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    Even in Democratic Societies We are not Immune from Establishment Lies and Propaganda

    April 26th, 2022

    I expect most people living in democratic countries believe they are not vulnerable to being conditioned into ignoring proven yet painful facts and lies. If you are such a person, then let me just ask you this one telling question:

    Would you look deeper and bother to look at and then weigh the empirical facts if someone told you that they had empirical data (the most important and essential stuff of science and history) that proves Charles Darwin was a serial liar and science fraudster (as was his associate Alfred Wallace)? Or would you metaphorically point at this written question and screech “witch”, or more likely today: “filthy lying creationist troll“?

    Excellent book by human transplant expert and surgeon Jim Dempster

    I think we all would agree that what we are dealing with today in the story of Matthew, Darwin and Wallace is the question of how to weigh the empirical facts.

    Jim Dempster did an excellent job (in his three books) of revealing the empirical facts of the huge similarities between what Patrick Matthew first wrote in his 1831 book and then what Darwin and Wallace each replicated in 1858/59.

    James Dempster

    On top of that, we now have the proven empirical facts of Darwin’s lies about Mathew’s readership. We now also have the empirical fact of Wallace’s slyly doctored letter in his autobiography. Most importantly, we now also have the empirical facts of who definitely read Mathew’s book pre-1858, because it is a fact they cited it in the literature. And it is an empirical fact that one of those pre-1858 citers was Selby (Wallace’s 1855 Sarawak paper editor), another was Chambers (Darwin’s admitted influencer, correspondent and associate and Wallace’s admitted greatest influencer) and Jameson (regular correspondent of William Hooker who was Darwin’s friend and father of Darwin’s best friend and personal mentor and customer for Wallace’s collecting in Indonesia all pre-1858). And many more scientists and others besides.

    Empirical facts are the basis of science and history. The problem we face right now is the Darwin Industry propaganda machine has proven to us that in Western democracies people are as open to being conditioned by powerful interest groups to blindly accept what they are told and to attack / dismiss / ignore those who present uncomfortable verifiable empirical facts that challenge the institutional establishment line. In the Western industrialized world we are all as vulnerable and receptive to blindly believing lies and propaganda as those living under autocratic governments such as in Russia, North Korea and China.

    The story of Matthew Darwin and Wallace should be used to remind us just how vulnerable we all are to the dangers of blindly believing indoctrinated lies.

    Even if you have pointed at my words above and screeched “troll”, you can still learn the hateful truth that future generations will accept and will look back on with amusement at how the Darwin Industry misled the entire world for over 150 years.

    Read the facts. Don’t be manipulated by lies, misinformation and other propaganda. Because we all know where that leads. It leads to an early grave buried in ignorance. Is that what rational people want for themsleves?

    So tell me, are you feeling more immune today than an incurious and credulous Russian peasant fed a diet of Putin’s state news lies and propaganda? If so, why? Because you have most likely been had too. How will the so called “establishment” mislead you next?

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    Charles Darwin’s Science Fraud: Is it true, a myth or something in-between?

    February 14th, 2022

    – By Mike Sutton –

    On Darwin Day 12 February 2022 the science publisher Curtis Press released my latest book “Science Fraud: Darwin’s plagiarism of Patrick Matthew’s theory” to torpedo the so-called “Darwin Industry”.

    Book cover of "Science Fraud: Darwin's plagiarism of Patrick Matthew's theory"
    Available from Curtis Press and Amazon Books

    I am a great fan of the author Bil Lepp and his documentary series Man v History. Lepp’s strapline is that Abraham Lincoln said “History is not history unless it is the truth” and Lepp’s format is to interrogate knowledge beliefs with empirical facts to investigate whether widely accepted claims are true, a myth or something in-between.

    In this article I approach things in the same way as Lepp so that key knowledge beliefs about Charles Darwin can be similarly examined and the reality explained with facts rather than mere beliefs. The rule of science is that it should be driven by empirical raw facts, so let us examine these facts briefly. All are covered and referenced to their source in great detail in “Science Fraud”, which can be purchased by readers of this article for a special 25% discount direct from Curtis using the code Fraud2022

    1. Is it true that Darwin and/or Wallace originated the full theory of macroevolution by natural selection? 

    Answer = No! It’s a myth because Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, and many other top experts on evolution (such as Matthew himself, de Beer, Mayr and Dawkins) all agreed Matthew (1831) was first into print, decades before Darwin or Wallace with the full theory.

    2. Is it true that Matthew must have failed to influence Darwin and/or Wallace with his theory because no naturalists / no single person had read Matthew’s theory before he claimed his priority in a published letter of 1860?

    Answer = No! It’s a myth started as an empirical proven lie by Darwin in all editions of the Origin of Species from third edition onwards and parroted by the credulous and adoring scientific community ever since. In 1860 Matthew’s published letter informed Darwin directly that his book had been reviewed by the famous naturalist and biologist Loudon, reviewed in various periodicals and newspapers and was read by an esteemed professor who could not teach it nor write about it for fear of pillory punishment, it being heretical in the first half of the 19th century. Sutton’s research originally and uniquely identifies 30+ people who read and then cited Matthew’s 1831 book in published print before Darwin and Wallace replicated the original theory in it. This list includes Wallace’s admitted greatest influencer, Robert Chambers (who met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1858) and the editor of Wallace’s famous Sarawak paper – Selby. Loudon edited and published two of Blyth’s most influential papers, read by Darwin, and Darwin admitted Blyth was his most prolific correspondent on the topic of species and varieties.

    3. Is it true, what Darwin claimed in the Origin of Species and elsewhere, that Matthew was an obscure writer and that Matthew’s theory was only briefly given in the scattered pages of an appendix to an entirely irrelevant book on the topic?   

    Answer = No! It’s a myth. Again this myth was started as a published lie by Darwin. Firstly, if Matthew was an obscure writer then how is it that pre-1858 Matthew was cited in the Encyclopedia Britannica and and elsewhere in that publication his 1831 book enjoyed a prominent 1/2 page block advert and why is it that it is newly proven that before 1858 Darwin held in his own hands at least five publications that cited Matthew’s 1831 book. Darwin lied about Matthew’s theory being limited to an appendix because his own letter to Lyell on that topic said it would be splitting hairs to admit the truth (he knew, because Matthew had shown him in his published letter of reply to Darwin) was otherwise. Moreover, trees and plants are at the core of the theory of evolution by natural selection. Darwin was obsessed by trees and the private notebook of books he read proves it.

    4. Is it true that Darwin originated the term “process of natural selection”

    Answer = Something in between. Big Data research does reveal he was apparently first into print with that term. But it is a four word shuffle of Matthew’s 1831 original term of the very exact same meaning “natural process of selection”. And Chambers (who cited Matthew’s 1831 book before writing his own influential 1844 book on organic evolution) was apparently first to be second into print in 1859 with Matthew’s original four word term.

    5. Is it true that Darwin was the first to use artificial selection as an analogue of natural selection as an analogical explanation to explain the process of natural selection? 

    Answer = No! It’s a myth. Matthew was first to do that. He was then followed by Wallace who used it in his Sarawak paper. Darwin replicated Matthew’s explanatory analogy in his private essay of 1844 and to open Chapter One in the Origin of Species. In that private essay Darwin even replicated Matthew’s highly idiosyncratic analogy of difference between trees raised in nurseries versus trees growing wild in nature.

