Coined the word Darwinist in 1866

On Darwinism versus Darwinist

 – Mike Sutton –   ONCE AGAIN, THE BIGDATA-IDD METHOD CUTS THROUGH UNINFORMED CLAPTRAP LIKE A BUZZSAW IN BALONEY Vogt (1863) was apparently the first to be second to use the term Darwinist, which was first coined in 1861 I’ve [...]
Thanks Giving USA

Thanksgiving: the English Origins of the Word and American Holiday

By Mike Sutton  The website of the History Channel –    provides a neat summary of the history of the first American Thanksgiving in the Plymouth settlement in America, which is marked as the year following the first 1620 [...]
Is this the Shocking Origin of "Easter Eggs"?

Is this the Shocking Origin of “Easter Eggs”?

By Mike Sutton   Searching through over 30 million documents that comprise Google’s mighty library project, the earliest currently discovererable use of the term ‘Easter egg/s’ is an old book:   Sanderson, W. (1656), [...]