New Discovery of World’s Greatest Science Fraud

Most people believe that Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace discovered the theory of natural selection.  But experts in the field know that another published the exact same theory almost three decades earlier.

Charles Darwin stole the entire theory of natural selection

Charles Darwin stole the entire theory of natural selection

In 1831 the Scottish laird, botanist, orchardist, farmer, grain dealer and Chartist, named Patrick Matthew. published his discovery of the ‘natural process of selection’ in his book entitled ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’.

Amazingly, 27 years later, in 1858, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace each claimed to have independently discovered the exact same process. Both Darwin and Wallace claimed no prior knowledge of Matthew’s book, and to this day Darwinists and other scientists have simply taken their word for it that they were not lying plagiarizers and science swindlers.

In the third edition of the Origin of Species Darwin (1861) wrote:

‘In 1831 Mr. Patrick Matthew published his work on ‘Naval Timber and Arboriculture,’ in which he gives precisely the same view on the origin of species as that (presently to be alluded to) propounded by Mr. Wallace and myself in the ‘Linnean Journal,’ and as that enlarged on in the present volume. Unfortunately the view was given by Mr. Matthew very briefly in scattered passages in an Appendix to a work on a different subject, so that it remained unnoticed until Mr. Matthew himself drew attention to it in the ‘Gardener’s Chronicle,’ on April 7th, 1860.’

Nullius in Verba

The seventeenth century Latin motto of the Royal Society, nullius in verba, means ‘on the word of no one’, which informs us that when it comes to claims of fact that scientists should not credulously take somebody’s word for it that something is true.

Contrary to the Darwinist myth that nobody read it, with hi-tech research methods, I have discovered the hidden books in the library that prove Matthew’s 1831 book was read and cited by at least seven naturalists before Darwin and Wallace each replicated the unique ideas within it. Three of those naturalists were in Darwin’s inner circle and one, Prideaux John Selby (1842) – in the very year Darwin wrote his first unpublished essay on natural selection – cited Matthew’s book many times in his own book on trees and therein commented on his failure to understand Matthew’s unique ‘survival of the most circumstance suited’ notion of ‘power of occupancy’ of certain trees.


Wallace and Darwin are both now proven to have committed the World’s greatest science swindle

Selby later edited and published Wallace’s (1855) first paper on organic evolution, which is known today as the famous ‘Sarawak Paper‘, which laid down his marker in the field of the discovery of natural selection. Moreover, thirteen years before that same famous paper was published, William Jardine, who co-edited Wallace’s Sarawak paper with Selby, also had Matthew’s book in his hands. And he held onto it for some time, because it was Jardine who purchased it in Scotland for Selby (see: Jackson, 1992).

And so the mythical pristine field of Wallace’s claimed independent discovery of natural selection is proven to have been completely and utterly contaminated with prior knowledge by those who both edited and then published his work. If Selby and Jardine had not informed Wallace of Matthew’s unique ideas, then this case would surely be the first scientifically discovered event of paranormal activity, because those ideas were replicated for the very first time in Wallace’s Sarawak paper.

If Wallace’s editors and publishers never told him about Matthew’s ideas, if Wallace never perpetrated a deliberate fraud by having full prior-knowledge of those ideas, and if he had no psychic ability to to read the minds of Selby and Jardine, there is only one alternative explanation. Selby and/or Jardine must have written Matthew’s unique ideas into Wallace’s paper for him. But even if that had been the case, that could not have been done without Wallace’s knowledge and approval.

Although the precise details of whatever actually happened may never be known, this unique and brand new discovery is one of many newsworthy bombshells now blasting to smithereens current mythical Darwinist accounts of the origin of Darwin’s (1859) Origin of Species.

To add to the seriousness of the impact on the history of science of this discovery, Selby’s prior reading and citation of Matthew’s book contaminates also Darwin’s claim to pristine independent discovery of the unique ideas within it.

Darwin’s father was a guest at Selby’s country house, as were many important naturalists in Charles Darwin’s inner circle, and Charles Darwin sat on several important scientific committees with Selby. Equally incriminatingly, Selby – who was right at the center of the scientific community in the mid-nineteenth century – was a prolific correspondent and friend of Darwin’s great friend and corespondent Leonard Jenyns (see: Jackson 1992, p. 124).

And so here we must now see further than the end of Darwin’s fallacious pen to the fact that his 154 year old and lame excuse that no one read Matthew’s book and it’s ideas is exterminated by the hard dis-confirming evidence that Selby did both. Such concrete facts always trump unevidenced rhetoric. ‘Selby’s Citations’ absolutely prove that other naturalists – indeed important and highly influential naturalists, who were closely linked to both Darwin and Wallace – did read Matthew’s ideas and it alone debunks the Patrick Matthew Supermyth.

World's Greatest Science Fraudster detected by criminologist in 2014


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Jackson, C. E. (1992) Prideaux John Selby: A Gentleman Naturalist. Northumberland. Spredden Press.


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