    6. Is it true that Darwin was a remarkably honest man and genius original thinker?

    Answer = No! It’s a myth, proven by each and every one of the empirical fact led five answers to the questions above. Darwin (and Wallace too) was a replicator of a prior published theory and all paths of those who read and cited Matthew’s book lead to Darwin and to Wallace and to their known and admitted influencers, friends and to their influencer’s influencers. Darwin, with assistance from Wallace, and others, facilitated and enabled by the bone-headed bias and credulity of the scientific community, committed the worlds greatest science fraud by plagiary and lies.

    New Big Data research has uncovered Darwin’s science fraud by plagiarism to reveal new evidence, to prove at least on the balance of reasonable probability, and surely beyond all reasonable doubt, that Charles Darwin (1858/59) and Alfred Wallace (1858) plagiarised the theory of evolution by natural selection from Patrick Matthew’s (1831) book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’.

    The Darwin original genius discoverer of the theory of evolution by natural selection myth is history but the currently widely accepted “history” about Darwin and Matthew is not true and so means it is not actually history at all. So what happens now the myth of Darwin has been blown to smithereens by newly unearthed raw empirical facts? I think that will depend on how much we care to have the truth visit us. And when we do meet that truth by knowing the facts what do we do about it. Not to act is to act. What will readers of this article do? Whose side are you on? The side of lies and unevidenced fake history or the side of scientifically verifiable fact-led truth?

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    The Royal Society has Deliberately Plagiarised Important Research!

    October 16th, 2020

    – Story by Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist and discoverer) –

    The world famous microscopist and influencer on science Brain J Ford reveals exactly how the very centre of the scientific establishment, the Royal Society, has plagiarised his major research findings.

    In a world of lethal fake news, surely plagiarism by leading scientific organisations is a most serious sub-type of academic misconduct.

    I highly recommend you watch this video, dear reader.

    If you care about the world having an accurate history of scientific discovery, that punishes rather than rewards sly glory thieves, please share this important video in any way you can.

    The Royal Society should surely now urgently investigate and address it’s own plagiarism of Brian J. Ford’s research.


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    Nonscience Returns by Brian J. Ford

    October 1st, 2020

    A Book Review by Mike Sutton

    Nonscience Returns by Brian J Ford

    I love this book. It is brilliant. I own a copy of the original book and now proudly own the second edition.

    Nonscience is essentially a book about what is wrong with our universities, the anti-science incurious money grubbing managerialists running them and many of the incurious and conformist so-called “experts” who work in them. Many examples are given of bad science presented as good. Ford’s myth busting in that regard is so toe curlingly excruciating at times that I had to put the book down. Sometimes to laugh, other times to curse and most times just to sit and think. Astoundingly shocking facts that I was unaware of just keep coming at you from out of the pages like rat-a-tat-tat machine gun fire over the deep trenches of previous credulity.

    Whatever impression this book review gives you hereafter I whole heartedly recommend you buy Nonscience and read it carefully on mythbusting and general veracity seeking grounds. Prepare to be shocked!

    There will be few spoilers in this review. I am not giving out the very best of Ford’s myth busting examples for free. But I will let slip just a few others as a taster.

    In a world that is increasingly polluted by fake news, serial lying politicians and incompetent science “experts” and historians of science, Nonscience (Ford pronounces it rather like nonchalance) is a concept after my own brain. It has essentially the same meaning as ‘dysology’, another word we surely need to add to our rationally sceptical lexicon if we are to stand any chance of not joining the zombie horde of credulous fake-fact believing celebrity TV “expert” presenters with their beaming beatific grins and their incuriously faithful fan base. And a few of these bubbly celebrity vacuous dullards come in for a righteous veracity shock in this excellent book. For example, the popular TV physicist Brian Cox is exposed for broadcasting total claptrap and Cox’s own science hero Charles Darwin quite rightfully has his Victorian trousers pulled down to expose serial lies about his shameless science fraud plagiarism of Patrick Matthew, the true originator of the theory of macroevolution by natural selection.

    The book is repetitive, but only in parts and only on rare occasions. In one case regarding the Amazon rainforest not being the “lungs of the planet” it only provides fully detailed accurate answers to inaccuracies noted in the claims of others on that idea much later in the book. But I have nothing against some delay and repetition in a book that wants its readers to remember the most important points. Who would complain too much about that other than a nit-picking incurious pedant or someone with a genuine photographic memory?

    What could better emphasise the importance of veracity regarding what goes on in our universities, science facts and the history of scientific discovery than finding and exposing publications that contain errors on such matters? What then of a book on that very topic that also contains a small number of errors? Should we mock it, dismiss it, tell everyone not to buy or read it, even though most of it is razor sharp, funny, and essential reading in the field? No, I do not think so. But I do think it is the painful and unfortunate duty of a fair and honest reviewer to admit errors exist and to point them out. To do anything else would be nonscience. Thereafter, it is the duty of the book’s author, in my opinion, to write a new addition in the not far distant future that admits to and then corrects those errors. What better full function for a great book on the problem of nonscience is that? Because at that stage the criticised book starts to become the solution to the problem outlined.  So here goes for my part:

    • Universities today do in fact train their lecturers to lecture, most insisting they undertake, in post, several teaching qualifications.
    • In many (but not all) universities today, tutorials are no longer characterised by small groups. In many greed-mongering universities they can – shockingly – each contain up to 70 students!
    • The claim that Spanish Flu originated in Spain has been debunked by many writers. Current “knowledge” has it that it originated either in China or the USA. And it was called ‘Spanish flu’ only because Spain was neutral in WW1 And, accordingly, had no propaganda machine to protect it from such claims.
    • Modern plagiarism detection software does now detect plagiarist substituting words with synonyms.
    • Ford’s science informed hard and certain reasoning that face coverings do not protect wearers and those around them from COVID 19 in the 2020 pandemic is at least open to deeper new evidence-led debate, because current research has it that the virus is spread mainly through coughed and otherwise exhaled infected water droplets, which masks to tend to trap.
    • Alfred Russel Wallace (once mistyped as Russel Wallace in Nonscience) never originated the full theory of evolution by natural selection. Patrick Matthew did that in 1831 and the book where he wrote it was even cited many times by Selby in 1842 – who then edited the very journal that published Wallace’s (1855) Sarawak paper on the theory Wallace in fact replicated and then claimed, as did Darwin, to have conceived independently.

    If you buy this excellent book and find other examples that you think need correction – or deeper consideration – then please write a review of it to let Ford know. I am sure he wants you to. If not, what on Earth would be the point of a book on ‘nonscience’? Here is a chance for all of us to tackle the serious problems of nonscience that Ford so brilliantly authors for our own good.

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    Darwin’s Racism by Leon Zitzer

    September 29th, 2020

    – A Book Review by Mike Sutton –

    I suspect this excellent book will not be read by the army of authoritarian credulous, independently DarwinsRacismBookverifiable fact denial, Darwin worshippers who exist in a blissful total state of denial about the data that proves Charles Darwin was a racist, whose works – read by Western colonisers and German WW2 Nazis – undoubtedly led to various holocausts.

    Zitzer provides direct quotations from Darwin’s letters and book “The Descent of Man” to absolutely prove Charles Darwin believed and promoted the idiotic pseudoscience that Black people have smaller brains and should to be classified as a sub-species of human. Moreover, the scientific establishment darling Darwin believed the plight of native peoples under the heel and rifle of Westerners was fully justified as a force of nature “natural selection” as opposed to earlier and contemporary writers of his time who explained such mass murder was not natural at all but a deliberate, unnecessary, unjust and ignorant disgrace. I particularly like Zitzer’s use of Lewis Caroll’s work to tellingly reveal just how insidious and wilfully ignorant Darwin’s influential work was in terms of allowing Western powers to neutralise their guilt and carry on killing.

