Media Scoundrels for Hillary

By Stephen Lendman.


Never before in US history was media coverage so outrageously biased for one presidential candidate over the other. It’s so bad, it’s surreal, character assassination posing as journalism.

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell calls it a “terrifying crisis in democracy” – promoting Hillary while relentlessly bashing Trump, inventing reasons to smear him.

He was right earlier saying he’s running more “against the crooked media” than “against crooked Hillary Clinton.”

They’re protecting her, suppressing her deplorable record, her racketeering, her fealty to Wall Street, war-profiteers, Big Pharma and Monsanto, her threat to world peace.

In contrast, accusations against Trump are outrageous. Favoring better relations with Russia got former acting CIA director Michael Morell to call him an “unwitting (Putin) agent.”

Other propaganda suggests he’s a Manchurian candidate for Putin. He’s compared to Hitler. A late July Washington Post editorial called him “a unique threat to American democracy.”

In its latest edition, WaPo compared what it called Hillary’s careful preparation for upcoming presidential debates to Trump’s “WrestleMania.”

So-called “debates,” like US elections, are farcical when held – independent candidates excluded, the format each time pre-scripted, letting Republican and Democrat presidential aspirants rant instead of holding their feet to the fire with important questions on major issues and demanding answers, not evasions.

New York Times editors bash Trump relentlessly, one of many examples from an earlier editorial saying “Republicans seem to be reeling, unable or unwilling to comprehend that a shady, bombastic liar is hardening the image of their party as a symbol of intolerance and division.”

It’s latest edition accused him of being biased against Blacks while ignoring Hillary once saying “(a)ll Black youths are super-predators.”

He’s against jobs destroying TPP. Hillary earlier called it “the gold standard in trade agreements.” Neither candidate is the type leader Americans deserve, both deplorable figures.

Hillary is by far the worst, the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history.

Her administration likely means a policy agenda across the board, surpassing the high crimes of previous ones – especially her rage for endless wars on humanity with no reluctance to use nuclear weapons based on her earlier comments.

Supporting her risks the worst of all possible world’s to come – maybe its end in a mushroom-shaped cloud.

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