An Experiment On Impact

Google Scholar’s Citation Index H-index score was mentioned with reverence at a recent meeting in a British University. The speaker was explaining how universities ranked the relevant importance of academics and the impact of their work. [...]
GunSmoke Evidence

How useful is the concept of the smoking gun? What about lots of gun smoke alone?

– by Mike Sutton – The term “smoking gun” is generally held to mean an item of of incontrovertible incriminating evidence. My 19th edition of Brewer’s Phrase and Fable (2012. p.1253) explains: ‘The phrase [...]
Prof. Mark Griffiths

Mark Griffiths, A Leading Psychologist, Deems “Matthew Denial” an Untenable Position

– By Dr Mike Sutton –  Leading psychologist, professor Mark Griffith’s of Nottingham Trent University in England, weighs in on the hot topic of newly discovered data in the story of Charles Darwin’s (1858; 1859) replication [...]

Human Organ Transplant Pioneer Despised Darwin’s Dishonesty

  – By Mike Sutton – Dempster (1985) reasoned with a multitude of his own evidence that Patrick Matthew should be hailed as the true discoverer of natural selection, simply because he most certainly did more than merely [...]
Spinach is a poor source of nutritional iron because it contains oxalic acid - which is an iron blocker

Busting the Spinach Supermyth: The Skeptic’s Compendium

By Mike Sutton   The popular 32 year old myth that a misplaced decimal point in the published results of the iron content of spinach by Professor von Wolff, or else von Bunge, in the 19th century influenced scientists in the 20th century [...]
Why Darwinists, being mostly biologists, missed the world's most powerful analogy

Why Darwinists, being mostly biologists, missed the world’s most powerful analogy

By Mike Sutton. Building a little upon the extensive work of the pioneering human transplant surgeon and Darwin expert Jim Dempster, I summarized in my book “Nullius ” what Patrick Matthew originally contributed to knowledge in 1831. [...]