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    The urge to splurge! Discover the top signs of a shopping addiction

    January 15th, 2021

    We all like to spoil ourselves now and again, and as we’re spending more time at home than ever before, the urge to splurge and spend has never been stronger. Of course, we all indulge in impulse buys now and again, even if we don’t get our money’s worth, however when the occasional impulse buys turns into a regular habit, it could be the start of a much bigger problem.

    More of us than ever before are struggling with debt and failing to manage our money well, and if you’re someone who enjoys spending and shopping a little too much, then you could be damaging your finances and plunging yourself into debt. Perhaps you’re already aware of your precarious financial situation yet you’re still continuing to spend… if you need help with your debts or you want more information reach out to Creditfix for some impartial and confidential advice (especially if you’ve been issued a CCJ), click the link to find out more

     Read on to discover the top signs of a shopping addiction.

    Unopened purchases and tags everywhere

    Is your closet filled with clothes that still have the tags on and remain unworn? Do you have new purchases still encased in their original packaging, untouched? If you have an abundance of forgotten items like these then it’s a tell-tale sign that you may have a shopping addiction. When we buy things, we tend to do so with a purpose but if you’re purchasing things and then forgetting about them, it’s a sign you’re doing so for the thrill of it. 

    You buy things you don’t need!

    Advertising campaigns are clever at making us think that we need certain products, even though we can get along just fine without them. It’s something we all fall victim to. However, if you’re buying things you don’t need, such as more kitchenware, additional phone cases, designer shoes, handbags etc, and have no intention of using them, then you could have a shopping addiction. 

    Emotive scenarios trigger the urge to shop

    Whether you’re feeling elated, stressed, angry or you’ve had a bad day, if your immediate instinct is to reach for your credit card and shop, then warning bells should ring. Some people use shopping and spending to help them manage their emotions, which not only suggests financial issues but potential mood disorders and even unaddressed mental health issues.

    You’re trying to hide your habits

    Are you on edge every time you know there’s a delivery coming? Do you try to hide your recent purchases and try to think of ways to explain your sudden lack of money? Whether you’re hiding shopping bags or trying to catch the delivery person before they ring the doorbell, it’s a serious sign of a shopping addiction that shouldn’t be ignored.

    You have credit card debt

    Everyone has some kind of debt, whether it’s one or two credit card purchases, car finance, student loans etc, however, these debts are manageable and common. If you’re saddled with rising credit card debt, you’ve maxed out numerous cards and you have debt collectors demanding money, then the pressure of mounting debt can have a detrimental impact on your quality of life. Sadly, this kind of pressure often leads to more shopping.

    Final thoughts

    If you’re concerned about your shopping habits and your debt, reach out to Creditfix as soon as possible. 

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    Self Care with Cannabis

    January 15th, 2021

    The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of millions all across the globe in lots of different ways. Not only has it taken the lives of many and drastically altered the lives of many more, it has also had a massive impact on the economy in a global, national and local sense. Industries have collapsed, and new ones will likely be born. However, one industry that has really seen acceleration due to the Covid-19 pandemic is the cannabis industry. Sales, uptake of medical programs and overall usage has spiked since the pandemic first began in early 2020, and this has had massive effects on the cannabis industry as a whole.

    Mental health

    The reasons for the demand vary from state to state and from person to person. However, mental health is very responsible for the sharp rise in cannabis use across the nation. Conditions such as anxiety and depression have been running rife throughout the country due to the set lockdown measures that prevented people from obtaining the much-needed social contact.

    For this reason, many are looking at ways to use cannabis for self-care purposes. There are lots of different products out there, with ones specific to anxiety being strains that have been known to ease tension. There are plenty of options out there, and these are just some of the choices that people suffering from issues such as anxiety can turn to. Some include CBD lotions, which can be used as part of a regular self-care routine, along with THC-infused bath salts that can allow the usual bath time and self-care routine to take a medicated twist. Cannabis is no longer just being seen as a purely recreational or medical drug, as many are now incorporating it into their lives as a way to provide some much-needed TLC through THC and CBD.

    All just part of the self care routine

    With cases of anxiety and depression expected to continue to soar with pressing issues such as mass unemployment seeming even more real as the days go by, cannabis use to combat this is set to continue increasing as well. While many people think that cannabis is simply being used as an escape from the chaos, the truth of the matter is that there are so many different options available to consumers, from CBD oils to alleviate stress and strains to encourage relaxation, that is all just part of many people’s self-care routine.

    There is no doubt that businesses have had to adapt, with Washington DC medical marijuana being just one example of where significant changes have had to be made. Deliveries in the state of legal medical cannabis were limited to 11 am until 7 pm, but they have recently been expanded to 9 am to 9 pm to account for the increased demand. As the pandemic surges on, this demand for cannabis is set to increase as well. 

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    Why You Should Use an Online Collaboration Platform

    January 13th, 2021

    With more teams either choosing to work remotely or do so out of necessity, they have a common place to meet, share ideas, and discuss ongoing work projects. Using tools such as Teams or Webex might have been good for short meetings, but when you want to get a new project in place, or you want to provide a place for your team to go when they are working on new ideas, then an online collaboration platform is what you need.

    These platforms allow you to make use of virtual meetings as well as benefit from instant messaging. They offer a good all-around base from which you can build and maintain your business. Platforms are easy to use and get to grips with, so you won’t need to invest lots of money to implement this tool into your business. Another positive is that within platforms, you can also create and set up new channels to give your team the space they require to work on new projects.

    How to Choose an Online Platform

    When it comes to sourcing a platform to use within your business, you need to consider a few things. As well as Webex, Teams and Slack, there is also a best Slack alternative. All platforms offer you different focus areas, so you must decide early on what you want to get from the platform.

    Writing down a list of must-haves and essential features will ensure you don’t end up signing up or subscribing to a platform which does not fulfil your business needs. Doing this might also help you to consider your teams’ roles, and whether they can be altered.

    Things to Consider

    When searching for an online platform here are some questions you might want to ask. Getting the answers to these questions will help you choose the best platform for building your business.

    What is their privacy policy? Can they guarantee that their platform is safe and secure and that any information that is shared via the platform is also secure and safe?

    How much does the plan cost either on a monthly or yearly basis, and what do you get included in that plan. Do you have a limited number of users you can add, or is there a limit on the number of messages sent and stored every month?

