Most Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced


Divorce is on the rise in the twenty-first century, and it seems as if it’s getting harder and harder to craft a marriage that really stands the test of time in a modern society. Either that, or people simply aren’t making the same kind of effort to ensure that their relationship remains as strong and stable as it was on the day that vows were exchanged. While there are various reasons why people decide to get divorced, here are the 3 most common reasons why people get divorced.


A constant atmosphere of ill will and harsh words will serve to break down any marriage over time. Whether this be about money or just dealing with your spouse’s habits that annoy you, you should always seek to approach disagreements as calmly as possible. Always strive to remain level-headed, and never get personal, as this is when things can be said that you might truly regret the next day. Never raise your voice to your partner, especially if there are children within your family unit as they will be negatively affected by this, even if the adults move on from the argument. You should be sensitive as to when your relationship might be damaging your child, and when it might be best to call it a day for their sake. In this case, know where to go to discuss matters of custody or parenting plans in Florida.

High Expectations

You might have your ideal picture of the perfect marriage firmly in your mind when you first get married, but be aware that nothing’s perfect, and that your expectations are going to have to change and re-shape as the years go on. Don’t hold your partner up to an unobtainable ideal they can’t possibly match. Remember that everyone is human, and aim to work with your spouse on crafting a strong and loving relationship at its core, instead of one that is perfect in every way, all the time. By doing this, you’re only setting yourself up for inevitable disappointment.

Rushing In

Many couples may idealize marriage, and rush into it too quickly without properly thinking it through. Others might go through with it for more practical monetary purposes, or because they have a child. Whatever the reason, it’s always valuable to consider the length of time you’ve been together, and if marriage truly is what you want to commit to. Divorce is often a lengthy and expensive process, so you want to be as sure as you can be that this is the person you want to spend your life with before you commit yourself to that fact. There are a number of tell-tale signs you might not be ready for marriage; you’re very young, perhaps, or you haven’t yet got a stable income to support you and your partner. But always keep in mind that once you sign those papers, you are married for better or for worse, so you had better be ready to deal with the worst, and not just the best.


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