any attention to construction. However, this is a fallacy as construction is the most important facet of any real estate project. In fact, it is as important as providing after-sales services. Hence, every good developer will always make the customer the center of the business and maximize his satisfaction.



    • High Level Of Transparency



    Every business needs transparency and why should real estate be left behind? Customers are very savvy nowadays. They will question the developer if they feel that something is amiss. Hence, reputed builders will make sure that their customers are provided with the level of transparency of their business that they deserve to have.



    • Delivery On Time



    This is another thing that good developers pay attention to. Some small developers keep delaying the delivery of their projects but reputed builders don’t. Hence, delivery on time is one of the prime factors that help in better customer satisfaction and reputed builders deliver extremely well on that front.



    • Creative And Versatile Builders



    The creativity and versatility of builders also play a very important role in the construction of the buildings. This is mainly reflected in the architecture used in the construction. Most good builders have reputed architects for designing their prime projects. In this way, they exhibit their excellent creativity and versatility for all to see.



    • Field Report



    For buying a property, you must check the field too before investing in a flat. Just going by what is given verbatim by the builders will never work. By seeing the field, we mean that you check out what the competitors have to offer too. By comparing and contrasting the different options available, you can have a better analysis of the project on offer.



    • Monitoring The Track Record



    The track record of the builder also reflects the level of construction. Generally, builders with good construction will have good track record as well. So you can correlate these two aspects while selecting the flat that you wish to buy. This will surely hold you in good stead.



    • Having A Quality Certificate



    Well constructed buildings will definitely have a good quality certificate that will showcase their authenticity. This is another way in which you can gauge whether your buildings are having the appropriate level of construction or not. While you can always check the construction physically, still it is desirable that the quality certificate is present as it is provided by a credible agency that is experienced in this domain. So it makes sense to check it out before purchasing a flat.



    • Real Estate Ratings



    Real estate ratings also reflect the construction of the buildings. These ratings are provided by reputed real estate agencies that have a strong standing in this industry. They also have a separate section of their review that focuses on the construction of the buildings. Using them will surely be prudent when you want to make your important decision of choosing your cherished residence.



    • Stable Finance



    The final thing that you need to check about your developers is whether they have stable finance or not. For this, you need to check the cash flow statements and not the income flow statements. A building with good construction will definitely have stable finance. Not having stable finances can have detrimental effects on your property especially if it is under construction. Hence, this factor needs to be taken care of properly before investing in a property.


    From the above, it is clear that construction reflects the reputation of a builder to a great extent. Hence, following the above-mentioned points will definitely help you in gauging whether a particular developer is capable of delivering good quality construction or not. You can then find out the best real estate developer in Kolkata from whom you can buy a flat.

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    Why More Older Adults are Returning to Education

    March 26th, 2019

    Young, fresh-faced, eager high school graduates stepping onto campus for the first time is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you picture college students. Kids feeling homesick in dorm rooms, or the freshman 15 – where young people leave home for college and put on 15 pounds from eating cafeteria and convenience food are commonly associated with college students.

    However, while younger people certainly represent some part of the college experience, you may be surprised to learn that the overall demographic is changing. Although high school students still make up a large percentage of college attendees, more and more adults and older people are on campus. In 2014, there were 8.2 million college students over the age of 25 – not far behind the 12 million under 24. And, the number has only risen since with a clear upward trend. So, why are more adults returning to school?

    #1. It’s More Accessible:

    Traditionally, college study has never been easy for those over the age of 25. Unless you were lucky enough to live with your parents and have no commitments while you study, juggling a college degree with a family, your own house, a full-time job, or all three has historically been near impossible. However, today’s range of flexible options has made it easier than ever for adults to take the leap and return to school. For example, this online family nurse practitioner program has made it easier than ever for qualified nurses to improve their career prospects without the need to take time off work to do so, and there’s a myriad of further programs available online that adult students can fit around their commitments easily.

    #2. Early Retirement:

    Unfortunately, more and more individuals are finding themselves in a situation where they are retiring earlier than expected. Company downturns, economic recession, family, and health complications are just some of the most common reasons as to why somebody might find themselves retiring much sooner than they planned. Often, somebody who is forced to retire early must learn and acquire a new skillset in order to find a new job; something that can be particularly challenging if they are used to a particular industry. Because of this, many adults who’ve found themselves forced into early retirement find themselves back at college, studying to boost their employability.

    #3. A Second Career:

    For many people, retiring doesn’t actually mean retirement either – to them, it means a chance to launch a second career. For example, somebody who’s served in the military since they were 18 would be able to retire on a full pension just 25-30 years later, giving them time to think about launching a new career. And, a study conducted in 2014 found that over 70% of retirees over the age of 50 want to continue working in some way or another, so many will take steps around five years before retiring to prepare themselves for a new career, before taking a short break after retirement first.