    If only Zitzer had read the work of various author’s that prove Darwin and Wallace plagiarised the entire theory of evolution by natural selection from the 1831 book “On Naval Timber and Arboriculture” by Patrick Matthew. That book – which fitted what Matthew coined “the natural process of selection” (Darwin 1859 slyly four word shuffled Matthew’s original phrase to “process of natural selection”) into why naval timber was essential for colonial conquest and national superiority in war and trade – was followed by Matthew’s second book “Emigration Fields”, which took Matthew’s bombshell ideas forward to serve as a manual for colonialization of the so-called “New World”.

    Leon Zitzer would, I am sure, be interested to learn Matthew’s 1831 book was cited by Chambers and his orignal terms were first replicated in print by Chambers, Rafinesque and many more naturalists before Darwin and Wallace penned a word on the topic of natural selection.

    Thanks to Zitzer we are now seeing the true picture of what Darwin was.

    Charles Darwin served the 19th and 20th centuries as a White, bearded, fatherly science hero. In reality, he was an underhand, extremely harmful, ignorant, opportunist plagiarist, serial lying white supremacist racist of the highest order. Or should that be of the lowest order? I’m not sure what is the correct terminology in that regard.

    Darwin’s legions of fanatical worshippers will hate the facts of this review as much as they will hate the facts in the book that is reviewed here. Why? Because they wish others not to know that their nasty, lethal godhead is a supermyth constructed and maintained by an authoritarian establishment and credulous begging for crumbs toadies such as themselves.

    You can choose to be misled by the myth of Darwin. Alternatively, buy, read and then write your own review of this excellent book.

    If I have any criticisms of this book – as any review of any book should – it is the amount of untranslated German quotations that are in one chapter and the fact the author thought Darwin originated the theory of evolution by natural selection. But no book is perfect. This one should be read and it deserves to be reviewed and discussed extensively.

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    Top Scientists Cite Hard Evidence Charles Darwin Really was a Massive Plagiarist

    January 10th, 2020
    • This Article is by Mike Sutton (author of Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret) –

    Six years after the publication of Nullius in Verba, my book on Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s plagiarizing science fraudwhich took the scientific community by surprise with the results of revolutionary Internet Date detection (IDD) BigData analysis of the historic publication record, a growing number of scientists are admitting the painful truth of Darwin’s plagiarism of the entire theory of evolution by natural selection.  A web page of up-to date references of those writing to support the veracity of Darwin’s and Wallace’s guilt can be found on the Patrick Matthew website (here).

    By way of just one example, of the bombshell paradigm change in the history of science, Professor Trevor Palmer

    Scientist bravely admits to changing his mind regarding Charles Darwin's plagiarism

    Top Scientist Trevor Palmer bravely admits to changing his mind regarding Charles Darwin’s plagiarism

    writes in Perilous Planet Earth Revisited, Chronology and Catastrophism Review 2018:2 (pp. 3-19):

    Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution by natural selection to the general public in 1859, in The Origin of Species. Strongly influenced by Lyell’s geological uniformitarianism, Darwin envisaged evolution taking place in a gradual, even-paced fashion, in a relatively stable environment. However, in 1831, Patrick Matthew had proposed a theory of evolution, operating within a framework of catastrophic extinctions, with essentially the same mechanism as that presented by Darwin twenty-eight years later (PPE pp. 60-71). Did Darwin take his ideas from Matthew? In PPE, p. 64, I wrote, “Darwin was out of the country until 1836 so it is likely, as he subsequently maintained, that he remained unaware of Matthew’s ideas until they were pointed out to him in 1860”.

    However, Mike Sutton, a lecturer in criminology, has since carried out research which shows that several naturalists who were associates or correspondents of Darwin, including three known to have been influential in the development of his theory, had referred to Matthew’s ideas about evolution in published works, so it would seem unlikely they had not mentioned them to Darwin, particularly since Darwin’s celebrated phrase “the natural process of selection” bears a marked similarity to Matthew’s phrase, “the natural process of selection” [39].

    39. M. Sutton, Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s Greatest Secret, Vae Victus, 2017.”

    The Darwin ‘Lads’: Radical Charles Darwin Superfans Heap Shame on the Scientific Community

    Despite such growing support from top scholars, there is a small body of individuals, known in the scientific community as ‘The Lads’, who have sought desperately yet failed to re-bury the newly unearthed facts by way of academic misconduct,  serious harassment and malicious communications activity. I have published the disgraceful details of their behaviour on the Patrick Matthew Blog (here).



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    Easter Bunnie Found Collapsed

    April 1st, 2018

    Reports are coming in that the Easter Bunnie has not finished its business today.

    Mrs  Smithwick  of  Colchester Gardens, in the village of Bunny near Nottingham, England, found him panting in her living room at 3am.  Para veterinarians are now at the scene. We will keep you updated as more news comes in.



    The Bunnie is well over 100 years old according to etymological sources.

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    Charles Darwin’s Tangled Bank Job: Just More Evidence of his Science Fraud by Plagiary

    August 31st, 2017

    – By Mike Sutton –

    A recent review in the Guardian newspaper    of the historian A.N. Wilsonwilson’s book on Charles Darwin points out –  quite correctly – many of Wilson’s mistakes and his failure to understand what the process of natural selection is. The book review is written by Victorian history expert Kathryn Hughes. However, waxing lyrical in credulous regurgitation of the romance and lies about Darwin’s supposed good nature and original genius, she uses the cliched example of Darwin’s supposed observations of a tangled bank in nature as supposed evidence of his originality. Hughes writes:
    His most famous motif, the one that everyone remembers because it leaps off the page with such unforced joy, is that of the tangled bank. Based on his daily observations of a stretch of land near his home, Darwin describes a buzzing ecosystem that is home to plants, birds and insects “all dependent on each other”. Here, he implies, is a microcosm for how we too might imagine our lives.’
    But, once again, this is just another example of Darwin replicating Patrick Matthew’s (1831) original theory and its supporting examples, explanatory analogies of difference and terminology.
    I could add a wealth of examples of how many of Matthew’s prior-published ideas, original terminology, and confirmatory evidence were replicated by Darwin. Those examples are provided in my book “Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret   ” but – given the tangled bank example used in the Guardian review one should look at what the statistical geneticist Dr Mike Weale tells us about Professor Donald Forsdyke’s observations of Darwin’s tangled bank text and its similarities to an evidentiary example provided by Patrick Matthew almost three decades earlier. The text below is taken from the comments section of Weal’s website “The Patrick Matthew Project” and are addressed to me:
    “Mike, were you aware of the following interesting similarity between a famous passage of Darwin’s, and something that Matthew wrote in NTA? I thank Donald Forsdyke for pointing out the Matthew quote (see the end of his last video in his educational video series (   ).
    The Darwin quote, from the last paragraph of “On the Origin of Species”, is: “It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us.”
    The Matthew quote, from pp.229-30 of NTA, is: “Look at the broken mound, with its old picturesque trees and tangled bushes; there is the ancient root where the throstle had its nestlings, which are now at large on the leafy boughs, and are tuning their yet unformed notes to melody. Now every twig has raised its new column of foliage to the sun; and branch, and root, and stone, embellished all over in the richest variety of cryptogamic beauty, swarm of insect life.”
    The scene is used differently (to contemplate Nature’s laws by Darwin, to contrast beautiful Nature with boring manicured parks by Matthew), but the similarity of the picture is striking.”

