Europe and the Eastern Soul

By Juan Manuel De Prada.


I am reading these days “Europe and the Eastern Soul”, a book from a completely forgotten author, Walter Schubart (1897-1942) that I strongly recommend, as it will help to better understand the Russian soul as its conflict with the West.

Walter Schubart’s biography is really an example of tragedy: German and strongly pro-Russian, left Nazi Germany to become a University professor in Riga where he became somewhat famous in the 30s as cultural and religious philosopher.

When the Soviet Union took over Latvia in 1940, Schubart tried to flee the country with his wife Vera, a Jewish Latvian, but they were detained and deported to a concentration camp in Kazakhstan where both died.

“Europe and the Eastern Soul” can be understood along Max Spengler’s famous “The Decline of the West”. It shares its understanding of cultures as biological entities that after reaching their high point go into decadence until disappearing.

Like Spengler –and many other intellectuals of the time, like our Unamuno –, Schubart thinks that the Western civilization is dying; and its key product, “the Promethean man” (the human that taking scientific progress as excuse, is proudly correcting and destroying Creation ever since the Protestant Reformation) will be replaced by the “Messianic man”, called to restore the superior and Divine order; furthermore that this “Messianic man” will be Slavic and more precisely Russian.

Schubart’s book contains controversial ethnic concepts and Pantheists visions (proper from the 30s); nevertheless, it contains segments with extraordinary and even scary prophetic visions (extraordinary is the chapter that compares the Spanish and Russian people and defines them as “brothers in spirit”; but of course he was talking about Spanish people with their true Nature still intact).

 Most important, we must consider that Schubart wrote this when Russia was still dominated by Communism, something that he considered a degeneration of the Russian religious spirit that moves itself towards spiritual brotherhood. Schubart (with the prophetic vision of an eagle) tries to understand Europe from the Russian viewpoint and the hate and love relationship that Russians and Western Europeans have had thru history.

“The West –writes Schubart– gave humanity the most famous forms of technique, government organization and communications; but took away its soul. It is Russia’s mission to return it. Russia has the spiritual forces that Europe lost or destroyed. Russia is part of Asia but at the same time it is member of the Christian world; that is the uniqueness of Russia’s historic mission. Only Russia meets the requirements needed to once again inject a Soul to a generation rotten with the obsession of power and atrophied with Positivism. (…) It might sound like an aggressive statement, but I must do it with total conviction: Russia is the only country that can redeem Europe”

Eighty years afterwards, defending Russia once again creates a misunderstanding just like when Schubart did it. The “Promethean man” (the New World Order) hates Russia with all their strength but tries to conceal it with hatred towards Putin; and tries to destroy Russia economically, create clumsy brain washing propaganda campaigns, and false flags operations with the unique stinky smell of the CIA behind it. But that will not change anything: Russia will, soon or later, come to redeem Europe; I only wish that when it does it, it is not angry.

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