    #4. Improved Financial Situation:

    Let’s face it – going to college is an expensive process, and not everybody who attends as a high school graduate will be lucky enough to have parents who can support them financially. And on the other hand, although they are available, not everybody is willing to commit to long-term student loan debt. Because of this, we are seeing an increase in students who have waited until their financial situation has improved before they go for their degree. And for many, it’s a wise choice – American graduates currently owe over $1 trillion in student loans, with many being absolutely unable to pay them back. Plus, many students wait as they have no idea what they want to study straight out of high school, and don’t want to waste thousands of dollars on a subject that they may end up hating.

    #5. To Improve Their Current Career:

    Learning doesn’t end when you’re young, and many older people who find themselves bored at work decide to return to college in order to improve and breathe new life into their current career. And with many employers realizing the benefits of supporting employees through training and development opportunities, many adults returning to college are fully or partially funded by their employer too. A college degree can lead to increased opportunities in the workplace, such as more responsibility, a higher-pay grade, and a bigger chance of climbing the career ladder at a faster pace.

    College isn’t just for young people – you can benefit from a college degree at any age.

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    How to Take Your Career in Engineering to the Next Level

    March 26th, 2019



    The engineering industry moves forward at an incredibly quick pace — blink, and you’ll miss the latest advancements that have taken place within it. No matter how experienced you are as an engineer, then, there’s always the possibility of you falling behind in your field.


    If you do, in fact, feel that you need to claw your way back to the forefront of everything that is happening in the field of engineering, then you have to resolve to take action. To the point, you have to resolve to take your career to the next level.


    To see what you can do to improve as an engineer and take your career in this profession to the next level, make sure to check out the advice listed below.


    Get an advanced degree


    You will have already earned yourself a bachelor-level degree, this being a prerequisite in the engineering field. You won’t, however, have necessarily earned yourself an advanced degree. If you want to take your career to the next level, though, taking such a degree is a prospect that you seriously have to consider. With a master’s grade planted firmly on your resume, you will be able to enjoy easier access to far more lucrative positions in the engineering field. You would stand a far greater chance of earning a higher salary, too.


    Fearful about juggling your working responsibilities with studying for such an intense advanced degree? Thanks to the rise of remote working capabilities, this need not be something that you worry about. Many educational institutions including Kettering University now offer an automotive engineering degree online — by taking this particular route with your education, you will be able to study at your own pace and in your own time.


    Hone your soft skills


    Technical skills are incredibly important, but they’re not the be-all-and-end-all. To find real success in the engineering industry, you have to hone and cultivate a number of soft skills, too. This means devoting just as much of your attention to the skill of being able to listen actively as you do to, say, performance testing.


    As well as active listening, eight other soft skills that you should definitely be honing in your attempt to take your career to the next level include:


    • Communication
    • Interpersonal
    • Team working
    • Problem-solving
    • Critical thinking
    • Time management
    • Adaptability
    • Leadership


    With these abilities, you will make yourself a far more competent worker. As a result, you will stand a far greater chance of advancing in the field of engineering, as employers will feel more capable of trusting you and your particular skill set.


    Build a professional network


    Engineers aren’t known for building strong professional networks — they’re known for working hard and getting the job done. You’re going to have to buck the trend in this instance (without allowing your standard of work to drop, of course), though, as, without a strong network around you, you won’t stand any chance whatsoever of being able to advance in your career.


    When it comes to building a network, you should consider turning to these kinds of professionals:


    • Alumni from the college or university that you attended
    • Former lecturers and professors that taught you during your time in education
    • Colleagues that you once worked with
    • People that you have met at networking events


    The Internet should be a tool that you turn to in this instance, as it will allow you to get in touch with all kinds of professionals no matter where it is their career has taken them.


    Demand opportunities are given to you


    You’d be surprised at just how easy it can be to advance in your engineering career by simply demanding that opportunities come your way. This doesn’t mean heading to your boss’s office and saying that you deserve a raise or a promotion, this means demanding that you have an opportunity to prove your worth. Just like in any other industry — if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


    To be able to request that you are handed the opportunity to prove yourself, first and foremost, you need to when such an opportunity becomes available. This means that you have to stay alert. You have to remain abreast of all the latest changes that are being made to the company that you work for, and you also have to keep your finger on the pulse of the engineering industry as a whole.


    Try out a different sector of engineering


    The reason for you being held back in your career might be because you are not branching out enough in the engineering field. By branching out, you will show yourself to be an engineer that is capable of working under various different guises, which will only make you more appealing to potential employers.


    There are plenty of sectors for you to try out in this instance, each of which requires a different skill set. Some of the various engineering sectors that you could try include:


    Chemical engineering


    • Ceramic
    • Materials
    • Petroleum
    • Process
    • Reservoir


    Civil engineering


    • Architectural
    • Earthquake
    • Ecological
    • Fire Protection
    • Hydraulic
    • Railway
    • Structural
    • Traffic
    • Water resource


    Electrical engineering


    • Computer
    • Microelectronic
    • Power
    • Software
    • Telecommunications


    Mechanical engineering


    • Acoustic
    • Aerospace
    • Audio
    • Marine
    • Nuclear
    • Thermal


    No matter what sector you choose to branch out into, just make sure that your specific skill set will allow you to be successful within it. You could do more harm than good to your career if you take on tasks that ruin your reputation as a talented engineer. Also, make sure that you have a distinct passion for the sector that you try out — without passion, you will find it hard to dedicate yourself to your new sector of choosing.