    NOTE: NTA is an acronym for Matthew’s book ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture.’

    When will historians face the concrete fully evidenced truth and choose it over the romance and lies about Charles Darwin, which they have been hoodwinked to believe in?The most telling question is this: ‘Just how many supposed multiple coincidences of this kind are required in the story of Matthew and Darwin to convince scientists and historians that Darwin more likely than not plagiarised Matthew’s prior published discovery of evolution by natural selection, and in doing so committed the world’s greatest science fraud?’ My book is jam packed with them. Jam-packed with independently verifiable evidence of Darwin’s lies and Matthew’s influence on other naturalists known to Darwin and Wallace and his influence on their greatest influencers and their influencer’s influencers before either Darwin or Wallace penned a word on the topic of evolution. How can this be so? Because it is newly discovered those naturalists actually cited Matthew’s book and original ideas long before Darwin and Wallace replicated them. Andl Matthew’s work was cited by naturalists long before Darwin excused his and Wallace’s failure to cite Matthew by lying that no naturalist had read Matthew’s work. It was a lie because Matthew had twice prior informed Darwin that the exact opposite was true.

    Darwin, the patron saint of atheists in fact kept the notion of a supernatural being in several editions of his Origin of Species. Read the whole context of his “tangled bank” job from that book and you will see this fact:

    Now, by way of contrast, see how Matthew (1831) , the originator of the theory Darwin and Wallace stole, had the courage – years earlier – to commit heresy by mocking such an unscientific superstitious notion:

    As I fully reveal in my book Nullius , it was for such reason, as Matthew explained to Darwin in the pages of the Gardeners’ Chronicle of 1860, that his work was banned by libraries and renowned university academics feared to repeat his ideas for fear of pillory punishment. But you won’t read those facts in any ignorant Darwin bashing book penned by a born again creationist, nor in any penned by a credulous and biased, cherry-picking, Darwin worshipper.





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    August 17th, 2017

     By Mike Sutton –

    Bullshit kills? Really? “Nullius in Verba”  Show me the Evidence!

    Last week in London, I seriously offended my hosts by insisting that the pink beef burger they served my daughter from their BBQ was quite possibly not safe for her or anyone else to eat. The juicy fat and perfectly charred burger was made from the finest ground steak from their local trusted butcher, and so they insisted it was perfectly safe to eat. Safe, because it is safe to eat a rare steak. After a heated discussion (pun intended) they finally, grudgingly, accepted that I was right.

    I was right to tell them that not only are pink burgers unsafe (unless you first sear the outside of the steak before grinding it up), they are particularly unsafe for children and should never be served to them. Why is this a fact? Because the carcass of a slaughtered bull is often covered in its faeces, or that of other bulls (literally bullshit), and so it can get onto the meat. Bullshit contains E. coli, which is a lethal bacteria if ingested by humans.

    Pink burgers might be safe if the internal pink bit has reached 160 degrees throughout in the cooking process, but it’s very hard for anyone to prove to you that it has. For all you know they made a mistake or they are “bullshitting” in the philosophical sense described by Harry H. Frankfurt   . Where is the verifiable evidence, you need to ask.

    In my opinion, when it comes to beef burgers, it is logically, rationally, better to stick with the veraciously potential life-saving guidance of the Hospitality Association    on such things as pink beef.


    The Bullshit Burger Parable

    Later in the evening, my hosts turned the discussion to the difficulty I am having in getting the scientific and wider community to understand why it is important that we distinguish between truth and bullshit in the story of the discovery of evolution by natural selection.

    People read my book, ‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret    agree with the newly discovered bombshell evidence in it, but just can’t be bothered to spend so much as 5 minutes of their precious time to write a review on Amazon to help spread the truth. Why, because apparently “who cares about the truth of such matters?” I was further informed: “The trouble with you is that you care too much about the truth.”


    The newly discovered facts in my book are as unwelcome as the guest who questions the food hygiene of the dish served them by a beloved and proud host. And yet, the veracious information I gave them might save the from killing someone they love.

    Analogously, understanding the real, as opposed to mythical, process by which all ground-breaking scientific discoveries are made may in the future improve scientific knowledge about how to increase the rate of making new life-saving discoveries in science. If we don’t realise this we don’t realise the lesson of the Bullshit Burger Parable: namely, bullshit literally kills!

    I hope my hosts come to realise that the importance of knowing how to distinguish bullshit from truth has lifesaving consequences. I don’t think they will be serving their own or anyone else’s children pink burgers ever again. I hope not anyway.

    Do you have time to spread this important message to your fellow humans? Perhaps you don’t care enough about the truth? After all, as my extremely successful hosts told me: “Don’t you realise we are living in a post truth world?” They know that the big money in academia today, and other corporations (not their respective sources of income, by the way) is in selling palatable bullshit instead of unpalatable truth, just so long as it brings in money. And that is exactly what the Darwin deification industry does. It’s very profitable for universities that spread it. It’s very profitable for the publishers who publish it. And it’ very profitable for the authors and scientific associations that peddle it. Is money the “bottom” line (pun intended)?

    The author’s eight year old daughter understands the lifesaving difference between evidence and dangerous wishful thinking. Do you?

    PLEASE NOTE: Below you will see on the Daily Journalist article “Nullius in Burger” by Dr Mike Sutton an image of a comment put on this post by J. F. Derry. He is a deranged fantasist cyber stalker who usually pretends to be a member of the academic staff at Edinburgh University (but when asked by the head of the corporate legal department at Nottingham Trent University, following his rabid and insanely obsessive harassment of staff, Edinburgh University said he is not and never has been).  J.F. Derry’s deranged jealous stalking and demented criminal harassment activities have been archived here for anyone interested n the topic of cyber stalking and harassment.

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    Distinguished Professor of Psychology Backs Bombshell Discovery of Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s Plagiarising Science Fraud

    August 12th, 2017

    – by Mike Sutton –


    As the back cover reveals, the second edition, and first paperback of my book ‘Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret‘ is endorsed by the leading  psychologist Professor Mark Griffiths.

    The world’s leading experts (including Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace and Richard Dawkins) agree that Patrick Matthew, not Darwin or Wallace, originated the full theory of evolution by natural selection. However, Darwin convinced the world that neither he nor any other naturalist had read it before he and Wallace replicated it and claimed it as their own.

    This book reveals with original discoveries of independently verifiable facts that Darwin told several lies about the scientific readership of Mathew’s book. Those independently verifiable facts, revealed in this book, prove it. Darwin’s lies concealed what he had twice been told in writing about the pre-1858 readership of Patrick Matthew’s prior-published theory. This discovery of Darwin’s proven sly dishonesty is powerfully added to the original bombshell discovery of the “New Data” that several highly influential naturalists, who Darwin and Wallace knew, in fact did read and then cite Matthew’s (1831) book containing his original breakthrough before Darwin and Wallace (1858) and Darwin (1859) replicated it without citing Matthew.

    Nullius in Verba uncovers and explains the world’s most sensational case of plagiarising science fraud.

