Exploring Lucrative Career Paths for Non-English Speakers in the United States

In a country where English proficiency often seems like a prerequisite for employment, individuals who don’t speak the language fluently might feel at a disadvantage. However, the United States offers a multitude of job opportunities that [...]

Opening a Restaurant: 5 Key Ingredients for Success

  You may have spent many years dreaming of opening a restaurant before you decided to take the plunge. While you will need capital to help kickstart your new business venture, many other factors could make or break your success. If you [...]

Is It Possible to Be a Responsible Gambler?

People have been gambling since the dawn of history. It’s safe to say that gambling is ingrained in human nature to some degree, whether it’s a business opportunity or on a Blackjack table in Las Vegas. While it’s impossible to remove [...]

How to Succeed: Picking a Winning Team

    Staffing problems can be a drain on company productivity. These problems can range from a lack of qualified employees to fill open positions to a mismatch between the position and the worker. In order to fix staffing problems, [...]

Why Mobile Gaming Will Boom Exponentially In 2020

  Having witnessed a continued growth since it came to the limelight, mobile gaming is set to make its greatest achievement in 2020, and this will allow it overtake the console and PC gaming sectors and take the center stage in the digital [...]

4 Tips on How to Spend Less in 2020

  People love spending a lot on anything that they want. Especially nowadays since the internet and technology are very useful to us, it’s very easy to transact and spend on whatever we want. Even with this known pandemic happening around [...]

Starting a small business – things to consider

  Beginning your own business is a bit like throwing all of your money into the air and hoping that even more money lands on the floor. This is, of course, an impossible task in and of itself, and would require more people standing with [...]

How to Change Classical Guitar Strings

The classical guitar is the ancestor of the modern acoustic or electric guitar. Modern classical guitars were designed in the nineteenth century, whereas the birth of the ancient classical guitar goes way before the sixteenth century. The conventional [...]

Here’s How to Actually Start Saving More in 2020

    Saving money isn’t always easy. Although we often start out with good intentions, our desire to save is often overridden by unexpected expenses, and a quest for convenience. When’s the last time that you decided that [...]

3 Hobbies That Could Help Improve Your Finances

  Leisure time is often seen as a luxury for working adults as it’s a chance to take a break from work and indulge in something enjoyable. While everyone uses their time differently, some choose to engage in fun hobbies. The good thing [...]
Romania, the ally of the United States facing new international challenges and threats

Romania, the ally of the United States facing new international challenges and threats

The Deveselu shield has been for a long time the target of belicose statements coming from the East. But no one knew in 2013 that Iran could be the next strategic attack target for the USA’s political and military leadership. It is all [...]
Global Security Strategies In The 21st Century

Global Security Strategies In The 21st Century

The education of members of public information services, secret spy services, and very experienced officers is set to accomplish very important tasks in creating wars from a distance at zero costs; we can distinguish between 4 war generations, [...]
Operation "Storm Shadow": Iran vs USA and England

Operation “Storm Shadow”: Iran vs USA and England

The Third World War Starts In The USA And Will Enter History As The Steel And Aluminum War

The Third World War Starts In The USA And Will Enter History As The Steel And Aluminum War

The recent taxes on steel and aluminum imposed by the USA on the European Union and China have huge geopolitical and economic stakes. Practically, these measures are part of Washington’s new strategy concerning economic or commercial warfare. The [...]

The Rise and Fall of ISIS: Regional Dynamics and Global Ambitions

Is it the end of DAESH (ISIS)? It is difficult to see how the group could return after the recapturing of Raqqa and Mosul, but the quick rise and apparent fall of ISIS has plagued the region with horrific crimes and mass destruction while planting [...]
About Security Culture

About Security Culture

  By Sebastian Sarbu. Abstract: Security culture focuses on a broader scope: the ideas, customs and social behaviours, values of a group that influences the group and also society security at large level. Must to know the cyber risk, geopolitical [...]
EU’s New Security Doctrine: Urges & Motives?

EU’s New Security Doctrine: Urges & Motives?

  By Syed Qamar Rizvi.   The international order is under the flux of vicissitude and reformation vis-à-vis old security paradigm versus new. The EU has moved a step closer towards having a joint military force by signing an agreement [...]
GDPR Clock Is Ticking For The US Companies As Well

GDPR Clock Is Ticking For The US Companies As Well

  By Jasna Cosabic.   TOP 7 TIPS TO GET READY General Data Protection Regulation is about to be applicable as from 25 May 2018. Its long-arm teritorrial reach brings obligations not only to EU establishements, but to US based companies [...]

Trump’s National Security Strategy: A Neo- Cold War?

  By Syed Qamar Rizvi.     President Trump presented a blueprint for the country’s national security, a four pillar national security doctrine that warns of a treacherous world in which the United States faces rising threats [...]
Neoliberal Totalitarianism and the Social Contract

Neoliberal Totalitarianism and the Social Contract

  By Jon Kofas.   Abstract Analyzing aspects of the rightwing populist tide arising largely in reaction to the pluralistic-diversity model of neoliberalism, this essay examines the evolving social contract that normalizes systemic [...]