    Whether you’ve already hit an impasse in your engineering career or whether you’re just scared of hitting one in the future, you should take the above advice right away and seek to take your career to the next level. You should get yourself an advanced degree, hone and cultivate your soft skills, build your professional network, demand that opportunities come your way, and consider branching out into different sectors. By doing so, you will find yourself reaching the pinnacle of the engineering mountain sooner rather than later.

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    Career Prospects for Those Who Want to Work in Government

    March 22nd, 2019


    Every country has a government and needs one to function on different levels. From country to country, you will find how governments operate differ in accordance to what structures they have in place and what they’ve decided works best for them. You may be fascinated by such structures and have decided that you want to dedicate your life to contributing to a government of your choice. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to career paths that you can take, so prospects aren’t limited to political positions. In case you want to start a career in government, you should find the career prospects below a good place to start.




    As you can imagine, governments deal with mass amounts of money on a daily basis, and this money has to be efficiently managed. This is where an accountant can come in handy to help them manage their budgets at different levels of governance. Some things you’d be doing as an accountant is analyzing financial information as well as preparing financial reports to maintain records of assets, liabilities, and other financial activities.


    The road to becoming an accountant usually consists of earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting or related fields. This is especially needed if you have any intentions of becoming a CPA. You can then take the next step of picking the area you want to specialize in and getting the right experience. Some core skills you’ll need are English, Math, customer and personal service, as well as computers and electronics.




    In addition to what’s been mentioned, becoming an attorney would also be a great route to take if you want to work in government. This is because the government needs attorneys as officers of the court. In terms of salary, you could make anything from $140,000 for federal employees which municipal employees could earn around $93,000 and upwards. This makes it a lucrative path and one where you have growth potential.


    Taking challenges into consideration, note that this job can be demanding as it isn’t unheard of for attorneys to have long working hours which could make work-life balance difficult to achieve if care isn’t taken. To become an attorney, you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree, pass the Law School Admission test, earn a Juris Doctor Degree and pass the bar examination.




    On a daily basis, the government deals with masses of data. It is what they often use to help organize society and meet the basic needs of people. For this reason, professionals who are able to make sense of the data they gather can earn a good living within governments. One type of professional that is capable of doing this is a statistician. More specifically, you will find that statisticians work with formulas as well as data in order to help solve problems in government. You may find yourself doing things like analyzing trends, designing and implementing data gathering, presenting information in different formats and assessing results.


    To become a statistician, you’ll need an undergraduate degree in statistics, economics, math or anything closely related to start with. You can then apply for an online masters in applied statistics as a way of furthering your education and increasing job prospects.


    Social Worker


    For those with more of an interest in working with kids and helping ones without homes, you may enjoy being a social worker. Many governments take on the responsibility of helping children and teens without stable and safe homes as well as helping struggling families. As a social worker, you will protect vulnerable children as well as support families in need of support. There’s also the option of becoming a clinical social worker where you’d diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges.


    In more practical terms, what you’d be doing on a daily basis is linking clients to essential resources within the community, protecting vulnerable ones and acting as an advocate. Although it can be a demanding job, it can also be very rewarding as well. To start with, get an undergraduate degree in social work and then move on to graduate school to do a master’s program.




    If you want to begin earning a six-figure and work in government, then you could explore the idea of becoming an engineer. This is ideal if you have both a passion for engineering and the skills needed to excel in this field.


    The government departments that seem to most need engineers are the Department of Energy and Department of the Interior. Computer hardware engineers tend to do very well, so consider that when looking for an area to specialize in. The good thing about becoming an engineer is that you’re likely to have a high-paying salary right when you come out of college. You’ll need the minimum of a bachelor’s degree in engineering and then get a post-graduate as well as further qualifications to boost your resume.




    Another government career to consider is making a living as an astronomer. However, note that there are rigid standards and requirements to become one, so you’re going to have to put in work to succeed. Some roles that you may be asked to fill as an astronaut include aeronautical imaging or aeronautical analysis to mention a few.


    Most jobs within this field demand you have a bachelor’s as well as a masters or Ph.D., so the road to becoming an astronomer is relatively long, but the pay and fulfillment you find in your work should make it worthwhile. After completing your Ph.D., your last stop would be to do a postdoctoral fellowship in which you’ll work in a research position so you can get the experience you need to excel.


    Beyond the roles mentioned in this article, there are several other jobs that you could take up within government. It’s about finding the areas that you’re skilled in and seeing where those skills can be used to help any sector of government function. By doing enough research and carefully planning your career, you should be able to make your mark in government and learn a lot about the world around you along the way.

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