    The Latin phrase “Nullius in Verba” has been the motto of Britain’s famous Royal Society – one of the oldest learned societies in the world – since the 17th century. It means that we should not accept that something is true based solely on anyone’s word regardless of his or her authority or stature. Sutton has brought his considerable expertise in understanding what causes crimes of intellectual and property theft to the area of scientific discovery theft. In this book, I have unearthed compelling new evidence of the Royal Society’s egregious failure to faithfully follow its own oldest and most fundamental tenet resulting in the greatest scientific fraud in history. Just as new DNA analysis is changing traditional forensic science, I have pioneered the use of newly available “big data” analysis of the literature to expose science fraud.

    Contrary to what is said in an untold number of documentaries, books and scholarly works, the theory of macroevolution by natural selection was not independently discovered by Charles Darwin or by Alfred Wallace.

    This behind-the-scenes portrayal will be fascinating to anyone who loves a true-life detective story, where in this case, the victim was the truth.



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    Scots finally take stand against discovery theft by English plagiarist Charles Darwin

    May 11th, 2017

    Scotland Independence Referendum 2.0?

    The Darwinite dogs may bark but the train rolls on

    – Article by Mike Sutton –

    With National Heritage Lottery funding, the Scots are building a Patrick Matthew heritage trail in Scotland. Moreover, in September there will be a week of Patrick Matthew celebrations held in Perthshire, where the great man lived.

    Effectively, it is the facts about Patrick Matthew’s original discovery of macro evolution by natural selection that have received UK National Lottery Heritage funding: Latest news story on how his achievements are to be commemorated and celebrated can be read in the Scottish Courier Newspaper HERE


    To their shame, our institutions of science have not yet displayed the professional and scientific integrity required to admit the facts prove they were all wrong    about Matthew, Darwin and Wallace.


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    An Experiment On Impact

    November 26th, 2016

    Google Scholar’s Citation Index H-index score was mentioned with reverence dysologyat a recent meeting in a British University. The speaker was explaining how universities ranked the relevant importance of academics and the impact of their work. I was intrigued to hear the presenter refer to this measure as an important determinant.  The reason I was surprised is because he used one of my friends as an example of a top scholar with major impact according to the Google’s h-index.

    For reasons that will shortly become obvious, I won’t name the presenter, the university involved or the name of my friend. Suffice it to say my friend is a very well known professor and that his Google Citations H-index score is above 90.  If you are unfamiliar with the h-index that will be completely meaningless. For the benefit of those who don’t know about it Professor Andre Spicer explains:

    ‘To put it in a slightly more simple way – you give an H-index to someone on the basis of the number of papers (H) that have been cited at least H times. For instance, according to Google Scholar, I have an H-index of 28. This is because I have 28 papers that are cited at least 28 times by other research papers. What this means is that a scientist is rewarded for having a range of papers with good levels of citations rather than one or two outliers with very high citations.’

    According to the expert London School of Economics “Impact Blog” HERE, as can be seen by its tables below, on average, UK professors in the social sciences have an h-score of  4.97. Specifically, among UK professors of Sociology the average h-score is  3,67.

    My own h-score is 12, and so I’m happy to see I’m way above average as a Reader in Criminology and Sociology  HERE.

    So what?

    What concerns me about the h-score being used as a determinant of an individual’s success and academic impact is that it is totally vulnerable to manipulation by ambitious manipulative academics who are more concerned with playing the game of climbing the greasy pole of academia than actually making a genuine impact on knowledge anywhere. By way of example, my anonymous friend told me he has been playing this game for over three decades. In effect, he has been citing his own work within his other own work as many times as he can get away with it and with incredible regularity. Moreover he has been doing so in journals that are not even peer reviewed. That means that by far the majority of the citations that make up his hugely impressive h-score of over 90 are from his own citations of himself. That means his impressive impact is only impressive on himself with his own ideas, or the ideas of others he is recycling. Obviously his academic impact has also affected the brains of those who think his impressive h-score score means anything more than that.

    To prove how this works let’s conduct an experiment here on The Daily Journalist.

    As we have seen, my current h-score today (26th November 2016) is 12. But if you look at my citations page you can see that two more citations for my non-peer reviewed primary research paper: ‘ How Prolific Thieves Sell Stolen Goods: Describing, Understanding and Tackling the Local Markets in Mansfield and Nottingham. A Market Reduction Approach Study’  will mean it will then have been cited 13 times. Once that happens my h-score will go up to 13, because I will then have 13 publications, out of all my other publication, that have each been cited a minimum of 13 times.

    So to demonstrate with hard data exactly how easy and fast it is to corrupt any useful impact measure the h-index may have I am going to now cite that very minor and non-peer reviewed paper in two non-peer reviewed minor publications. First, I’m going to cite it here. OK here goes:

    Sutton, M. (2008) How Prolific Thieves Sell Stolen Goods: Describing, Understanding and Tackling the Local Markets in Mansfield and Nottingham. A Market Reduction Approach Study. Internet Journal of Criminology.

    Simultaneously, I am going to dual publish this post on Best Thinking Website and as a comment on the E-Skeptic Magazine. If, by conducting this experiment, I personally drive my own h-score up from 12 to 13  – which I am almost certain I will –  an update will follow within the next few weeks.

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    How useful is the concept of the smoking gun? What about lots of gun smoke alone?

    August 21st, 2016

    – by Mike Sutton –

    GunSmoke Evidence

    The term “smoking gun” is generally held to mean an item of of incontrovertible incriminating evidence. My 19th edition of Brewer’s Phrase and Fable (2012. p.1253) explains:

    ‘The phrase acquired a particularly apt association with the widely diverging views, before, during and after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 about whether Saddam Hussain still possessed WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Their discovery would have been hailed by the finders as a smoking gun.’

    At the time of writing, Wikipedia is once again wrong    in its etymology, this time to claim that the term ‘smoking gun’ derives from an 1893 Sherlock Holmes story.

    Anyway, better than mere ‘smoking gun’ incriminating evidence of Wikipedia’s mistake exists, because it is 100 per cent proven to have been used in published print at least as early as 1878 (Appleton’s Journal. p. 17   ):

    ‘Two men approached, the younger with a smoking gun:

    “So it’s you, is it?” said she as he came up.

    “It is I” said he with a smile.

    “Well I think you’ve got very little to do to go round shootin’ fleckers. This one in particular. I was just gettin’ used to him.”

    On Smoking Gun Evidence in the story of who really did read Patrick Matthew’s prior published origination of the hypothesis of natural selection.

    Darwin and Wallace (1858) and Darwin (1859) replicated Matthew’s (1831)    origination of macroevolution of natural selection. They failed to cite Matthew, and they claimed to have arrived at Matthew’s prior-published bombshell concept independently of Matthew. Darwin and Wallace excused themselves for doing so by claiming (as a proven lie in Darwin’s case) that Matthew’s ideas were unread by any naturalist / anyone at all before 1860. In reality, as opposed to the credulous zombie-hoard mynah birding of Darwin’s lies (e.g. de Beer 1962, Mayr, 1982   ), by Darwin’s acolytes, the Darwinists, Darwin’s and Wallace’s friends, associates, correspondents and facilitators and their influencers influencers, the naturalists Loudon, Chambers, Selby and Jameson all read and cited Matthew’s book pre 1858 (see Sutton 2014   ).

    So what constitutes ‘smoking-gun’ evidence in this case? I would propose that there are three areas where the usefulness of the phrase needs to be examined.

