Iran on Trump’s Target List?

By Stephen Lendman.


Trump directed a White House team to examine ways of withholding certification of the Iran nuclear deal when the administration’s next 90-day review is due to Congress.

National Security Council officials, along with chief White House strategist Steve Bannon and deputy Trump assistant Sebastian Gorka, are involved in reviewing the deal, directed by Trump to find a way to decertify Iran.

Tillerson, McMaster and Joint Chiefs Chairman Dunford oppose the idea. So do other P5+1 countries. If America unilaterally pulls out, the deal remains in force. It’s an international treaty.

Israel and AIPAC support decertification. So does neocon US UN envoy Haley – outrageously saying Iran shouldn’t be allowed “to use the nuclear deal to hold the world hostage.”

It shouldn’t “become too big to fail. “Iran, under no circumstances, can ever be allowed to have nuclear weapons” – it abhors, doesn’t want and supports a nuclear-free Middle East.

Haley’s remarks followed Iranian President Rouhani saying the Trump administration “should know that the failed experience of threats and sanctions forced their predecessors to come to the negotiating table.”

“If they prefer to return to those times, Iran will definitely return to a situation much more advanced than the start of the (nuclear) negotiations, not within months and weeks, but in a matter of hours and days.”

“Those who seek to go back to the language of threats and sanctions are captives of their past self-made delusions. They merely deprive themselves of the benefits of peace by creating antagonism and phobia.”

“(T)he world has clearly witnessed that it is the US, particularly under the presidency of Mr. Trump, which is ignoring this international agreement.”

The nuclear deal is a “model for peace.” It’s “not and will not be the only option for” Iran.

Rouhani commented after Trump lied, irresponsibly accusing Tehran of not “living up to the spirit (of the) horrible agreement.”

In late July, Trump said he expects “detailed studies” to show Iranian noncompliance – only if conclusions are fabricated, apparently what’s coming in the weeks ahead.

Tehran is in full compliance with Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) terms – certified multiple times by the IAEA.

Iranian sovereign independence, its opposition to US imperial wars, its support for Palestinian rights, along with its existence standing in the way of Israeli regional dominance partnered with Washington and Big Oil wanting control of its vast hydrocarbon resources are reasons for longstanding US hostility toward the country.

Regime change remains America’s objective by color revolution or naked aggression.

Does Trump have more US aggression in mind – along with belligerent threats against North Korea and Venezuela?

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