    What is the reputation like? If they have good customer feedback and reviews and are known for good customer service, you will choose the right provider.

    How easy and quick is it to share documents via the platform, and how are these stored for future use?

    If used correctly, an online platform can effectively bring your team together. It can allow you to push forward and keep your team as connected as possible – even if they are located all over the world! A good collaboration tool will help you make the most of your team by increasing productivity, so it is important to choose the best platform you can.

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    Tips on Choosing a Caregiver for an Aging Caregiver

    January 13th, 2021

    Even in their old age, we always want to give our senior family members the best care achievable. Finding the right home caregiver can be a daunting task especially if they’re managing a terminal illness or another health condition.

    Is there a way of doing it? Is there anything one can do to influence the most qualified professional to do the work? Rest easy frederick primary care urbana has got you covered.

    A caregiver should improve their client’s quality of life, engage them in activities they enjoy and avoid anything that can compromise their joy. A home caregiver is more of a friend than an employee.

    Not everyone fits to be your loved one caregiver. Maybe their style doesn’t match the specific needs of your loved one even when the style is right. More so, there are instances where the caregiver turns to be socially, mentally, financially, or sexually abusive. This post intends to give you crucial guidelines to help you through the process. 

    Tips for Choosing a Caregiver

    • Define your home care needs

    Apart from just knowing your loved one needs care, it’s quite another to know why it’s required. Do they need help with all their daily activities such as grooming, sanitation, medication and household chores? Define their individual need to help you describe the job to potential caregivers.

    • Appreciate  your financial reality

    Everyone would want their loved one to get first-class care throughout their vulnerable period. However, this is not always possible owing to the financial implication that comes with customized home care. 

    You need to discuss with other family members how much you can afford before you embark on searching for the best fit. You’d want to avoid financial stress when the services are ongoing due to financial distress.

    • Involve every stakeholder in decision making

    A family member who needs specialized care is a concern for everyone in the family. It is imperative to involve your siblings, cousins, uncles and other family relations. They are important to help in making corporate decisions concerning their seniors.

     At times one who can’t chip in financial assistance might be helpful in another way e.g. occasional visit to help the loved one engage in physical activities or make a healthy favorite meal.

    • Prepare a job description

    Now that you know the details of the kind of care needed, prepare a job description. Include a detailed description of the kind of care your loved one needs. Be as honest as you can be so the applicants do not find different expectations once they’re hired and working. This would be very frustrating for them and can affect the care you intended to give.

    • Engage the interviewees 

    Talk to as many home-based caregivers as will reply to your invitation. Do not shy from asking tough questions during the interview to increase the chance of finding the best fit for your needs. For instance, you can ask them why they left their previous jobs. Such information can shed light as to the kind of person you’re dealing with.

    • Do your research

    Even after asking the tough questions during the interview, do more to find out about the applicants. Do research about their education, personalities, and former work experience. This gives you peace of mind that you’re hiring the right person. 

    Additionally, you can ask friends, church members, and social clubs all about home-based caregiving and agency services. Their experiences can help you in decision making.

    If you settle for a home-based caregiver, check their credential to ascertain their credibility. You do not want to find out later that you’re dealing with a criminal or an incompetent employee. Otherwise, the life of your loved one might be at risk.

    • Is it home-based care or agency

    Agencies are legit organizations and are therefore easy to vet. Their services come at a cost that mostly defines the quality rather than the kind of care they give to their clients. 

    Agencies also come in handy for individuals who set up and daily activities that prohibit them from giving attention to their loved ones. At times, agencies are a better option when you do not find a home caregiver fit for the job.

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    6 Awesome Interior Designers in Fort Worth

    January 13th, 2021

    A single stroll around the city of Fort Worth will instantly open anyone’s world to a diverse and architecturally stunning urban set-up. The town embraces a modern world style while at the same time still stays true to its classic old west style (its roots).

    This article compiles a list of interior designers in Fort Worth. They specialize in creating contemporary living spaces or bringing the traditional touch to a home. They also create magnificent shabby chic designs, farmhouse looks, eclectic and rustic home plans. They understand how various colors and patterns influence spatial perceptions and personal moods. As a result, they have strong color balancing skills to create a space everyone will always love to come back to daily. 

    Bradley Interiors

    This small family-operated company specializes in home staging, residential interior design and decoration, and home renovation. They’re a go-to partner for any design needs since, to them, no project is too small or too big to handle, and they are the most affordable. Although they’ve done only 15 projects, the reviews are really encouraging, and their exclusive talents have awarded them a 5-star rating from all clients. 

    Urbanology Designs

    Urbanology Designs is a real deal for homeowners interested in modern urban styles. These masters create the coziest and inviting urban spaces that pull together the look that reflects the best of who the homeowner is. They’ve featured internationally on multiple occasions due to their uniqueness and fearless creativity.

    The Artec Group, INC.

    The Artec Group is a leading interior designer Fort Worth due to its ability to blend comfort, balance, and functionality to every project they handle. Their supreme interior design and remodeling skills for commercial and residential projects have rewarded them big time, including a listing as the Best Interior Design Firm in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Magazine.

    Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC.

    Any homeowner interested in breathtaking interiors, stunning creativity, beautiful designs, and superior services should give a fast call to Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC. They bring together a passion for serving, ultimate professionalism, and attention to detail to create a space their clients can proudly call home. Due to their exemplary services and performance, they’ve yearly ranked “Best of Houz” consecutively from 2013 to 2020.

    Sylvee Meehan Designs

    According to Sylvee Meehan, interior design should be fun and not stressful. As a result, she focuses on creating functional spaces that match every client’s taste and style while helping them be as calm and stress-free as possible during the process. She achieves this by taking her clients on a path to discover personal aesthetics, so they enjoy the process and are proud of the end result.

    Paxton Place Designs

    With over 25 years of experience as interior designers, everyone working with Paxton Place Designs can comfortably relax and trust that they would love the results. This award-winning premier interior designer is recognized for style and versatility in handling commercial and residential interior projects.

    Interior design is mostly a matter of taste since almost all professional designers have the same skill level. That’s why homeowners should pinpoint a designer whose signature style is complementary to their personal preferences. Their communication methods should also match. To be sure, homeowners can take their time to visit their best candidate’s portfolio. Budget is also important. Any homeowner looking to hire an interior designer in Fort Worth should check the cost and see if it’s affordable and hire the one who meets their budget.