    1. Smoking gun evidence that Darwin or Wallace read the original ideas in Matthew’s (1831) book themselves or in some other way copied from it.
    2. Smoking gun evidence that, as opposed to the ‘no naturalists read it’ premise, that other naturalists did read Matthew’s orignal ideas pre-1858.
    3. Smoking gun evidence that Darwin lied in 1860, and in 1861 (and in every edition of the ‘Origin of Species’ thereafter) when he claimed that no naturalist / no one at all read Matthew’s orignal ideas before 1858.

    Smoking gun evidence

    The ‘New Data’ discovered in 2014 and first published in Nullius in Verba    provides better than mere smoking gun evidence for 2 and 3 above. We know other naturalists did read Matthew’s orignal ideas pre-1858, because they cited his 1831 book before that date and mentioned those original ideas. The 100 per cent proof of the matter exists in the print record of the 19th century published literature. And Darwin’s lies are proven because before he wrote them Matthew informed him in print in the Gardener’s Chronicle (1860), very clearly and forcefully, that at least two naturalists did read his ideas and that his book was banned by the public library of Perth in Scotland (see Sutton 2015    and also Sutton 2016   ). But, with regard to point 1, above, we have not discovered a letter to or from Darwin or Wallace, or a notebook or diary entry, anywhere, that indicates Darwin or Wallace read or were told about Matthew’s (1831) book before they replicated so much of Matthew’s orignal work. But the fact that much of Darwin’s and Wallace’s and the notebooks and correspondence of other 19th century naturalists is lost or destroyed means that absence of evidence in this regard cannot rationally be considered as evidence of absence it ever happened.

    However, what we do have with regard to point 1 is solid proof that some form of pre-1858 Matthewian knowledge contamination of the minds of Wallace and Darwin could have happened via Loudon, Selby, Chambers, Jameson and others newly discovered to have read and cited Matthew’s (1831) book pre-1858.

    And we know that knowledge contamination can take place in at least three main ways (seeSutton 2016   ):

    1. Innocent Knowledge Contamination: The spread of original ideas in a prior-publication via (a) subsequent published sources on the topic, which failed to cite the Originator as their source, or (b) word of mouth and/or correspondence to the replicator by those who read the Originator’s work or communicated with others who did — understood its importance in whole or simply in part — but failed to tell the replicator about its existence.
    2. Reckless or Negligent Knowledge Contamination: (a) The replicator reads the original publication, absorbs information such as original ideas and examples and terms, but forgets having read it — and never does remember. (b) The replicator reads the original publication and takes notes, but forgets the source of the notes. (c) The replicator is told about original ideas in a publication by someone — who understands their importance in whole or simply in part — who explains they come from a publication, but the replicator fails to ask the name of the author and title of the publication.
    3. Deliberate Knowledge Contamination (science fraud): The replicator reads the original publication, or is told about its contents, takes notes, or is given notes, remembers this, but pretends otherwise.

    Gunsmoke evidence

    From the solid evidence from the correspondence and publication record of the 19th century (see Sutton 2104    for the fully cited proof of the following facts) we know that academics talk and share sources and ideas. We know that editors insist on changes and insertions to text and we know that Loudon edited two of Blyth’s influential articles – which influenced Darwin and Wallace. We know that Loudon was a friend of Lindley (William Hooker’s best friend, who was the father of Darwin’s best friend Joseph Hooker) and a correspondent of William Hooker. And we know that William Hooker was Wallace’s mentor and correspondent from as early as 1848 and that they met before Hooker wrote a letter of introduction for Wallace in 1848 so that he could set off specimen collecting for cash – some of which came his way from Hooker. We know that Selby edited Wallace’s Sarawak paper, was a friend of Darwin’s father and Darwin’s good friend and most frequent correspondent Jenyns. We know that Selby was a close associate of William Hooker’s circle and we know that Chambers met and corresponded with Darwin pre-1858. Moreover, we know that Jameson was a regular correspondent of William Hooker pre-1858. All this, if not “smoking gun” evidence, is certainly evidence of multiple whiffs of gunsmoke; a type of evidence classed as “circumstantial evidence”. In the story of Darwin, Matthew and Wallace there is an awful lot if it – and much more than is covered in this blog post (see Sutton 2014) This circumstantial evidence, combined with more than smoking-gun proof of Darwin’s lies, and proof that the original ideas in Matthew’s (1831) book were cited by Darwin’s and Wallace’s influencers and their influencer’s influencers pre-1858, completely punctures the ‘no naturalists read Matthew’s orignal ideas pre-1858’ and the ‘honest Darwin’ myth’ – upon which is founded the old paradigm of Darwin’s and Wallace’s supposed dual independent conceptions of Matthew’s prior-published hypothesis.


    We do have two important items of better than smoking gun evidence of Matthew’s pre-1858 influence on Darwin’s and Wallace’s work on natural selection.

      1. We 100 per cent know that the orignal ideas in Matthew’s (1831) book were read by Darwin’s and Wallace’s influencers and their influencer’s influencers before Darwin and Wallace replicated them. This is better than ‘smoking gun’ evidence, because it absolutely disproves the ‘no naturalist read Matthew pre-1859’ premise that underpins the old Darwinite paradigm of Darwin’s and Wallace’s dual independent conceptions of Matthew’s prr-published hypothesis.
      2. We 100 per cent know Darwin lied when he claimed no naturalist /no one at all read Matthew’s prior-published ideas before he replicated them.This is also better than ‘smoking gun’ evidence, because it completely disproves the honest Darwin premise that also underpins the Darwinite paradigm of Darwin’s independent conception of Matthew’s prior-published hypothesis.
      3. Due to our rational understanding of the concept and typologies of of ‘knowledge contamination’ we have a lot of smoking gun, evidence that those who read Matthew’s (1831) orignal ideas had many opportunities to influence Darwin and Wallace and influence their influencers with Matthew’s original ideas may years before 1858. This represents “gun smoke evidence” that such knowledge contamination took place.
      4. We have no smoking gun evidence that Darwin and Wallace did copy Matthew’s orignal ideas or were knowledge contaminated by them pre-1858.

    From this four-point analysis, it can be argued that insistence upon smoking-gun evidence to substantiate claims of Darwin’s and Wallace’s probable Matthewian ‘knowledge contamination’ is based upon a misunderstanding of the better than mere smoking gun paradigm busting facts of the New Data in this story and of the gun-smoke significance of the multiple examples of newly discovered clear routes for Matthewian knowledge contamination of the pre-1858 minds of Darwin and Wallace.

    Please note: Wikipedia’s corrupt editors are not averse to altering its story-lines byplagiarising my orignal discoveries and passing them off as their own (as they did with my unique discovery of the origination of the term ‘moral panic’) – so their fallacious account of the origin of the term “smoking gun” will undoubtedly change at some point, but without citation to this blog post.

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    Precious Irony Discovered in Science Cranks

    August 13th, 2016

    Amazingly, the real cranks can be those - wedded to newly debunked beliefs -who first crank call those who discover paradigm changing new and independently verifiable paradigm changing data


    – By Mike Sutton –

    Interestingly, those who discover paradigm changing and independently verifiable new data are often portrayed by desperately biased scholars, with vested career and in-group establishment interests in the old but newly myth-punctured paradigm, as cranks. But, with painful irony, the real cranks are those who let their bias interfere with their critical reasoning.

    Dr Arlin Stoltzfus, referring to discussions between Dr Mike Weale and I on Weale’s BlogsiteThe Patrick Matthew Project    explains why Weale’s loyal ‘belief-based’ Darwinite bias cannot trump the fact-based uncomfortable – newly discovered – truth in the story of the history of discovery of natural selection.

