Employment Law: Why It’s Important To Know Before Starting Work


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Working can become your life-long journey to find your “calling,” or maybe your work right now is your “calling” and you love every minute of it. Work, by nature, can be very challenging and very fun at the same time. As such, it’s not exactly easy to just “find work” and excel in what you do, even if you get adequate training for it. If you do plan on starting work, or transitioning to a new job, it’s important to have a general idea on how employment law works. This is the general set of laws, rules, and regulations that you should be aware of as they outline the kinds of rights and obligations you have as a worker.

As such, reviewing employment law before starting work can be one of the potentially most relevant things you can count on. This helps you become more aware of your rights and obligations and things you should achieve and avoid in order to become the best worker you could be. You should also research on the average salary in singapore for the jobs that you are thinking of pursuing; this ensures that you do not request for a salary below what you deserve. 

Reviewing Employment Law Before Your First Day On The Job

According to Study.com, employment law is the field of law that deals with how employers and employees are related to one another. As such, if the business has more than a single employee, then the business should be using some form of employment law. However, there are many federal and state laws that include a lot of topics with the common objective of making sure the rights of all employees are protected properly. In a general sense, these laws try to:


  • Prevent discrimination in the workplace, regardless of the type. There are laws that reinforce that discrimination shouldn’t be allowed based on things such as gender, sex, race, religion, age, or even social status. If you need assistance in this matter, this site has can be of assistance.
  • Promotion of safety and health in the workplace, which means employers have the responsibility of making sure they provide a safe working environment to their employees. This also involves providing them with the tools to be able to perform their duties with adequate protective measures.
  • Establish the kind of economic support needed by employees. This means employees should be receiving adequate support, and that their salary should be capable of supporting them. This may include support in the times of accidents or vehicular accidents, of which this site can be of assistance.
  • Prevent disruptive work especially when disputes happen. This also means adequate setups should be in place to make sure dialogues on these matters are properly resolved and tackled.


Make Sure Employment Law Is Recognized

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There are a lot of things that employment law covers, and they range from a wide variety of factors that can benefit the employees while they serve their company. These include benefits such as minimum wage, social security, immigration, and proper foreign relations.

  • These include compensation in terms of injuries and other forms of services the company may owe the employee. Likewise, this also includes making sure adequate health and safety measures are there to ensure employees have the right kind of training and tools needed for the work they need to do.
  • These also include protection against employee discrimination and wrongful termination. The company should have policies that protect employees from being discriminated upon as well as guidelines in place to prevent termination that is unfounded.


Knowledge is Important, Combining Knowledge is Vital

While you may have already learned a few handy tips above as to just how important having a basic understanding of Employment Law is, perhaps it’s most important to know how to apply the law as well. Having an understanding of Employment Law can greatly help you assess whether or not conditions you currently have in your workplace are following these regulations. It’s important to make comparisons and take notes, as this can greatly make an impact with the way things are expected from you, and how you’re supposed to fulfill your obligations.


  • If you have any things you need to clarify in terms of Employment Law, do make sure to consult your legal counsel. They are the ones trained to explain aspects of Employment Law that can have an impact on the kind of work you do.
  • In the same token, make sure your guides and manuals are thorough and clear. If not, do try to consult the person who created the guides and ask for clarification. It’s important to note that if there are any unclear things that can affect your performance, do make sure to ask them about it.
  • If there’s anything in your policies that could potentially harm you or affect your rights and obligations as an employee as per the Employment Law, do seek the advice of your legal counsel before making any move that could affect your employment.


Employment Law is not walk in the park to understand, but it’s important to have a good idea on what it is and how it works in order to make sure all your bases are covered before you get employed by a company or a person. This allows you to be aware of your rights and obligations, and hopefully will help you perform better as an employee. Do try to review employee law alongside your company’s handbook with an attorney or legal professional to fully understand how one relates to the other.


Disclaimer: Please remember that this article isn’t actual legal advice. It’s advised you speak with a lawyer in order to learn about the specifics of employment law and how it protect your rights as a worker.

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