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    Earn More Than You Spend By Choosing A Custom Software Development

    January 13th, 2021

    Do you think outsourcing your software development requirement is risky and it is better to have an in-house team to take care of that!

    Well, then this blog is going to help you to evaluate the whole scenario better.

    Your spending on custom software may look enormous, but it serves all your needs because it is the customized software for your stipulated conditions. Selecting the right custom software development services can reduce the cost of making the software.

    Let us see how it is advantageous to choose custom software development services than out of the box applications.

    Out of the Box Software VS Custom Software Development

    Quick fix software is developed for the general usage of a set of companies or individuals. It serves the common purposes of a specific community. But it cannot meet the requirements of each of the members specifically. 

    Custom software development enables designing the application based on the demands and requirements. The service provided in this case would be much better. This tailored software addresses the needs of the clients using it, which increases the reputation of the company.

    Benefits of Custom Software Development

    Custom software increases the credibility of the company. It shows your dedication and commitment to the customers.

    It increases reliability, which influences the growth of the company. Efficiently working application acts as a tool for customers to rely upon your services in the long term.

    Custom software can always assure you a fast way to serve your customers and solve their issues, which makes your business to leap higher. 

    What are the Factors that Influence the Cost of Custom Software Development Services?

    1.      Size of the application 

    As the custom application involves the efforts of the designers and programmers, it costs high. But we can reduce the size of the application by reducing the data it handles. Jot down the particulars to include in the software. Note by merging some needs, can reduce the complexity of the software and reduces the cost of the development. 

    2.         Complexity in software

    As you increase the number in the list of requirements, it builds complexity in the application. If the application has to handle more complex issues, the cost of programming and designing increases. Keep it simple to make it at a lower price. The cost must not stop you from choosing the requirements because the efficiency of application can increase the productivity of the company and helps the company to reach the goals easily. 

    3.       Problem-solving procedure

    Algorithms are step by step by instructions given by the programmer to solve a particular problem. There are diversified logics a programmer has to put in the form of algorithms to solve a problem. The sophistication of the application increases the cost of the development increases.  

    4.      Pilot-scale to large scale

    Every company or organization starts with a very minimal number of customers. If the company is successful, it grows into a bigger one. Then the application has to handle a high number of issues and conditions. Custom software can address most of them. Keep the scalability factor in producing more remarkable results.

    5.      Integrating other services

    A more significant business always integrates with other business services to grow. As the company grows in its size, still a new need arises, which the company cannot offer. For that, it has to depend upon services of the other companies like payment gateway or GPS. Custom software always keeps the gate open to the developers to integrate, which is not possible with Out of box applications. 

    6.   User interface (UI) and User experience (UX)

    You can customize the UI of the software. UI and UX can influence the customers to come back to your application again and again. Steve Jobs says, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” He has given much importance to designing the UI of Apple products. The best example is creating the home screen of Apple to enhance the UX of the user. He believed that UI pulls the customers and increases the scale of business. 


    Finally, you never regret spending on the custom Software development services because in the long run, as your business grows, it is going to enhance the business and pulls you into the pool of profits. Having an in-house team means keeping a whole set up with all its maintenance costs and everything. But when you have the opportunity to outsource, you are going to get a turn-key solution whenever you need it.

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    All You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

    January 13th, 2021

    What is cloud computing?

    Cloud computing refers to the on-time delivery of on-demand computing services such as processing, storage, and access to data and programs over the internet instead of the computer’s hard drive.

    Cloud computing will take care of services such as databases, software, servers, storage, networking, analytics, and intelligence. Computer clouding enhances quick innovation, economies of scale, and flexible resources.

    How does cloud computing work?

    Companies and organizations no longer need to incur further expenses to own data centers and computing infrastructure. Instead, they only need to hire the services of a cloud computing provider for all their computing requirements.

    The most significant benefit of cloud computing a firm can do away with IT infrastructure and its costs. A further cost is reduced because you only pay for what you use when you use it.

    Types of cloud computing

    There are different types of clouding. The type of cloud computing depends on the unique needs of a client. Further, different forms, types, models, and are customized to meet the specific solution for an entity that allows you to choose the extent of control you can have over your information.

    This is a rapidly growing field in information and technology. As of now, there are four main types of cloud computing deployment models. The models tend to pile on top of one another and are also referred to as cloud computing stacks.

    • Infrastructure as-a-service (IaaS)

    This is the most basic category of cloud computing services. It offers internet access and storage and computing power. Once IaaS is installed, it allows you to rent IT infrastructure from a cloud computing service provider such as cloud it services. The package includes network, storage, servers, and virtual devices, and respective operating systems.

    • Platform as a service (Paas)

    Paas makes it easy for users to create and develop mobile applications, web over the internet. Paas offers an on-demand platform for innovative development and testing of software applications.  

    Developers do not have to set up or manage servers, storage, data, networks, and database infrastructure required for software application development.

    • Software as a service (SaaS)

    Software as a service is a cloud computing service for developing and delivering web-based applications over the internet. The developer accesses the internet with a web browser on their smart electronic devices such as a phone or tablet. Saas works on an on-demand subscription basis. 

    The cloud computing service provider hosts the software application and manages it too. The provider also handles all the software underlying infrastructures and runs maintenance such as security patching and software upgrading.

    Serverless computing

    Serverless computing overlaps with Platform as a service (PaaS). Serverless computing builds on app functionality without having to continually manage the servers and the infrastructure required. 

    The cloud computing provider offers the setup, handles capacity planning, and provides server management services. Serverless cloud computing is event-driven. Therefore, it uses resources when a trigger occurs or a specified function is required. 

    Uses of Cloud Computing

    You might be using cloud computing at your workplace even if you’re not aware. How is that possible? The email you sent recently may be using clouding.

    Other services that could be using cloud computing behind the scenes include editing documents, watching movies, playing music, storing pictures, and other files. 

    Cloud computing is barely a decade old, though several entities such as government agencies, global corporations, startups, profit, and non-profit organizations have embraced it for all sorts of benefits.