    Stoltzfus, A. Friday, August 05, 2016 (Writing on the Sandwalk blog site)   .

    ‘Darwin, by repeating the idea that no naturalist read or noticed Matthew’s book, repeated a self-serving statement that he knew to be factually incorrect, because Matthew himself had pointed this out. These facts are not in dispute. Sutton describes these facts by saying it is “100% proved” that Darwin “lied”.

    In the cited web site, the case made by author Mike Weale is entirely based on quibbling about “lied” and “100 % proved”, while bending over backward to give His Holiness Charles Darwin the benefit of the doubt. According to Weale, when His Infallible Holiness Charles Darwin says that “nobody read it”, we must interpret this as the kind of harmless exaggeration that occurs every day– of course His Holiness must have known that the book would have been read by *someone*, so obviously he wasn’t intending to be taken literally (*). To accuse his holiness of “lying” would be to impute deception, which cannot be proved “100 %” because it requires an inference of motives (according to Weale).

    Thus, Weale’s case against Sutton rests on the same kind of scholarly double standard that we are now accustomed to seeing: (1) insisting on a literal interpretation of a rhetorically loaded version of Sutton’s argument, while Darwin gets off easy precisely because Weale *refuses to hold Darwin to a literal interpretation*, and (2) insisting that Sutton can’t rely on inferences or touch on the issue of intentions by invoking “lied”, while Weale is free to defend Darwin precisely by appeal to inferences about Darwin’s knowledge and motives (sentence above with *). ‘

    Read the New Data that has so upset the brains of the biased Darwinite community in my latest peer reviewed science journal article on the topic Here

    Alternatively, as proof of the simple concept explained in my paper, simply Google (using double speech quotes just as I do here) the term “on knowledge contamination”.

    The way forward

    Please do something (no matter how small) to support veracity in the war for veracity over claptrap in the story of the discovery of natural selection. Because Darwinites currently dominate the scientific community, but they are behaving like an authoritarian religious deification cult.

    Read the first four chapters for free

    Modern advanced societies will be harmed by having an inaccurate history of scientific discovery, disseminated through the propagandising machinations of palpably biased salaried academics and other powerful establishment in-group members. Only a crank could not see that.

    Follow me on Twitter


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    Now you too can change the course of history of scientific discovery

    August 7th, 2016

    By Mike Sutton.

    As soon as a rare and fortuitous opportunity come along, which needs to be capitalised upon to benefit from, we might make the mistake of believing it is nothing unusual and that if we fail to seize it another will soon follow. Whether it comes to the most intriguing dating opportunities, a great new career, or the chance to be part of something big, such big opportunities rarely come along twice for most of us. At least not in my experience.

    Here now is a significant once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Would you want to know you were one of those people in at the start of a major paradigm change in the history of scientific discovery? If so, then thanks to the internet you can be. You too can comment on an important discussion thread that might well be the turning point towards veracity and away from mythmongery, lies and mere unevidenced, wishful thinking, beliefs in the history of discovery of natural selection. Let me explain.

    The comments section of the “Sandwalk” Darwin deification blog , named after a path in Darwin’s garden at Downe House, at the village of Downe, near Bromley – and published by Professor Larry Moran of the the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto – contains arguments from scientists that might well mark the slow turning point needed for the scientific establishment to cease promoting 155 year old and more recent pseudo scholarly fact-denial, falsehoods, myths and lies in the history of discovery of natural selection.

    At last, as we can see in this particular comments section, a few scientists are admitting that the New Data, about the pri-1858 readership of Matthew’s 1831 original ideas is right and significant and actually exists – and they are now telling others to read my published peer-reviewed articles (e.g. Sutton 2016 ) on the topic and to stop ignorantly dismissing what they have not even looked at. Biologist Dr Arlin Stoltzfus , of the University of Maryland, Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research is one such scientist. He writes on the sandwalk blog (29th July 2016 ):

    Ed, to someone who has read parts of what Sutton has written, your reply looks very foolish. Contrary to what you state, Darwin does not “cite Matthew as a source” of his thinking. Instead, Darwin admits that Matthew preceded him, but then claims that no naturalists paid attention, and he indirectly blames Matthew for this (by putting his theory in the appendix of an obscure mis-titled book on naval arboriculture). That is, Darwin continues to take credit for what he calls “my theory”, and simply writes himself a set of excuses for not attributing Matthew as the source, e.g., by referring to it as “Matthew’s principle of selection.”

    Sutton gathers the evidence that Matthew’s book was not just read by naturalists, but (1) received multiple published reviews and (2) was cited by (3) naturalists in Darwin’s circle of acquaintances and influences. Loudon’s review actually mentions that Matthew’s book contained interesting ideas on the origin of species. To find out why naval arboriculture was so interesting to Brits, you’ll have to read Sutton, or just consider the basis of the British Empire in 1831.

    *Clearly*, Matthew has priority by ordinary scholarly standards, and clearly Darwin misrepresented the situation by spinning a yarn about Matthew’s obscurity. Sutton points out that Darwin’s followers have uncritically repeated that yarn for 150 years.

    The only remaining question is whether Darwin was actually influenced in some way, which might range from vague diffusion of ideas through a personal network, to stealing the ideas and trying to hide it.

    Sutton offers textual evidence that Darwin was influenced by Matthew, and points out personal connections that may have been a conduit for this influence. I have not spent much time reviewing this evidence, but it is based on similarities of phrasing. There is no smoking gun.

    However, now that Sutton has pulled back the curtain on this, it is no longer responsible in scholarly writing to assert that Darwin wasn’t influenced by Matthew, or even to assert that there is no evidence– there is circumstantial evidence, however weak. If you doubt the evidence then the appropriate way of saying it is “I’m not convinced by the evidence that Darwin was influenced by Matthew.”

    But again, this only addresses the issue of borrowing. The issue of priority is already settled, in favor of Matthew.’

    If you wish to see more details on this story for yourself – look at both sides of the argument – and choose which one to side with according to independently verifiable facts, instead of long parroted proven falsehoods, Click here and post your comment. You can then tell your grandchildren about it.

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    Mark Griffiths, A Leading Psychologist, Deems “Matthew Denial” an Untenable Position

    July 14th, 2016

    Darwin's Train

    – By Dr Mike Sutton – 

    Leading psychologist, professor Mark Griffith’s of Nottingham Trent University in England, weighs in on the hot topic of newly discovered data in the story of Charles Darwin’s (1858; 1859) replication of Patrick Matthew’s (1831) prior published hypothesis (see Sutton 2016).

    “Over the last few years, I have read over a dozen of Sutton’s online articles about Darwin and Matthew, and I was also one of the first people to read Sutton’s book before it was published. Sutton’s work is meticulous, rigorous, and fully referenced. Most of his critics have never read (or simply don’t want to read) his book. Instead they appear to take potshots at his research and reputation without bothering to read the original source.”

    On Griffiths’s blog – which has received over 4 million hits – the Sociologist Dr Andrew Wilson, of Nottingham Trent University supports Griffith’s conclusions:

    “Now the truth is out of the bag it is only a matter of time before enough of it seeps into the public domain to make Matthew denial look as absurd as any other attempt to protect a precious but untenable position.”

