“You’re All Fired!”


By Allen Schmertzler.


For our thin-skinned hyper-sensitive-man-baby So-Called President, who believes appearances are bigly and facts are littlely, it isn’t looking too good. Trump’s high octane hot air nuclear-fuelled executive signing decrees, so-called aimed at making America safer, look sadly not bigly, look weakly not strongly, look confusedly not confidently, and his leadership looks increasingly unconstitutionally. It is “unpresidented.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s swamp is overflowing with toxicity and the emboldened sharks with nukes must be circling the swamp smelling blood. We are only seconds into the first round and already the guy who said “trust me, only I can fix everything and make America Great Again” has black eyes, blood coming out of everywhere, has taken a torrential pounding to the head, babbles, hallucinates alternative universes and may not get footing before the count reaches ten. The Apprentice President needs to be fired. In Trump we not trust.

The staggering departure of the National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, who also has blood coming out of everywhere that is as red as Russian Borscht, strips bare Trump’s demented moral, intellectual and judgment capabilities. As President Obama and others warned, Donald Trump does not possess the temperament to be a President, and the truth will eventually shed light from the cracks. So quickly, the cracks have become plate-shifting earthquakes. Folks are losing sleep. We are more vulnerable now than eight years ago and in a very dangerous moment.

Here we go again America with this political cliché, but the question must be asked and answered fully and quickly, what did the President know and when did he know it?

The Republicans need to obsessively apply the same rigorous standards investigating Hillary Clinton and Democrats to this White House and fulfill the oath of their job to quickly unravel the mysteries surrounding Russian ties to Donald Trump. They turned a deaf ear to previous reports of Russian hacking, Trump’s taxes and questions about his nominees, but now with even greater constitutional questions at stake, patriotism requires action.

We can still hear the hideous shouts rocking the Cleveland arena that housed the Republican Convention, led by Michael Flynn, and celebrated by all, “Lock Her Up!” All across America, I think I am now hearing, “Lock him up,” and,  “You’re all fired!”


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