Scotland Independence Referendum 2.0?

Scots finally take stand against discovery theft by English plagiarist Charles Darwin

The Darwinite dogs may bark but the train rolls on – Article by Mike Sutton – With National Heritage Lottery funding, the Scots are building a Patrick Matthew heritage trail in Scotland. Moreover, in September there will be a week [...]
Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin's 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

Scotland: This Is Your Fight! End Darwin’s 155 Years of Punterization of All Our People

By Mike Sutton. One day, Scotland will have Patrick Matthew on the back of it’s £10 note. So as not to face their significance, people may not fully engaged with dreadful facts. The range of denial devices used by those in [...]
19th Century destruction of giant redwoods kick started the sustainability movement of today

A 19th Century ‘Garden Plot’ Thickens: Botanist John Lindley’s Somewhat Suspicious Involvement in a Failed Claim to Priority

 – BY MIKE SUTTON – Introduction Readers of my book Nullius (Sutton 2014) and my prolific blog posts on the story of Patrick Matthew, Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, know the story of how Matthew most probably influenced [...]