    Prof. Mark Griffiths

    Read the full story and comments:

    Selective memories: Charles Darwin, obsession, and Internet dating HERE

    Read Sutton’s (2016) latest peer reviewed science paper on the topic HERE

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    Possibly The Most Ironic Myth Ever

    May 17th, 2016


    – By Mike Sutton –

    Possibly the most #ironic    thing in the history of the world is also about iron. Just how ironic is that?


    Possibly the World's most ironic myth


    I am most delighted that the esteemed HealthWatch    organisation, which is an independent charity for science and integrity in medicine, invited me to write an article on the myth that was first bust here on BestThinking, and has since been read by over 50,000 people.

    My HealthWatch article can be read here (Sutton 2016)   .

    I am hoping now to spread the word further about the SPIDES supermyth, in the hope – and it is only hope – because we can only hope without further research into what works in nutritional attitude change that my attempts will not back-fire and make things worse – that the humour and the irony of it all will help people make informed nutritional choices about iron.


    The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Iron

    I wonder, Will Professor Steve Jones (FRS) now be “knowledge contaminated” about Supermyths   ?

    There has been a “state of denial” canny indifference amongst most of the World’s top Darwin scholars to the Supermyth busting “New Data” facts (e.g.Sutton 2016   ), which puncture the premise underpinning the old Darwinist paradigm of tri-independent discovery of Matthew’s prior-published original conception of macroevolution by natural selection.


    Nullius in Verba

    I wonder, now, will the leading Darwinist Professor Steve Jones    (FRS) be “knowledge contaminated” on the topic of Supermyths and Charles Darwin – given that he is a notable patron of HealthWatch, which introduces the supermyth concept in its quarterly newsletter (newsletter 101) this month and given that ,along with Dr Mike Weale, last year revealing – most unfortunately for the veracious history of scientific discovery – just how little he and Weale understood – or cared to share with the public – about 100 per cent proven prior-readership of Patrick Matthew’s original conception of macroevolution by natural selection by Darwin’s and Wallace’s associates, influencers and their influencer’s influencers and Darwin’s 100 per cent proven lies on that very topic (see Sutton 2014    for the Darwin and Wallace Immaculate Conception Supermyth bust).

    Interestingly, Dr Mike Weale – Professor Stephen Jones’s Radio 4 Patrick Matthew and Charles Darwin programme associate – is well aware of my work on supermyths. WhenWeale publically accused me on his website of creating my own supermyth on the story of Darwin, Wallace, and Matthew and the history of discovery of natural selection    I sent him a published challenge to debate the issue with me in any prestigious university setting of his choice, time and place, with as many supporters as he needed, before an academic audience and on camera. Despite several attempts to get him to change his mind, Weale refused on the stated grounds that he feared I would mock him and “sling mud” at him for the world to see. See my recent article on the de facto “MacDarwin Industry” regarding how Dr Mike Weale’s unevidenced accusation, and refusal to defend it in public, on camera, can be understood in context of wider pseudo scholarly Darwin scholar uncomfortable “New data” fact denial behaviour. Moreover, even Wikipedia editors are systematically deleting the facts of the published historical record on this topic and pretending to the public that they do not exist. See how I caught them in an online public encyclopedia fraud sting operation – here.


    (c) Darwin and WallaceAttribution

    Miracle Double Immaculate Conceptions of the Blessed Virgins Darwin and Wallace of Matthew’s prior published hypothesis of natural selection

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    Criminologist Calls For the FBI to Investgate Wikipedia

    May 4th, 2016

     – By Dr Mike Sutton (criminologist) –

    wikipusI am relieved to learn that my prior observations (see also Sutton 2016) that Wikipedia’s paid personal agenda editors are operating throughout the entire Wikipedia encyclopaedia to subvert the truth and bury annoying and uncomfortable dis-confirming facts for the “majority view” has been firmly confirmed by the research of other academics. Click here for an overview of my personal experiences with Wikipedia editors engaging in systematic fact deletion.

    Please view Sharyl Attkisson’s “Bombshell” Ted Talk on “Astroturf and manipulation of media messages”

     “But no matter how hard he tried, Wikipedia’s editors wouldn’t allow it. They kept reverting the edits back to the false information.”

                                                                                               Sharyl Attkisson 

    Wikipedia needs investigation by the FBI. Because its owners claim it is an objective encyclopaedia edited by the general public. On those grounds it seeks sponsorship via the public for donations to keep it going. In reality it is secretly earning money on a “fact deleting paid-to-lobby” basis.

    This corporate activity stinks to high heaven of corruption, fraud and organised crime. Wikipedia editors are gaining a pecuniary advantage by deception. I am prepared to testify!

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    Interestingly or not, As the Case May Be, Expert Darwin Advisor Resigns Following New Revelations of Darwin’s Proven Lies

    April 21st, 2016

    – By Mike Sutton –

    Darwin id proven to have lied about Matthew's influence on those who influenced him

    The peer reviewed article in question is here:   

    So for the history of science record, the known public facts of the matter are simply this

    The 100 per cent proven facts in my peer reviewed paper, are published in a Polish science journal Filozoficzne Aspekty Genezy, Philosophical Aspects of Origin. Moreover, the esteemed Darwinist Senior Lecturer on the history of science, Dr John van Wyhe, who has been a member of the Polish science journal’s expert advisory team since at least 2014, was on the journal’s academic expert advisory board before, at the time this paper was submitted, during its peer review process, and also immediately after it was published. Soon after publication, for some reason unknown to me, Dr van Wyhe resigned that position.

    In light of the “New Facts”, these are interesting times to be a Darwin scholar.

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    Is that Horse or Zebra Hooves I Hear Behind Me?

    April 12th, 2016

    – By Mike Sutton –

    On Sutton’s Law: First consider the obvious

    Sutton’s Law:

    “When diagnosing, one should first consider the obvious. Therefore, one should first conduct tests that could either confirm, or else dis-confirm, the most likely diagnosis.”


    Ironically, Sutton’s Law – coined around 1960 by the eminent physician William Dock    – comes from a fixed-false belief that the bank robber Willie Sutton explained why he robbed banks    because “That’s where the money is“. In reality, Willie said he robbed banks for the fun of it and the money was just “chips” (   ).

    Regardless of the ironically high and arguably always most obvious likelihood that the story behind it was bunkum, because no one at the time thought to confirm with Sutton the veracity of the story that is source of his mythical line, Sutton’s Law is still logically and practicably useful in many fields – such as clinical medicine, computer program debugging and mechanical problem diagnosis.

    I applied Sutton’s Law when studying Charles Darwin’s and Alfred Wallace’s (1858, 1859 and 1860) claims to have each discovered the complex theory of macroevolution by natural selection, and the original associated artificial versus natural selection explanatory analogy of differences, independently of one another and independently of Patrick Matthew’s (1831) prior publication.

    In considering the obvious, I was most certainly unable to disconfirm the high likelihood of some kind of significant pre-1858 Matthewian knowledge contamination of the brains of both Darwin and Wallace. In fact, my research confirmed the most obvious – with newly discovered hard facts – that Darwin’s and Wallace’s friends, influencers and facilitators, and their influencer’s influencers, read and cited Matthew’s book and the ideas in it before Darwin and Wallace replicated them. Consequently, it is far more likely than not, that this fact explains their replications of Matthew’s original ideas.

    You can read the latest peer reviewed evidence to support the conclusion that Darwin and Wallace did not discover natural selection independently of its originator: Here.   

    imageNullius in Verba

    The full details of my bombshell discovery are in my Thinker Media Book: Here


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