States of Denial

On States of Denial

– By Mike Sutton – The British ‘establishments’ of the BBC and Royal Society were in a ‘state of denial’ about the serious serial lying and other delinquent activities of celebrities Sir Jimmy Savile   (OBE), [...]
HMS Beagle

In a Terrible ‘State of Denial’: Revealing More Facts that are Seemingly Invisible to Darwin Scholars

 – By Dr Mike Sutton – The Day the Supposedly Obscure Writer, Patrick Matthew’s Book “Emigration Fields” was Recommended Reading Material for Captain Fitzroy of the Beagle. No less! The Year 1844. The publication: The [...]
Darwin Medal

Protest the Facts in 2016: Don’t Let States of Denial Thrive

– By Mike Sutton – In a recent blog post The States of Denial Spectrum Hypothesis: Does All Biased and Prejudiced Scholarship Cause and Nurture Hate Crime?, I asked whether Sir Gavin de Beer and Ernst Mayr    would have been awarded [...]