Russian Hacking- No Big Deal

By Sami Jamil Jadallah.


What’s the hell, we have been not only hacking but buying, influencing, even killing in elections around the world for the last century. Stop crying Liberal America.

For the last few months, we have heard over and over that the Russian interfered in the recent presidential election in favor of Trump and to defeat Clinton.

The so-called “intelligence community “ was caught off guard and became confused as what to make of this hacking. The hacking of information passed on to Wikileaks (always of questionable background and loyalty, Russian or Israeli who knows?) revealed the shenanigan going on in the DNC and how the DNC was rigging and interfering in the primaries in favor of Clinton and mustering all of its resources to defeat the much better certainly winnable candidate Bernie Sanders.

The Russian hacking was not directed toward or against, any of the US government organizations or agencies but against one of the political parties and in this case the Democratic Party which was doing all it can to get Hilary to be the nominee and get elected.

Now in the last few days, the major media has been on the back of President-Elect Donald Trump breathing hot air, even trying to intimidate him like CNN tried to do, to have Trump admit that the Russian hacked the DNC in his favor and as such deny him the legitimacy of the US Presidency. This is what the main media campaign now from the New York Times to the Washington Post even to the Huffington Post is all about?

The main media simply forgot that the hacking was not a direct interference in the election or in any way affected the election process or the machines, etc. It only revealed the wrong doings of the DNC and I doubt it if it changed the minds of enough voters to swing the election in favor of Clinton. She forgot how much money the US put in support of Putin’s opponent. The man is getting even with her, nothing wrong with that.

Clinton and the DNC with a billion from rich Zionist and Israeli billionaires have the needed fund to use the most sophisticated ADA, the super and complex computer-using algorithm named after the 19th-century feminist mathematician Ada- Countess of Lovelace. This computer was performing 400,000 simulations a day and making the decisions for Clinton staff as if going out to the streets of Detroit was too old fashion.

Now that Donald Trump won the election fair and square so many of the liberal media and members of the Democratic Party establishment are crying foul. That Clinton won 3 million more votes than Trump. Yes, she won these 3 million extra votes but she did not win by the rules set for the presidential election and the Electoral System, which is designed to ensure that small and medium size states are not overwhelmed by the big states like New York and California and of course this issue goes back to the days of Southern slavery.

Now the “intelligence community” which ironically failed to detect this hacking when it took place, combined with a mad dog media are after Donald Trump trying to demonize him and strip him of his legitimacy as president of the US. Of course, let us not forget that the “birther” issue and the delegitimization of President Barack Obama were the issues that propelled Trump to the national scene.

Now enough of Clinton, and Trump and back to the issue of hacking and interference in elections.  The US political scientist Dov Levin who kept track of US interference in international elections calculated” the two powers interfered in 117 elections around the world from 1964 to 2000- an average of one in every nine competitive elections”.

While the Soviet Union occupied many countries and eliminated any form of democracy let alone elections, the US is notorious for the numbers of elections it hacked, rigged even incited murder to achieve its goals.

The United States through its Central Intelligence Agency has been involved in many, many attempted and successful coups, in overthrowing regimes and assisting in the murder of foreign leaders and otherwise spent tens of millions propping up political parties that favor the US.

Of course, the most and well known successful interference was the overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh in 1953 replacing him with the one of the most ruthless criminal kleptomaniac monarch, the Shah, who in turn was thrown out by a popular revolt that brought Khomeini and his revolutionary guards to power. One has to imagine what kind of Iran we will have the US did not overthrow Mossadegh, will we have Khomeini, I doubt it.

Then there was the cold-blooded murder of the leftist leader of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba in 1964 when the US supported and supplied weapons to the Black opposition supported by colonial Belgium and the US, which ended in the downing the plane carrying the UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjöld killed along with everyone on board.

Of course Latin and Central America was the US favorite game of toppling regimes. In 1954 the US unseated the democratically elected president of Guatemala Jacob Arbenz in favor of United Brand, followed by other countries in Central America became known as the Banana Republics.

Not so distance was the assassination of a freely elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende assassinated and killed by General Augusto Pinchot with generous funding from the US. The war criminal Kissinger boasted saying “ we don’t see why we need to stand by and watch a country goes Communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people”. Kissinger is the godfather of Clinton’s foreign policy.

The US reached out as far as Vietnam and the Philippine with the CIA operative running the successful campaign of the Philippine president Ramon Magsaysay.

Even Japan did not escape US interference with the generous funding of the center-right Liberal Democratic Party that secretly received generous funding from the early 50’s to the late 60s.

In Europe, the story was no different. The US government spent millions of dollars “ we had bags of money that we delivered to selected politicians to defray their political expenses, their campaign expenses for pamphlets and posters” says F. Mark Wyatt who was the agent in charge in Italy and in support of the Christian Democrats against Italy’s Communist Party.

Clinton as Secretary of State was so active in regime change in Haiti and in Honduras and this was the subject of major dispute between Clinton and Bernie Sanders during the primary campaign with Sanders making the policy statement that “ The US should be working with governments around the world not get involved in regime change”.

Regime change we did, in the Ukraine where the US under the direction of the US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland allegedly spent over $2 billion in regime change to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych importing hundreds of Israel former IDF to create chaos in Kiev and that they did.

In the Middle East, the US was no different. On January 25, 2006, Hamas won fair and square against the corrupt incompetent Fatah of Mahmoud Abbas in the Second Palestinian Legislative Council winning 74 seats to Fatah 45 seats. That did not suit Abbas, Israel, Jordan and Egypt and have course the US. Even though the election was fair and square by all international counts.

In coordination with Mahmoud Abbas, Israel began to round up members of Hamas arresting 450 members placing them under indefinite “administrative detention” which means no cause, no court, no hearing simply jail time and arresting 15 members of the elected Hamas members, prompting the Cater Center to complain “ they are guilty of nothing more than winning a parliamentary seat in an open and honest election.

The Quartet assigned to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians decided to put sanction on the newly elected government, the US withheld funds, and Israel withheld collected tax revenue. More troublesome, Abbas who had no legitimacy whatsoever since his term expired a long time ago decided on his own and unilaterally change the entire electoral system to favor Fatah.

Soon after and with Gaza under siege by the Israelis and by the Quartets and Mubarak’s Egypt, Hamas decided to take over Gaza routing Fatah leaders who looted the Gaza Strip out of hundred of millions and of course not long after, Israel with promoting from Abbas launched 2 major wars against Gaza that left over 10,000 dead and over 50,000 homes, hospitals and schools destroyed.

Well, the US should be lucky, at least no one was killed or murdered, no US department was hacked and the only issue is that Clinton lost the election. Is that bad for the country, No?


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