“just Ignorant and Uninformed”

Not sure about you, but I am sleeping great again, relaxed and relieved. I had been fretting that our President was a racist. Why else would the leader of the greatest immigrant country during a bipartisan meeting in the White House repeatedly slur the African continent and beyond as being “S**thole Countries?” It was so reassuring to learn from the folks closest to the President, the folks that know, the folks that tell us to trust this great man, this stable and genius guy, that fact, President Trump may “speak like a racist, he may conjure up those fears, but, President Trump is just racially ignorant and racially uninformed.” What a relief, I was convinced he was a racist and not just speaking like one. I should have realized that such a smart man would know how to separate the DNA thoughts he has that cause his DNA feelings expressed from his DNA actions. Must be simply more “locker room” talk, or maybe just a guy who feels superior to everyone else. No specific racist racial profiling under these conditions?
I trust Dr. Ben Carson, don’t you? America got to witness how fast, clear, smart and dazzling Carson’s linguistic skills were when on display during the Republican primary season. When he spoke, he did not put us to sleep, remember, because we were laughing too hard at his absurdities. Ben was first to support Donald’s presidential campaign and was rewarded with his appointment as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Following Trump’s confusing comments about “s**thole countries” Mr. Carson gave personal testimony that Trump “has always been respectful, welcoming, and inclusive in group settings.”

The skeptic reading this is probably thinking, “huh, can’t a racist, be both, especially a rich guy, now President, playing people but always expecting the terms to be in his favor at his control!” I suppose. You could argue racists do demand supremacy, but is a person such as Trump, who has been, and is, in a supremacy position, automatically a racist, or just someone with expectations of other’s servitude and subordination and needing them to “take a knee” before his “Supremacy?”

Consider another post “s**thole countries” comment voiced as African-America support for Trump, from Issac Newton Farris Jr., Dr. Martin Luther King’s nephew, when he said, “Mr. Trump’s comments were just another example of him speaking without knowing the facts.” That’s good not-racist news too, leaves room for growth, Trump is only 71 years old, a billionaire business mogul with worldwide connections and current President, with a very long record of fact-free-less-ness. I can sleep at night anticipating how much more amazing Trump will be when he has facts. I hope that comes fast, sooner, rather than by his 79th, or a nuclear launch.

I do like the simplistic manner in which Donald Trump classifies, now that it has been clarified as not racist by ‘authorities,” and see how reassuring it can be. His way is so predetermined, yes, that is kind of like prejudiced, but yet laser quick, he sees, and boom, knows what he needs to know, it minimizes confusion and makes it easier to measure his response to people, leaves more time to govern. It is a stable genius sort of filing system, just like the Dewey Decimal library filing system. One knows exactly where to look. All like-colored get grouped accordingly. Just go to the right box, find the card, find what you seek, exactly in place.

In this system,Trump doesn’t discriminate in the “traditional racist sense,” everyone has a place, a job if you will. You see, he believes in full-employment, that’s good and admirable for a President to want, right? Jews handle money, people of color work for the benefit of white people, immigrants from “Normay” and the more blue-eyed-blond hair aligned are better educated and more qualified to assimilate, get placed in “white-America” card catalogue. And so it goes, If German, stronger and best built, if Russian, well, the best source of “too-hard-to-follow-the-cash” and under-the-table tipping-the-scales to avoid over-burdensome documentation and regulations. All is transparent, fixed, reliable, predictable, and frees our supreme being, Mr. President Donald J. Trump from uncomfortable confusion, and allows for more time to govern, and maybe more necessary stress reduction time on the golf Course.

Now you know why I am sleeping better, and I sincerely hope the same for you, everyone, regardless of your catalogue box in Trumpistan’s Trumpian classification system. Trump is not a racist, he is just uninformed and ignorant. However, do give immediacy to the Reverend Jessie Jackson’s take on Trump that he offered us in our post racist “s**thole countries” comment society, “a misinformed man with power is a weapon of mass destruction.” S**T, Country! Get a perspective! At least he isn’t racist!

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