The Shocking Side Of Car Accidents and The Reason Why They Occur So Often



Car accidents are things that happen unexpectedly, and stopping them in their entirety isn’t easy as there are a lot of factors involved. As such traffic laws tend to be strict, and a lot of consideration is made when making sure pedestrians, passengers, and drivers are well aware of their responsibilities when on the road. However, there is a shocking side of car accidents, and there is a reason why they occur so often. Understanding this can hopefully provide insight as to how and why you should take the road more seriously, regardless of how you interact with it.

Remember however that it’s still important for you to understand how traffic laws affect you and the people around you. Perhaps it’s also a good move to consult the help of a lawyer or a legal professional in understanding these issues so you can have a good idea on how to tackle them.

According to Nolo, the United States Census Bureau’s data reported over 11 million accidents related to vehicles in the U.S. in 2009. This is the largest number in the country’s history, and this might be growing especially with the advent of modern technological methods and tools that are being utilized to “assist” drivers. When it comes to what causes car accidents, however, they normally have two categories. The first category is called driver error, or error on part of the ones driving the vehicle. The second category is related to everything else entirely.

Common Cause: Driver Error

When “driver error” is mentioned, it’s actually composed of a wide variety of driving behaviors that can lead to different kinds of car accidents. When it comes to driver error, “distracted driving” has often been the leading cause of such an accident. This is because a lot of the decision making processes that are being made by drivers are made under the notion that multitasking can be done with cars as well.


  • According to the same Nolo article, the brain is not actually doing multitasking but rather “micro tasking.” It’s quickly switching back and forth and competing for relevant attention. Unfortunately, the brain cannot handle this much pressure, and the brain selects only what it feels as the most relevant information to be used.
  • Unfortunately, when the brain misses a relevant point that is suddenly the one a person needs in order to avoid an accident, they might be in danger. The likelihood of being able to avoid a traffic hazard depends on if a person sees the hazard and can do something to avoid it. “Properly avoiding” it means being able to perceive and react at the same time. If the brain is doing other things and it doesn’t have enough time to make the right move, the driver may end up in trouble.
  • This means a lot of decisions drivers make are actually leading to accidents. Another perspective is alcohol use and drunk driving. Driving under influence and driving while intoxicated actually results in poor decision making, poor vision, and decreased reactions. When a driver is intoxicated, they are prone to miss stop signs and traffic signals.

Common Cause: Non Driver Error

There are other non driver related things that can actually cause car accidents. For instance, the roadway conditions and the environment where the car is being driven can hold a lot of factors when it comes to causing car accidents. Is the road properly maintained or not? Is there a building being constructed that isn’t safely managed? Is there debris that hasn’t been removed and is poorly lit by warning signs?

Blur car

  • The same principles applies when it comes to weather. Snow and rain can make roads very slippery, and can endanger drivers who don’t know how to navigate them.
  • The performance of car can also be a factor when it comes to accidents. The brake system, when not maintained, can dampen the ability of drivers to stop in time even if they have reacted properly.

Understanding these factors can give you insight in order to better comprehend the various intricacies involving car accidents. When you consult with a lawyer about these considerations, you might have a better idea on how to look at accidents from different perspectives. For instance, this site can be of assistance when tackling pedestrian accidents.


Car accidents aren’t natural disasters but are events with circumstances that are oddly enough very controllable by human elements. This means a lot of car accidents tend to be some form of negligence on the part of passengers, drivers, or pedestrians on the road. Of course, this isn’t to say that the occurrence of car accidents is entirely a result of human fault, as sometimes there are indeed outside variables that affect our overall safety. Understanding how these variables play out in the above could hopefully give you a decent heads up on how to protect yourself and people around you from accidents in the future.


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