Darwin id proven to have lied about Matthew's influence on those who influenced him

Interestingly or not, As the Case May Be, Expert Darwin Advisor Resigns Following New Revelations of Darwin’s Proven Lies

– By Mike Sutton – The peer reviewed article in question is here: http://www.nauka-a-religia.uz.zgora.pl/images/FAG/2015.t.12/art.05.pdf    So for the history of science record, the known public facts of the matter are simply [...]
Wikipedia is punterizing the public

Shocking Fact: Wikipedia Administrators in Disgraceful Revisionist Cover-up of Darwin’s Lies About Matthew

By Mike Sutton.   In this blog post, I stand boldly in the field to ask Wikipedia to explain why, when it is forever fund-begging form the general public, it pays administrators to hide behind pseudonyms to gleefully and systematically [...]
Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin's 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin’s 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

By Mike Sutton. One day, Scotland will have Patrick Matthew on the back of it’s £10 note. So as not to face their significance, people may not fully engaged with dreadful facts. The range of denial devices used by those in [...]
States of Denial

On States of Denial

– By Mike Sutton – The British ‘establishments’ of the BBC and Royal Society were in a ‘state of denial’ about the serious serial lying and other delinquent activities of celebrities Sir Jimmy Savile   (OBE), [...]