Trump’s Opinion

By Robert Slayton.


Donald Trump tweeted that Meryl Street was “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood,” notwithstanding the fact that she has been nominated for an Academy Award nineteen times, the most in history.

Here’s his view on some other folks:


Pablo Picasso—“Can anyone figure out what his paintings are about?  I can’t even pronounce that Spanish one.”


Leonardo DaVinci—“So she’s got a grin, so what?”


Ernest Hemingway—“So not macho.  My hands are bigger, if you know what I mean.”


Scott Fitzgerald—“In my opinion, Gatsby just wasn’t that great.”


Charlie Chaplin—“What a goofy walk!  Vastly overrated.”


Cary Grant—“What’s this crap about Judy.  Another foreigner on a visa.”


Tom Hanks—“He should have said, ’Life is like box of Trump chocolates.’  No class.”


Franklin Roosevelt—“Watch while I make fun of him.”


Teddy Roosevelt—“What a misshapen guy.  Blind as a bat and needs dental work something awful.”


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