    • Cost-effective – Cloud computing significantly cuts physical hardware investment costs because the service provider buys and maintains all the equipment needed. The firm only pays for the cloud computing services they’ve used per time.
    • Enhanced storage – An organization using cloud computing services has an edge over its competitors. One can access the latest application software soon they’re available in the market without incurring extra cost and spending much time and effort to stay updated.
    • High speed – Computer clouding allow users to access to the internet and other services very fast. Within minutes and fewer clicks, one can deploy the services they need. It allows one to do more in a relatively short time.
    • Mobility – Computer clouding allows resident and remote employees to access their desired services. Clouding accessibility is possible regardless of its proximity. The only requirement is reliable internet connectivity.
    • Unlimited storage space- Clouding has no limit on storage space. You only need to add a minimal monthly fee to your provider, for the expansion of your storage capacity.

    Other benefits include advanced online security, quick, effective virtualization, enhanced reliability, low-cost software among other benefits. 

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    What Are the Internal and External Environmental Factors That Affect a Business?

    January 13th, 2021

    If a business wants to thrive in the marketplace, it is vital for them to comprehensively understand the business factors or actors that exert an impact on the growth of the company. Once they are aware of the negative and positive effects outside and within the company, they can come up with effective strategies to solve any predicted situation. Therefore, taking a keen look at the external and internal business factors is considered the most crucial undertaking for an enterprise before launching any strategic plan. 

    Every factor or actor outside or within the business has an impact on how it performs. In other words, business factors create a business environment. 

    A business environment determines its success, vision, and rates. When a business is aware of its business factors, it can think of suitable strategies to deal with any predicted and unpredicted encounter. Business factors can either be internal or external. All these factors are dependent on its size, business status, and type of business. 

    Internal business factors

    Internal business factors are actors within the company and are under its control. These factors get grouped as either strengths and weaknesses of the company. If a single element results in positive effects on the business, it’s considered a strength. On the other hand, any business factor that hinders the company’s development is a weakness. Some examples of internal business environment factors include:

    • Value proposition
    • Plans and policies
    • Financial and marketing resources
    • Value proposition
    • Corporate image and brand equity
    • Labor management
    • Organizational structure
    • Financial forecast

    External business environment

    Contrary to internal business factors, the external business environment revolves around factors outside the business and have an impact on it. The company has no control over external factors. External business factors are categorized into either micro or macro factors. Some examples of micro external business factors include:

    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • The general public
    • Talent
    • Competitors

    Macro factors

    • Economic
    • Political
    • Technology
    • Natural
    • Social

    Some business factors explained

    External: The economy

    In a declining economy, even an efficiently run business may not have the ability to survive. If your customers lose their jobs, they’ll spend less and may not purchase your products. Also, high rates on credit cards interest may discourage customers from spending on your products. You have no control over the economy, but understanding the economy works could help you spot potential threats and opportunities.

    Internal:  Employees and managers

    Unless you run the company by yourself, your employees are a crucial part of your business’ internal environment. Your employees have to be good at their jobs, no matter their designation. For your business, managers must be good at handling lower-level employees and overseeing essential business processes. Even if everyone is performing their level best in the company and there are internal conflicts or conflicts of interest, your business is bound to go down. 

    External: Competition

    Unless you have an extremely complicated or unique business, you will have to deal with competitors. When you establish a company, you fight against more experienced ones in a similar industry. After you establish yourself, you are bound to face newer firms that will try to slice away most of your customers. Competition can either make or break you, depending on how you look at it.

    Internal: Financial resources

    Even in the best economic situation, lack of money can be a determinant of whether a company will survive or not. When you have a limited cash flow as a business, it has a direct effect on the number of people you can hire, the amount of advertising you can do, and even the quality of equipment you can use in your business. With a large or huge cash flow, you can expand and grow your business.

    External: Politics and government policy

    Huge changes in government policy can affect your business. The tobacco industry is a good example. Since way back, cigarette companies have been necessitated to place warning signs on cigarette packs and lost their right to advertise on TV. As time goes, smokers are experiencing lesser and lesser areas they can smoke legally. It has led to a decrease in revenue in the cigarette industry. 

    Internal: Company culture

    Last but not least, another business factor that may affect how the business performs internally is the company’s culture. A healthy working culture that encourages teamwork brings about collaboration in the company and its processes. Let your company culture be clear from the get-go, and all your employees will work towards meeting the same objectives.

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    The Best 5 Watch Bands to Fit an Oris Watch

    January 13th, 2021

    A watchband is the most important component of a watch. It is what makes a wristwatch worth wearing. Without this band, you simply could be walking with a watch in the pocket. No wristwatches could be in existence. People would only dwell on dash clocks and desk clocks to check the time.

    Many wristbands have been developed and designed specifically to hold and secure a watch. One mistake with the watchband and the whole watch is permanently destroyed. Also, people can’t be able to display the luxurious and fabulous features of their watches without watch bands. This article highlights the best five Oris watch bands.

    5. Rios1931 Boston

    The band is made and designed by German watch band developers, Rios1931. The company has the most sensible alligator decorated wrist band models. The designers have concentrated their technology on duplicating the features of typical crocodile skin. The Rios1931 Boston is an excellently cushioned, trapezoidal-shaped band rare to find in many current-day watch straps. One drawback of this band is its contrasting stitching, which gives it a more casual appearance. 

    4. Premium Nato

    The Nato band collections are available in different shapes, models, colors, and sizes. Anyone looking for their favorite Oris watchband can try the Premium line that is a bit gentle compared to normal Natos. The fascinating feature of these bands is their new colors that have been globally acknowledged. Premium Nato bands are mainly worn casually by individuals who need to show off their extravagance. 

    3. JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan

    Jean Paul Menicucci is a globally recognized designer. One of his accessories and watch bands that were introduced in WatchObsession is the JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan. The bands are luxurious handcrafted pieces of items carved from typical Horween Shell Cordovan. They are slim but comfortable to wear. Their slim feature makes them exceptional for long lugs. For a stunning look, the bands can be worn casually with a colorful shirt.

     2.  Hirsch James

    A Hirsch James will never miss on the list of top watch bands. The bands are wholesomely awesome. They are available in black, gold, and brown colors. Each color can fit your Oris watch perfectly, but brown stands out. What is more captivating with Hirsh James is that it can be worn on any occasion. 

    1.  Di-Modell Nevada

    Di-Modell Nevada bands top the list. They give an Oris watch a charming appearance on the wrist. The bands are thick and look fantastic when completed with a flawless outfit. 


