Human Organ Transplant Pioneer Despised Darwin’s Dishonesty


Jim Dempster

Jim Dempster

– By Mike Sutton –
Dempster (1985) reasoned with a multitude of his own evidence that Patrick Matthew should be hailed as the true discoverer of natural selection, simply because he most certainly did more than merely enunciate it, he worked it out and published it in detail as a complex and fully comprehensive law of nature. Moreover, Matthew got it right and Darwin wrong when it came to comprehending the impact of geological disasters on species extinction and emergence. Yet, from the third edition of the Origin onwards, Darwin (1861), a follower of Lyell’s erroneous uniformitarianism, jumped at the chance to denigrate Matthew by slyly inferring that he was a (then to be fashionably ridiculed) catastrophist. The following is from Darwin’s 1861 Third Edition of the Origin of Species (p. xv):
The differences of Mr. Matthew’s view from mine are not of much importance: he seems to consider that the world was nearly depopulated at successive periods, and then re stocked; and he gives, as an alternative, that new forms may be generated “without the presence of any mould or germ of former aggregates,” I am not sure that I understand some passages; but it seems that he attributes much influence to the direct action of the conditions of life. He clearly saw however the full force of the principle of natural selection.’
Dempster (1996) made this part of Darwin’s cleverly subtle muck slinging injustice abundantly clear, but if you can find a Darwinist, or any other biologist, admitting as much and citing Dempster then you’ve found one more than I have. In effect, Darwin was signifying Matthew as among all the outdated believers in the miracle of Noah’s Ark! And yet Matthew believed in no such thing. Matthew simply explained natural selection in terms of what is today called ‘Punctuated Equilibrium’ – which is, then, essentially Matthew’s discovery. Punctuated Equilibrium is accepted science today. However, Dempster (1995; 2005) noted that its Darwinist purveyors sought to keep the originator of that theory buried in footnote oblivion. Rampino (2011) explains some of the detail.
Dempster wrote that there is no need to accuse Darwin of plagiarising the work of Patrick Matthew because it is already well established that he acted badly in not citing his influencers in the first edition and other editions of the Origin of Species (Dempster, 1983 p. 64):
‘Patrick Matthew and Robert Chambers carried out their great tasks single- handed. Without the help on the one hand of his great wealth and on the other of Hooker, Lyell, Lubbock, Blyth, Wallace and many others, it is doubtful whether Darwin, single-handed, could have avoided making a botch of his theory or even whether he could have, had the Origin published. Even so, in spite of all the outside help, he retreated more and more towards Lamarckism.
There is no need to charge Darwin with plagiarism. His scholarship and integrity were at fault in not providing all his references in the Origin: he had after 1859 another twenty years in which to do so. What one can say is that denigration of Patrick Matthew was unwarrantable and inexcusable.’

Darwinist muck-slinging began after Darwin capitulated to Matthew in the Gardener’s Chronicle of 1860

The image below was kindly sent to me by Jim Dempster’s daughter Soula Dempster. The red handwriting is her father’s. He annotated a copy of the historical sketch in Darwin’s Origin of Species, Dempster’s copy of the sketch is from the 1872 edition but its the same as that fistpubihed in 1861 from the third edition of the Origin onwards:


Dempster’s notes on Darwin’s sly Deceptions in the Origin of Species
Note where Dempster writes “½ sentence missing!”. Dempster has spotted that Darwin slyly misled his readers that Matthew believed something, which the facts prove Matthew clearly did not. Note that Dempster writes: “Matthew rejects this in the missing part!
Because Darwin slyy concealed the context and completeness of Matthew’s work, I respectfully disagree with Dempster’s view that there is no need to accuse of Darwin of plagiarism. I think that there most certainly is a need to directly name Darwin as a plagiariser, and to do so in no uncertain terms, because, by lying, wriggling, plagiarising  science fraudby glory theft necessity after 1860 (see Sutton 2016)- Darwin showed only a half a sentence of Matthew’s work in order to so deliberately mislead his readership into thinking Matthew simply believed that the population of life was somehow miraculously “re-stocked”.
What matthew actually wrote:
Page 383 of  Matthew (1831) ‘On Naval Timber and Arboriculture’
Note – most importantly – Matthew’s entire first paragraph on page 383 of his book is one long sentence. The first eight words that darwin left out of his explanation of Matthew’s original conception of natural selection are crucial to Darwin’s devious dishonest portrayal of Matthew as believing only that some form of complex species creation occurred on Earth after a catastrophic extinction event.
Matthew wrote:
So what was the “above” that Darwin concealed in his dishonest portrayal? Amongst a great wealth of additional text, but immediately above page 383, –  it is this:
Matthew (1831) p. 381
Readers should note also that Dempster’s red ink annotations note that it is very important how Matthew’s ideas are different to those of Darwin “Oh yes they are!”  also that  Dempster notes that it is untrue “Not true” that Matthew’s original conception of natural selection was contained in a book of an unrelated title and solely in the scattered pages of the book’s appendix.  Those Darwinist myths are completely burst – with hard disconfirming evidence – in  my 2014 book “Nullius in Verba: Darwin’s greatest secret“, which – in addition – contains a wealth of original and newly discovered hard and independently verifiable facts that overturn the old paradigm that no one known to Darwin or Wallace read Matthew’s original ideas before each replicated them, without citing Matthew – and then excused that unscholarly behaviour by claiming (fallaciously) – and by outright proven lying in Darwin’s case – that none read those ideas before 1860. My book is dedicated to Jim Dempster.
You can read more about the work and life of the pioneering surgeon and human organ transplant scientist Jim Dempster Here.


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