Can the Tea Party Take Over the GOP

By Alan Caruba “Republicans never, ever win the presidency unless they nationalize the election by campaigning on a conservative agenda—drawing a sharp contrast between the Democrat worldview and the conservative worldview.” That’s Richard [...]

Predicting the Weather? The Climate? You’re Kidding, Right?

Predicting the Weather? The Climate? You’re Kidding, Right? By Alan Caruba With some of the most sophisticated computers and satellites at its disposal, the U.S. Weather Service cannot tell you with any certainty what the weather will be in [...]

The Difference Between the Real World and Obama’s

By Alan Caruba I keep wondering what it must have been like to be a young student at West Point listening to their Commander in Chief’s platitudes and ignorance wash over them. West Point is where our nation’s future leaders in war receive [...]
Best Latino parties in las Vegas

Cafe El Mundo Cubano is las vegas best Cuban restaurant

Cafe El Mundo Cubano is Las Vegas best Cuban restaurant   Cafe el Mundo Cubano is Las Vegas best Cuban restaurant. It started about a year ago, and its now one of the hottest joints in Las Vegas, attracting a great diversity of people [...]
Statewatch Analysis: GCHQ Lawful World Spy

Statewatch Analysis: GCHQ Lawful World Spy

    By Statewatch. To Click here to read report: Statewatch Analysis: GCHQ Lawful World Spy

More Obama Climate Lies

By Alan Caruba The continuing drama of a President willing to lie about the climate continues with the release of a report, the National Climate Assessment. It is a repeat of all the lies that have been generated by the UN Intergovernmental [...]

The Assault on Free Speech

By Alan Caruba We have been witnessing a growing assault on free speech in America by the Left and too often it is succeeding. The demand by members of the Rutgers University faculty that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice be disinvited [...]

Science, Free Speech, and the Courts

By Alan Caruba The public, after decades of global warming advocacy, now called “climate change”, has begun to conclude that claims of a massive warming trend were dubious and that real climate change is the natural response of the planet [...]

Much Ado about the Ukraine

By Alan Caruba Events in the Ukraine are now big headlines and the topic of a torrent of commentaries by experts on Russia, the European Union, NATO and related subjects. The whole thing began after protests forced its president to flee to Russia, [...]

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Agenda

By Alan Caruba It is a task just to keep up with the conflicts dividing America, so it is no surprise that many Americans are unsure of what occurred during the “Arab Spring” that began in 2011 and its aftermath since then. It is likely, [...]

Obama’s War on U.S. Energy

By Alan Caruba A nation without adequate energy production is a nation in decline and that has been the President’s agenda since the day he took office in 2009. He even announced his war on coal during the 2008 campaign even though, at the [...]

Try to Ignore Earth Day

By Alan Caruba Try to ignore Earth Day, April 22. It won’t be easy. The print and broadcast media will engage in an orgy of environmental tall tales and the usual end-of-the-world predictions. It will scare the heck out of youngsters and bore [...]

The War Within the GOP

Alan Caruba I started out a Democrat because my parents were Democrats. When I was old enough to conclude that the Democratic Party was so socialist I could not remain one, I became a Republican. In her nineties, even my Mother registered as [...]

Scaring the World about its Climate

By Alan Caruba Ever since the creation in 1988 of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), it has engaged in the greatest hoax of modern times, releasing reports that predict climate-related catastrophes as if the climate [...]

Obamacare is an American Catastophe

By Alan Caruba If you type in “Obamacare” on Wikipedia you will discover 25,500,000 links. That’s a lot of news coverage and related commentary about the Affordable Care Act. Most of it is negative. The more people have learned about it, [...]

One Speech Too Many

By Alan Caruba I didn’t take notes while President Obama gave his State of the Union speech. There was no need to. There was a time when the SOTU was a just a letter sent to Congress, but in the era of radio and television, Presidents took [...]

The EPA’s Agenda: Undermining Capitalism and America

By Alan Caruba The Environmental Protection Agency has been in a full assault on the U.S. economy since the 1980s when the global warming hoax was initiated. It has been assisted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA. [...]

The Press Endures Obama’s Unrequited Love

By Alan Caruba Some years ago Bernard Goldberg wrote a book, “A Slobbering Love Affair With Obama”, about the way the press treated his 2008-9 campaign and election as President. The mainstream press continues to protect Obama, often rather [...]
The Face of Tyranny

The Face of Tyranny

By Alan Caruba. The history of civilization dating back some five millennia is one of unrelenting tyranny, rapaciousness, arrogance, and stupidity. The players and the places changed, but the slaughter was unremitting, the suffering broken [...]

When is a Law,. Not a Law? When Obama Says So

By Alan Caruba Obamacare has been showing signs of being so unenforceable, so expensive, and so utterly stupid that Obama’s administration has had to engage in all manner of patently illegal waivers and delays to maintain theirs lies about [...]