    A watch band makes up the soul of a wristwatch. Many people prefer it for flair, but it also keeps the watch safe from damage and thieves. An example of a luxurious wristwatch that needs protection is the Oris. There are different types of Oris watch bands, but the Di-Modell Nevada, Hirsch James, JPM Vintage Shell Cordovan, Premium Nato, and Rios1931 Boston stand out. These 5 have the ability to totally transform a person’s belief in watches. 

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    Childcare Software: Benefits and Importance of Using Childcare Management Software

    January 13th, 2021

    A daycare software for teachers manages internal operations i.e. scheduling, attendance, and billing of day-care centres and preschools and facilitations teachers and parents’ communication by sending messages, alerts, and feedbacks. This software assembles all operations in the childcare centre thereby simplifying and increasing the efficiency of monitoring the activities of each child. The parent engagement and classroom management are increased via mobile devices. For any software to be in this category, it must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Be exclusively used by the childcare industry.
    • Have automated attendance and check-ins
    • Track development and progress in a child’s learning
    • Offer a communication platform for teachers and parents.


    • Parent engagement

    Parent communication and involvement are important in the early development of a child. A child’s brain develops during the early ages and it is of great importance that the parents and caregivers are work collaboratively to ensure successful development. The childcare software enables and ensures parent engagement by giving specific reports to the parents about the child’s learning progress.

    • Timesaving

    Picking up and dropping off a child at school is hectic and that is the period when the parent should meet the educator to get updates on their child’s progress. Unfortunately, at the early stages, it is very difficult for a teacher to give a comprehensive report on how a child is doing. The child software allows the teachers to send intensive reports and updates to parents who in turn can assess and respond.

    • Safety and security

    The software engages families but ensures that their private information is kept safe and only accessible by the parents or educator. Some centres use websites or social media to make updates while others use remotely installed webcam through which parents can get a video feed on what is happening. These public feeds and communication may not be safe or specific to a particular child’s needs. Before using a video feed, the parent should consider.

    • Children’s privacy since most webcams show a one on one feed of all activities going on in a class. The childcare software however ensures only relevant updates reach the parents and is customized to every child hence increased privacy.
    • The context of information from the webcam is not specific since it just provides a video for the parent to watch. On the other hand, childcare software provides important information only such as the child’s health and behaviour update with photos and videos through a secure login.

    Childcare software is important for parent communication since it provides live updates and the parents are in constant communication with the teachers. Information such as learning and development reports, meals, sleep updates, and health information reaches the parents easily. When a parent gets involved in a child’s early education, they can understand the child better and at an early stage work on areas that need adjustments and improve the child’s confidence and ability. Childcare software is also key in helping educators do engage the parents in a child’s education without anxiety and stress that results from piled-up paperwork hence the teachers can concentrate more on the educative role and development of the child.


    The childcare software has several features for the parents, educators, directors, and owners to use to trace and record the daily activities and operations within the school environment effectively. The software can be installed on devices and can be accessed anytime so long as there is an internet connection. This enhances and improves the quality of early childhood education.

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    Shipping Industry Chaos: Why Are Rates Soaring in 2020?

    January 9th, 2021

    There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a crazy year for everybody, but the effects have certainly been felt by the shipping industry. With the Covid-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on just about every industry, it’s hardly a surprise. Unfortunately, the impacts of the pandemic have led to a chaotic increase in shipping costs, and here’s why:

    Capacity Constraints

    The shipping industry has suffered from capacity constraints since Covid-19 hit. At least initially, there was difficulty getting shipments out of China, one of the world’s largest trading countries. This ultimately led to significant delays, with cargo ships often held up much longer than normal at destination ports.

    With ships not able to make return journeys as quickly, the whole industry began to slow down, creating less capacity for shipping goods. Bloomberg reports that shipping rates are now the highest they’ve been since 2015.

    Backlogs and Congestion

    The delays associated with Covid-19 have also resulted in significant backlogs and congestion. Firstly, it’s been more difficult to get goods loaded onto ships for delivery. Then, there’s hold-ups at destination ports due to additional screening and health-related procedures.

    Cargo is being rolled (not loaded due to lack of capacity), which means orders are backing up before they even get out on the sea. Essentially, the much higher demand and less capacity to supply creates a bidding war for space where shipping prices rise.

    Industrial Action at Sydney’s Ports

    Sydney is a big player in terms of Australian ports, and there have been ongoing industrial disputes compromising operations. The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) have been negotiating for better pay and conditions for port workers.

    Industrial action includes work stoppages, overtime bans, and delayed start times—all of which make it difficult for Sydney freight forwarders to efficiently manage the delivery of goods into the city.

    Maersk Suspensions and Sydney Surcharges

    A flow-own effect of the Sydney industrial action has been the suspension of services into the port by major shipping lines. Maersk, for example, is the world’s largest shipping container company, and they suspended bookings into Sydney for a long period. Plenty of other major shipping lines did the same, as a result of the serious congestion at Sydney’s ports.

    The ban has now been lifted; however, Maersk has applied a Sydney Congestion Surcharge, in recognition of the still-present congestion and backlogs. 

    Tips for 2021

    With relative uncertainty about when shipping rates may start to decrease, there are a few ways you can plan for importing in 2021.

    Firstly, get orders in early with your freight forwarder. The sooner you order, the better chance you have of securing space. It may not negate the high shipping costs, but it will ensure you can service your clients.

    Secondly, consider using an air-sea solution for urgent cargo out of Europe. This can be a cost-effective way to cope with high transport costs.

    And finally, keep up-to-date with shipping news, market trends, and ask for advice from transport professionals to keep your importing on track for 2021.

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    Online casino reviews are key to win big

    January 8th, 2021

    Slot games are a lot of fun and thanks to the ease of accessibility with them being online at websites and available through apps played anywhere. Millions of people play in online casinos for fun and vest many hours playing in different slots to make a buck. Without online casinos, many people stuck at home during the present global pandemic would be bored and playing by themselves. That means many people around the world play to win and challenge themselves at the same time.   

    However, despite the fun-factor, we play games to win, particularly slot games. Just as every other game played at the casino, the formula to winning requires luck and chance, and only sometimes a sprinkling of strategy. They’re online, and as such, winning at a slot game is just as random as the programmers of the computer game can make it. There are ways to strategize, but these sorts of games are more or less rare and hard to come by. This means odds are set, and so the edge belongs to the house.

