Jaime Ortega Simo.

President, founder and writer for  The Daily Journalist

former reporter for The Lantern

Two time Intern and translator/ Ex-Editor in Chief for Mondokio International News

Government researcher in D.C.

B.A.  in Journalism at Ohio State University

Award Winner Ohio State

Have a passion for investigative journalism and my work shows what I do best

“Knowledge is greater than intelligence”

All inquiries:



Enoch Ortega Simo. 

Enoch is the upload editor for The Daily Journalist

and responsible for media content.

Content inquiries and media related issues:



Mabel Castellar.

She is responsible for graphic and communication design.  

Mabel is a Colombian graphic designer who migrated to the United States in 2006.

She also has an Associate degree in Fashion Design

and attends Columbus College of Art and Design, where she pursues a Bachelor in Fashion Design.

She has been awarded the Rotary Phoenix 2015 Scholarship,

and the Trustees’ and the Portfolio CCAD 2016 scholarships.

Mabel resides in the city of Columbus, Ohio

and works as a freelance graphic designer.

She enjoys traveling, meeting new people,

and spending time with her daughter Maybelline.