    The odds of slot games work in much the same way as those on the roulette table – bearing in mind that the casino makes money based on paying out less than the odds winning. So if the roulette is a double zero, with digits one to 36 plus 0 and 00, the real odds with roulette against any other figure is really going to be 37 to one, but the house will payout to players who win with any single-digit number only 35 to one.

    So bearing this in mind, with slot games, more possibilities are surrounding the outcome of being a winner because there are thousands of possibilities because of the number of potential combinations that could happen. The number of those and the payouts per win will work in tandem to determine the slot game’s odds.

    It is worth knowing those details to learn the ways to win playing slot games. Modern slot games work in the same way as the machines did, more or less, except one is online, that will be one of the only significant real differences. Except, the math is a little bit more complicated. There are far more possibilities with online slot games because the number generators are set at random and work from much larger figures of numbers.

    The most important key to winning big prizes is to check reviews of different online slot machines to increase your possibilities. At the same time, other players do not consider such an important factor. You always want to be a step ahead of the game; having the edge over your competitors grants you the unique ability to widen your wins and minimize your losses. Many people look into Reviews of online Casinos at Online Casino Bluebook for fair online gaming reviews and tips. In many cases, online casino games are even more fun than those played at casino venues, mainly because they increase immersion and interactivity.

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    Remember to stay optimistic

    January 8th, 2021

    Researchers have spent a lot of time studying people who have a positive attitude. In addition, they found that having a positive attitude helps people be happy, more successful, and healthier. Optimism can protect people from depression, even those who are at higher risk of it. An optimistic attitude allows people to resist stress more. Optimism can even make people have a higher life expectancy in comparison with other groups.

    Optimism comes in part from our nature: Some people are born with an optimistic temperament and other have to learn how to be optimistic. However, optimism plays a crucial role determining our experiences as we grow. We learn to be optimistic by observing the people we have as role models around us, adopting new ways of thinking, and practicing new habits. Likewise, having an optimistic attitude can result on smarter decisions in the purchase of goods and services, so let us look at various examples.

    Los Angeles, California, leads for the sixth year in a row the worst traffic in the United States, according to a few reports online. Traffic in LA is so hectic and congested that a mile distance can take up to three hours to complete depending on the hour. LA traffic is above 1,360 cities in 38 countries according to a study conducted by INRIX, a leader in connected car services and transportation analysis. Drivers in and around the city of LA spent an average of 102 hours fighting traffic congestion during 2017 peak hours. If you are planning to move from your house and you are located in LA, you might want to consider hiring professional help and look into moving companies in los angeles to save time.

    It is important to have a measurer that can calculate the weight of products. The calibration of measuring instruments is a comparison made with a reference standard and an instrument for weighing, of non-automatic operation that helps us to determine the errors that the instrument has with their associated uncertainties. Adjustment involves bringing the instrument to its optimal operating conditions, for example, if when placing an object on a scale, it will not indicate cero, the instrument will perform measurements contemplating the original scale until the adjustment is finally completed. If you looking for weight calibration, you should consider a professional website known for optimum quality products.

    No one could have possibly imagined more than thirty years ago that the world would have changed as much as we observe now. Today WiFi plays a crucial part in our daily activities. One could easily assume that without WiFi their lives would not be the same. As WiFi technology continues to develop, the potential to improve ourselves and our society is constantly increasing.

    According to the BBC, police can now use their mobile devices to instantly track mugshots and criminal records and view networks of sensors capable of detecting the location of perpetrators. More recently, police have also started using aerial drones, microcomputers, and biometric technology to tackle crime and identify perpetrators. Whether for business or individual use, if you want high quality WiFi click this website

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    Sleep better, stay smart

    January 7th, 2021

    A recent study indicates that one in four teenagers has difficulty sleeping. Lack of sleep can affect everything: from our emotions to our ability to concentrate on different tasks like driving. It can affect athletic performance, increase the chances of getting sick, and in some people, it links to weight gain. Good sleep habits are important for general health and well-being.

    You can do a few things to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and be more alert during the day. Like good nutrition and exercise, good sleep habits work best if you stick to them every day. Also and less known are stress related cases of insomnia that affect 2-10 people around the world.  Stress ignites in our consumer driven thoughts each step of the way; therefore, we will cover a few tips you might want to consider to reduce stress levels to sleep better.

    Laptops, though often more expensive than desktops, are prevalent in every facet of modern life, and many users use them as their primary computers. Portability, easy access to ports, and low power requirements allow laptops to meet personal, academic, and business needs. Laptops can also present issues with repair and security, adding additional concerns, but for the most part good quality laptops are essential in our everyday life. This type of computer is characterized by being small, which facilitates its movement that you can work from anywhere in the company. Because Laptops use less energy than traditional computers, it will allow you to spend less money on energy and reduce your electric bill. That is why the best deals on laptop today matter for all those saving money.

    Your move to another house will depend greatly on your moving company. You can have the most amazing plan in order to organize yourself to pack up and leave, but in order to transpire you might require a company with longstanding reputation to help you move. The moving industry is highly competitive and many companies might try to defraud you with bad service while happily drying your wallet. Some moving companies also suffer delays on their schedule, which could lead to alternative problems such as failure to compromise the appropriate time and date to start. You must look for a trustworthy company that you can trust. Fortunately, look around for moving companies near me and select the best choice available on the market for the best price.

    The key too many businesses, more than in legal or economic matters, is in how it promotes itself. If a business has no advertising, it will not publicize itself without help. When you have a small business, promoting it to get more sales and more customers is an exhausting and ingenious process. In general, the costs of advertising are financially challenging for small entrepreneurs. However, with new technologies, the possibilities for promoting a small business are enormous. Not only do you have new ways of promoting your business at the tips of your fingertips, but also they are much more efficient than traditional promotional techniques. If you have any questions click here.

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    Cherish honesty and smile

    January 7th, 2021

    Being honest and direct about your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs will help others to know you sincerely. Do not exaggerate your responses, reactions, or feelings. Let others know how you really feel without beating around the bush or leading anyone to the wrong conclusions. Honesty is a quality that we value highly in others. An honest person shows himself as he is, says what he thinks, does not pretend, does not cheat and is transparent.

    This allows us to trust the other, because we know that they behave sincerely and without bending. Such honesty allows people from all occupations to be in peace with one another in order to bring about a better and more productive environment.  The key in order to show honesty is to grant people a solution to their problems with good researched ways to improve their life. Below a few ways to help people cherish honesty.

    It is difficult to start a new life in an unfamiliar city, but you can use technology to make sure that your new home is in a connected area, with services, places of entertainment, supermarkets, gym, parks, etc.
    The smartest thing you can do is write lists of the essential things you need in your new home. It is the starting point before you start storing and throwing things away. From that list, you can add things such as, for example, if you hire a moving truck, its cost, etc. However, the problem is not what to do when you have already moved to the desired location, but how to get there to start with. That is why looking for moving companies near me will help you start your new life.  

    The difference between ice cream and snow is that the former uses water, sugar and ingredients used to flavor it, while the latter requires some fat, such as milk or cream, to replace the water. For this reason, ice creams are creamy and heavy, in contrast to snow, which tend to be liquid and light, which is why they are an excellent alternative if you want to treat yourself with few calories. Preparing snow is not a very laborious process, and surely, you have ingredients at home to do it, since you only need sugar, water and the fruit of preference, although you can even use flavored water, which will undergo almost the same process of a snow made with natural fruit. However, for more tips click here on snowmaking.  

    Many kids love drones because they can fly through the skies without having a physical presence in the cockpit. Think of fighter jets that soar through the sky without a pilot having to get on them, this is not really a drone. They are drones, requiring the same expertise as normal manned aircraft. The only difference with these is that in the cabin, there is a control module and a camera controlled from miles away. There is commercial drones operated by corporations and combat drones operated by governments across the world for special operations. If you are looking for cool drones for leisure check dji mavic 2 air to learn more.

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    The potential dangers posed by EMF exposure

    January 6th, 2021

    If you use modern devices and gadgets (and, let’s face it, who doesn’t these days), you could be exposing your body to dangerous levels of EMF. Pretty much all of our everyday objects like cell phones, laptops and WiFi routers emit a constant stream of invisible energy waves, also known as Electromagnetic Fields – or EMF for short. 

    A quick insight into EMF

    Before considering the potential dangers presented by EMF, it’s perhaps best to have a better understanding of where it comes from. Probably the most recognizable emitter of electromagnetic fields in our lives is the sun which is constantly sending out EMFs, most of which we see as visible light. 

    However, at the start of the 20th century, when consumer demand for power increased exponentially, scientists found that the electrical power lines that were built to supply energy were also capable of emitting invisible EMF. Indeed, they also discovered that many of the appliances and devices we today take for granted also generate EMFs.

    Protecting yourself from EMF

    Although there is still considerable debate within the scientific community about the possible extent of damage caused by EMF, most experts still recommend reducing your exposure where possible. For example, putting down your mobile phone when not in use or installing EMF protection around your phone or laptop will help mitigate unnecessary exposure. Likewise, we’ve known for a long time that limiting your time in the sun can also help reduce skin cancer.

    It’s thought that very high exposure to EMF can change the cells in the body and may even cause growths or cancer – so it’s best to avoid it where possible. It’s also believed EMF could cause problems with sperm in men, reduce testosterone levels and may even damage DNA.

    The two types of exposure to EMF 

    There are two main types of electromagnetic field radiation which you should attempt to avoid or reduce your exposure to:

    Non-ionizing radiation: Non-ionizing radiation is low-level exposure and considered to be relatively mild and not especially harmful – particularly if only in low doses. Emitters include cell phones, Bluetooth-enabled devices, computers, microwave ovens, WiFi routers and power lines.

    Ionizing radiation: Ionizing radiation is high-level in the form of ultraviolet rays and X-rays. Respectively, emitters of this type of radiation include the sun (hence the reason you should always wear sunscreen and limit the time you spend outside particularly in summer) and some medical imaging technology (why you should also try to limit the number of x-rays you have in a lifetime).

    In both cases, the effects and strength of the radiation can be decreased by increasing the distance between you and the object emitting the EMF. For this reason, experts suggest leaving your mobile phone in a different room at night and unplugging all electrical devices when not in use (this will also save power usage and reduce your energy bills).

    In summary

    The jury is still very much out when it comes to the potential dangers of so-called low-level EMF exposure but just taking sensible precautions can mitigate the chances of developing problems. Avoiding over-exposure, shielding devices, limiting your time in the sun and turning off electrical equipment when you’re not using it can all help protect you. 

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    Incentivizing yourself is key

    January 6th, 2021

    Regardless where you are on your financial journey, you need to know that it is possible for anyone to turn their financial life around and start saving money. All it takes is that first step in the right direction to get things moving in your favor. However, as with most issues, sometimes that very first step is the hardest part.

    One of the best saving strategies is to incentivize yourself first. What this means is that you designate a certain amount of your income as your pay and you pay that money to yourself before you pay your bills or anyone else. It can be any amount. The important part is that you incentivize yourself first rather than last. Most people pay all of the bills first and then keep their leftovers. At the same time, incentivizing yourself could also mean investing on things that help you, so here go a few tips.

    Gifts come in all forms and sizes you can possibly imagine, sometimes we need an outside source to guide us in the straight path in order to make the right decision as we scramble to make one ourselves. Everyone has a different idea of what they would want as “gifts”, but the real question is if those same individuals find any practical use on the things they want or is it just another case of lavish spending with no evident porpoise. Here is where it is best to ask people who know about gifts like this website.

    How many times do you wake up in the morning with a salty face, jump into the shower, dress up to go to work and as you are about to leave the house think “I forgot to eat breakfast?”. Millions of people around the world find themselves in the same paradox everyday just before they leave to work. Other people simply do not know how to make a healthy breakfast or do not have the time to go to the kitchen every morning and cook. Eating breakfast is one of the most important activities in our daily schedule. A healthy breakfast works miracles in our body. That is why you should consider breakfast delivery as an option on your morning routine.

    Business owners need to understand that SEO is important because it provides organizations with the visibility they need to attract customers during this digital age. A large percent of buyers will perform searches online before they make a purchase, so brands that do not have a strong online presence will find themselves falling behind the competition, which ultimately means financial trouble. A strong SEO will allow brands to position their website and their content highly on the SERPs for relevant keywords so that they can attract the attention of prospective customers and bring them into their sales funnel. That is why a Toronto seo expert can help you get to the next level.

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    Planning is quintessential in life

    January 6th, 2021

    The concept of planning comes from the word plan, which is a verb that means to organize something in advance of it happening to “find one” better prepared. Planning is then the act by which a person, an institution, a group can organize in advance a situation, event or action that is already known to take place with the aim of doing it in the best possible way. Planning is very common in certain areas that have to do with long-term actions or actions, which results play into desired ideas.

    In this sense, it is common to speak of planning in the workplace and business since every institution or organization that seeks to obtain profits must plan elements such as investment, anticipated expenses, investment recovery time, ancillary expenses, possible difficulties that limit earnings, credits, etc. However, planning also means having the right ideas to calculate the best choice for your business or as an individual in order to better organize performance and be aware of the possible consequences. Here is a few ideas to help your planning.

    Support is highly required for older people who have lost family networks or are aging alone. We have to favor these social networks, foster synergy between generations by creating spaces to allow the older generation to be happy with the right planning.  It is important to make sure the quality of life of our elders does not depend exclusively on the formal family system, but that we also have an informal network with resources that is involved in giving help to elderly people who are alone, favoring groups of meetings of people who live alone and involving young people. Many blogs offer good solutions for this problem, which many families encounter, so learn more about feasible solutions to help elderly people be happier.  

    The radiant heat manifold plays an important role in heating systems in our house and businesses. They act as the central hub for both the supply and return lines, allowing the system to run smoothly. Many manifolds in the market do not offer high quality resistance and can cause shortages of energy if these happen to be electrical. In addition, many manifolds do not comply with safety standards and can become biohazard pieces of equipment that could cause all sort of health problems with long-term consequences. That is why it is important to trust the right company and get the highest graded manifold of the market at a great cost.  

    Search engine optimization often consists of small modifications to specific parts of your website that will eventually allow it to get more views. When these modifications take place conducted with professional help, they serve as improvements for online results, but when combined with other optimizations, they could have a major impact on user experience and site performance in organic search results. If you have a business that relies on website clicks or you are, looking for more visible search results compared to your competitors you should look into SEO Mississauga for more help. 

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    Smiling creates great results

    January 5th, 2021

    Smiling more is one of the points that many have written down on their list of purposes to be happier; however, its achievement is more complex than we think. Sometimes we have to do it unwillingly, supporting a hypothesis: being happy makes people smile, in the same way that smiling makes people happier. The theory on which this premise determines that the way we communicate with our body affects us emotionally.

    If we tend to adopt a downcast posture and a melancholic gesture, it is very likely that we also adopt that state of mind. Therefore, we can say that our non-verbal communication has “side effects” on people. Yet, they are several ways that make people smile that do not have to be so scientifically oriented like shopping for the right products or services that encourage our overall happiness. Here go a few tips that will allow us to explore how to smile.

    Without a doubt, among the many objects for smokers, the most popular are lighters. Within these, a large multitude of companies offers different types of models that vary from one price to another depending on the characteristics that are present. Well, many times tired of using traditional lighters and getting lost or running out of gas very soon, we usually end up opting for other more original lighters such as Zippo lighters. However, even Zippo lighters can become a hustle if you runout of gas in the middle of the road without having access to a recharge. Many smokers start to dish Zippo lighters and start to head back the cheaper route to save money; best custom bic lighter comes in different forms and designs for experienced smokers.

    Many people decide to go vegetarian or vegan simply for the sake of losing weight. The main engine that drives vegetarian food is respect for the environment and, above all, ethics and respect for other living beings on the planet. Apart from the aforementioned, being vegan offers a lot of additional benefits to your health, which will make you feel more vital and you will not want to consume animal protein again. One of the key factors and benefits that should make you consider a plant-based diet is the health of your heart, since you eliminate bad cholesterol from your body as long as you base your diet on no processed products. If you are looking for a healthy vegan diet, and have no time to prepare food, you should look into a good vegan meal delivery that will serve your needs.

    Moving to a different home can be a real torment in Florida, especially if you lack some tips for moving. A little bit of organization and anticipation is the key to success in most cases. You should get cardboard boxes, and this is practically all you need to make the move go smoothly, but then problems arise, as you did not have enough time to move! No matter how much planning one makes moving to a different location, we need some help. If you are single or have a family and you do not want to carry large pieces of furniture, you can always use tampa movers and trust their expertise.   

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    Reasons you should be using a Digital Asset Management system

    January 4th, 2021

    If you haven’t heard of a DAM, or Digital Asset Management, it’s a relatively simple piece of software that could save your team a lot of time, energy, and ultimately money. offers a DAM tool that allows teams to collaborate seamlessly (which is never more important than right now, with so many of us working from home or remotely) by having all digital assets stored in the cloud, easily accessible. Here are a few reasons you need to be using a DAM this year. 

    Filing systems

    Designers are creative people, but they are not always in the same logical headspace as people who work in admin for example, and their filing conventions might not make any sense at all to other people who need to action the newly-designed assets. With a DAM system you can add tags and decide on a consistent naming convention to ensure that everyone knows where to find the file they need, and which is the most recent version. You can search via the channel (eg., website, social, events, etc), the campaign name, who they were produced by, and even the usage rights. Whatever they are looking for, it will be easy to find, therefore saving time and frustrations. 


    Things can easily slip through the net, but small mistakes can have costly repercussions. Bynder allows you to protect your brand’s reputation by setting up permissions that mean that everyone can only see the approved assets relevant to them. This means that the risk of unapproved content being published is minimal. You can even set expiration dates when sharing content internally, or externally and track the sharing history if needed. 

    Easy downloads

    It’s important that the right sizing and format is used for the right platform when publishing on social media, so Bynder gives you the ability to download your assets in the preset formats, with options to crop or edit as needed. Again, this saves a lot of time and means less tedious work for your design teams. You will vastly speed up the time in which you can get content out quickly, but with consistently high quality. It allows everyone to work more efficiently, which can only be a good thing for morale. 

    Access anywhere

    Because the assets are saved in the cloud, it means that no one needs to have a specific device or be hooked up to a certain network to access them. It means that if someone is unable to use their work laptop for example, or needs to jump on and do a task while out of town, they just need to log on and access it in the same way they would if they were on a desktop computer in the office. 

    A DAM tool gets rid of a lot of barriers, and also allows teams to take a more proactive approach in getting content out. This means things can be published more quickly and the desired effect can be maximised. 

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